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Found 12 results

  1. I haven't been on Acne.org for a while now because i had the impression that my acne troubles were making a full remission. I was pretty damn wrong. For a while i was walking around all confident and what not, didn't really worry about my face because i didn't think anything was wrong with it. I would look in the mirror and not really be perfectly satisfied with how i looked but it was alot better than what it used to be. And then, i made the mistake of looking closely at my face in the light wi
  2. The regimen gave me a ton of problems while I was on it. Though it did help clear up my acne to some degree, I never got to the point that I was completely clear. Before I continue I'd like to say that this was just my personal experience with the regimen- it could very well work great for you, but for me... it was hell. I was on the regimen for around 6 months. It's now been another 6 months since I quit the regimen. I'd also like to add that I was on an oral medication for acne, Solodyn, while
  3. WARNING- MY POST IS NOT VERY ACNE RELATED. But I do believe that this topic is very important to our mental health! Dear Users! I hope you are all well! I'm very glad to see all of your faces again! If you don't want to read my whole post: Please comment about: Who your Role Model(s) are - why - and the pro's and con's of having role models. Briefly - about me: I am 18 years old - in high school, I have been taking Lymacycline for a year and my acne has subsided thankfully.
  4. Every now and then I get a lot of small red spots all over my face and neck, almost all at once, and I have no idea why. Most of them get over a couple of days a white liquid at the surface, but it's not like ususal blemishes, there is no ''root'' to extract, it's just the liquid. They go away by themselves in about a week. No product I use usualy to treat spots helped at all (acne cream, tea tree oil, clay mask), I just have to be patient. Other than that my skin is very clear and I am very hap
  5. Hi everyone! So this new medication, differin, is supposed to make your skin very dry and irritated but somehow it's the complete opposite for me... it's actually making my skin very very oily. These are my guesses: -My skin was oily from the start, but I have not realized it since I was on Benzoyl Perioxide for the past few years (that product is really drying too) -The differin is pushing out my sebum from my skin deep within -The differin is reducing my sebum's viscosity -Because I
  6. Hi Everyone, A little background on my situation - I am currently in my fourth month of taking Spironolactone, and lately my face has turned into an oil slick. ( weird since spiro is supposed to reduce oil production, not increase it ) so far I haven’t really seen any improvement but I am remaining hopeful. About three weeks ago I started using Epsom salt as a toner twice a day. I mix 1tsp of salt with 2 table spoons of water, wipe on my face with a cotton pad and apply moisturizer overtop
  7. I was reading researching some of the most murderous, hideous, and horrible things big companies have been doing to protect their money. I just had to create this topic. Feel free to add anything you like. 4/22/2015 Disclaimer: I'm not telling you to avoid these products altogether. I do, however, encourage you to change brands if you see a brand is corrupt that you use. Changes to the posts will be assisted by dates. Coca~Cola Growing up in Atlanta, my diet was awful. A year a
  8. Hey, I have recently a few months ago gotten acne and I don’t know what to do because before all of this my face was clear except for one acne scar on my chin and that was it. I have now got acne even on my cheeks and I NEVER in my life have had it anywhere but my T zone. I really want help because now I’ve tackled the spots on my forehead and on my t zone I’ve gotten 4 new acne spots on my cheek which never had happened and idk why because I change my sheets regularly and I have been
  9. What does it mean when a pimple comes to a head? I have two that were red bumps, but now they're big and have come to a huge head! And no, I won't be popping them. That never works out for me.. Haha Why do most people want their pimples to come to a head? I know some people like for them to come to a head just to pop them, but is there any other reason? Thanks!
  10. I've been searching these forums but I couldn't find any answers... So I've had acne since about the age of 14, for the first couple years it was just a new pimple everyone week or something. Which was very light acne. Once I got into my senior year of highscholl is when it started to get a little out of control. I was getting pimples in places like on either side of my jaw bone and my neck. I am now 18 and a college freshman. The acne hasn't let up. Man it really stinks having this persist
  11. This is going to be a fairly detailed post so anyone who really knows what they're talking about, please post. I only developed noticable acne around halfway through my age of 17. I am currently 18, so I've only had acne for about 7 months. My diet beforehand and for most of my younger life was bad, mainly consisting of junk food like Mcdonalds every week, junk food and meat every now and then and mostly bread etc and soft drink, I did sometimes have vegetables (sometimes.) I used to get a p
  12. Hi, I post here once in a while, not often though so dont expect me to reply... i just want to share some info.. Anyway, I found that I started scarring about 2 years ago - skin would not heal and then I'd be left with holes in my face... Never happened before. I thought it could be age, sun exposure, or tobacco related. However, I think now it may have been parasite related. A while ago I started having bloating etc, and my stomach had been troubling me for a long time. Once, after eati