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Found 22 results

  1. Rooth

    Day 2

    Haha, I forgot this part. Can anyone tell I have no idea how the formatting for the new version works? So. More facts. About this journey. I moved out of my parents house. Somewhere along the way, meeting new people, seeing new faces, made me remember what my face looks like under the make-up. I got it into my head that my room mates saw the scars, redness, cysts, pimples, nodes and politely didn't point them out. I always saw the face underneath, as did my family. So, I got me to a der
  2. So, I know this topic has been brought up a lot on acne.org: Waxing. My question, however, is quite different and I haven't seen this question on the site yet so here goes... I started accutane yesterday. I will be on 10mg/day as my acne is not severe. I just have small bumps and a few big pimples here and there. I love getting my eyebrows waxed (3x a week) and I live in Seoul, Korea and there aren't any places that do threading. Waxing and lazer hair removal are the big options here in Seo
  3. So I read you're not supposed to wax while using a topical retinoid. But I have a pretty awful (in my own eyes) womanly mustache and would love to be able to get rid of it. If I really can't wax (and by the way, I only apply adapalene every other day and never near my upper lip), what can I do to get rid of my facial hair? The ladystache is not my favorite look of all time...
  4. I recently waxed my eyebrows and I am on Accutane. I completely forgot that I wasnt suppose to. It ripped off a lot of my skin in the middle of my eyebrows. I have Prom coming up & I am not sure if it will scab or even scar. What should I put on it? Idk what to do! Im in a panic here!!!
  5. So when I received my Acne.org AHA+ almost a month ago. I have this pretty big bottle and I used very little of it every time I did my skin regimen. I looked it up online if there were other uses for it and I found that it works really well to prevent ingrown hairs. As a lady, I get waxed every couple of months and I found out that two days after getting waxed, you can use the AHA as a lotion to deal with those ingrown hairs. I alway get a couple of those on my legs, underarms and bikini lin
  6. Hi beautiful people, I think I read somewhere that you should wait until 6 months after finishing Accutane to start waxing, is this true? I finished my course of Accutane a month and a half ago and I was wondering if anybody else had experience with waxing this soon after finishing Accutane? Or will I just tear all my skin off? Thanks
  7. Hello! This is day eight of accutane. I've had moderate to severe acne for four years now, ad have been on all the brand name AND generic topicals and antibiotics. I used everything from the expensive skincare line PCA, costcos proactiv genric and the drugstore clearasil gels. Then I waited a year. The result of waiting? A terrible, huge 5 month break out on both my cheeks following the cheekbone. Dark red, deep and painful nodules that are starting to clear a little bit on accutane. I st
  8. What Are Ingrown Hairs?

