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Found 500 results

  1. So last 2 years I've been trying diets like Keto, Vegan. Not eating dairy, grains, sweets (which helped a little). Started looking for cure in supplements. I've just started taking vitamin D3 8000ui and it works amazing- I still have red face but no cystic acne! And I'm wondering if anyone who tried D3 and then stopped taking it, had great experience and acne didn't come back? I tried lowering dose to 4000ui but got small cysts So I'm still thinking about accutane.... > Male, 21 If you w
  2. IMPORTANT: I no longer recommend Betaine Hydrochloride supplements. While I do believe they help people and they helped me as well, I think they are a short-term solution. The long-term solution to low stomach acid is to improve your overall health. One of the best things you can do is ingest natural sources of calcium such as Raw Organic Dairy and Canned Fish with Bones. Also get good sleep and reduce your stress. These were the most important changes I made to improve my stomach acid productio
  3. 3 weeks into my new regime and i'm extremely happy, i wasn't gonna post for another couple of weeks but I believe i've finally found and started working on the problem causing my acne! I've spent a while researching and experimenting and now i have a 90 day plan to rid myself of acne once and for all! And if it works, i should feel a whole lot healthier!
  4. (sp??) i was wondering what kinds of vitamins and suppliments you people use? if you could mention cheap ones that could be found at wal-mart i would greatly appreciate it, because i live in a very small town. thanks
  5. I have been eating the same non-inflammatory foods (mostly fish, vegetables, gluten-free grains, and berries) for the past two months and my skin was 90% clear. Then all of a sudden my entire forehead developed cystic acne and within 8 hours of this my cheeks had cysts as well. The cysts were red and my face felt itchy like when I used to eat high fructose foods like apples and pears. I was able to pinpoint that the only thing different in my routine was that I took 8 200 mg Ibuprofen pills ov
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm wondering if some of you who have gone the holistic route to clear your acne can give me some feedback. A little background on myself: Female, 29 Mild to moderate acne (high school moderate, after mild, currently back to moderate) 2011/early 2012 my skin was awesome, clear except for a couple of small TOTM spots but I was pretty much happy During this time I was using Proactiv, Benzaclin gel and Neutrogena oil free SPF 15 moisturizer Ran out of Proactiv i
  7. Gday, A little background about me. I had pretty bad acne from about 2005-2011 when I was 14-20 and decided to go on accutane which cleared me up fully. I didn't get any bad breakouts except for the occasional one here and there until a few months ago, and my skin now looks almost as bad as when I started accutane. I have bad acne scars and every pimple I get now seems to leave a pitted scar no matter what I do. I've recently started a cocktail of vitamins to try and get rid of my
  8. which is the best nd which hv u tried n how it worked? is this ok to get http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J5N0Y4U?psc=1 if u dnt know wht it is, read this http://clearskinweekend.com/index.php?route=pavblog/blog&id=20 it has been mentioned on this forum many times too.. pls answer this asap cos i wanna get all the stuff tomorrow or day after
  9. So i have started a new regimen which seems to be working in reducing my acne (which is mostly just clogged pores) i am not going to tell you what i am using (and taking) until i am sure that it is actually these things for sure that are helping. My original post mentioned that i was trialing Vitamin D however that really wasn't working out so i stopped taking it. If my current regimen keeps working i will post back within a few days so stay tuned. I have taken before and after pics of my new
  10. Hello everyone! So I've been off of accutane for a month now and my face is starting to get oil again. This of course is giving me anxiety that my acne will come back. For the past month though, I've been doing little things here and there to prevent acne. During this month, I did not get a single pimple. I recently got a tiny one though (you can barely see it) on the side of my mouth, and I believe one is forming on my forehead. That being said, do you have any little secret that I am not doi
  11. I have been a long time acne sufferer and have done a ridiculous amount of research and self tests to see what might permanently cure my acne. You could call it a Borderline obsession when it comes to looking for ways to cure my acne. Anyways, Largely I feel like a proper diet and a healthy ratio of omega fatty acids are what it largely takes to maintain mostly good skin. You may or may not be aware of Leo from clear skin coach but that was the first step I took to permanently healthy skin.
  12. Growing up I had very severe cystic acne. I would get huge pimpels on my face and back. About 3 years ago I went to a dermatologist and was put on amoxicillin. This antibiotic killed the bacteria that caused acne, thus while on it I didn't expeirence any breakouts, and my skin was finally able to heal. Recently my new dermatologist was looking to take me off amoxicillin, but the problem I kept running into was my acne would start to return within a week of being off amoxicillin. In my mi
  13. So ive been on the regimen for several months and have seen great improvement. Recently about 2 weeks ago I decided to start taking a regular mens multivitamin, because based on my lack luster diet im pretty sure I need a boost on most vitamins. But I realized I had about 4 new pimples last week. This is the first breakout that was more than one new pimple at a time, since ive started the regimen. Anyways the only thing it could be is the multivitamin because I haven't changed anything else diet
  14. I will not be trying it even though i have cystic acne in my face becaues i read you get hair loss from it. I seen many ppl that said vitamin b5 works for acne but many said it has an initial breakout like accutane. Can someone confirm if this is true? Such as if you use it... you will get an initial breakout no matter what? Is there anyone here that tried it and it works but you never even had a bad breakout when you first started?
