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Found 500 results

  1. PROGRESS Two weeks ago (Day 154) I reported that the left side of my face was very clear while the right side was still "catching up". I have not had any [major] pimples on the left side of my face since writing that. The right side of my face has since had a pretty ugly breakout 1-2 big-sized pimples that are still healing.. One of them is a real eye sore, right in the middle of my cheek. It's in the middle of drying out right now. For once though, I don't even care. It doesn't bother me. I ke
  2. Hello Everyone! If anyone has been reading my blog thus far, you will know I have been on the regime (drugstore version) for about a month. I can honestly say that benzoyl peroxide is a very effective acne/blemish treatment - at a cost. The dryness, roughness and overall uneven skin texture is a trade off for fewer pimples and potentially clear skin. I found that my skin was so rough and uneven that it just didn't look great, even though I had fewer pimples and blemishes. Doing some research
  3. Hey guys, I've stumbled upon several different consumer products that can help strengthen and heal skin affected by acne. Well, common ones are the vitamin Ester-C, skin support tablets by Blackmores(meant for acne skin),Zinc and acne formulations that contain herbs such as Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Echinacea and Sassafras.These can help skin that is suffering from active acne and needs extra help to clear up. A little more effective for skin that is already recovering from acne is IG6. This pr
  4. seen as though cocoa butter healed one of my red marks i looked on the net and came across this soap what dya reckon? Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Soap with Vitamin E A creamy Cocoa Butter Soap for Marks and Blemishes. Softens Rough, Dry Skin. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Soap with Vitamin E A creamy Cocoa Butter Soap for Marks and Blemishes. Softens Rough, Dry Skin.Helps soften and smooth the skin. Also excellent when used to moisture legs and other areas while shaving. Work up rich
  5. :D/ What I've discovered. . . I've been on a mission to get rid of acne, prevent further scarring, and get rid of current acne scars. I have spent a lot of time researching ideas and trying various things. I am still looking for better and improved methods. The follow is what I've discovered so far: 'Age-Less Skin Formula' by Bluebonnet made my skin look wonderful, radiant, and gave an overall glow. Take one capsule daily. It did absolutely nothing for acne but I liked what it
  6. I have acne scars (brown spots) from previous breakouts. I do extensive research on the web to see how I can better this imperfection I possess. I came across this line called SONYA DAKAR. They boast that their products work so well that celebrities go to them for their skin needs. I was looking into their scarring package. This scarring package that contains 4 items cost $194. It's a hefty price but I would seriously pay $194 to get at least 50% results. I've used vinegar, tape, lemon ju
  7. / Hey people...The other day I just so happened to walk into a gas station and buy a bottle of Fuze Vitaboost. I looked on the back with all the vitamin info and it contained lots of vitamin A, C, and E...plus Selenium. The description with it was something like "Works with vitamin E to become a powerful antioxidant and reduces scarring." so im like hey and buy a couple bottles. I then start to notice my scars fading, only after drinking like 5 bottles of this stuff! Which brings me to my curr
  8. Hi, Im from http://acnesite.cjb.net I am an average teen who suffers from Acne. I've had pretty had acne since grade 9. I have recently been on Accutane, but because of this, my skin looks horrible! It's red, has enlarge pores, and just feels like shit. In the last few weeks, I have had problems, as my skin was always red. What did I discover? I discovered a mixture of 3 cremes that will make your skin less red, and feel great! You will need the following: -Cetaphil Gentle Clea
  10. what I've found that has helped so far is putting vitamin E around the edge, on the red part, of an active zit, then just putting a tiny amount of BP on the middle. Remember, you want to dry out the middle part of the zit, which is often the whitehead itself, and then moisten the rest of it to relieve the irritation and inflamation caused in reaction to the pore infection itself.
