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Found 41 results

  1. angiepants

    Day 4

    All pimples are continuously going down in size except for these 3 massive ones on my forehead. I do feel like this process has already helped with the redness. I'm thinking of maybe making the water I use only be cold.
  2. Week 1, you haven’t made it easy for me at all. Reader, when you see these pictures, I wont blame you if you decide the caveman regimen is a load of bullsh*t. I will also say that this week has been very challenging for me. I haven’t kept my routine the same throughout this week. The weather at the beginning of the week was just awful. I mean, 98 degrees for almost 3 days straight. So, in the first image, you will see me red and sweaty. I had to splash with cold water twice a day ins
  3. I have 16 hours days. Can I do a water only wash midday and reapply moisturizer?
  4. I believe the cause of my acne this whole time could be lack of water intake. I have been previously drinking roughly 4-5 bottles a day of water. Personally I viewed this as a lot of water. However I have been researching, and some acne suffers state that they cured their acne by increasing their water consumption. I have normal deep cystic acne. So far I have been drinking 8-10 bottles of water per day for the past 4 days and my skin is already clearing up. Additionally, I tested it by eat
  5. Caution: This Water Only regime is suspended from Day14, because I don't have strong believe in "clearing acne" just by water : P Start from 14/04/2015, I have been using Adapalene0.1% everynight, taking medocycline 250mg x2 also Lysozyme 30mg x1 every day and night. Here's the new Adapalene post: but I would still use only water after I'm cured. Background: I'm a guy aged 23 with moderate acne. Before 21 had no acne and I used no products. But right after 21, I star
  6. Hey I'm 16 Female. I've been having pimple/acne since I was 12. I have pretty oily skin. Never dry. I have been using drugstore facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer when I start getting pimples. Awhile ago, I came across the caveman regimen or the water only regimen. I started last month and my skin is getting worst at that month. About 20+ days, my face started getting itchy. I couldnt bear with the itchiness, so I used a facial cleanser to wash my face. WORST MISTAKE. My face is al
  7. Day 4 - Had a couple heads which mostly dried out halfway through the day and then completely by day 5 morning. Much faster than I'm used to. Day 5 - I'm having some under the skin red bumps, but they seem to be the type which linger a day or to two then go away without getting any worse. I think that this will happen here. They're barely visible, only to me. I am having some of this along my hairline. I thought the lack of shampoo/conditioner would prevent this from happening. Oh well. It's n
  8. I AM SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG FOR ANOTHER UPDATE. I'm currently on a summer mission for this Christian club I'm in. But on the bright side... My skin is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Seriously you guys, my skin hasn't been this clear since freshman year of high school (and I'm a junior in college now). I did modify the routine a bit more now however. I no longer splash my face in the morning and I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup-- not coconut oil. I realized the less I used, the better it r
  9. angiepants

    Day 3

    I popped a couple of them last night but only because they felt ready! I can feel a pretty big one wanting to come on my forehead though. THEY ARE SHRINKING THOUGH only now it looks like i have a million tiny pimples all over my face (because I do)
  10. So I'm an adult, having mostly closed comedone. The only thing that ever worked is topical vitamin a, but it's no good because I like staying outside. And when I do quit the drug, acne always come back, so I want to find the ultimate cure. Anyways, here's what I'll do: wash with water drinks more water no sugar, milk and high carb food. keto diet oriented. high fat, low carb no topicals no touching my face more sun I'll give it a great 3 months, hopes it works, because I have a very
  11. This will be my Caveman Regimen log. I will never let my face touch any sort of water from this day forward. This is how I got to this conclusion: I have been on Accutane (Claravis) since October. I am going onto my last month. All throughout the treatment I did too much to my face. I should have washed my face the first day that I got the medicine, and then, never after that. I washed 3-4 times a day, and on one day, 8 times (because I was frustrated). I started this regimen on Tuesday
  12. I need URGENT help. I've been on this water only regimen for 6 so weeks now and the dead skin cells are becoming an issue. without exfoliating, dead skin cells arise, and whenever i exfoliate with a washcloth REGARDLESS OF HOW GENTLE I AM I ALWAYS F**KING BREAK OUT. WTF.... i refuse to go back to using products. I need assistance. do help me, I have had enough of this turmoil i need to move on now. LITERALLY MY NOSE FEEL LIKE GRAVEL AND THANKS TO MY WASHCLOTH WHICH I USED 10 SO HOURS AGO I NO
  13. Here's my story: As a teenager I had great skin on my face, a little oily with the occasional pimple, but I never thought twice about my face. My back had very light acne, and for that reason at the age of 17 I decided to get on the pill Diane 35. I have been on and off the pill with 1 to 2 year breaks in between, for the past 9 years. The first time I got off Diane 35, at 19 years old, my face stayed good, and the back pimples came back as they were before. I stayed off the pill for
  14. I decided to create a blog entry for this, as I did not feel comfortable posting an actual forum entry for reasons I'll not discuss. It's been a few months since I stopped posting here, and it's one of the best decisions I've made in regards to acne. Acne is no longer really on my mind, just my remaining marks and shallow scarring are. When posting here, even when mostly clear, I was still worrying about breaking out. I've been able to live a much healthier life, physically and emotionally;
  15. angiepants

