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Found 2,879 results

  1. hey guys.. ive been reading the topics alot and came across one person who said Vitamin E is good for your skin for scarring issues. Soooo i had some lying around in my house, and after taking accutane, and still leaving a bit of the redness, I thought what the hell lets try it. Ive been smearing this liquid goo on my face before I go to sleep and have noticed a dramatic difference with my scarring. I haven't seen much difference with the redness yet, but am hoping for it. I've also heard of thi
  2. Ok here is the regimen I've been using and it's been working really well with a HUGE difference: -I drink 710mL of "Realemon" each week I dilute it with water and drink it inplace of soft drinks. -Take one Vitamin E twice daily -Take one multivitamin once daily (Vitamin A @ 7500IU, Vitamin C (Sscorbic Acid) @ 100mg, Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol) @ 50IU, Zinc (Proteninate) @ 10mg, and a bunch of herbal stuff) The brand is Genestra Brand for both vitamins -Use cotton swab with lem
  3. ozzfest

    vitamin e

    does vitamin help PIH at all? either consumed internally or externally thanks in adv.
  4. My face seems to swell and in the beard area is really red. I stop washing for days, but it seems that in 7 days the swelling is 100% gone, but the reddness is still there. I do not know if this is because it gets irritated when I shave or what but I am looking for advice on what I could do to get this red to go away. Is this swelling from Overwashing??? I went to my WalMart today, but it was closed. I read that Colonial Dame Vitamin E may be just what I need...so I will look into that tomar
  5. qwert123

    3 weeks on Dans

    Okay...let me begin and say that I didnt suffer acne until a few months after I turned 18! But I didnt feel the pain bc right away my derm put me on accutane! So I probably suffered w acne for one month (but it slowly built up so it wasnt bad). Then one year later...acne came back so back on accutane..I was naive and didnt know how bad it was and then my acne returned yet again *sigh* a year later....WORSE THEN EVER BEFORE!!!! I probably maybe got 3 cycts my whole life...up until then....by
  6. Are all types of vitamin E tablet just as good as each other? I have just bought some tesco ones.
  7. thecomputer

    Is this product right?

    I just picked up "Replenishing Vitamin E Lotion" "enriched with vitamin E and beta hydroxy" is this right?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new. It's still pretty cool where I live but I still want to get a jump start on summertime beauty products. So what moisturizer/sunscreen lotions do people here use? At the moment, I'm using the Vitamin E one from the Body Shop. I think it's all right and it's definitely good for sensitive skin like mine but it's got an SPF protection level of 15. I was hoping for a stronger one that will still be nice on my skin and not cause breakouts or major discoloration. That's why sunscr
  9. I cleanse with Cetaphil Normal to Oily cleanser, apply Duac, and then moisturize with Olay Complete Moisturize Lotion. I'm thinking of using either jojoba or vitamin E oil before applying the Duac.
  10. mermaidenly

    Vitamin E for lips?

    I didn't know where else to put this, so I hope it's ok. I was on Marie Claire's website and I found something interesting: http://www.marieclaire.com/hair-beauty/tre.../beauty-rules-3 "As an all-natural alternative, break open a vitamin-E capsule and rub it over your mouth before bed. In the morning, lips will appear positively plush." I want to do this, but I was wondering if it didn't sound safe or something. Does it raise any red flags for anyone? Thanks!
  11. Well..... I never thought I would be going on accutane because I thought I was outgrowing my acne at this point.... I've been plagued with it since my freshman year in high school with lots of ups and downs. My face has gone through lots of different phases it seems with all the topicals I've tried. I've also been on antibiotics for years and tried like 5 different birth control pills, along with proactiv, vitamin B5, microdermabrasions, glycolic peels, and smoothbeam laser treatments and none o
  12. Hello All, I usually don't have a problem with Acne until I decided to get a little ruff on one pimple on the right side my face. I had this pimple and I put acid neutrogena on my right cheek. At the time, I didn't feel anything working, so I put more on and time past. Wow, that was a huge mistake I burned several layers of skin off and you could see raw skin. So for days I put antibiotic cream on my face and vitamin E combined. Which has healed up a great deal. But now the problem is I'm still
  13. Hi everyone. I am 18 and have had acne for about two years now. About a year and a half ago, I started using topical creams like benzyclin (sp?) peroxide. While they stopped my acne for the most part, I still get breakouts every now and then. Destined to put a stop to all this madness, I started taking accutane a month ago (everything is going smoothly, although the very common sympton of dry skin/chapped lips plagues me). While accutane helps get rid of acne scars by I think removing the top
  14. what I've found that has helped so far is putting vitamin E around the edge, on the red part, of an active zit, then just putting a tiny amount of BP on the middle. Remember, you want to dry out the middle part of the zit, which is often the whitehead itself, and then moisten the rest of it to relieve the irritation and inflamation caused in reaction to the pore infection itself.
  15. any suggestions? i dont know what works ive tried cocoa butter, vitamin e oil, they don't really reduce the redness for asian skin what works and what doesnt? im sick and tired of wasting money and would like some real solutions thank you
  16. tinyblue

