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Found 2,728 results

  1. On the left side of my face above my cheeks I have had this huge patch of red inflamed acne! I don't suffer from acne too bad, a few pimples in the occasional random spots. But this one section of my face is just huge, red, and inflamed. But the problem is, when I touch most of the area on my face it feels rather flat or smooth. I have had horrible acne there for a good month and a half, I finally got a benzoyl peroxide regimen for about a month and a half as well but its still super red and inf
  2. Sorry to start another thread but mine is somewhat specific. I've had acne on and off for a few years and these last few months it's got particularly bad, so I want to clear it up as much as possible. I get the odd whitehead around my nose, and a lot of red inflammed spots on my jaw and neck. My forehead and cheeks never used to be a problem, but a couple of months back I had an accident which left me with my nose and forehead plastered up, and my skin seemed to react badly, as I'm covered in s
  3. Hello all, I'm a 23 year old male and for the last 3-4 months my acne has been progressively getting worse. For example, early to late march I began developing small whiteheads on the sides of my foreheads. Not a big deal really, just kept washing my face with cetaphil. However, as time moved on these white heads spread to the middle of my forehead, and eventually these whiteheads turned into pimples. Funny, they all converted from white heads to pimples around the same time. Fast forward
  4. hey, ive been struggling with acne for years now and i just want to be perfectly clear...my acne isnt too bad, but usually ill wake up with a whitehead or two, and will have to scrape it off so no one sees! my face is very oily when i wake up, and at other times it can be very dry. currently i see a derm, and my regimen is: morning: -wash face with NeoStrata Facial Cleanser (4% PHA), gluconolactone formulation -wipe face with cleanser pad, 5% glycolic -apply Benz
  5. Hello! My name is sam(male) and i'm fifteen years old and from england. I suffer from moderate acne (only whiteheads, i dont tend to get cysts/blackheads) and red bumps im not sure the exact term. When i was slightly younger (14ish) i started to get mild acne, a few at a time which quickly became moderate acne. At that time i got it primarily on my chin and upper lip, but i also got it on my temple, nose and forhead aswell as in between my eyes. I also got it quite harshly on my back and shoul
  6. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female. I had mild acne in my younger teen years and very mild acne in my later teens until now. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have felt perfectly comfortable without wearing makeup during the daytime 95% of the time--and just wearing a little to cover small blemishes the other 5% of the time. In February, out of no where, I had an extremely bad breakout my face has not cleared up despite all my efforts. My entire forehead is completely covered with small pimples. They
  7. Spadge99

    Help with BHAs

    I've been using Paula's choice BHA gel for a few weeks now and as I was told at first, it got worse thorugh the 'purging' period. But now, my skin is doing absolutely great and really diminished the non-inflammatory acne, which is what I am using it for. However, I did get a few inflamed cysty spots on the area I was using it. Do you think this was just part of the purging period and will get better as time goes on, or do BHA's not help with cysty acne at all? Basically, is BHA ONLY supposed to
  8. Hi I am suffering from acne I get it all around my hin area and on my forehead. I have recently been doing my own regimen and a few of the marks have come to a head, It looks a lot worse, but what do I do now? Before I used to pick any whiteheads but i think that is what caused it to get worse... any help? Thanks
  9. bunyan12

    Unbeatable Acne?

    hi i am 17 and i have had acne for about 5 years now... i have gone on acutane twice and it has cleared up my acne to a point but.. knowing myself i could tell they weren't fully cleared i have used everything including nuetrogina(however u spell it haha) body wash because i have some acne on the chest i have used oxy pads triple action , spectro gel, a few other neutrogina products and a clean and clear product aswell and nothing.. can you feel the the air blow into your pores when they ar
  10. Hi all, I just discovered this website last week and I've been roaming around reading a lot. To start off, I'm a 17 year old male. I would consider my acne to be mild-moderate because there are small bumps on both cheeks and forehead, and around 10 larger, more easily visible "large pimples" (which aren't whiteheads though). I decided to seriously start treating my acne this summer and I've been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser and then applying 10% BP as spot treatment (morning a
  11. I don't have a bad case of acne, I would actually say I dont really have it at all. However I have 2 areas on my face where I get spots and its driving me mad. I have attatched a pic below.. it doesn't look to bad due to the camera flash but in reality is is really noticeably red in these 2 areas (either side of my lip). The problem is these 2 areas are very red and often get whiteheads. Something I get paranoid about.. I have been following the regimin for 4 weeks now. I was my face every
  12. I've been meaning to ask a bunch of questions on here but I don't want to start/search a billion different topics to find the answers. Okay so. I've stopped using anything with BP or salicylic acid on my face because i'm preeetty positive it only makes my acne worse. A lot worse. I get cysts and all the fun stuff. So for the past almost 4 months I've been using only natural things, and lemon has been working best for me. Question one - is there anything I could add to the lemon to make it m
  13. 123kid

