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Found 1,000 results

  1. Halscter

    Damaged hair, Oily skin

    Hey guys, im a 15 year old male almost 16 in 10 days The problem is i have oily skin and get whiteheads and papules. I use benzoil peroxide to clean my face and im on minocycline 100 mg in the morning and at night. (yes its also considering im very small for my age but whatever will help me on my quest to fight acne!) My question is how often should i shampoo/condition my hair. I workout/ skateboard throughout the day and i think it would be gross if i didnt wash my hair at least once a day. A
  2. Hey everyone In the center of my chin are tiny, raised white bumps...I'm guessing whiteheads. However, they are only visible if I bite my bottom lip to stretch the skin, hence they honestly don't bother me since I don't go around pulling back my lip like that, haha. However, one and awhile the whitehead gets inflamed and becomes a nice, pus-filled pimple. Right now I can see a light red spot, where one of the whiteheads is now semi-visible to the outside eye. I noticed this yesterday morning
  3. I have loads of whitehead spots which look really horrible! Should I pop them or shall I leave them alone? Will the spots clear up if I leave them and not touch them at all? HELP!!!
  4. Hi, I'm 29 yrs old and recently, I've been experienced these strange breakouts on my face, behind my ears, neck and upper chest area, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times. These look like pustules, very small whiteheads, sometimes surrounded by a red narrow ring, sometimes not. They sort of look like milia. They don't hurt, aren't tender or painful to the touch but they sometimes itch. They appear in clusters and skin appears oily only in the T-zone area. The pustules
  5. Delboy

    My Nose!

    My acne is thankfully coming under control at last thanks to red/blue lamp treatment but it still persists quite badly on my nose. In the corners and above the nostrils are really red and I get lots of little whiteheads which pop easy but remain very sore for days after. Unlike the rest of my face, my nose hasn't responded to the light treatment and gets very greasy I wondered if anyone here has dealt succesfully with the nose problem?
  6. hey guys. im pretty new here, and i was wondering what are the steps i need to take to correctly and safely pop those pimples that are red around the base and have a big white "bubble" of puss or whatever at the top. hey look like mini-volcanos. I beleive the correct term is whitehead, and theyre the only type of acne i get and usually there pretty big. i hate having those massive white volcanos on my face, and need to pop them, but am unsure of the correct way to do it so i dont get scars or
  7. ladymacbeth89

    Help with whiteheads!

    I never got whiteheads, and now I have a ton on my forehead. I'm currently on clinda-gel and azelex, which have done nothing for them. I've tried bp, and that hasn't helped either. Any tips? They are so annoying, I'm thinking about getting bangs to cover them! Thanks
  8. wadsthepointofliving


    why does a whitehead grow back even after its popped?
  9. Hi i know popping whiteheads or any pimple isnt good for your skin. But I have acne around my mouth and chin. I found that when the whitehead is ready to pop that if i press with my tongue or push with my finger on the inside of my mouth where the pimple is on the outside they pop and all the puss comes out. Do u think this is better way of popping the ones that are ready to be poped and are around my mouth.
  10. alright i once in awile will get acne thats red and is a circle and a lil big not really...and theres never a whitehead so i can pop it ...it wont pop and it hurts plz help...
  11. i get about 1 pustule per 1-2 weeks and maybe 4-5 small whiteheads per week. Is this mild or moderate or mild-moderate acne?
  12. Numerous times I have seen people post pictures with flesh colored bumps, and some people claim it's whiteheads, others say it's clogged pores. I always thought a whitehead was your typical zit, or at least where you're able to actually see the head of the pimple, and it's white. Am I right? Now, I have plenty of experience with clogged pores, and clogged pores are flesh colored, yet raised bumps. Honestly, I think what most of you people have IS clogged pores. Now maybe someone would be kind en
  13. wadsthepointofliving


    okay im on accutane and i picked at this HUGE pustule whitehead (it must have been 10 clumped together) and now i have this huge indented redmark that bled.should i just let it scab up and dry or apply clean and clear moisturiser with 0.5%saliyic acid? HELP I DONT WANT IT TO SCAR
  14. chi-town37

