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Found 1,000 results

  1. Are all types of vitamin E tablet just as good as each other? I have just bought some tesco ones.
  2. littlelostboy

    Something I got

    I know this thing might be a tired topic, but lets look at it from a new perspective. Hey, maybe you can try this sport out too. Read on. Author: Jujimufu Last modified: 04/6/05 Water is a magic potion, I swear it. Also it's important because it's the preferred drink of HARDCORE people. Obviously being HARDCORE is a good thing. Note: The word HARDCORE must always be written in capital letters exclusively because it's very prestigious. In this article I'm going to explain to you it's secrets
  3. I was just wondering the cuts you get in your mouth taht turns in to a horrific mouth ulcer after a few days any thing to do with a lack of vitamins in the body. If so what are the vitamins lacking, I used to get mouth ulcers when i was young regularly,lol, i mean they would literally come on a week basis, and it used to be a bitch. anyone have a clue.......
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4670971.stm I imagine this would effect a lot of you guys?
  5. jakejohnson007

    dry eye and Vitamin A

    I bought this comprehensive book to eye problems, and checked out dry eye 'cause I believe I have a moderate case of it. This book lists vitamin A related meds, especially isotretinoin, as exacerbaters of dry eye. This makes a lot of sense to me, since I noticed more pronounced dry eye while on accutane. However, the book also lists Vitamin A 25 000 UI daily as a supplement to take to boost moisture/tears in the eye. What is the justification for this inconsistency? Vitamin A both the worse
  6. Miamaria

    Vitamine B5

    I read about vitamine B5 here on the net, that it has an affect on acne, is this really tru? Has anyone tried it?
  7. DipItLow

    FUC SHRIMPS......

    A cause of my acne SHRIMPS well yeah I know about the whole iodine thing. But I used to just ignore it. Anyways I tend to br4eak out more when I eat shrimp and my mom made shrimp curry *checks multi vitamin for iodine* ok all is good.
  8. Hey, Today I went to get my tb test checked because I'm going to be volunteering in a hospital (it came out negative). While I was there I started talking to the nurse that was treating me and I told her about my skin problems and that I've been looking for ways to get rid of it. What she told me was so simple that it actually made sense. Lately, I've been thinking of the natural way of treating acne, like doing liver flushes, bowel cleanses and such. I told her about that and asked her opini
  9. Sanderella24


    So I am a big fan of skin looking dewy and no moisturizer that I have makes me feel like it moisturizes enough. I've tried cetephil, cerave, lac-hydrin *pretty good* and jojoba oil *bad reaction* Now, jojoba oil is a liquid wax. Obviously eevo is not. It has essential vitamins and what not I'm just worried that it will actually cause more dry skin. Anybody have any experience with EEVO?
  10. I just thought I'd ask this question because some people say a multivitamin breaks them out, some say it doesnt, some say it makes their acne better, etc. So what is it in your experience?
  11. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Quick question about fiber and vitamins