    Day 6

    Skipped a day because skin was pretty much the same. I noticed that I don't have any huge pimples on my cheeks anymore but i do have a lot of those flesh colored bumps and small whiteheads all over. My forehead still has those 4 huge pimples on it though ugh. I wish there was a magical way for them to be gone by Thursday because it's my cousins graduation. Oh well, one can pray and hope lol
  16. angiepants

    Day 2

    May be the placebo effect but skin looks less red. i had a white head just fall out as I applied makeup which has never happened before! However, I do have a bunch of other whiteheads that have started protruding and they're super tempting to pick
  17. so today is my first day on the "caveman regimen". I woke up this morning kinda thinking the redness wasn't as bad, im 15 and have to deal with school and that kinda scares me with the whole "initial outbreak" thing as my acne is pretty bad. I have modified the caveman regimen a little, i just let the water from my shower clean my face, i very gently rub. and every friday i will be putting on witch hazel, all natural, no chemicals. i will provide pictures from when i woke up this morning. thank
  18. This is for people who have actually tried this method and had it work for them. I am just letting slightly cool water touch my face in the shower and letting my face air dry. The initial build up is pretty bad but it's ever so slowly flaking off and revealing healthy supple new skin. I am wondering for those of you who do this method, how long did it take for your skin to normalize after all the years of using products on your face? I only want answers from people who didn't need to exfoliate t
  19. So after years of trying numerous prescription and non prescription drugs and washes, including roaccutane, I'm 22 and still have moderate acne... I've officially given up! From now on I am going to simply wash my face with water twice a day, gently exfoliate with a clean face cloth twice a week, moisturise only when I need to and generally eat healthier. I am taking anti biotic prescribed by the doctor to clear excisting spots and will continue to take this. Why? Well after roaccutane my face
  20. Hi guys, I've had acne for the past 7 years (since I was 13). At this point in my life, its at the most mild its ever been, however I've been wanting to cut out commercial face products for quite sometime as well as improve my diet and incorporate more water into my life. Just some notes about my acne: It's not cystic (I'm saying this bc most logs for water only are for cystic acne), I'm prone to blackheads, large pores, and pores which clog easily, as well as stubborn forehead bumps (sometim
  21. So I started the caveman regimen 7 days ago (on the 24th January) and I'm basically going to be blogging about how I've found the whole experience of the regimen, so you guys know what to expect if you try it in the future. For the last 4 years, since I was in Year 8 (12 years old), I've had mild acne. At first I wasn't that bothered, but after about 2-3 years of having it people started commenting and I became really self conscious. I refused to go out if my skin was looking bad and I even bun
  22. angiepants

    Day 1

    So today was day 1! First lemme share exactly what it is i'm doing My Method: Morning: 1. Splash face with water 2. Pat dry 3. Spray with toner (mine is homemade with rose water and about 10 drops of tea tree oil) 4. Put on cream as moisturizer (I have a cream that is supposed to help with hyper pigmentation) 5. Sunblock 6. Continue with makeup Night: 1. Use coconut oil to remove makeup 2. Wipe off with warm, damp cloth 3. Slather on coconut oil and let it soak up during shower (don't
  23. So I want to start what would be considered the caveman regimen. The only thing is I live in south Florida and I wear sunscreen every single day, it’s something I can’t go with out. My face would fry. I want to start only washing with water and using no products on my face and see how it goes. Is water okay to use as the only thing to get the sunscreen off my face at the end of the day? I’ve always been made to believe you need to wash sunscreen off your face. I read online people suggest using
  24. Hello!! Guys, this is deen from Singapore. I am currently suffering from moderate acne. I started masturbating at the age of 13 until today at the age of 17+( 3rd October is by birthday by the way). I had super clear face before 13 when I was not masturbating. As years progressed, I masturbated more and more frequently( sometimes 5 times a day). After reading several forums and experimentation, I finally concluded that my acne was due to excessive masturbation. I did try to not masturbate and sa
  25. Hi guys! I have been a reader of acne.org for a while now and am starting my first log with the Caveman Regimen. Like many of you, I have tried basically everything (topicals, proactive, Acnepractice, Acne.org regimen, spa facials, microdermabrasion, light therapy, antibiotics, birth control pills, checked for allergies, etc.) with the exception of Accutane (scares me way too much!). The clearest I have been is using the Acne.org Regimen which has really been working for me acne wise. The issue