    tiny pimples

    ok so I woke up this morning to notice I have 3 tiny pimples on my chin that came to a little whitehead which wasnt there yesturday...the small breakouts I do have seem to be little pimples which come to a whitehead pretty fast. does anyone have any ideas why or how this is happening? just when I think my face is acne free i'll get these tiny pimples overnight...
  15. I was just wondering if stuff like laying on one side of your face on your pillow could worsen your acne on that side? Are things like that possible? I have really sensitive and prone skin that often is really irritated. I get loads of redness on my neck and my cheeks, and hard whiteheads/pustules that get really hard and leave scars even when I don't pop them. I also get these nodule looking things... 1. So this is my main question, can these daily irritational things like pillows, long hair e
  16. chipotlee

    scrub whiteheads

    Hey guys hows it goin. iv been on acutane and its the 12 day but iv still been geting white heads here and there and i was wondering it its good to scrub them off when you get out of a nice warm shower? because i just barely started doing this but iv heard its pretty bad to do this, its bad as popping them. is that true
  17. Hi, everyone ... I've noticed something strange about my irremovable whiteheads. I've had a blanket of them covering my cheeks since I was about 13 and they've just gotten worse with age. I do notice, however, that they seem to be a lot less visible in the morning. Then they pop back up around noon or so. Furthermore, they also seem less visible right before my special week at the middle of the month Why is that? Does anybody know? It's so strange and annoying because I momentarily get hope th
  18. benwolves

    Bacteria help

    Just trying to understand acne abit better really. Most treatments like anti-biotics, lasers, bp, gels, creams concerntrate on killing the bacteria. Very shrot term answer as the under lying problem of oil production and dead skin that blocks pours is still present. Based on what I have said about dead skin and excess oil where does the bacteria come in? What I mean is: If a person managed to kill every bit of bacteria on their face, surely the blocked pour would still swell up causing the
  19. First off Hello! I finally decided to register after many months of reading posts haha.. Anyway, my story. I'm currently 18, and a freshman in college. I was acne free my entire life and had easy to manage skin until Last February. Up until february, all i ever did was wash my face once in the shower in the morning with normal body wash, and I remained acne free. Well, February came and I spent a week snowboarding. During that week I started to get a few pimples on my forehead, little inflamed
  20. Hey guys, I've been on the Regimen for awhile and it's worked great for my face. However, I always seem to have white puss stuff in my nose that constantly forms 1 whitehead. How do you get rid of this? Should I just use more BP gel on my nose or is there another solution? Thanks!
  21. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice to distinguise what type of acne I have I developed "acne" on the right side of my cheek when 18. What tends to happen is that I will get a red pimple and a whitehead appears 2-3 days later. The white head is different to spots that I get say on my chin as the puss does not tend to be liquid but more a very small solid "ball" of puss. Once the small ball of puss has been removed (either by me being impatient and squeezing it out it coming out after washing
  22. Hello, the name's Vladimir from BG and the problem is the following. I'm 17 (almost 18) years-old and have been having acne problems since 14. Now I am not getting anything serious. Only whiteheads, but a swarming amount of them. Combined with the rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis it's really an ugly picture. So about 4 years were pretty enough for me to make sure what causes my acne MAINLY. I know that it's the genes and all other factors, but I went to a lifestyle change and it did stop most
  23. Midnite8

    Need Help

    I've been reading these forums and trying out products people had success with but I myself have not had any success with them. I need a new regimen and any tips/advice. Here's some pics of my acne, it's mainly on the side of my face going down to my cheek area as you can see. It's blackheads mixed with whiteheads all over. I have had this for about 2 years and I am 16 years old. I have tried Tazorac, Benzaclin, Neutragena Advanced Solutions, C&C products, and I've been taking Minocycline f
  24. I'm 32, but since maybe my early 20s, my acne has been almost limited to whiteheads... I'd get the occasional cystic nasty, but mostly just whiteheads that are kinda invisible bumps that don't go away and in fact only seem to get bigger. if I pop them, white sludge comes out, but no blood. you can guarantee one will replace it in exactly the same place within a few days... so i went on accutane. an incredibly low dose (couldn't take the headaches), for about a year. I wouldn't say it cured me,
  25. Okay, I have acne, but the acne i have are little bumos all over my face, some are whiteheads and some are just bumps, all are colorless, I also have oily skin, which my be the reason whyi have acne but im not sure, does anyone else have this problem???If so do u have a solution, im a teen also.