    Noob needs help

    hey i found this mesage board while googeling around.. now im 17 (oily-normal skin) and ive had acne since grade 8 (14 years old) and ive been to a dermatologist who gave me this antibiotic which contains benzol peroxide. That gave me an allergic reaction in which i had to go to diffrent hospitals just to figure out it was that ingrediant. Then a dermaologist said i had a skin infection (i forgot what it was called).. .she thhen put me on acutane for about 6 months, which worked really well... n
  14. Hi - this is my first post - I've read this board for a while now and have gotten almost completely clear after battling for 8 years. However over the past 2 weeks I have developed rather large, hard bumps - one on my forehead and one on my jawline (near the neck). It's strange because I didn't normally get acne on my forehead - I had mostly been fighting it on my cheeks. The bumps are not becoming whiteheads and are hard beneath the surface of the skin. They seem to be inflamed. I've been putt
  15. wrongtiming


    So, i've been breaking out a lot recently. I decided to STOP PICKING once and for good, no matter how gross the pimple gets. I can't go longer than 4 days without messing with a pimple. Every time I do this, it turns purple or brown or into a scab. And most of this happens on my forehead...the most noticeable area. but my question is, for the pimples that are just red bumps (not whiteheads but not cysts either), that just go away on their own within 5-6 days. Where does all the crap that's in
  16. So I finally got my skin pretty decent with using s sulfur wash from the derm twice a day (morning and night.) I got a few normal pimples here and there, nothing major, but I wanted to throw in a BP wash. I purchased Nuetragena Cleanser/Mask. I've been using the sulfur in the morning, and BP wash at night for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed myself breaking out a bit more. Most of the breakouts, however, are whiteheads. What do you all think? Is this an IB? Should I go back to just the sulfu
  17. Here is some pics of my acne. Although the light is VERY forgiving in these pictures. One side of my cheek is completely clear almost while i have a cyst on the other side of my face for some reason. Around the mouth is where i get nearly all my acne, usually in whiteheads and red bumps. can anyone suggest a CHEAP form of helping me prevent my acne. Im currently jobless at university and dont have much money at all to spend. But i am willing to make sacrifices for acne as i am sick and tired of
  18. I've had mild acne for roughly four years, and only recently got better after using Stievamycin for about a month or so, then using a gentle cleaner (Spectrogel). Everything is gone, except I have some scars from picking (damnit) and blackheads that aren't going anywhere, and recurring whiteheads. What over the counter stuff can I get to stop the whiteheads?
  19. Midnite8

    Need Help

    I've been reading these forums and trying out products people had success with but I myself have not had any success with them. I need a new regimen and any tips/advice. Here's some pics of my acne, it's mainly on the side of my face going down to my cheek area as you can see. It's blackheads mixed with whiteheads all over. I have had this for about 2 years and I am 16 years old. I have tried Tazorac, Benzaclin, Neutragena Advanced Solutions, C&C products, and I've been taking Minocycline f
  20. First off Hello! I finally decided to register after many months of reading posts haha.. Anyway, my story. I'm currently 18, and a freshman in college. I was acne free my entire life and had easy to manage skin until Last February. Up until february, all i ever did was wash my face once in the shower in the morning with normal body wash, and I remained acne free. Well, February came and I spent a week snowboarding. During that week I started to get a few pimples on my forehead, little inflamed
  21. jay6

    Need Help

    I know. It's quite outrageous for me to ask you guys what could be causing my acne but hear me out. I breakout maybe once a fortnight and its just enough to keep my scars from fading. I get maybe 4 or 5 whiteheads and they go away without doing anything. The thing I would like help with is some suggestions you could give in regards to my overall lifestyle. I know of methods to reduce the time it takes to clear it up but I like to try my best to prevent them from showing up in the first place. T
  22. reload147

    What should i do?

    I am 18 and acne started after I had chickenpox at around age 15. I went to see doctor at age 17 and he gave me a cream to put at night. It did reduce it but after it went completely and i stopped it would appear bit by bit. After a while I think the cream stopped working!. Just like few months ago I had throat infection and doc gave some 500mg anti biotic.. after finishing it my acne disappeared again -.-... And after few week bam! hit by acne again. I have mostly whiteheads, some vulgris bit
  23. chipotlee

    scrub whiteheads

    Hey guys hows it goin. iv been on acutane and its the 12 day but iv still been geting white heads here and there and i was wondering it its good to scrub them off when you get out of a nice warm shower? because i just barely started doing this but iv heard its pretty bad to do this, its bad as popping them. is that true
  24. Hey, Well my names Rasheed. I'm a teenager(15), and I have spots like some people. I joined Acne.org since it looks and sounds like it can help me out with my problem. I started getting spots 3 years, out of the random, but then knew it was puberty. So on and on, my spots didn't go, they kept on coming, even though I finished puberty several weeks later. It's now to it, were it's not all spots all over my face, but big lumps of Oil & Whiteheads - Redness - & Not healthy looking skin. I h
  25. every spot, whitehead, or whatever pops up ends up with a green color. i've heard this means that i've used something infected on my skin and thus its spread, but i haven't even touched my face with any of that and the whole fucker is infected with some shit... i used some anti bacterial soap today in the hopes that may do something, but i guess i have to beg my mom to take me to a dermatologist.