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Found 2,733 results

  1. for the times you do get a blemish/zit/boil/cyst/pimple and you want to bring it to a "head" to relieve it, Plantain (Plantango Major; http://en.wikipedia..../Plantago_major), Neem, Salt (sodium cholride, mineral salt) poultice can help. I find the best way to do this is to blend a little plantain and water in a blender. Then to add some neem and water together. Stir to thoroughly to dissolve. Add plantain and salt. Stir or blend. Add a few drops of Lavendar essentail oil. Apply to skin. In a bi
  2. Airwave88

    Quick question

    I know it might sound stupid but are those whiteheads in the picture? If so, how can I make it go away? having them is such a burden.
  3. KB2006


    I have had tons of whiteheads for about 2-3 years. Are the whiteheads I have now the old one's that I've had for a long time, or do those clear and I am just getting new ones??
  4. ~ Honey ~


    so.. nowadays i have few active acne, but i have many whiteheads underneath my skin, that are very annoyng , espesially on my cheek under my mouth and on my chins and the area besides my eyes i also have some red marks that are dissapearing slowly.. i've notices that some of the white-bump-maffaks turn into papules as the time go by, so my question is : is it so that all whiteheads turn into papules or whiteheads before they can dissapear? and what is the best way to get rid of whiteheads?
  5. Hello, for the past 2 weeks or so I've been using Clean and Clear's Advantage Acne Control Kit and noticing slow, but steady progress with it. About 2 nights ago I ran out of the 2% SA Spot Treatment stuff that comes with it, so I decided to just put the 2% SA cleanser I had left over and use that as a spot treatment, I didn't wash it off or anything. Big Mistake it seems. I wokeup with dry, flakey and cracked skin when I hadn't for about a week and noticed the formation of numerous whitehead
  6. Michaelangelo

    New Pimples In The Morning

    Seems like a lot of times I can go to bed with a nice looking face and wake up to multiple nasty whiteheads and pustules that formed overnight. Ones that weren't there before. Anyone found a good way to deal with this? I change my bedding and pillow cases regularly....
  7. Hello, I have a mild acne problem all over my nose (whiteheads and oiliness) the rest of my face is acne free so I only apply 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide on my nose. So far it's been 5 days using BP and my nose still looks the same, if anything I just got more whiteheads. Is this normal? I'm about to stop using BP it seems to be making it worse. Thanks.
  8. iamnotemo

    my type of acne

    My forehead has been bothering me for quite some time and have been on accutane for about a week. Before accutane the pimples on my forehead looked like a cluster of whiteheads and looked like white fleshy bumps not like the normal pimple. Now after accutane the pimples are still there except they look different because now there is like a white tip on it and it is not fleshy, you can see something white on top of them. I do not know if I explained this correctly but i'm hoping for some feedback
  9. wadsthepointofliving


    ive been the most careful face washer and i just leave them alone but SOMEHOW all of them become HUGE GINORMOUS whiteheads that eventually leak or rupture by themselves.Any chance of it scarring or is that the best way they can resolve already?
  10. Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the summer. I'm not. A little short story just to get my point across and to give you a picture of my skin type, if you want you can jump to the end: A little more than a year ago from now, in spring of -07, long before I knew about Daniel's Regimen, I was having mild acne. Looking back at pictures from then, I don't know how I could even bother worrying about it, because it really wasn't anything more than a few occasional whitheads. But I started usin
  11. miss.chaNel

    whiteheads and BP.

    So I have about 10 whiteheads on my chin [problem area] and I am on Dan's Regime[for about 3 weeks now], but with my own products. I currently use 5% BP as the 2.5% has never done anything for me. So I was looking at my chin today and the white stuff was actually coming out. Does the BP make them do that? They have never come out on their own before..
  12. you know when you feel that there is something coming out when i put my finger on it i feel the pain i feel when i touch a whitehead so i know that it's coming out in a day or two is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening ?
  13. I've been under a lot of stress lately and have therefore broken out badly including a big ol' whitehead on my nose (ugh). My Duac supply has run out and insurance won't pay for another refill until 5/1. However, I was able to get some Benzaclin samples that should last me far beyond 5/1. My question is this--is it okay to go from one to the other on the same spot? I want to make sure this won't cause more breakouts or even worse scarring. I know the basic ingredients are the same, it's just th
  14. ZoeBee

    Dip regime

    Just wondering if this dip regime works for whiteheads of not?
  15. Erinne

    College = Acne?!

