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Found 22 results

  1. what exactly the effect/damage is? its said u gotta wait ~4-6 weeks after session to let collagen rebuild (also rebuild or grow new one????) BUT U GOTTA REMEMBER tht we all r agiiiiingggg! since age of 15 we r all getting oldass every day so does anyone know WHAT IS THE SPEED THAT COLLAGEN ACTUALLY GOES AWAY/BREAKS DOWN?? bcs is it even slower than tht boost we r trying to achieve from dermarolling/stamping or anything else? and how does it makes sense to get scar filled and
  2. Hi, I hope this isn't too long, but please read and try to help me! So my acne is mild-moderate, mostly with small red forehead acne and maybe a few small white bumps or occasional red pimple on my cheeks. Last week, I realized that my skin was getting really clear. I had been taking a multivitamin for a while, and just started taking fish oil (Omega 3). I was also doing the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask pretty often. So by two weekends ago my skin was almost perfectly clear... and I a
  3. I'm a Vet! (2400 users online) This will be my last topic for a long time. I only do topics if I feel necessary, but I'ma chill on that stuff for now. So, I'm not trying to kiss acne.org's or ass or anything, but I was surprised to see no one created a topic like this before. Acne.org has done so much for me and others over the years. Two people even met and got married on it! So I just wanted to create this out of appreciation, and for everyone to share their stories on how this web
  4. The past week i've gotten tiny little red bumps all over my arms. I'll post a picture of them. So, what could they be? and how do you treat it. Oh, and when I scratch it, it does get itchy and red and bleeds a tiny bit, but if I dont touch it, it's fine.
  5. I've decided to post pictures of my acne as it is today, as I am really starting to lose the battle mentally. Some background info: 17, male, from Australia, average height, a TINY bit underweight. Haven't consumed dairy, gluten or any high carbs for a month now. Before that month for a few weeks I was eating junk food for about 2 weeks. Before that I was on a serious healthy diet which included no gluten or high carbs, ALL natural food, all raw vegetables and healthy meat for 2 months. I exe
  6. So I had a few questions that I know this would be the easiest place to find the answers to and who would understand. I was wondering if you guys could give me a list of the possible BIG or main possible causes that give people acne, for eg. Hormonal acne etc. I'm 17 and a guy, so that might narrow them down a bit. And is there a way to figure out if that certain possible cause is indeed causing my acne? I just want to rule out all of the causes and find the cause of my acne. P.S would postin
  7. Hi, this is my first post here. I'm a 17 (18 next month) years old boy who had pretty severe acne. However, after dealing with it for almost a year and a half i got prescribed accutane. I had been on accutane for 10 months, as i finished last july. I really thought it was a miracle, my face was completely clean, and i only had the scars, that i planned to treat this winter. However, my acne has come back. Since december, i started to have little breakouts that didn't really bother me. After chri
  8. Sorry for all the topics, should be one of my last for a bit . I was reading and due to my over thinking, I can't really understand it well, but is it saying some Acne is permanent? or is it not saying that at all? Sorry for the 'pointless' thread, but I didn't know where else to put this and I guess it's worrying/making me anxious. Hopefully some of you may understand, but yeah. Does it say there is a permanent acne? :S Mainly talking about this bit: "The finding of
  9. Ok so when i was in eight grade I had this rash/acne (I don't know which) on both of my cheeks. I remember it being really red. Now it is scarred like little black bumps (it have since gone away). Im now in 11th grade and am getting fed up with it. I don't know what it is or anything. Ive been to the demonologist, but I don't remember what they called it, they kind of just brushed it off and told me theres nothing I can really do but wait. So I'm asking does anyone recognize it or have any idea
  10. Hello acne.org members! I am a 17 year old male and my prom is in one week. I have a cyst on my right cheek that has been there for almost 3 and a half years and it still hasn't left. It has a little bit of rise to it, but it is mainly just a red mark now. For the past 2 or so years I have put on several different types of concealer a to try and hide it. Some have worked, but eventually stop working and instead look crusty and dry. I am currently using a cover girl under eye balm thingy, but it
  11. Hey guys, I recently discovered my old jojoba oil bottle from 5 to 6 (2012) years ago, left untouched (I did open it to use it a couple times before in the beginning but stopped). It smells the same as before, but a small patch of grey inside at the very bottom. Is there any uses for it (possible to recycle, reuse, like potentially heating it up and storing it elsewhere) , and is it still safe to use?
  13. AFloridaboy

    Right cheek

    From the album: What scars are these?

