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Found 128 results

  1. http://bodyecology.com/articles/4-steps-to-say-goodbye-to-acne This should be a decent article for anyone suffering from acne and food intolerances, gut problems. Started making milk kefir recently myself. Im on a GAPS-like diet, starting to eat more sweet potato lately though. Drink lots of bone broth as well as eating and drinking fermented foods, this has helped my clear their skin. Any questions I'd be happy to try answer!
  2. okay, i go to boarding school so i am purchasing my pharmacy stuff for next year... i have a good deal to spend as i am working 2 jobs all summer long. this is the list i have created so far... can you guys comment a bit on it? face: cetaphil gentle liquid cleanser neutrogena multivitamin acne treatment jason's vitamin k cream toner [nivea visage? kiss my face flower essence?] spot treating-neutrogena on the spot misc: cotton pads sponge and brushes and loofa for showering deoderan
  3. Hi everyone, Ive been watching other peoples posts for a couple of months now and its unbelievable the amount of support ive felt through reading them. Well im a 20year old girl and have probably suffered from acne since I was about 12. I cant say Ive suffered too badly but enough to severly knock my confidence. Watching this site I realised something had to be done, im on my second pregnancy and my acne seemed to get alot worse, until I completely stopped wearing this oil based pan stick Ive b
  4. Ok, I am NOT entirely sure this is the same thing but I have found a company that is in the Channel Islands (Jersey) and they have a cream called K-Clear... it is full of Vitamin K... on their website it says it is to reduce veins... I have emailed them and asked them if it is for blotchy skin/acne scars too. Am waiting to hear back from them. It IS a U. S. type product though (it says in the brochure). Price is £8.78 and the website is www.woodshealth.com and the product is under the 'older
  5. it is believed by many people on this site that dairy affects their acne to some degree. i tend to agree with this, but cutting out dairy to try and improve acne presents a few problems, a new one i have considered, is that cheese is a decent source of vitamin k2, and by reducing cheese intake, you will reduce a good source of vitamin k2. some older issues with cutting out dairy i have posted about before are b12 and of calcium. dairy is a decent source of b12, and from my experience it is the
  6. there is a school of thought that suggests the recommended Daily allowances that are set by governmental health institutions are too low, and advocate a, higher is better, mentality. There is also some folks on this site who use an argument from analogy and claim that Accutane(retinoic acid) in high doses "cures" acne, therefore vitamin or other similar vitamins may do the same.accutane is the same as "vitamin a" , and since this is a form of megavitamin therapy used by the medical industry,mean
  7. so i have this bottle of pills not even meant for acne but its like vitamin pills and i was wondering if the ingredients in it would be good for acne. i was going to get acnepril but heard some bad stuff about it so i plan on returning it or canceling my order but not if these pills are bad too. so here are the ingredients, just tell me if you think they sound good. thank you. Serving Size is 1 pill. i plan on taking 2 a day. morning and night. Vitamin A: 2500 IU (50% daily val.) 20% as be
  8. Leaves, feet, peels... People once used all this stuff. Peels - with most fruits and vegetables, much of the nutrients are in the skin. -Onion skin - quercetin a very important antioxidant and anti-histamine. Save your onion and garlic skins and boil them with the ends and other veggie scraps for broth, Especially the green ends from green onions and leeks. http://www.almanac.c...health-and-more Bones for a gelatin rich broth that provides all the nutrients your joints and skin need
  9. This wouldn't really be great for acne prone people. The only realistic method in my opinion that I have found online to get rid of light acne scars is to really do mild to rough massages with olive oil on the scars. By really rubbing the olive oil, which contains vitamin K and E, you are really exfoliating and really forcing new skin out. I'm not sure if just simply putting on topical skin care products like vitamin serums or creams would really help. I think you really have to do deep M
  10. Vitamin K is amazing for acne scarring, I've been using it for a month and my face hasn't looked this good since sophomore year in high school. It was relatively cheap compared to all the other acne products out there, I got it for 20$. I'll post some pics later, but i think i deleted all of my before pictures because I hate looking at them. My acne was cystic inflammatory and left big marks all over my cheeks and chin. Right now I only have 2 marks which are clearly visible all the other scar
  11. next to vitamin d, i suspect vit k is the next most likely vitamin to be low in most people. But of course i would never really know that with much certainty. , but through reason alone it seems likely. kale, collard greens, spinach, and brussel sprouts have the most. Im willing to bet people dont eat these too often, they are not particularly appetizing, especially when we are competing with mcdonalds or even fruit.
