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Found 3,532 results

  1. desert ninjah


    i have a relatively piss-poor diet. some days i end up eating maybe one meal, and it'll be fast food, so i've been looking into supplementing the crap that i eat with something good for me. and hopefully something that will also be good for my skin. any recommendations on a daily multivitamin? i looked in the 'product recommendation/review" section and couldn't find much help. anyone out there taking one thats even made a difference in their skin?
  2. Sanderella24


    So I am a big fan of skin looking dewy and no moisturizer that I have makes me feel like it moisturizes enough. I've tried cetephil, cerave, lac-hydrin *pretty good* and jojoba oil *bad reaction* Now, jojoba oil is a liquid wax. Obviously eevo is not. It has essential vitamins and what not I'm just worried that it will actually cause more dry skin. Anybody have any experience with EEVO?
  3. Topic says it all, how can men balance our hormones, birth control isnt an option... so uhh what can we do? How about this supplement ? http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/brow....jsp?id=HS-1072 What supplements can I take and what can I do to balance my hormones?
  4. I just bought the Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement today. It was kind of expensive($42 for a 30 day supply). What do you guys think? Will this supplement help or make my mild acne worse? I get whitehead mostly. In the past it seemed multivitamins broke me out. The link for the pills is below. http://www.murad.com/ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?...;minisite=10020
  5. have you found it beneficial for your skin? I like to use it for a salad dressing and I learned that vitamins are much better absorbed with a healthy fat, like olive oil, so its a good combination.
  6. Hi guys, I have been taking Vitamin B5 to help overcome my acne problem which has had incredible results. I am now able to return to a normal diet (including consumption of dairy products) without massive inflammation and couldn't be happier. However, in an attempt to become healthier (not for acne reasons), I decided over the past few days to reintroduce some fruits into my diet. This includes oranges, strawberries, apples and bananas. Within a few days, I had many red lumps and several white
  7. im not sure how true this is or if this actually happened but i read it in this book. http://books.google.com/books?id=zWkhS7GPY...acy&f=false also- http://books.google.com/books?id=iwQVvIsT9...acy&f=false this is the same company that brought accutane to the market. super shady people in this biz ill tell ya, umm every biz for that matter. and we still live in the same world, just to warn you. of course our vitamins are still pretty affordable, but you never know when someones gonna
  8. Marilena78


    Just a question: Do you take your fiber pills with the other supplements? I'm worried that the fibers can reduce the absorption of vitamins, minerals, zinc, fish oil, etc... Any thoughts? Thank you, Maria
  9. OA4NoAnce

    Consensus 4 diet(s)

    After reading through many of the diet/holistic health topic forums on Ance.org, I wanted to see if there was a consensus as to a diet that works. Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet seemed to come up as the most popular method of choice. Here are a few links as to why eliminating carbohydrates stood out the most: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=1122173 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=1124688 http://www.newsinfo.colostate.edu/index.as..._id=-1597
  10. I was trying to find out which vitamins are helpful to prevent acne and I noticed that a lot of people mentioned b5 and zinc. Would there be other ones that I should also take besides the two there? In addition where do you find b5 since I didn't see it in the multi or the b complex I'm taking at the moment?
  11. Hi- I have read these boards for a quite awhile and sometimes post replies. I admire the dedication and resolve to fight acne. Let me get to the point. I am 33, white female who has suffered with acne since teens. I have tried everything from home remedies to expensive skin treatments. Thankfully, I have never had to endure severe acne, but it has still ruled my life. For the past few years, especially since the birth of my first baby, I have experienced anemia(chronically low hemoglobin)
  12. At my work office we have this water dispenser thing that you can fill your cup with, and as far as I know the water's just from any taps and I drink LOADS of it, is this breaking me out? Could this water be the cause because I heard it's best to buy bottled water? Also, do biscuits break people out?! What vitamin tablets should I pick up from my local pharmacy?
  13. aLeX XeLa

    Vitamin b5 powder

    In one teaspoon - how many grams of b5 does that add up to roughly?
  14. *Rebecca*


    I was wondering which vitamins should i be taking to improve my skins complxion, acne and make it so i have a less production of sebum ... and could you also tell me how many milligrams a day i should have. hgow do you think this would be when it comes to getting my daily vitamins i think its better than taking pills Vitamin Strips ... a number of vitamins in this one Vitamin C for Immunity they have 3 others for kids
  15. az4life

