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Found 2,348 results

  1. lastmen2

    Hard to live with

    I would need some advice. I've been told to not pick my pimples and i find it very hard especially when it become really appearing (whiteheads and papules) i find it gross and its hard on my self esteem.I don't know what to do to make it look better. please help me thank you (i know my english is bad)
  2. Does anyone know any tips that could help reduce whitehead size in a short amount of time? like a day? I am currently on the regimen but it usually takes me a couple days for the whitehead I have to finally dissipate, and I was looking to get rid of one or two for tonight.. any suggestions? thanks
  3. Garry91

    Reducing BP Use?

    Hey guys. A few weeks ago I was finally clear so I bought some ACV to try reduce the horrible red marks I am now left with.This was going well until I decided I would stop using panoxyl 2.5% BP and the next day I had managed to gain 5 or so rather large whiteheads on my jawline which I never had a problem with before. Basically I started using BP again and it all cleared up a few days later leaving me with more red marks to try get rid of.I then reduced how much BP I was using again and then stopped using it for a few days and guess what...The exact same thing happened. I was clear until I played sports on Sunday,Again without using BP that day and on Tuesday morning I wake up and my face is a mess again! Has the use of BP made my skin depend on it to protect me now and if so is there any way that I can lower the need to use it without breaking out every time or is it a case of stopping with BP for a few days and hoping it gets no worse and I can finally stop using it or will I forever be needing it? Im planning to get some vitamin supplements but also unsure which exact ones to get and the doses I should be taking,can anyone help me out with that. Thanks.
  4. Hey, Well my names Rasheed. I'm a teenager(15), and I have spots like some people. I joined Acne.org since it looks and sounds like it can help me out with my problem. I started getting spots 3 years, out of the random, but then knew it was puberty. So on and on, my spots didn't go, they kept on coming, even though I finished puberty several weeks later. It's now to it, were it's not all spots all over my face, but big lumps of Oil & Whiteheads - Redness - & Not healthy looking skin. I have some pictures I have uploaded. Not the best quality sorry: Here's my chin and cheeks(What you see of it xD) They are fine, great looking and healthy. But I the same method of what I use on my forehead, and here's the problem.] You can't really see, but it's alot worse around that area. It looks Dirty(I get a wash everyday) un-healthy got around 5-7 big road bumps on it. Here' what I use. I use the TCP for my Bumps. Whitch to get rip of the oil and grease of my skin. shampoo treatment to help remove more and giving it a more healthy look. Forgot name, but helps with little spots. My method: Wake up (brush teeth and shizz). Apply warm water to my face all over. Grab Which and the shampoo and message it into my face. Leave it on for 30 seconds, and rinse of with warm water. Apply the TCP to my bumps, and add my normal spot cream to my forehead and leave it on.. It really isn't helping get rid of them, nore preventing them. Just holding it back I guess.. If you have any ideas what I could be using, and what could make my skin look more like it was(Gwag!) would be very greatfull - Thanks
  5. Here is some pics of my acne. Although the light is VERY forgiving in these pictures. One side of my cheek is completely clear almost while i have a cyst on the other side of my face for some reason. Around the mouth is where i get nearly all my acne, usually in whiteheads and red bumps. can anyone suggest a CHEAP form of helping me prevent my acne. Im currently jobless at university and dont have much money at all to spend. But i am willing to make sacrifices for acne as i am sick and tired of it Thanks
  6. reload147

    What should i do?

    I am 18 and acne started after I had chickenpox at around age 15. I went to see doctor at age 17 and he gave me a cream to put at night. It did reduce it but after it went completely and i stopped it would appear bit by bit. After a while I think the cream stopped working!. Just like few months ago I had throat infection and doc gave some 500mg anti biotic.. after finishing it my acne disappeared again -.-... And after few week bam! hit by acne again. I have mostly whiteheads, some vulgris bit red spot with white things inside.. mostly seen on my nose and now it sometime comes in other areas aswell. And lots of red dots! I guess it was where old whiteheads were. When I touch my face.. small ball of skin drops off... now i have a habit of picking them off... it doesnt bleed its just dry smalllll ball of skin .. I guess it was blocking pores. I thought that would help the pores hehe.. I have reeeallyy oily skin.. when i wash my face it just rubs in i think blocking the pores again. and when i put the cream on it has no effect.. Should i go see doc again?
  7. Delboy

    My Nose!