    Im going to start taking a fiber concoction every morning when i wake up (to make myself more...regular haha). I hear taking fiber (like metamucil) can inhibit vitamins from being absorbed. How long do you think i should wait to take my daily vitamins (fish oil, zinc, D, C). Thanks so much for the help! Also, is the morning the best time to take fiber?
  12. just a word about taking so many chalky pills. There is some documented evidence that calcium supps can cause constipation, i reason the same could be true for any supp. Liquid vitamins may be ok, but any chalky tablets i think will be something to weed out, liquid is preferable and the problem may be with any vitamins with minerals which are bulky. Anything that messes with the mechanics of the intestine is really not good, but of course getting your vitamins are important, but not when at t
  13. Guys i was wondering if these vitamins/supplements are okay to take and will help acne ( i dont want any breakouts) - zinc picolinate 50mg - Jarrows formula 500mg curcumin -Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
  14. I just wanted to make this quick post sharing the benefits of lemon and what you can do to help you clear up your skin with it. First, Lemon has a lot of vitamin C which helps the immune system as well as exfoliate dead skin cells and helps new healthy skin cells replace those. Lemon also cleanses and helps the body become more alkaline which is a healthier environment. You can do several things with lemon to help clear up your skin. First, add lemon to water and have lemon water or add le
  15. Hello, I have a question about vitamins and how much vitamins you are able to make use of, because on the packages it says for instance 150% of referenced value, does this mean that 50% is wasted ? I am askimg this because i am dealing with a lot of acne, i am taking doxycycline, but in times where my acne is really acting up i want to take a lot of sink, vitamin b5 and other vitamins so that maybe i can help the acne go away. Thanks guys
  16. First of all I have read many of the success stories and many of the great ones involve a shift away from carbs in any form, to a more ketogenic diet. But heres my situation, and my problem. I've been eating primal for probably 3 years. My problem, in my opinion, is coming from too much fat(i sometimes eat coconut oil with a spoon.) Or too much fruit(some days i will eat 10 bananas.) It is also possible that there is something i am allergic to. So what im asking is if I should cut d
  17. G'day guys, I'm currently 20 years of age (turning 21 very soon). I have been struggling with my skin for about 4 years now and I'm absolutely sick of the effects it has had on my daily life. It's time I paid more attention to vitamins/minerals that have obviously worked wonders for my fellow acne sufferers. When I started seeing a Dermatologist about 4 years ago (roughly) he stated that I should avoid caffeine, oily foods, chocolate and there is NO NEED to cleanse as my skin was dry. I stopp
  18. Im gonna start taking vitamin e and a supplements. Will taking them with meals ruin the effect of the vitamins?
  19. there is a school of thought that suggests the recommended Daily allowances that are set by governmental health institutions are too low, and advocate a, higher is better, mentality. There is also some folks on this site who use an argument from analogy and claim that Accutane(retinoic acid) in high doses "cures" acne, therefore vitamin or other similar vitamins may do the same.accutane is the same as "vitamin a" , and since this is a form of megavitamin therapy used by the medical industry,mean
  20. I posted this in the Introductions section but I guess it'll have more use here. acne.org/messageboard/Long-time-lurker-finally-t266795.html Summary: Men's One-A-Day Multivitamin (twice a day) E400(twice a day) 30IU Zinc Good luck!
  21. AutonomousOne1980

    vitamin k

    next to vitamin d, i suspect vit k is the next most likely vitamin to be low in most people. But of course i would never really know that with much certainty. , but through reason alone it seems likely. kale, collard greens, spinach, and brussel sprouts have the most. Im willing to bet people dont eat these too often, they are not particularly appetizing, especially when we are competing with mcdonalds or even fruit.
  22. I wonder if it is possible to take in a dose, the tablets of vitamin b5, every day in an alone dosis, (5g or 10g) a day. To take in an alone daily dose to be mas comfortablly.
  23. Stratosfear


    Sup i brought a zinc supplement to help with my acne and also a multivitamin-mineral supplement because i dont get enough. anyone else doing the same?, any side effects etc?
  24. I have been researching the different vitamins that might help. I think I have narrowed down trying the Niacinamide (B3) and or B5. Would you recommend taking these as individual caplets or taking the Vitamin B Complex, which contains all the B vitamins? I just started taking a multi-vitamin (One a Day Womens) and a Vitamin C each day. I went to the dermo this week who basically gave me two options: accutane (not ready for this yet, too scary as of now, might be ready someday in the future b
  25. SHEEKxD

    How do you DETOX?

    For the last two years I have been fighting with ACNE and the scars that are left behind Few times I have hit the wall and went on a rage. BUt since its summer I want to finally get some clear skin My problem area is on my cheecks and I HATE it because its the MOST noticable part. I dont break out on my chest or back which is good but my face is a war zone I really want to be able to go out with no worries instead of plastering make up on my face everywhere i go so that I feel some waht bette