    The medical term for "ingrown hairs" is pseudofolliculitis barbae. Hair removal practices which can cause it include: Shaving Waxing Plucking Threading Ingrown hairs result in firm skin-colored or red or dark acne-like lesions that can be itchy or sore. When they are caused by shaving, they are often called "razor bumps" or "shave bumps." Sometimes, these lesions can fill with liquid that resembles pus. Although these breakouts appear similar to acne, they are a completely different phenomenon. Who Is Most Likely...
  9. After getting my back waxed for the first time, I got acne on my back after few days..and now the back is filled with acne. Any solutions to cure the same?
  10. Hi guys! I'm new to the site but could really use some support & advice. I'm on day 14 of 30 mg/day accutane. The biggest difference I've noticed in my skin is my blackheads are SO dark and my chin where there used to be lots of little clogged pores feels like straight sandpaper. I'm assuming it's because my oil production is starting to decrease? But I feel like my blackheads are just everywhere and evident. Pore strips aren't helping either. Has anyone exfoliated while on this dose of
  11. Hi All, I need some advice if possible. Im a 24year old male and have suffered from acne since my early teens. When I was around 16 I went to a dermatologist and he put me on 20mg of rroaccutaine for 6 months. Before I started my acne was mild/moderate but once I started my acne became extremely severe. I had huge red cystic welts all over my chest, face, shoulders and back. And as a result still have severe scaring. I had to get injections to reduce the scar tissue after it all cleared up. It d
  12. Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ] Return capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \ shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Português Русский alt alt Preferences I have been off of accutane since November of last year. I never waxed my eyebrows once when I was on it, but is it safe to now wax my eyebrows? I have always feared to do it because I do not know if I need
  13. Hello all I am Indian. And my sideburns are really yuck.. I have tried threading them and they grew back worse than before and I broke out. I have waxed them a week back and religiously use this cream called Hovan's gold and not broken out yet. Fingers crossed. So what have your experiences with facial waxing been.? Also if anyone who has brown/olive skin and got laser done for their facial hair let me know about your experience. I read it can cause pigmentation issues.
  14. Just wondering, what do people do about hair removal while on Accutane? I cannot pluck my eyebrows without them peeling and bleeding, and I'm not allowed to wax. Also, how many months did you have to wait after you finished your Accutane until you could start waxing again? Thanks!
  15. I'm just into my second month of 40mg per day (first month 20mg) and I'm really missing my waxing routine :/ I know this is something I have to deal with and I am.. however, my skin isn't feeling that tender or overly dry as of yet.. so I was wondering if anyone has tried waxing early on into their treatment or even later.. will I be able to squeeze in one last under arm wax or am I too late? I know everyones skin reacts differently to the drug but I am curious to hear other peoples experi
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm on my second week on the Regimen and my skin is super sensitive right now. A lot of dryness and scaling. I want to get my eyebrows waxed today. Do you guys think it is safe? Has anyone tried waxing their eyebrows and/or upperlip while on the regimen? I'm scared that it will irritate my skin since it is super sensitive right now. Help Please!
  17. Hi I'm on first week on accutan actually my 4th day and i havent had any of the side effects yet.. no dry lips or anything. I'm going to vegas next week I would really like to get a brazilian wax ( i would get one every month prior to accutane) since I'm on first week i was wondering if anyone knows if is ok to wax? what do you guys think? i hate shaving down there.. :/
  18. I admittedly wax my cheeks, chin, upper lip. I hate it, but shaving does not work and I have never used a "personal shaver" (as someone recommended--I'm assuming that was a reference to an epilator, which hurts even more than waxing). I cannot afford threading. I need to wax once every two weeks. (If only I had paid for laser hair removal long ago--I'm thinking of it now, but it's so expensive.) Right now I have five cysts of varying size (these are cysts that have recurred for ten years--the
  19. I have never been the person to have acne, never had pimples, other than the occasional zit on my forehead. Excuse me if I'm freaking out a bit.. So I waxed my neck area, and it went okay, was pretty red. I washed it every 10 minutes with nothing but cold water, I made sure not to touch it, not to put any scented lotion or anything on it. Just splashed cold water, and I went to sleep that night, everything was fine. I woke up and it wasn't noticeably red or anything. But then a couple hours late
  20. I am a long time user of Retin a 0.1% which I use everyday at night. I have an interview tomorrow and just got my eyebrows waxed. Afterwords when I looked in the mirror I realized the skin around my eyebrows and between them was shiny, moist and pink and you can tell the borders. I know I shouldn't wax while using RA but I wanted to make a good impression and now I feel like I might have to cancel my interview because I don't know if it's even possible to cover with makeup. I just showered (it'
  21. Hey everyone- I literally just signed up to write a quick explanation about my experience on accutane for any men/women out there who may not know all of the aide affects. I am 50kg, 170 cm tall, female and still in my teens. I have a clear face but have had back acne since I was young, it isn't all that bad. Not cystic or anything. Any who so I am taking 20mg of accutane for 10 months and I have currently been on it for about 16 days. I never received a brochure from my dermatologist but
  22. Hello to all of you acne haters! For the last year, I have been using epiduo, retin a, and doxycycline (probably spelled that wrong) to combat my moderate acne. Recently, my dermatologist recommended that I start accutane, and I am now on my second day, only 148 left. Time to start using moisturizers and chapstick! I have very hairy eyebrows, and, not knowing that this is typically bad for people using retin a, I have been getting my eyebrows waxed every 3 or 4 weeks. I have never had a