    My acne is thankfully coming under control at last thanks to red/blue lamp treatment but it still persists quite badly on my nose. In the corners and above the nostrils are really red and I get lots of little whiteheads which pop easy but remain very sore for days after. Unlike the rest of my face, my nose hasn't responded to the light treatment and gets very greasy I wondered if anyone here has dealt succesfully with the nose problem?
  8. And know what? They heal sooooo fast then 2 days and fresh skin on that area...damn it feels great to control everything and not scar and heal fast i feel great.. it takes some blood and pain but what i get fresh skin... so if you feel that your skin is strong [ my skin has gone through lemon acid, salyclic , peels [ after driieeeeng it out] and i`m noticing that my skin is really in great shape no matter what bad things i`m doing to it [ then i`m desperate ] .. Thanks God
  9. I break out almost every week or day mostly with whiteheads and bumps that are filled with pus or bloods. Breaking out everyday ended me up with many dark/brown marks(You can't really tell because of lighting) , even if I don't pop them they still leave marks, i guess it is because I have Asian brown skin. What kind of products could I use to treat existing acne and prevent them?
  10. I keep getting whiteheads below the right corner of my mouth. For the past two weeks I've had 4 recurring whiteheads around that same area. When 2 of them go away, another 2 pop up. Then when those 2 heal, the original 2 come back. I've been using Purpose Gentle Cleanser, Dan's BP, and Complex 15. HELP!
  11. So, this fun has now lasted for exact 2years. The worst part is over, the big bad infected breakouts thanks to roaccutan (avitamin therm. treatment of 3months). Im 22years old man. Currently I have these bad bad red marks and every now and then whiteheads coming out of nowhere. 2-5, randomly breaking, sometimes I got for 2-4days without any but then again same thing. I just cant track what causes it. I eat 3000mg of omega3 fishoil, now Iv started to eat a lot lot of fruits everyday, basically diet consist of chicken, dark pasta, fruits, other meats. In mornings I wash my face with cold water & apply moisturaiser (consisting of snailmilk+aloevera) Before bed I clean my face with which is suppose to be soft cleanser(vichy), wash off with cold water & apply moisturaiser. Iv been doing this now for about 1½months atleast but no change what so ever, which brings me to peeling the skin. Im quite sure I have very sensitive skin, seems to react in room dust, lemon treatment etc very easily. Im not really sure how to do the peeling safely. I ahve this Neutrogena Daily Scrub which is suppose to be soft enough to use even every day. Thing is past times when I'v used it, it has seemed that it might have caused few whiteheads to breakout. Can it be too harsh? Is it cause I didnt use cleaner after it, just washed & applied moisturaiser? Im wondering if not peeling is what is causing the few whitehead breakouts (dead skin or some "dirt") and holding back the healing of redmarks? Any kind of advice would be great, thanks
  12. Okay, so for a week now I've been breaking out with whiteheads and red bumps. The week before that my skin I was almost clear. I've been using baking soda for the morning and night regimen along with apple cider vinegar. Now they almost have no effect on me. I keep breaking out everyday. Diet: I try to eat healthy// i dont drink soda, candy (sometimes) avoid food with oils like soybean, cottonseed, etc except canola because they break me out. I drink water and juices like Acai Berry. Inflamation is a problem. I also have small red marks on my face. I also have sensitive skin. I used lemon juice, topically and as a drink. I've also tried apple cider as a drink. Does anyone have advice with what i should use? is the BS making it worse? The vinegar? I'm frustrated bcuz I''ve tried everything but no luck. Should I use BP? What should I do? Is my skin purging?
  13. I'm not saying that I don't get acne on my left side, but it has been predominately on my right side since I got off Accutane about two years ago. I'm not getting any cysts or anything deep anymore, but I have plenty of whiteheads and pustules all over my chin, cheek, and eyebrow area. It's driving me mad. I'm wondering what could be the cause of just one side of my face breaking out? Also, I can't take estrogen based birth control because of other adverse reactions, so I've been taking a mini pill with progesterone only and I've recently read this may cause acne to get worse. I was curious if anyone else knows anything about this? My neck has recently broken out (only on the right side) and I never used to have neck acne before! Thanks.
  14. matt f