    Hi everybody. I just had my college orientation (it was an overnight). When I woke up, I had a semi-large red pimple on my left temple, as well as 3 small whiteheads on the side of my chin (which take FOREVER for me to get them to go away). Now my skin has not had a large red pimple for quite some time, and I DID follow my normal cleaning regime that evening before going to bed, PLUS I used my own sheets and pillow which were clean. Is it possible that these zits popped up due to stress from the
  16. adamrodriguez


    hey guys, i want this thread to be a research center for people who have whiteheads, share your experiences, share your methods on preventing and eliminating whiteheads (not popping them, it causes scars). I have many on my chin and that is my only acne on my face. I am currently using non codmedogenic moisturizer putting it on my face when i goto bed.. right now they are in that stage where they are bursting on their own. i know disgusting but thats life!
  17. I was the first one to get acne in my class. We were only in 6th grade back then. It was only very mild back then (some whiteheads on the nose and forehead) so it was cured my tretinoin. I was okay with it for years. I stopped for a year and tried some other products so it got worse. I started having few acne on the cheeks so i used the tretinoin again. Used it for a year but didn't work already. I tried this astringent toner when I was 16 and my face got better. It got better for 1year. I thin
  18. Ok so I have a small barely noticeable whitehead under my nose that normally wouldn't be that big of a deal but it won't stop leaking!!! For three consecutive days puss has been oozing out of this monstrosity! I tried to squeeze the rest out but nothing else was coming out so I left it alone but an hour or so later it starts up again. How do I get this thing to stop?! I'm seriously about to get a razor blade and just cut the whole thing off lol or maybe just stick a giant needle in it! Anyo
  19. There are a bunch of visible whiteheads and clogged pores on my chin when I look up close in the mirror. Is it a good idea to squeeze them out to get rid of the junk trapped in the pores followed by BP or not?
  20. Hi, I'm 29 yrs old and recently, I've been experienced these strange breakouts on my face, behind my ears, neck and upper chest area, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times. These look like pustules, very small whiteheads, sometimes surrounded by a red narrow ring, sometimes not. They sort of look like milia. They don't hurt, aren't tender or painful to the touch but they sometimes itch. They appear in clusters and skin appears oily only in the T-zone area. The pustules
  21. [Nightly after workout/shower] Neutorgena: Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser (2% Salicyclic Acid) Differin: 0.1% Gel General CVS acne treatment cream 10% Benzoyl Peroxide for pimples only [Morning] Eucerin: Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser Eucerin: Redness Relief Soothing Moisture Lotion Eucerin: Redness Relief Tone Perfecting Creme (concealer, just a little on chin / area between lips and nose) General CVS acne treatment cream 10% Benzoyl Peroxide for pimples only [A little about my tr
  22. doubleRlean


    I have a quick question. Ive had acne for about 6 months and its moderate. My derm had given me rentin a differin blaa whatever. He just started me on doxycycline 150mg and told me to start using differin again as i stopped using it like the 3rd day cause the reviews sucked buti have been on the acne.org regimen and it has been working pretty well - less breakouts but still pretty big whiteheads. I was wondering if i could still use the regimen and take this pill every night and going against wh
  23. hey i just finished accutane more that 2 months ago and am not really happy because im still getting bumps after i finished it. They arent whiteheads anymore just red bumps that form. I want to try taking some vitamins acne but dont know which to take and how much to take. I heard zinc is good for acne and vitamin b5. Also i was going to buy the BP off of this site is that worth it. A long time ago i used that neutrogena on the spot and it never worked would this work now that my acne isnt at ba
  24. i_see_shining_stars_4ever

    leave BP for real?!

    hey! i started the regime one year ago. used 3 % BP 1-2 times a day, gentle cleanser, moisturizer and different kinds of oils for dryness. now i'm kind of clear but with red spots and uneven skin tone, lots of dryness (still), and always at least 1-3 active (huge!) whiteheads. even though BP did help me a lot, i can't help but get the feeling that it's too harsh and doing kind of the same amount of bad as good to my skin. so i started to dream of the huge step of leaving BP or using it not s
  25. i have had a major pustular break out after using hydrating creams on my skin..... messed up the clear skin which I had managed to get after years and years of battle. Some of the pustules were straight whiteheads, and just went away in a couple of days. others came up since, but they are really little whiteheads. That said, on my right cheek, i am having bigger pustules which I do not understand. 5 or 6 swollen bumps which had white caps until yesterday. The white caps are now gone for