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Found 3,536 results

  1. I had heard somewhere that barley Grass juice was high in all of the vitamins and good for you and also that it was great for people with acne? I just started drinking it (not for the acne though), because it relieves constipation...and then I read about the acne part and wondered if its true? If so thats a added bonus! If anyone has an answers or ideas that would be fantastic... Thanks!
  2. I've heard that taking a Vitamin E supplement helps the skin but does it actually help? As in cleaning the skin of oils or reducing red marks that are left. I weight about 110 lbs so if it actually does help the skin, what dosage would be alright to take?
  3. SeattleGirl

    Vitamin C supplements

    I'm going to start taking a Vitamin C supplement because they're good for the immune system. But I'm curious if anyone else has tried this and had any improvements on their acne? It boosts your immune system, so I would think that would help kill acne bacteria faster. Anyone else taken vitamin c?
  4. wasting_days_away

    vitamins/pills to get rid of oil

    i'm getting off accutane soon and i'm pretty sure my oil will return, so anyways, i plan on taking vitamins/pills right after. what are some that you recommend, what dosage should i take and what brand is good. thank you!
  5. I haven't been in here for quite a while, my acne cleared up a while ago but i still have friends with acne, mild and severe. One of them was talking to me about vitamin E and whether it makes a difference. Well, he decided to buy some and the results were increadable!! Before taking vitamin E he had blotchy skin, small white heads almost everywhere and about 8-10 small lumps on his face. After a month of vitamin E he has lost all the white heads, the blotchy skin and about 3 of the small lumps!! Miracle work I think This is what he bought: Vertese high strength natural vitamin E (30 capsules) 400iu %RDA: 2684 Bought from Holland and Barrett I hope this helps somebody!! Can you get Holland and Barrett in the US????
  6. Shake Off the Dust  Arise


    I have been Using Vitamin E cream and Taking about 2 grams of Vitamin C a day for the past 2 weeks. Does anyone else use Vitamin E cream? It seems to be helping by healing my redmarks. But I still get a little acne as I usualy do.
  7. shenzi


    Hi, What kind of supplements can I take to help my scars improve? I'm taking vitamin C and omega 3 tablets. Thanks so much! Shenzi
  8. www.megafood.com let me know what u guys think i was gonna take living multi but i heard homeostatis organisms can be bad if any of u guys take a good multi let me know what ur taking if u just get it from the food let me know that also so i can decide wether i should throw this one out also
  9. jakejohnson007

    dry eye and Vitamin A

    I bought this comprehensive book to eye problems, and checked out dry eye 'cause I believe I have a moderate case of it. This book lists vitamin A related meds, especially isotretinoin, as exacerbaters of dry eye. This makes a lot of sense to me, since I noticed more pronounced dry eye while on accutane. However, the book also lists Vitamin A 25 000 UI daily as a supplement to take to boost moisture/tears in the eye. What is the justification for this inconsistency? Vitamin A both the worsener and repairer of dry eye?
  10. FairyDust

    Alternative Cures

    I recommend that anyone check out this book called Alternative Cures by Bill Gottlieb. Check it out first at the library, so you don't have to spend money. If they don't have it, then go to ebay or half.com or amazon.com for a cheaper price. Anyway, this book talks about acne and it recommends a list of vitamins to take, herbs to take (drink), a few point massages that takes a minute a week to release toxins. It seems rather easy to follow--nothing complicated. I have taken the vitamins, and I haven't seen a difference, but I have been taking vitamins forever before that anyone. I still have to try the herbs, I just don't know where to buy them, but I know they are somewhere because I recognize the names. It explains what causes acne. Read the book free from a library, so if you don't like it you don't have to spend a hefty price for nothing. It also has many other alternative cures for many different problems. Good luck. Just another option for you guys. I would not recommend reading this if I didn't think it was easy.
  11. partygirl1984

    Cutting alcohol helped me

    I've read through the various posts on liver flushing and it has occurred to me that factors to do with the liver may have an effect on my acne. As a 20 year old student i probably drink more alcohol than most, generally about three times a week. However, recently i had the mumps virus which meant i didn't drink any alcohol for about three weeks. In addition to this I was very concerned about my immune system so i ate about four oranges a day, took vitamin c tablets and ate loats of vegetables. Although i was wholly concerned with having mumps at the time, one thing i did notice was that my acne cleared up almost completely during this period. As a student, i could not give up alcohol but i have considered that doing some liver cleansing might help me. Can anyone suggest any foods or vitamins i could take to aid liver cleansing? In future i may want to do a liver flush. Any help or views would be much appreciated
  12. littlelostboy