    What type of scarring is this? And what would be an effective treatment.. Post Accutane since 10/11
  14. There are a lot of causes that have been proven (?) or are extremely likely that do cause acne from the inside, and I was just wondering if someone here who really knows there stuff could make a list of these and write out ways to find out if that's the cause of your acne. I know a few causes such as Hormones, candida and etc. It'd be really helpful not only to me, but to others I'm sure if someone could make a list like that. For eg; for hormones, who would you see, how do you find out if
  15. Hello everyone I am a 17 year old male and my junior prom is coming up. The girl I asked is so beautiful and you guessed it...she said yes recently, my acne has seemed to be a lot better. For the past few weeks my breakouts (mainly on my cheeks and chin area) have been at a minimum. But within the past few days it seems like it is trying to make a comeback. My routine hasn't changed in the past few weeks either (wash face twice daily, use retin-a at night, and take two cephalexin per day) alt
  16. some say u break out next day after u ate ur intolerance food some say u form pimple after week? whatever it means? so how do u actually tell u got ur pimple from what? i ate watermelon yesterday, had alergy a bit from it, i could tell right away. but it went on legs and wasnt acne. now idk why would some food create reg alergy pimples on body nd other would go on face to make acne there?? but k lets ignore that for now since in other thread u said its just some complicated shit
  17. I've been using the regimen for about 2.5 months by now. I've barely seen any improvements on my acne. The only thing that seems to be effective is the bp, it will fade the pimples out. But then the number of pimples that went away, will just be replaced with more somewhere else on my face.....:/ It's like a never ending cycle. I would say I have mildly severe acne. Should I stop? Use more bp? Use AHA? help me out, my last post didn't get one answer.
  18. I've been searching these forums but I couldn't find any answers... So I've had acne since about the age of 14, for the first couple years it was just a new pimple everyone week or something. Which was very light acne. Once I got into my senior year of highscholl is when it started to get a little out of control. I was getting pimples in places like on either side of my jaw bone and my neck. I am now 18 and a college freshman. The acne hasn't let up. Man it really stinks having this persist
  19. What have you guys found to actually help with your redness reduction? Try and avoid things you've heard work, what has been proven to show good results for you? Supplements, vitamins, creams, etc. Thanks
  20. So I have been plagued by acne for almost as long as I can remember. I am now 24 and while I don't break out that much anymore (though I had a spell hit me recently) I still have marks that have been on my face for a long time. Some of them for years. I just have no clue what to do and how to deal with it. Reading up I find hundreds of different opinions and don't really know which way I should go. I am just so tired of it at this point and wish I could be happy about what I see in the mirror.
  21. Hello folks, I've had severe acne when I was younger (7 years ago) and moderate acne on my chin ever since. Recently, when I began inspecting my skin more, I noticed these white lumps on both sides of my face. Are they acne scars or something else? Other information I got is: I dry shave with an electric shaver I have been using a lot of moisturisers because I have dry skin in the climate where I live. I used Epiduo and Tetralysal to combat the acne I had on my chin, when this dis
  22. I already cut out dairy. I'm also gluten free. Allergic to oats. No sugar. I had to cut out fruit also because in these forums they say that even natural sugars from fruit causes acne! Potatoes cause acne, rice causes acne, nightshade vegetables and certain fruits cause acne, nuts cause acne, beans&legumes causes acne, soy causes acne... The list goes on.. What is there left to eat? I cant find anything to eat! I'm SCARED to eat because they say nearly everything causes acne! Im severely und