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Found 43 results

  1. Day 1. 9:00 Washed with Proactive added pure aloe gel or scabs along with Simple 24 hr day/night cream. Skin on forehead so oily by 1:00 Thinking about somehow adding more BP to the proactive cream. I like the way the system works and it suppresses around 80% of it but it doesn't stop my face from getting oily and it doesn't keep the CC away. Food: Breakfast Vegan pancakes (banana, Egg, vanilla &honey), Lunch: Chicken, gluten free corn chips. Drank a LOT of water though with Crystal l
  2. Yesterday I took the plunge and posted here for the first time. Acne (however mild) has been 'my secret' for about a year now. I realize people know I have it, but I don't talk about it to others and they don't mention it to me. First of all i'd like to mention the help I've recieved from this website. By reading what Dan has to say and what other memebers have had to say, has really helped me a lot - you guys are so knowledgeable. All I can say is thank the lord one of us is, I still have a
  3. Hello, to my fellow victims of this terrible plague called acne. I’m not new to acne.org as I have stumbled across these forums on many occasions in the past, but this will be my first ever post. I am a 22 year old guy who suffers from moderate to severe acne specifically and almost exclusively on the chin. Picture someone drawing a triangle from the corners of your mouth down to the sides of your chin. I do occasionally get 1 or 2 above my mouth as well (maybe once or twice a month) but they he
  4. I never get acne on my neck - ever. Around ten weeks ago I started using a new shampoo. I started getting heaps of bumps on my neck like the ones you see in the photos, but not broken out (as they are now). I continued to stupidly use the shampoo despite the neck issue for around 7 weeks. I stopped using it. And now my neck is just breaking out like crazy. I took these photos to demonstrate what is happening. Before when I was using the shampoo they were just bumps, only visible in the lig
  5. From the album: Araz

