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Found 52 results

  1. Hello all, This is a recent problem I've been facing with my skin and hopefully I can get some help :,) So I started using a face wash that my friend let me use because she didnt want it anymore, but it has exfoliating beads in it and since I dont have tons of money I kept using it because I thought i could get away with it until i can convince my parents to buy me a new one. Long story short, it's making me suffer now because the over exfoliating (i also exfoliate once a week and my face ma
  2. Hey everybody I recently found out that oatmeal significantly clears up my skin. However, anybody else who has used oatmeal before will know that it is very messy. It clogs the sink, sometimes a piece of it gets left in my hair and later on somebody embarrassingly points it out It is also quite impractical for everyday use as sometimes i just cant be bothered to use it at 7am before school when im half awake. I need an alternative to oatmeal, anything natural really as i have SENSITIVE SK
  3. Hello! So I recently switched up my regimen because my other one was just simply washing with a gentle wash and thats it.. it wasn't giving me the consistent skin I'm looking for.. Now I've been using a couple things. - Washing with Vichy 3-1 scrub (I pat it on, only actually exfoliate with it 2-3x a week) I pat it on morning and night. Its clay, glycolic and salicylic acid. - Toning cheek and nose pores with simple toner (mostly witch hazel) - Spot treating with 100% aloe gel on new
  4. WHICH IS BEST TO USE BP 2.5% CREAM OR THE BP 5% FACE WASH? Ive been using the cream for about 5 months now.
  5. I have combination skin, (oily in t-zone and dry on cheeks) I exfoliate twice a day, is that to much? my skin is so oily and even after applying an oil-free moisturiser after exfoliating ( I heard oily skin is due to over-excessively dry skin ) hence the moisturiser. I'm going to cut back to exfoliating once a day in the evening but what do I use in the morning?!?! I dont know wether I should buy a cleanser but I have no idea if that helps and what even is it? I would really appreciate some advi
  6. Hi guys, What are your thoughts about this idea. Many people say that by regualrly massaging with certain oils and washing face with manuka honey in the morning. They have finally managed their acne. Both of these are processes which affect acne to a superficial level. unlike diet. So do they work even without a diet change (ofcourse that would be a plus). If yes, can we conclude that acne can be controlled by what you put on your face alone as well?
  7. TomDPOY

    Face Wash

    Hey everyone, I've been checking out posts on this forum for a while now. I thought it was really helpful. Anyway... I took my first accutane pill today (40 mg once a day to start off). My derm told me to wash my face with water and take the pill with a fatty meal. Does this mean if I don't take it with a lot of fat, the pill wont work? Or it just wont be as effective? And about the face wash... I just feel dirty washing with only water, just a mental thing. The derm said it'd be fine to ju
  8. WilliamRickard

    Shaving And Mild To Severe Acne

    Shaving and acne I personally think that this is a very important topic; an anonymous user posted the question on the last post about shaving. Here is my take on it, Happy New year to everyone as well! To start, i'm only 15, which means I don't have a massive experience with shaving in my life, but I have had experience with shaving with severe acne. I have noticed that the less severe my acne has been, the better experience I have had with shaving; less bleeding, less after-math of inflammati
  9. Hi! Long time no see (skin have been nice lately)! So I got a new face wash as a gift, first I was happy (kind of), but then I saw SLS on the ingredients and got bummed, what should I do? I can't just throw it away, how I can use it up? Btw it's Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel.
  10. About 5 days ago, I began using a benzoyl peroxide face wash from Kasier Permanente at the advice of my dermatologist. Other reviews say that bp face washes cleared up their skin almost within a week but I don't see any results yet (although, I will keep using it for a few more weeks since everyone has different skin types). I've only been using washing with it for 30 seconds a day and using a lotion (Johnson&Johnson) or sunscreen after, but it seems that it might be worsening my acne. I mai
  11. So I started the almost caveman-regime and have been improving constantly without any new breakouts over the week. I've been wondering why this treatment has been working...and I've come to a conclusion. It's my tap water. We have a water softener, but the tap water at my house still dries out my skin and hair. Doing research, I've found that many houses have terribly heavy-metal ridden tap-water and chlorine. The chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean, but must be filtered out via the ho
  12. So I just started my 3rd month of accutane. And like most people, my derm told me to wash my face twice a day with a gentle face wash. However, I barely ever wash my face. Maybe 5 times at most in the past 2 months. Will not washing my face have long term consequences on the effects of accutane? Attached are pics of my face right now.
  13. Many ppl tell me to use facial scrubs to clear all the dead skin cell or what not to help prevent breakin out. but.... once i do a wash, my skin just gets so dry that it makes more dead skin cells and actualy cloggs my pores even more, because my skin gets so dry and it flaks out. Then i apply a moisterizer ,but it actualy get worse too , ahahhaha. Don't know if I'm right, but dead skin cell or dirt + oil or any moisterizer = pimples ( because it cloggs the pores) thats what happens to
  14. I started using Hibiclens yesterday and poured a little in a foaming soap bottle and then added water and shook it up. Right now I just put the foam on my problem areas and watch it dissolve into my pimpes & etc. I don't rinse it off. Do you think this diluted foam is a good option? How do you use Hibilcens on your face & trouble spots?
  15. Geenie-poppie