    A few questions

    I have a few questions. 1- I ran out of Antibiotics (Oxytetracyline) roughly a week ago and have noticed that I'm getting more spots now (not that much more, but a couple of white heads). Is this known to happen to people who stop antibiotics suddenly? I plan on getting more next week anyway. 2-How often should you shower if you have mild non-inflammatory acne? 3-What exactly does Salicylic acid do? I used to use Agera's Salicylic acid wash back when my acne was mostly inflamed, whereas now any spots I do get are usually non inflamed (most are just whiteheads which disappear fast). So I dont know whether to try it again or not. At the moment I'm just washing with water and using ACV + cottonwool at night.
  15. Hey, (im 22years old man) Exactly around 2years ago I had the worst breakouts i couldv imagined. I mean i had horrible acne all over the face. I used a 3month strong vitamin-a based medicine (which pretty much dried my skin to white sandpaper, ofcourse i used moisturaizer though), and the worst of it went by. The last year Iv managed to get clearer skin by basically using "snailmilk"+aloevera moisturaizer vischy cleaner & cold water during evening before bed & cold water+the snailmilk moisturaizer after waking up. Though now the problem (besides the annoying red marks which the moisturaizer is supposed to help a little) are tiny whiteheads popping out, like 2-5+ a day. Usually they go by quite fast, in a day or two, but they leave a redmark everytime which makes it seem like I'v hit a deadend. I have no idea what causes these whiteheads but they seem to develope during day, during night the skin rests & in mornings it looks quite decent actually. The weirdest thing is, they ALWAYS appear on exactly same spots, that have had whiteheads before. The areas they appear are always right and (mostly) left cheek, from below the eyes to the jaws and under to throat. In total iv had max. 5 whiteheads anywhere else except these areas which makes me very suspicious what causes it I dont eat any white flours, milk products, much of a sugar in my daily diet. Diet is basically: some sort of meat dark pasta/rice 2-4L of water around the ammount of 0,33-0,5L soda of sugar at max. a lot of fruits 1-2 omega3 fishoil pills a day. I sleep about 7-9hours a night & change my linen very often. Anyone have any ideas / tips how to finally crush & beat those whiteheads or is it just some "hormone crap" which cant be done anything about? climate? Could it be that the skin doesnt need moisturaizer and is clogged or something? QUOTE 9. Don't apply your moisturizer over areas of your face that are not dry. Applying moisturizer where it is not needed can increase the risk of clogged pores by mixing with excess sebum and "gluing" dead skin cells to the skin's surface. /QUOTE Im also quite a afraid to peel the skin since few time that I'v done, a small irritation-like breakouts appear, maybe its wrong scrub, though it says it can be used almost daily since the "softness" Very messy & probably unclear post but hope someone reads it :S
  16. I've been meaning to ask a bunch of questions on here but I don't want to start/search a billion different topics to find the answers. Okay so. I've stopped using anything with BP or salicylic acid on my face because i'm preeetty positive it only makes my acne worse. A lot worse. I get cysts and all the fun stuff. So for the past almost 4 months I've been using only natural things, and lemon has been working best for me. Question one - is there anything I could add to the lemon to make it more of a like, paste? It freaks me out that when I rub the lemon juice on my face, I like, can't see it. It makes me feel like it's not there, or rubs off. All the other creams and stuff that I used to put on, were visibly there. I don't want to add honey because sleeping with that is a bitch. D: Second questionn. My face is clearing up a bit, I'm getting less whiteheads, but when I'm finally happy with the appearance of it, when I wash my face or shower, I can feel all these hard tiny bumps all over my skin. It's VERY irritating and when I can't resist the urge to scratch them, it's just like.. tiny hard skincolored... yuckiness? It's like there's pebbles in my skinnnn and it's awkward. What are they and how do I get rid of them? o-o Third, I've been using Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin every morning, because after I wash my face in the morning, it's tight and dry. If I don't moisturize, it stays dry for a bit and then gets eeeextremely oily by the end of the school day. If I DO moisturize, it feels nice for a couple periods, and then I feel so nasty gross oily ewwish by the end of the day. I don't know if I should start buying moisturizer for oily skin, because I have sensitive skin and I CAN get extremely dry sometimes. ASDFAJSDFG. Advice please. And and lastly any relation of getting eyebrows / upper lip waxed and acne? If anybody actually answers any of these or even reads it, thank you soo much.
  17. dandan28