    Whole Foods

    If you dont know about this website, you need to. www.whfoods.org http://whfoods.org/foodstoc.php Take a look, they also have recipes that list all the nutrition info about it, calories, vitamins ect ect
  16. Justwater


    I am thinking about taking zinc pills to fight my acne. If I take zinc supplements, do I need to take other supplements? I heard that people taking zinc should take copper and something else. Is there a zinc pill with everything in it? And I do not mean a multivitamin.
  17. Hi. I've been on b-5 for 2-3 weeks now. I first were REALLY optimistic, but then I read that many people have bad experience with it.. Some react terribly and get lots of side-effects, and for some the acne comes back as soon as you quit.. The last mentioned, I do fear.. I'm taking 10 g of Vilantae everyday (2.5g 4 times a day), and see no side effects. I have used it for a little over 2 weeks, and I notice a significant reduction in oil production. I've also read those fructose/sucrose/taurin
  18. So I've been dipping my face in a filled up sink(I make sure the sink is clean of course) lately and I was wondering if it's as effective as splashing your face with water. My regimen is basically just water, exfoliating 2-3 times a week and taking certain vitamins. I don't get acne much anymore but I'm dealing with a lot of random blemishes, marks and spots. I feel that it is definitely less irritating to do this but I'm not sure if it's doing as good of a job as splashing in terms of cleaning.
  19. AMLA ( EMBLICA OFFICINALIS ) FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY AMLA, proudly known as 'Indian Gooseberry' has been the key constituent of many Ayurvedic formulations. And nowadays, it has been accepted by almost all medical branches as a result of extensive research carried at Germany, England, India, and various other countries. IN AYURVEDA, importance of Amla has been ascertained from the experiments and experiences of ancient Rishi-Munis of India, namely Charak, Chyavan, Atreya, Kartik, Vrat
  20. I recently had my 1st laser pixel treatment and my skin is currently healing! Ive upped my fruit intake, Vitamin C tablets, lots of water etc, but what i was wondering would it be a good idea to take Marine Collagen tablets as i need to produce more collagen to help my skin? Im 30 btw, has anyone had any experiences or good results with these? Thanks
  21. DipItLow

    FUC SHRIMPS......

    A cause of my acne SHRIMPS well yeah I know about the whole iodine thing. But I used to just ignore it. Anyways I tend to br4eak out more when I eat shrimp and my mom made shrimp curry *checks multi vitamin for iodine* ok all is good.
  22. partygirl1984

    Cutting alcohol helped me

    I've read through the various posts on liver flushing and it has occurred to me that factors to do with the liver may have an effect on my acne. As a 20 year old student i probably drink more alcohol than most, generally about three times a week. However, recently i had the mumps virus which meant i didn't drink any alcohol for about three weeks. In addition to this I was very concerned about my immune system so i ate about four oranges a day, took vitamin c tablets and ate loats of vegetable
  23. Obviously I don't have a "set" regimen but I have stuff I do everyday. Just not always at the same time or the same order. It can always be critiqued though. Help a brotha out. Morning... Take GNC Amino 1000 3 Tablets with Coconut Water 4am exercise usually around an hour and a half Eat Nachos, potatoe or oatmeal. Drink Coconut Water. Take Multivitamins. 1. FruitFestiv + VeggieFestiv Check out the images for Nutritional Values...2 Each 2. GNC Mega Man Sport 2 3. Garden Greens Acai Blast 3 4.
  24. theindividual

    vitamin Regimen

    What is a good vitamen regimen for under 50 dollars a month? Im on the DKR i just want to start a good vitamin regimen
  25. I am breaking out again. I thought I had it under control 1 month ago..taking my zinc and Fish Oil I barely broke out. Right now I have the same diet..takesame vitamins..(and adding new ones looking for another solution). I had a lot of cofee at that time. I remmeber thinking to myself, "wow, so much coffee and my skin seems even better." Right now I have just 1 cup a day..barely the whole cup..before I usually had 2 of them..the whole cups.. plain black..some sugar.....Any chance that caffein f