    Asprin Wash

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried an asprin wash for acne? A friend told me it used to reduce redness and her cysts Thanks guys!
  16. livduke

    Washing Your Face?

    Alright, I feel like I've tried almost everything. I have really sensitive pale skin, which has acne on the forehead. I am a dancer so I sweat a lot, which makes me want to really find a good face wash that helps my acne AND cleans my pores. I have used pure salicylic acid (from a doctor), Clean & clear, Mario Badescu, Pure honey, Baking soda mixed with coconut oil, and Cera Ve. I've recently been told to wash my face with only coconut oil. Any thought? I have combination skin that is more o
  17. Hi everyone, I'm on my second week of accutane, I've definitely experienced dryness throughout my face. I bought Neutrogena oil free moisture sun screen to combat this, as well as lip balm. I've been getting a lot of whiteheads, which are quite unsightly and embarrassing. Is it okay to use any topical treatments to combat whiteheads while on accutane? I have benzoyl peroxide that I've been using as spot treatment, I'm not really sure if it's working or not. I also have tretinoin gel and azi
  18. This is from my blog, please give it a read: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* The best tips for acne - from a person that had facial and back acne. These tips will not cure you, but they will help a considerable amount in your on-going fight against acne. For any aged acne sufferer, wether you've had it a week or 15 years...I hope that these tips will give you a bit of hope in reaching your goal of clear skin and also giving a confidence boost. Enjoy. 1) Be open a
  19. I'm writing this post so that I can keep track of my progress and begin my attempt on the caveman regimen. I've never had acne my entire life. I'm 19 and I never struggled with acne ever, I would get compliments constantly on my effortless, flawless skin constantly. In February of this year I had my first ever break out and freaked the hell out, I didn't understand what was going on... When I look back now I actually only got my first ever pimple, it was so tiny and completely unnoticeable but i
  20. Hi.. So I've been using benzoyl peroxide for about 2 months now and it actually has cleared up my mild acne around my mouth. I am left with some hyperpigmentation and potential whiteheads that go away as I continue to use the benzoyl peroxide (5% wash in morning, 5% wash at night, 2.5% spot treatment overnight). I just use the wash and spot treatment around my mouth, where my acne is. However, I traveled to Florida for a vacation and have only been here two days and noticed that around my mouth
  21. Acne is such a cruel and underrated disease and I'll never understood why we never get sympathy but people with other diseases do. Besides that I've been alone since around 14 and i'm 22 now. Acne just wrecked my teen years and after two courses of Accutane its finally gone minus some redness. How am I suppose to salvage a social life at this point. I have major trust issues because everyone avoided me in school because of my face. No one at this age seems open to making new friends anyway.
  22. The Clarisonic face washer retails at around £100 - £150. I searched the internet and in all found about 1 or 2 bad reviews. I was CONVINCED it would work for me. I bought it for £120, and my skin went MENTAL and broke out like crazy! Can't believe there are only one or two bad reviews...
  23. Hello again! I've been reading a lot of reviews and statements on blogs on OLAY Regenerist Cream Cleanser. But a lot of them say "the black tubed one" helped them with their acne and scarring. This one right here: LINK: So what is the difference between that one and this one [other than the size of the tube and probably that that one had been discontinued] LINK: I just want to know if one is better than the other because although the 2nd link has some wonderful reviews, I did noti
  24. TeenAcneBodyBuilding

    Cetaphil Or Neutragena Hydrating Cleanser

    Hi! I'm not sure if im posting this in the right place but i just wanted to know. I have been using neutragena Hydrating cleanser for a couple weeks now (before i was on the regular neutragena cleanser) and I had to use Cetaphil at my friends house last night. I was just wondering, which one do you think is best or are they the same?
  25. Hi guys, I'm 20 years old and have mild to moderate acne, i always have a few pimples on my face, i think it's really bad and it puts me in a horrible mood, even though others say they aren't even noticable, which i cannot understand lol. I've tried a few things over the years, but haven't stuck them out, as they didn't make my skin that much better or worse. At the moment i only wash my face morning and night with luke warm water, as i dont know what cleanser to use and such. Wh