  11. Well, I've seen rubbish all over the internet about this stuff and I'm suprised not to find anything here about the stuff. Anyone else out there tired this? I've been taking 6 pilsl a day or about a month . The people do have a 60 day money bakc guarentee I think. Funny though because they shipped it about a month after my order date because they claimed they were going thru repackaging. Seemed like a coincidence to push my gurantee back to me. Because they say it takes about a month to
  12. I have been reading this message board and haven't found anyone to give me personal advice from an african american perspective, I know acne doesn't have a color or race, but we all have different types of skin that sacylic acid and BP doesn't work for all people. I'm tryng this new regimen that was recommended by a dear friend of mine, who believe in doing things naturally. I have tried all the over the counter "clean/clear" skin products and my skin has not responded, even though I don't hav
  13. My face seems to swell and in the beard area is really red. I stop washing for days, but it seems that in 7 days the swelling is 100% gone, but the reddness is still there. I do not know if this is because it gets irritated when I shave or what but I am looking for advice on what I could do to get this red to go away. Is this swelling from Overwashing??? I went to my WalMart today, but it was closed. I read that Colonial Dame Vitamin E may be just what I need...so I will look into that tomar
  14. Ok.... today I finally went out and found some Skin Lightening product called Perfectly Pure Skin Lightening cream.I had a long talk with some lady who works at a vitamin store at the mall near me. She suggested it's best to get rid of blemishes & lighten hyper pigmented skin... She also gave some Vitamin pills that have something like 80% Vitamin E and something else I can't remember too that also help.I'm kind of weary to use the Skin Lightening cream stuff.... because she said that it is
  15. I have found lots of great info on this site so I though why not share something I have found. Please read this, it could change your life! I have found a great product that maybe some of you have used. It is a whitening product called Glabridin and is from Licorice extract. Last March I was moving into a new house and spend the whole day sweating in the sun while moving. Soon after I broke out pretty bad. After the acne went away from using different products I was left with lots of ugly red m
  16. Hi everybody! First time poster here, though I have been following the boards for roughly a month. First, the facts: I am not taking accutane yet and will do so later tonight. In fact, it will be my first pill-- what a momentous occassion. My derma has prescribed 60 mg a day (two 20's in the morning, one 20 at night). I currently weigh around 132 lbs and am 5'6". I am asian american (not like it matters). This is one of my last months as a teenager. At late September, I will be
  17. Hey guys....this is the first time I've posted here but i'm just so happy with the success of my Acne Cure Plan that i just HAD to share it with other people... Firstly, my name's Vanessa, I'm 18 and i live in Australia. My acne started in year 9 and continued until the end of year 12 until i went on this amazing plan and got rid of it for good I know that some of you have heard of Dr Dubrow and his book, "The Acne Cure". I was heaps skeptical when i first read it but i was desperate and so
  18. hey all. first off i got dark patches from old acne... it really bothers me because ive had them for damn near 3 years and i've tried almost anything.... 2 i got scars, very very mild, maybe 9-10 pore sized tooth pick scars...is there an inexpensive thing i can do, or if i had surgery what would i had to to do? they're nowhere deep, but geez i just want them gone or to look gone...you know? and the last is... my skin looks ROUGH. i mean u know how some people like yourselves got that that even,
  19. Ok here is the regimen I've been using and it's been working really well with a HUGE difference: -I drink 710mL of "Realemon" each week I dilute it with water and drink it inplace of soft drinks. -Take one Vitamin E twice daily -Take one multivitamin once daily (Vitamin A @ 7500IU, Vitamin C (Sscorbic Acid) @ 100mg, Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol) @ 50IU, Zinc (Proteninate) @ 10mg, and a bunch of herbal stuff) The brand is Genestra Brand for both vitamins -Use cotton swab with lem
  20. I have been taking b5 for 4 weeks now, it is working well but there is still alot of redness. So someone said to use vitamin E and/or zinc, I was wondering if i took all these vitamins(b5,e and zinc) at once, would they conflict with each other?? would it be beneficial?? if anyone has any advice or input i would greatly appreciate it, thanks
  21. There is an article in this month's issue of ALIVE on acne. It is a two page article so I will only transcribe the tips they give. Some tips: Vitamin A - very important for skin health; helps regulate sebum production. The usual recommended dosage is 25,000 IU daily for one to two months, then 10,000 IU daily. Do not exceed this amount unless advised by your doctor. Women who are pregnant should not exceed 5,000 IU daily. B vitamins - B-vitamin deficiencies have been associated with acn
  22. Would that help at least improve a bit of the scars and let it heal faster?
  23. Don't use it. All it does is burn and irritate your skin. You're better off letting it dry out than using that. Not sure if I'm going to try another moisturizer, but the sides of my face are turning red, though the acne is clearing very nicely and my red skin is smooth, at least. Any recommendations?
  24. Ok my situation: I have been off accutane for 5.5 months and have redness and some indentation scarring,(about 1 mm deep, a few may be deeper). I obviously want my skin smooth so what can I do, any advice?????? I am now taking zinc(45mg) daily plus some vitamin E 500iu. Thanks for you're help all! ****ps what exactly is copper peptide?? people mentioned it it sounds like a tablet, and hopeful.... :?:
  25. HYPERPIGMENTATION scar. This is caused by the deposit of melanin to our epidermis. As a result, those with fair skin will get red marks and those with darker skin will have brown spots. :wink: AFTER a pimple is cured, your skin will be left on some red marks, this is due to your blood vessels are too near to the surface as the PIMPLE should be the one who to be blamed b'cos it pop out and bring your blood vessel near to the surface and so it causes red marks..this is not a scar..it's hyperpi