    Something I got

    I know this thing might be a tired topic, but lets look at it from a new perspective. Hey, maybe you can try this sport out too. Read on. Author: Jujimufu Last modified: 04/6/05 Water is a magic potion, I swear it. Also it's important because it's the preferred drink of HARDCORE people. Obviously being HARDCORE is a good thing. Note: The word HARDCORE must always be written in capital letters exclusively because it's very prestigious. In this article I'm going to explain to you it's secrets and magic properties. I can tell you honestly there was a point in my life when I could not drink it. Training yourself to drink water can be hard if you're spoiled on wimpy sugar drinks and equally wussy drinks. Soft drinks are not HARDCORE. Hell, they can't be if they have the word "Soft" in the name. They are for weak people. So I'll start by explaining the benefits of water and how it can aid in your tricking career. Then I'll share with you some ways to convert to a strict water consumer. Water is a magic potion! Let's start off with healthy fat loss. An active trickster and athlete will want to minimize his fat intake and body fat ratio for maximum performance. Fat is a great energy source of course, but we want to use that energy not store it. Stored fat adds useless weight, and if you have some rolls or paddy legs you're going to want to get rid of it for obvious reasons such as the following : * You're slow * You're fat * You're ugly * You're fat * You're slow * You suck * You're gay * You waste oxygen and * You are definitely not HARDCORE! So if you are wanting to lose weight or use fat more efficiently for energy, water can do this. Water helps the body metabolize fat, but how? The kidneys can't function properly without enough water to filter them clean. They don't work to their full capacity when dirty or overloaded. Now, when the kidneys cannot finish all their work some of that load is dumped onto the liver. One of the liver's primary functions is to burn off stored fat into useable energy. The liver is one bad-ass organ, appreciate the fact that you have one. Anyway, when the liver has it's job and some of the kidney's job then it can't do this to the full extent and operate at full capacity. So overall you metabolize less fat and weight loss stops if you don't get enough pure water. Another useful thing to know -Water naturally suppresses the appetite - You will not be as hungry for un-needed food if you drink ample amounts of it. Toilet Water! Water also helps you use energy more efficiently as I've said. The way it does this is because water is PURE! It can help push substances such as waste and chemicals out of your system. Out with the old, in with the new! Also water can help your body absorb vitamins or nutrients more efficiently. Ever hear of the term "Water soluble vitamin?" Some vitamins can only be absorbed in your body with the aid of water. Any form of liquid can do this but water does this the best because it's pure as pure can be. Vitamin C for example is a water soluble vitamin. Water helps your body stay cool when you work out. You sweat a lot when you work out; If you don't keep your body clean and cool you will become weak, dizzy, or dehydrated. Dehydration, if it grows to moderate or severe levels, can cause the following: Low blood pressure, fainting, convulsions, bloated stomach, fast and weak pulse, skin's loss of firmness, and heart failure. All that shit sucks, heart failure isn't cool. So when you workout you will have to drink a nice supply of fluids. The best bet is to combine water with an energy drink when you workout. Also, pour it all over yourself so you're all slick... Mr. Slick... Slick... Water helps the body remove toxins. It's pure so it can absorb the junk inside your body and flush it out! Then you feel fresh and clean! YES! DESTROY THE SHIT IN MY COLON! KILL IT ALLLLLL!!!! Water helps you fight colds and other viruses. Combine water with an insane amount of antioxidants, laughter, and rest and you will totally ELIMINATE the disease in your body. It's also good for preventive measures! Friends have told me that drinking an ass-load of water can help curb cravings for cigarettes! This is a really cool tip to try if you're trying to quit smoking. Water will reduce overall water retention and bloat. For instance, your body always needs a balance of sodium and fluids. If you don't get enough sodium you will faint or feel incredibly dizzy. If you don't get enough water your skin retains the rare amounts of water it has making you "Look" and "Feel" thick and heavy, wearing you down and decreasing oxygen exchange in the lungs. So if you drink plenty of "pure" water, your system will regulate this back to normal; Making you feel slimmer, faster, and cleaner. Lack of water is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue, causing you too feel sluggish and not ready to trick. Drink water and go kick ass! Increased water intake hydrates your skin keeping it firm and healthy, transforming you into a stunning figure! YEAH! A 2% drop in body water can trigger short-term memory loss which will make you stupid. You forget little things like your car keys, a date, or maybe you'll forget it's raining outside. Drink more and you will remember more, you'll be more focused and it will make you smarter Water drops cancer rates! Drinking just 5 glasses a day (8 ounces is one glass) decreases your risk of colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79%, and cuts the risk of bladder cancer by 50%! Mwhahaaha!! Cancer is weak, I laugh in it's face! Cancer is no match for my HARDCORE lifestyle! Water is a catabolic substance, meaning it actually takes your body energy to digest it and let it go through your system. You lose fat just from drinking it. A cool fact is the colder the water the more calories it burns. To keep your body in homeostasis (balanced function) it actually takes energy to keep your body warm as the cold water goes into your system. You burn 150 calories extra a day just from drinking 1 gallon of icy water. Water lubricates your joints. Joint pain can decrease with increased water intake. Obviously joint pain is the anti-christ of a trickster... Among the health benefits I have stated it's also less expensive and will save you money! It can be very cheap and can make all the difference in the world when you convert. Hell, a soda or Sobe beverage costs $1 or more for 20 ounces. Water is free! Just go out and drink from the hose in your backyard. Drinking from the hose is HARDCORE. Drinking out of a hose... HARDCORE! Now that we've touched the benefits of drinking water which will obviously help your tricks and health, we'll discuss how you can change your ways. Let's start with my own experiences. When I was younger I was so addicted and accustomed to soda beverages and sugar drinks that I would gag from a single taste of pure water. When I came to mature into a person who valued health and exercise this was going to change and it was a gradual process of becoming used to it's taste and feel. Basically the best way to train yourself to like it is to start working out really hard. If you are visiting this web site you might want to learn tricks or condition yourself to be a better athlete. If you train hard I guarantee that taste won't matter to you much when you're gasping for air and collapsing on the ground from fatigue in whatever training you're doing. You lose liquids from intense activity, and trust me when you're this tired your body won't care what form of liquid you put in it. For me it was running. I ran mile splits as fast as I could and I pushed myself hard enough that I'd feel like throwing up after running. Do you think I cared that water was bland after doing that? Hell no, I'd just down the whole fucking bottle of water cause I couldn't really taste anything to begin with, I was too tired. So start training hard and drinking some water in combination with an energy drink during your training. When you've gotten used to that start adding water into some meals here and there. That's all there is to it! If you keep at it and stop drinking other stuff such as soda or high GI drinks on a normal basis your body will accustom itself to the blander liquid. Not to say those other formulations don't have their place in your diet, cause obviously you need a high glycemic carbohydrate drink post workout with fast proteins for reasons I'm not discussing here cause it would take me all day, but you should almost exclusively drink water overall. It even enhances the taste of a meal. Spaghetti tastes soooooo good with water because you don't have that glass of tea or coke sitting their taking the emphasis off the main course. Those other beverages are just sugar garbage that spoils your sense of taste with corruption. Definitely not HA RDCORE... Lastly how much water should you drink? Experts have for years stated that 8 glasses a day is enough for the standard individual. 8 glasses is 64 ounces. However, the average individual is not HARDCORE. HARDCORE people need a helluva lot more water! If you are one of those average people you can get your daily supply by drinking 4 (16) ounce bottles. If you're HARDCORE though you'll need to down the shit down like crazy because you'll be losing precious fluids tricking and tearing open street gang members with your bare hands on a daily basis. I hope you realize water intake can vary between the activity levels of individuals. Once you convert you'll never go back. The feel is as incredible as the money you save! Be HARDCORE! Drink WATER! Resources : http://www.fijiwater.com/site/health_benefits.html Mrs. Houser's Food Science class 2002 Local Dietician sources the link to this is here : http://www.trickstutorials.com/mother_main.php cheers water drinkers! get rid of those sodas and alchohols
  13. Lexy604