    its back :(

    hi everyone, upuntil 3-4 years ago (im 28 now) i had u mild acne of whiteheads in the center of the chin. i used to get 1-2 newones everyday. i was treated in roaccutane (if i rem it was medium dossage for 3-4 months), and obviousley it worked. now its back. i thought what changes i had recentley and thought of a few things: 1. 5 months ago i strated a new (and more stressing job). 2. 4 months ago i started practicing a sport u sweat a lot in. 3. 2 weeks ago i got n new matress. also, 3-4 days ago (it never happend before) i got a couple of sore annoying pimples on the back of my head. is there any connection to these? also, i wanted to know if a second round of roaccutane is less affective. thanks.
  18. clapyourhands09

    finally back to normal

    So I messed up pretty bad this summer, I was way too harsh on my skin which resulted in cheek-fulls of red marks and minor scarring. I've been patient (kinda) and trying new things to erase these red marks but usually everything just wound up looking worse. Welllll I finally found a regimen this is quickly fading my red marks and treating my existing acne. -In the morning I take a B6 vitamin with breakfast. -Then I exfoliate using the toothbrush method, followed by washing with Clearasil Ultra Gel Wash with 2% SA. -Moisturize with Cetaphil. -At night I take a shower and in the shower, usually only twice a week, I might exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub. But that's only twice a week. In the shower I will wash everything off from the day, all my makeup. Once out of the shower I'll clean my face with Stridex pads, and spot treat with BP. -With dinner I'll take one Acidophilus pill. -Just before bed I will put Neosporin on my red marks. I'm not sure if this is what has faded my red marks so fast or the B6/Acidophilus pills. But either way the transformation my skin has made in just one week is incredible. It's like my skin has gone back to "normal" - or what used to be normal for me, no red marks, just a few whiteheads here and there.
  19. KB2006


    I have had tons of whiteheads for about 2-3 years. Are the whiteheads I have now the old one's that I've had for a long time, or do those clear and I am just getting new ones??
  20. megaaaanb


    I'm trying to get rid of a decent amount of whiteheads, tried almost everything. Has anybody here used Benzaclin to clear non-inflammatory acne?
  21. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I have the dreaded hormonal acne. I've taken evening primrose capsules for over 2 years now, because I read in magazines and people telling it good for the skin etc etc. However I only discovered last week that most people are taking in too much omega 6 which is what evening primrose is so am I adding to my acne problem in the first place. Although some days I get really good skin and next 5 nasty breakouts, big whiteheads. But what do most hormonal acne sufferers lack, in general? I've read that we need a balance of omega 3, 6, 9 and by just taking evening primrose I'm getting the omega 6 and not the rest, which might be why I'm still breaking out. I hope you get the question I'm trying to ask, I'm trying to word it the best I can. Thanks.
  22. Well first I would like to thank Dan for this website. There is a wealth of information on here, and I am truly grateful. I am a 21 year old guy and have had acne on my face for about 3-4 years. About one year ago I started using Dan's regimen and it really helped reduce my moderate acne to mild acne. I am very grateful for that. =) However for the past few months I feel like I am stuck. Here is a picture of me. I actually look pretty clear in this photo but basically my face is a little red around the cheeks and there are little red bumps as well (more than you can see in the picture). Here is my current routine: Wake up and take a shower. Use Dan's cleanser all over my face. Then I shave in the shower using the cleanser as the shaving cream. After that I apply small amount of Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide to the areas that I normally get acne. I don't apply too much otherwise my skin gets pretty flaky and sheds. That's what I do right now. I know I should probably be using Dan's moisturizer but it just made my skin look too oily. My skin gets pretty oily by the end of the day so I really don't want to add extra oil to it. My skin gets pretty red and little red bumps appear after getting out of the shower. Another problem I notice is that get small whiteheads start almost weekly. They never amount to much because I shave and I think that is removing them. However, I think shaving might be causing those little red bumps. I decided to go 2 weeks without shaving. At first I noticed a little improvement. However things eventually went back to normal. When I finally did shave again my acne came back worse that it has in the recent past. It has taken me about 2 weeks to be back to where I started. So I just wanted to know what people would recommend to finish this acne off. I am considering going to a dermatologist because I also have some back and butt acne as well, but it would be nice to get some suggestions as well. Thanks for reading, Tim
  23. BigSquants401