    just interested

    i saw in some peoples profile that they were taking vitamin E with the regimen, i don't mean to invade anyone's privacy, but am just wondering. my dermatologist gave me something that had RETINOL and am wondring does anyone know what it does?
  17. electricyellow12

    Am I too harsh on my skin?

    Helloo everyone Just to start off, I'm 13 years old and have moderate acne. I get zits here and there, but now a days theyre staying for longer than they usually do. So I've gone through a number of treatments (Murad -.-) , and lately I think i've found something that's worked for me . So here is my daily facial cleansing...washing....whatever you want to call it routine: First I use Pond's cleansing and makeup removing towelettes (with vitamin E, chamomile and green tea) Second I wash my han
  18. cognitive

    hopeless new scar

    Alright, I'm sure I have a bunch of perminant scars, but last week I think I got a really bad one...it almost looks like a rolling scar/icepick scar. Anyone have any information how to treat a scar early? I've looked in those newbie threads at the top and nothing really helped or sounded helpful. I'll add a picture later and maybe that'll help? I tried everything from neosporin to vitamin e, and I'm sure it's either done nothing or made it worse? Can anyone tell me ways to mimimize scarring
  19. I have been reading this message board and haven't found anyone to give me personal advice from an african american perspective, I know acne doesn't have a color or race, but we all have different types of skin that sacylic acid and BP doesn't work for all people. I'm tryng this new regimen that was recommended by a dear friend of mine, who believe in doing things naturally. I have tried all the over the counter "clean/clear" skin products and my skin has not responded, even though I don't hav
  20. a. get it

    taking vitamins

    Hey guys, just recently started the tane.. yay. Done my homework using this fairly awesome site, and have invested in both a tub of Vitamin E and Fish Oil tablets. Am heavily active so really hopin' fish oil can do the trick. Just wanted to be super safe and make sure i asked experienced taners if its ok to take these tablets WITH the accutane ones, as in, both afte the same meal. I have 2 fish oils n tane in the mornin. 2 fish oils and 1 e with lunch, and 2 fish oils n tane with dinner. Also
  21. Background info: Age: 17 (Had acne since I was 14) Acne severity: Moderate (Minor acne on forehead and chin, nodular acne on cheeks) Gender: Female Alright, so I haven't officially started yet but I did just get my blood tested today to see if my liver can handle the stress. I'm calling my derm tomorrow to see if everything's alright and good to go. But before I decided to take Roaccutane (I live in Australia), I decided to read up on people's past experiences with it and have heard about a lo
  22. I've been putting oil on my skin, and now I just realized I might become hairy. Could this happen? Here is the list of oils I've been using: Jojoba Camellia Seed Vitamin E Sweet Almond Avocado Really paranoid
  23. hello , im an 18 year old lad from london. i came across dans regimen, it all looks quite impressive and seems to work for alot of people so heres hoping it will do for me. basicaly i ve decided to order dans BP becuase it seems to be the best(thats the feeling i get from this board?). but im wondering about the cleanser soap(that ill need to shave with, to create the lathe) and the moisture lotion, which ones should i get and where do i get them from? can i use coca butter cream with vitami
  24. So, it's been a while since I've posted, and during this time I have managed to go from moderate acne (as determined by the questionare floating around these boards somewhere) to virtually no acne, with only a few blackheads and quickly fading marks. I've been using a zinc oxide cream called Burt's Bees Herbal Defense Ointment everynight (if I dont do it every night I do start to get zits again). It's not pretty, it goes on as a thick white ointment/paste and smells strongly of lavender, but i
  25. Hey Guys! So, as a teenager I would suffer from occasional breakouts but really nothing that would last! When I started going to College, stress definitely kicked in and I started getting large cystic acne that was extremely painful and uncontrollable! Did I mention awful to look at? My self esteem was going downhill so I went to the doctor. I was put on Diane 35 - a birth control that I was really excited about because a friend of mine had, had great results. Well, I was on it for 5 months and