    well i know there is things like vitamin e and stuff what vitamins could i get at a health food store that work good for acne
  14. rush02


    So for the last week I've been eating carrots everyday, just once a day as a snack at lunch time. My skin was for some reason clearing up and I was wondering if anyone could explain it, or maybe had a similar experience. I guess it could be in my head but when i thought about it, carrots were the only thing that i ate differently last week. maybe the vitamin a in them?
  15. Greedy bastards... http://www.newstarget.com/000231.html "The EU has declared war on nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals. Their plan? To make sure people have to get their nutrients from pharmaceutical companies, where they'll pay thousand-percent markups. The same could happen in the United States. The FDA and the pharmaceutical industry are scheming together to outlaw as many nutritional supplements as possible, and especially the ones that really work (like red yeast rice and ephedra). If you find this article interesting, be sure to also read 'Spirulina: trace minerals content, consumer tastes, and green foods.'"
  16. Miamaria

    Vitamine B5

    I read about vitamine B5 here on the net, that it has an affect on acne, is this really tru? Has anyone tried it?
  17. Indoobidubly

    My vitamin regimen

    Morning & Night: Vitamin C - 500mg B5 - 750mg (I find 2g a day to be too drying) MSM - 1000mg (I'm taking this to help reduce a white scar on my leg) Acidophilus - 100mg Milk Thistle - 140mg Should I be taking any less (or more) of some of these (particularly if 1g Vitamin C a day is too much?)? Should I incorporate anything else? Thanks.
  18. smacks487

    vitamins/ suppliments

    (sp??) i was wondering what kinds of vitamins and suppliments you people use? if you could mention cheap ones that could be found at wal-mart i would greatly appreciate it, because i live in a very small town. thanks
  19. chicagogirl