  15. I know that you get various food craving due to vitamin deficiency. So in order to avoid that I take vitamin supplements, eat dairy free and partially gluten free, try to have a big variation of ecological products... I eat beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, a lot of veggies not too much fruits, mostly berries. Like really, I am proud of my diet and feel as active and energized as never lately. But what the hell with the cravings?? I tried many healthy alternatives of sweets, like raw chocolate with
  16. Hi. I've been on a diet (full diet that's now complete.) which is basically avoiding all foods I am intolerant to, which I got a test done and I'd been having a fair bit of them. But they have ALL been cut out for the past 3 days. No, I'm not having junk food, such as Mcdonalds, soft drinks etc, a lot of protein and vegetables and snacks that aren't bad. I've been following what my nutritionist has been telling me to do. And I take vitamin supplements as well btw. Anyway, I've been seeing her
  17. Hi, I have been fighting my light/medium acne for many years now. I wasn't affected in my teens but since 20 my skin has constantly gotten worse (I'm 26 now). I have tried every over-the-counter thing available. My dermatologist suggested Vit.A topically and different topicals but none of them had any effect. I don't want to take Accutane for health reasons and I don't use benzoylperoxide anymore because it discolored my hair. For three months I have been low carbing strictly (never cheated on
  18. Hello everyone, I just have a few questions for anyone that is interested in helping me out. To give a little bit of background information: I eat a paleo-based diet (lean meat, vegetables, fruits, some dairy here and there, seeds nuts - so, no gluten, only little bit of rice, little bit of corn - also I drink occasionally, trying to stick to wine and beer). I exercise daily, in the form of olympic lifting and crossfit-based workouts. I drink coffee daily. I take some vitamins (Vitamin A, B5 (
  19. im not sure how true this is or if this actually happened but i read it in this book. http://books.google.com/books?id=zWkhS7GPY...acy&f=false also- http://books.google.com/books?id=iwQVvIsT9...acy&f=false this is the same company that brought accutane to the market. super shady people in this biz ill tell ya, umm every biz for that matter. and we still live in the same world, just to warn you. of course our vitamins are still pretty affordable, but you never know when someones gonna
  20. I have recently added Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc to my daily vitamin pile. Wondering what others are good. Thinking about adding Spirulina for overall health benefits. Also Sam-E because I'm coming off of anxiety meds and am a little irritable... I already take the following: Multivitamin Fish oil Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Probiotics L-Lysine Calcium
  21. Salutations, this is Xelb. I'm on a new acne regimen, and a friend recently gave me a tip about taking Vitamin A and Zinc supplements in order to help heal my skin. For somebody that his moderate to mild acne, would taking these supplements (along with continuing my regimen, found here: My other thread) help with clearing my acne just a little bit faster? My current regimen uses Retin-A, a known acne medication with certain concentrations of Vitamin A, which is mainly why I am asking if this w
  22. I have been looking for an alternative to topical treatments and after doing some research on the message boards have started off with 50mg zinc and 1000IU's of Vitamin D3. I took the first pills yesterday morning and found that last night I experienced really vivid dreams which I've never had before. I also feel asleep early this afternoon (I was very tired) and the same thing happened again, they were so vivid it felt so real and a bit disturbing. Has anyone else found this ? I am on anti-d
  23. Hey! I was wondering which order should I take these Vitamins in? Also will any of these taken together affect each other or will they affect my birth control (Yaz)? Fish Oil 1000mg x2 Vitamin A 10,000IU & D 800IU (one pill with both vitamins in it) Zinc 50mg Niacin 500mg The main part I'm worried about is these vitamins could be effecting my birth control. Thanks for any advice!
  24. Hi everybody! I would like to share my experience on how I got rid of my annoying acne problem for good. Maybe it is helpful for some of you as well.... Since acne can have many causes and I had been through most of the alternative and prescription meds (incl. accutane and antibiotics), I decided to approach my disease from several angles: - in case that it was caused by digestive problems I started eating prebiotics, such as sauerkraut, miso and kefir (probiotic supplements made my breakouts w
  25. To all you vitamin b5 users out there be very careful and dont over do it i was taking them for roughly 2 years starting at a lower dosage before upping it to 10grams a day for one whole year (crazy i know) and yes i do really regret it because now ive been diagnosed with coeliac disease and i know 100% this is what caused it I come from a very healthy family with no history of coeliac disease so i havent inherited it I was suffering for 2 years with stomach problems,hair loss,dry skin,const