    Clogged Comedone Question

    Hey, I just went to the dermatologist today for the first time cause I've got some red marks left over from some acne, I still get some pimples but not as bad as it used to be when I was in like 8-10th grade. My red marks are light and dark and pretty noticable after coming out da shower. Ive been reading here that you can clear them up with some lemon and even olive oil. Im been trying that for last couple days and hopefully it works, if anyone's got any other ideas holla at me. The big problem I have is the dermatalogist said I have many clogged comedones and/or whiteheads. They are not to noticable during the day but they really are after a shower and they are something I would love to finally get rid of cuz I think they look horrible. If anyone has any solutions to whiteheads and comedones. Please tell me. Peace
  24. I wanted to share something in hope that someone can relate. -I started getting like cystic acne at 14, one pimple a month pretty much. Here is the thing, These pimples would be HUGE and they would still turn white... and they would have SO MUCH WHITE STUFF....... FASTFOWARD, My acne is so different than everyone else. I see the difference with my friends and here is why. I ONLY GET WHITEHEADS, ONLY, like my skin will be oily and i'll have a few whiteheads just hanging around. All my friends are like your so lucky you have whiteheads that you can just pop... uhhhh NOT REALLY, 1. because I dont pop them 2. because they are really infectious and look disgusting. I was wondering if my whiteheads have to do with my immune system because whenever I used to get pimples they would immediately turn white... now its even worse.. they come up white.. like I wake up with whiteheads... or I mean I never have any red pimples.. never have... they are always white heads. I realize that the white stuff is an immune response to the inflammation and the white blood cells rush to try and help. Would this mean that I have a superior immune system?Hope I didn't loose you guys. Could a overeactive immune system possibly be contributing? rather far fetched but I don't understand this. I mean I guess it is sorta a good thing because red pimples stay much longer, but atleast they dont look as bad.
  25. littlelark

    Overexfoliated! :(

    Hi everybody! Okay, so I have super sensitive skin (I'm very fair-skinned). I've always used Olay facial products, and they've always worked for me - and this past week, I started using their Olay Daily Facials Clarity Daily Scrub in the morning and at night, as well as the Olay Deep Cleansing Mask at night... I didn't realize that the scrub was an exfoliant (I know, I know... totally wasn't paying attention), and the Cleansing Mask said that it was "gentle enough for every day use," but for sensitive skin? Not so much? To make a long story short, I definitely overexfoliated (and ended up burning a little of my face) and started to break out in whiteheads (which I rarely get. I usually do get inflammed - and am now on Doxycycline at the moment for my acne). As soon as I realized what I had done, I stopped using both the scrub and the mask and am now back using Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser - because it's so mild, and I'm moisturizing often. Well, I went to my dermatologist yesterday (where I was prescribed the Doxycycline), and she told me to rub Hydrocortisone cream on the spots where I had been burnt/overly dryed out only for a week and that should help the itching and help get rid of the spots. And she also said that since I do have really sensitive skin, I should only exfoliate about once a week. The thing is - I'm still getting little whiteheads, and it's really starting to frustrate me. Do I wait until everything else has cleared up before I exfoliate again (and if so, how long will it take to heal from overexfoliation)? Or is my dry skin contributing to the whiteheads? Help! Thank you!