    Vitamin E

    My roommate swears that taking a 400mg vitamin E every morning makes her skin less prone to breaking out and give her an overall better looking complexion. I don't think she ever had serious problems in the first place, but has anyone else had this experience? What multivitamins or other suppliments have helped you?
  20. G'day guys, I'm currently 20 years of age (turning 21 very soon). I have been struggling with my skin for about 4 years now and I'm absolutely sick of the effects it has had on my daily life. It's time I paid more attention to vitamins/minerals that have obviously worked wonders for my fellow acne sufferers. When I started seeing a Dermatologist about 4 years ago (roughly) he stated that I should avoid caffeine, oily foods, chocolate and there is NO NEED to cleanse as my skin was dry. I stopped cleansing and it didn't really make a difference but I started cleansing about 2 weeks ago and the very small existing whiteheads are mostly all gone and my forehead has cleared up by about 60-70%!!! . In addition, he stated that water, the need to wash for face (with cold-luke warm water) and only after I asked him what to take, suggested Vitamin C (did not state amount). I understand the reason why Dermatologists don't suggest Regime's (like the ones on this board) because it is not researched, but nonetheless I felt and still feel very frustrated with my skin. I currently take 4mg of Vitamin C which worked wonders even after a few days of taking it (every 2 hours). I understand this is the Vitamin board but I will list my daily routine - Wake up (6.30 AM) - Cleanse face, Vitamin C (500mg) (7.00 AM) - Firstly, I apply water to my face then proceed to massage Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to my skin. After this, I wash it off with clean cold water and then apply ice cubes/iced water to my face. - Vitamin C (500 mg) (9.00 AM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (11.00 AM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (1.00 PM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (3.00 PM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (9.00 PM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (9.00 PM) - Vitamin C (500 mg) (9.00 PM) - Cleanse face (9.30 PM) - Firstly, I apply water to my face then proceed to massage Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to my skin. After this, I wash it off with clean cold water and then apply ice cubes/iced water to my face. After I pat my face down, I apply Epiduo 0.1% / 2.5% Gel to the affected areas of my face (most of the time I'll massage the Gel to the uninfected areas if my skin looks good). - Sleep Time (11.00 PM) Could someone please provide me with some additional supplements that will compliment my existing intake of Vitamin C (I do not want to discontinue the Vitamin C - I have seen too good a result). Any advice is truely appreciated. Thanks in advance guys, Underdog
  21. I keep hearing "Lol careful /w vit A the limit is lik 10,000..." Well. My multi-vitamin (mind you, I haven't taken it yet) has: 15,000 IU Beta Carotene 10,000 IU Retinyl Acetate ?!?
  22. I have had dry skin really bad lately. It feels like sandpaper to the touch. I recorded my food intake on www.fitday.com and it said my total vitamin A was Vitamin A mcg_RE 4538.5 Please let me know if you think this is dangerous, I can't imagine that eating healthy can result in a toxicity of vitamin A. Here is a list to what I consumed that day as to where the vitamin A came from. Broccoli, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt Olive oil Pepper, sweet, red, raw Onions, mature, raw Salmon, baked or broiled Lettuce, cos or romaine, raw Olive oil Avocado, raw Celery, raw Nuts, almond butter, plain, without salt added Strawberries, raw Blueberries, raw Bread, rice, toasted Apple, raw Strawberries, raw Chicken breat Spinach, cooked Cucumber, raw Olive oil Fish oil, cod liver Fish oil, salmon I know that seems like WOAH an enormous amount of food, but I eat small amounts. I will edit the exact amounts of each later. It all comes out to around 1600 calories just to give you a rough idea.
  23. I want to order some vitamins to start taking, and I have a general idea of what I want from reading the forums, but I have no idea what brand to try. help? looking for a multi and a B vitamin to start
  24. Yes, I'll admit it. It was very foolish of me to start taking that high a dosage of vitamin A supplements! I don't have any permanent side affects because I only took it for 5-6 days. Symptoms of vitamin A mega dosing and toxicity were beginning to show by the 4th day, which is why I chose to quite altogether. I know only take a Centrum multivitamin every morning, which has 5,000 iu vitamin A. I am also eating a lot more foods that are high in Vitamin A: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, carrots...etc. Well it's been a couple days since I've taken a vit A pill and definitely have acne again I basically look the same as I did the day before I started taking vit A supplements. I've definitely learned my lesson here with this experimentation of vit A supplements. Yes, I enjoyed clear skin for about 4-5 days but I knew it was too good to be true. I WANT CLEAR SKIN SO BAD DAMNIT!! very disappointed right now. Sorry had to vent.
  25. klunkers123

    Vitamin E for scars?

    Hey Guys. I was at the store today looking for vitamin e capsules for my scars. I was wondering about the IU amount. 40, 50, 100 etc? Thanks.