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Found 18 results

  1. Dear Reader tonight 11/09/16 marks the first night/day into something I have been meaning to try for a long time. A Paleo diet CURRENT STATUS. Mild acne: Both cheeks, forehead, chin. I want to keep this short and sweet throughout my journey. I will post daily. updating the content untill 1 month mark. I will be 100% Strict. I say this as many users have tried to review said diet. how ever failed in their attempts. Supplements 1x 5000ui Vitamin d 1x multi vitamin 2x Omega 3. Ski
  2. hello! i'm not sure if anyone else has this question in mind but i am in serious confusion! there are people who say white rice is poison and others who stress on a gluten-free diet. if one had to choose,which one would you choose? going by logic , white rice is bad for it raises the insulin level(sudden spike) ..for it's got high GI.whereas gluten is said to be inflammatory. so,what do u think?which one is (let's say) less harmful(or safer to carry on with)?? (my story : i have
  3. There has been much debate in this community about the health value (or lack thereof) of grains, especially wheat. I thought this article was worth posting. I for one was VERY happy to see these things being talked about on a mainstream site such as CBS news... it's inspiring that the word is really starting to spread about this. "(CBS News) Modern wheat is a "perfect, chronic poison," according to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist who has published a book all about the world's most popular g
  4. Hi, I am a 35 year old woman and I just discovered what was causing my big, red, painful blemishes, a condition that stayed with me since I was 20 years old. It was gluten-sensitivity. Before I had discovered this sensitivity, I had tried the "Proactiv" type medicines, I made sure I didn't wear moisturizer or make-up with oil in it, (definitely no sunscreen), and even went to the doctor to try a medicine ( but I soon talked myself out of it). Then a few months ago, I read an article about th
  5. Hi~, What if there was a little software program that you could tell what foods you're eating each day, and it automatically analyzes your diet and figures out what is causing your acne (assuming it's diet-based, so not going to cure everyone). E.g, you tell it stuff like this each day: Monday 17th April 2017: Eaten/Drank: Cheerios w/ milk Big bag of Doritos KFC value bucket Kool-aid jug KFC value bucket (again) Small brownie Acne Report: 4x existing whiteheads 2x existing cysts
  6. Hi Guys! So, I've heard sooo much about how diet affects the skin, and of cause, no doubt about it. But can you be too fanatic about it? I have developed some habbits and essential foods, that I have been eating for the last 7-8 months. But I havent really had anyone to look at my diet. I know that you guys are not dieticians, but any input or advice, comments, would be great. I Dont eat dairy, nor wheat/gluten and hardly any sugar. A typical day : Breakfast: 1 glass of
  7. Hi! I'm a new member to this site and have been searching through the forum for a more than a few months. I've looked through the nutrition posts and have the idea that you are not supposed to eat wheat because once inside your body it becomes sugar and ultimately leads to acne. And dairy supposedly has hormones in it which conflict with your body's natural hormones and leads again to more acne. For the past month I decided to remove all the harsh cleansers used on my face and just washed it wi
  8. ReneeAwen

    My FAQ's/About Me

    From the album: About Me

    My FAQ's (Last updated 03/21/18): Greetings strangers! *^Me *^You So... Let's just jump right into it, shall we? Time to say goodbye to "Regimen's" and live life to the best of your ability! ------------------- A lot of people have sent me messages since I joined this site at the age of 22. Many of the questions were similar, so I decided to gather my top frequently asked questions (FAQ's) here based on what people have asked me numerously, and what people are probably sti
  9. hi! i've been avoiding gluten for not many days though. its probably just a week. so am not sure if its related or not. but what i want to know,desperately, is why am i suddenly having small but red angry white headed zits on one of my cheeks. some of them do slightly itch sometimes.not all. am also having teeny-tiny whiteheads on the same chick. and today i had a new one..the place itched for quite some time and then after a while i noticed i have a red head there. i anyway h
  10. Hi there! I am a 21 year old woman, and I just started using acne.org. I'm from Denmark, so my english is not flawless I've always had unclear skin, starting in my teens, but it has been ok, I could keep it at bay with topicals and murad skincare. But then I got really sick with anorexia, and as I slowly gained weight again in recovery, my acne exploded. Never had bad cystic acne, but really really bad whitehead (inflamed) acne especially on my lower cheeks. It made me absolutel
  11. Around 8 months ago at the age of 35 I started getting really bad acne including cysts around my jaw, chin and on my neck. I went to the doctor who put me on Oxytetracycline which made no difference. I had started increasing my milk intake from around a spash in a cup of tea or coffee to drinking around 1-2 pints a day as my personal trainer said I needed to get more calcium in my diet. When the antibiotics failed to work I googled milk / Adult acne and found lots of forums about it c
  12. is gluten the main or/and only reason why grains considered inflammatory food item in general? if no,then what are the other possible reasons? if yes,then how does it contribute in being inflammatory for our gut?how does it effect our gut? also,how and why do u think they are said to make our skin oily/greasy? thanks.
  13. Hi guys, A sunny Saturday afternoon, so like most im hiding from the sun - Can always go whack some sunscreen on and go down the park, but thought Id share some of my experiences and thoughts on acne, cystic acne, blind pimples, healthy eating and the eventual move to accutane. Apologies in advance for this post, It may be abit jumbled and all over the shop, I've never been a great story teller, heheheh - but I do hope someone somewhere can take something from this. Ok. I am a 24 y
  14. i don't think i have gluten intolerance. i have always had whole wheat(and even refined flour now and then) all my life,without any effect. (had clear phases while on wheat diet). but i am having rice twice a day(instead of once ; in place of whole wheat rotis for dinner). i hope it helps me gain weight though! i have heard many say that mnths or years later when they re-include grain(wheat in my case) back in their diet,they face health issues. either the gut cant get accustomed
  15. Yes! After almost 3 decades with acne I know it's the enriched wheat flour that causes my cystic-ish type break outs. I say cystic-ish because they feel and look like cysts but don't seem to have puss? it's more like fluid filled and a tiny miniature whitehead but looks and feels as though its a giant puss filled cyst. I had always heard that your diet did not affect acne but never believed it. Many many years ago I had a neighbour that broke out in cysts when she ate anything containing w
  16. It's a complicated theory, and I actually developed this theory not because I was looking for an explanation of pimples, but of atherosclerosis, and I found out they are caused by the same thing: Dying phagocytes. In short, intestinal bacteria tries to enter the body through the gut lining, phagocytes kill them, and the dead phagocytes in this ongoing intestinal war either end up in atherosclerotic lesions or pimples. I'm not going to explain the entire theory here, if you guys want to know t