  12. Hello, I am currently on accutane and everything seems to be going well. One problem I have is that I have noticed that the skin under my eyes has gotten darker (nothing major, but something i definately dont want, since i am a 17 year old male) I read from various places that this is caused by the thin skin and something with the blood vessels. I also started taking a vitamin K supplement to combat this...I drink lots of water, get a LOT of sleep, eat well, etc...I was just wondering if there
  13. I was in the Chemist today looking for a product called Rosacure, but they didn't have it in stock so I thought I'd try something different for a month and note any improvements. Keep in mind I don't have full blown rosacea with bumps etc just facial redness, so I am trying to find a product that would help. I picked up a little product called Eventone Capillary Repair here's a description Eventone Capillary Repair will help to dramatically diminish the appearance of capillary damage and compl
  14. I do try to eat a healthy balanced diet but often its not easy due to life in general and the whole world revolving around crap food, and I someitmes cave in to junk etc and I think I'm probably not getting all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs. Anyway, I'm going to drink a healthy smoothie every day to make sure I'm getting atleast some goodness every day, the thing is I'm not really sure what fruits and vegetables to put into them to get maximum benifit, so if anyone could tell me
  15. Vitamin K cream? (for red marks) does it work?
  16. Carbs give me gas like crazy - the hell with em! Cutting carbs is the best way to balance hormones, so here we go. carbs: 9% fat: 64% protein: 27% Source: http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00021C...nm-03E00zB.html Some good old meat for lunch, instead of those dry slices of bread. I think I can get used to this this
  17. so, after my complete panic freak out last week, my bruises did start healing. the long and short of it, i went for an IPL treatment, not my first, and got pretty major bruising (no blistering or burning, just bruising). i panicked, since one of the benefits of IPL is apparently no downtime and minimal bruising. I was super concerned that I had permanently destroyed my face with the laser. I went back to see the doctor who runs the center as well as the tech who administered the IPL, and both to
  18. morning: tea tree oil soap a dab of diluted tea tree oil on pimples cetaphil lotion night: tea tree oil soap a dab of diluted tea tree oil on pimples vitamin k cream (3 times a week: night steps replaced with L'Oreal Special Care Acne Response System) (2 cups of dandelion tea a day)
  19. Has anyone tried this cream for broken capillaries and red areas on the face? "Even out the appearance of broken capillaries in just weeks! A comprehensive face cream containing Vitamin K and other beneficial actives to diminish the appearance of broken capillaries,and other blemishes on the skin’s surface. Based on cutting edge formulas developed by top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in France and the United States, Capillary Clear has the potential application for many cosmetic dermat
  20. I know many of you on here are taking Vit A in huge amts. well here are side effects if taken to much or for too long. "Vitamin A Drug and Food Interactions Vitamin A absorption may be reduced by the following drugs, health conditions and foods: Cholestyramine Colestipol Mineral Oil Orlistat Intestinal Malabsorption Syndromes Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreatic Conditions Weight Loss Surgery Olestra (the fat substitute) inhibits the absorption of all fat soluble vitamins including
  21. A while back I purchased a cream form of vitamin k by Reviva labs. They reside in haddonfield, NJ in the US. Well I didnt get it from there I purchased it from a beautyland in kutztown,PA. It says it clears and helps fade bruises. Now someone turned me onto it. I used it for a few months, and it actually cleared alot, I mean alot of my post acne marks. And I have had quite a few. Now I am not trying to make any claims, but I just thought I'd share this. The only drawback was that it's a heavy cr
  22. Well he said I have "overprocessed skin" and it needs time to heal before he does any lasers/deep peels on me which will be around 1-2 months. I have another appointment I made a long time ago with a derm that DOES surgery nearby like 30 mins away instead of 1.5 hours away in the states. This surgeon gave me some Vitamin K cream, will this fade the marks any good? I have two options : 1) Wait the 2 months till my skin is fully healed instead of being red and shiny 2) Keep doing my glycolic pee
  23. Well it was 99% clear for about a month or two, but starting last Saturday I've been getting pimples, small but bothering, I got a fairly large papule on my top left cheekbone, two small zits on each cheek, and another normal pimple. I was using Vitamin K from my Doctor for the past 2-3 weeks but didn't give me any flareups till now, I have been steaming my face about 2 sometimes 3 times a day since Saturday night. I haven't ate anything bad, some soda but only sprite about 3 times, 3 glasses.
  24. I went to the drugstore today and I stopped at the cream and acne product isle to see what was there. Didn't buy anything but I saw a small thing of a cream called "K-fade" that has 1% vitamin K in it. It said on the package that it's good for freckles, age spots, sun spots, blotchy skin, red spots, spider veins, dark circles under eyes..... So... Have any of you guys tried a vitamin K containing cream and had any success with it? Please share your experiences here.
  25. **UPDATE** By request, I've added vegetables to the list. Enjoy. Hey everyone, So after browsing through www.nutritiondata.com for awhile, I decided to do a little detective work. I wanted to find out which raw fruits were highest in the most common forms of vitamins and minerals. Why? Because I dislike taking so many damn health-food supplements! If the same applies to you, read on. The following chart I compiled is based on 200 cal/serving. Because of this, the results may be slightly skew