    HELP! Can someone identify what these are and what would be the most suitable regimen for treating these? Hi. I,m 23 and had absolutely spotless skin before Jan 2016 (no breakouts even in teenage). Fast forward, due to relationship problems and financial struggles during this year, my break out kept on getting worse. I NEVER had a simple pimple on my cheeks and now they are spectacularly marked. I tried lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, aloe vera, cucumber at different time
  6. Hi. I have had acne since my preteens and have used prescription medication in an attempt to treat it for just as long. After a failed bout with Epiduo, my primary doctor sent me to a formal dermatologist. After a while, I settled into a regimen of Tazorac and Acanya gel, which was sometimes accompanied by an oral antibiotic. Despite the harshness of the combo, my acne persisted. Earlier this year, my dermatologist changed the Tazorac to a stronger dose. Two appointments ago, he replaced the Acy
  7. Hello! i'm new to this site so i don't really know what i'm doing but i was hoping that someone out there could help me out a bit: i have been using sea salt as a cleanser for three days, and i've noticed that a few whiteheads have popped up on my forehead and chin as a result. I believe my skin is "purging" (new term for me), and i'm wondering how i should deal with these whiteheads; should i extract/pop them or will they go away by themselves if i just continue with the sea salt? thanks!
  8. I'm 21 and even as a teenager I rarely ever experienced breakouts. But lately, I've been getting tons of recurring white heads, mostly around my chin, lips, and jawline. Sometimes the pus is even yellow. When I pop them, no matter what I try, they return--and usually multiply. I've tried drying my acne out with plain Ivory soap, hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer with aloe, and even neosporin ointment in the hopes that it'd clear up any bacteria. I do have a few normal pink pimples showing up as
  9. Hello All, So Im new here but need some help figuring how to attack this acne issue.. So a little background I never had acne 3 months ago. I started taking Lutera and about two weeks in my skin became really oily in fact I started having severe night sweats. Weird right? So I switched about a month into it to Microgestin. My oil production was still pretty bad and pimples started to form on my cheeks and forehead. So I stood on this for another month until a month ago I decided to call it q
  10. I used to have perfect skin. I've posted a detailed story of my current battle with acne, in other forums, if you want to check it out. Basically, two months ago, while on Ziana, after I started taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, and two months after I stopped taking spirolactone, I started breaking out worse then ever. I can't figure out the cause. I HAVE NEVER broken out like this before. Tiny tiny tiny little white heads around my nose. And a rash across my forehead. The rash come
  11. I need to know what these bumps are and how to get rid of them. I started to get these in the summer :/ I provided pictures too! I wash my face 2 a day
  12. Before i start with this Id just like to say you could use any brand hempseed oil and i am not promoting nutiva brand hempseed oil in specific, and hempseed oil you find at a health food store will definatly work. so i had a bad skin reaction to Retin-A and my skin became severly irritated after using that shit for a few weeks.. i ended up stopping the Retin-A and slowly my face started healing and returning back to normal. now im left with alot of acne scars all over my face and i decided t
  13. Hi! I have always had an issue with blocked pores/blackheads rimming my entire lip line, now they have spread to my chin. They don't all look exactly like black heads, just a blocked pore with white gunk sticking out. Sometimes, my skin feels rough. I have been using Retin A for the last month and maybe this is getting worse because of the retin a bringing everything to the surface? I do exfoliate once or twice a week. I moisturize and still not much improvement. I have spent hours trying to e
  14. I have had incurable black heads and white heads, with the occasional cystic acne for years. I am 34 and I haven't had anything work until now. I have even tried retina a and proactive. Neither worked. After reading about glycolic acid I developed this inexpensive skin care routine and am almost completely cured of it. This is what worked for me...get a magnifying mirror and a pimple extractor(drug stores have them in the tweezer section). You will also need St. Ives apricot scrub and Olay daily
  15. Day before yesterday, i did this baking soda exfoilating thingy on my chest amd back. Making paste of baking soda and water. After the shower i found white bumps in my cleavage and breast area. Its irritating me..:/ my chest aint soft to touch beacuse of this. Did this stupid baking soda thingy caused this? I use vaseline oat lotion after shower. Might this be the reason? How to get rid of it...i first of all dunno what the it is..whiteheads? Keratosis pilarsis? Acne? No idea..they are hard.
  16. Hi. I have had acne for about 3 years now. First, it was "normal stuff": black heads and white heads scattered on my face, only 2-3 at a time. Then, more inflammatory acne developed on my temples and forehead about one year ago. It wasn't horrible, but it was till worse than what everyone else had on their face. The inflammatory acne just got worse, bigger, and more painful. I had only tried natural remedies this far to cure my acne. Every night i would try some new treatment. Turmeric,
  17. One year ago i had the best skin, but when i realized i had oily skin, but no pimples or whiteheads, so i started to use compact powder when it passed like 1 month, I started to see whiteheads and i didn't know what they were, so i started schratching them but they don't get out. At the beginning were a few of them in my forehead, then in my cheeks but never in my nose or chin, i didn't tell my mom, because i don't think that was a big problem, but this started to stress me out and everytime i s
  18. I'm a Black female and I've had back and chest acne since I've been a teenager. I have brown marks, plus a ton of red bumps on chest and back. I was thinking about using the back regimen. My back itches also. When I scratch some of the time, the bumps bleed or pop. Some are whiteheads while others are red. What do you recommend I use? TIA
  19. Hello all I'm new here. I've been having alot of issues lately, when i was younger i had very bad Acne, through birth control and the use of Garnier i managed to control my skin after a while, but this lasted for about a year. I am now 21 and the acne has made a fierce comback I have alot of white heads and pimples, particularly down the sides of my face. I have picked alot and i know i'm not supposed to, but now this has left the area's red, as well as my cheeks, i suffer terribly from
  20. Hey all. Im about to finish my 2nd month on Accutane which actually makes me happy because everyone tells me that accutane begins to remove pimples once and for all starting on month 3, so that makes me ecstatic. But I have a problem. When I take a shower and gently pat my face dry, I notice some blood spots to appear on the towel. I look at the mirror and it's some of my pimples. They just randomly pop and start bleeding. I don't want to get acne scars, so why does this keep happening? Al
  21. hi, as of now i dont get that many pimples or crazy breakouts. http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/715/img3620th.jpg its just like that x10, all over my face. light makes it worse and i dont think makeup helps much because u can see the bumps that is closed pores right? i got jojoba oil cause i heard massaging it into your skin could clear up clogged pores? and this mask to try to clear them up too http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0051AZAMW/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&ps
  22. The image shows my current left cheek. Now, I have these frustrating red marks that arent exactly pimples/not bumpy but are just sort of kind of there. Some of these are marks left by previous acne but most of them never really developed into a full sized pimple and just have been lurking there below the surface in all their annoying red faced glory. Note: they're a lot redder than by what you can tell in the picture and it really takes a toll on my confidence. So. Here's my questio
  23. Hi there. Here is the information... and then I have a few questions. Any help or information would be much appreciated! I got prescribed Ziana gel at the end of this December(2014) mainly for small deeper white heads I would get on my chin/hyperpigmentation marks on my chin from when I used to squeeze the deep but usually small white heads I would get... I also used to squeeze the creases of my nose to get black heads/white heads out which has made the creases always red and a few noticeabl
  24. rickey


    From the album: Small bumps all over forehead

    Small bumps that would occasionally turn into pimples all over forehead and along hairline.
  25. Right now I have a white head on my nose and a few really tiny ones, and one on my chin. This is considered sort of bad for me. I also have dark marks over my eyebrow from using a horrbile skin product. Acne is a constant battle for me, but I've never had a breakout over my entire face (like cystic acne covering my cheeks, jawline, forehead, etc.) Would my acne be classified as mild, moderate, or severe? I'm 15 by the way. Thanks.