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Found 171 results

  1. I'm looking for a really good multivitamin. Preferably either a softgel or liquid form for good absorption. Right now I'm taking 3 omega 3 pills a day, 4 vitamin d3 pills a day, 3 magensium, and I'm not really getting any calcium (which really concerns me). I'd like to have a GOOD quality multivitamin that will give me a good base of vitamins like vitamin A, K12, calcium, zinc, magneisum, C vitamin, B vitamins, for days where I dont get ALL my veggies in there, but that also contains at least 2
  2. I want to avoid these foods for a month to see if diet is causing my blackheads. I might try reintroducing brown rice afterwards if it made a difference. Anyways, does this look like a balanced meal plan? I want to make sure Im getting all the proper nutrients. B-fast: Smoothie- coconut milk frozen blueberries spinach 1 tbsp coconut oil stevia lentils with seasonings salad mix and avocado Snack: Walnuts Lunch: Coconut Milk Soup- coconut oil coconut milk chicken lime juice chicken stock ci
  3. hv acne for ~10 yrs, diff kinda, clogged scarred pores, stubborn discoloration, getting few scarring as well. overall looking very very bad so my relatives pulled me to the lab to make full blood analysis, also liver, kidneys, vit D3 n hormones N GUESS WHT: my blood is perf! liver perf kidneys perf thyroid perf no inflammation whatsoever!! (immunity great etc) BUT MY PROBS ARE: too low vit D3 (30.1) too high uric acid too high certain hormone (which i actually expec
  4. rakbs

    My updated diet

    Since this has changed quite a bit since the last time, I thought I would post my diet again. Here ya go... Breakfast Hard-boiled eggs -4 hard-boiled eggs -Salt -Pepper Tomatoes -1/2 grilled tomato -1 cup water -25 mg zinc -133 mg magnesium -600 mg fish oil -400 I.U. Vitamin D3 -B Complex 25 w Vitamin C Calories: 310 Fat: 15 grams Sat. Fat: 6 grams Omega-3 fatty acids (not including supplementation): 1,000 mg Carbohydrates: 7 grams Protein: 25 grams Lunch Rice -1/2 cup brown rice -S
  5. rob1875

    vitamin d

    whats the difference i cant find places where they sell vitamin d3 jus vitamin d.will just the vitamin d work just aswell.im taking zinc tabs at the moment will taking omega 3 an vitamin c help to
  6. Can someone help me figure out what is going on with my skin and what type of skin do I have. In the last two years something happened to my chin. I have large pores all over my face but the chin as slightly smaller ones. Every couple of days I get this weird grainy texture all over. I have to literally take the edge of my tweezer and flick out a small grain or pebble out of tons of pores. What are these and is my skin oily, dry or dehydrated? I cant go one day without these building up..So
  7. For at least 6 months I have had clear skin and I feel guilty not sharing it with others, and even though everyone's body is different, here is what worked for me.... Notes: I had continuous moderate acne since middle school. I am now in my early 20's. Results came very quickly upon starting this (pretty random) system. Once in a blue moon I will get a little on top of the skin pimple, but it's always very small and not a big deal at all. I still have oily skin and flat red marks left be
  8. I went to my local chemist and my supermarket and they don't sell any 'Vitamin A'. The chemist didn't even sell 'Cod Liver Oil'. So I went to Woolies (Woolworths), they didn't have Vitamin A either like I said, but had Fish Oil, Flaxseed and Cod Liver Oil etc. So I bought the Cod Liver oil.... Blackmores Cod liver Oil 1000mg, 125 capsules at $18.89 (Australian dollars) It contains (for one capsule).... * Cod Liver Oil (natural) providing Vitamin A - 1000 mg/1000 IU * Vitamin D3 (Cholecalci
  9. Where to start?... I have just come off Accutane in March and now I am back to square 1, I have spots again. I have since tried Vitamin D3 at 3200iu a day for 4 months, Zinc 45mg a day for over a year, Vitamin C 1000mg a day for over a year. I am now trying witch hazel with 600mg dispersible aspirin as a toner am and pm. I got the idea from acne.org, this website has been so helpful to me with such a wealth of information, the best thing is that the information comes direct from pe
  10. I've been seeing a lot of posts and thread responses lately from people who read about the magic that is the hormone D3 and what it could and should be doing for their skin, but find that either they were never able to achieve the desired results from the start, or found their skin was no longer responding as positively to it as it once did. Most of them will either keep upping their dosage and find themselves more and more frustrated and confused that they aren't seeing results, or quit taking
  11. Daviddyck17

    New to blogging but need advice

    Hi I'm a 17 year old male and have had acne since 13/14. I never get cystic acne but I have a face full of medium sized red dots. I used benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin as phosphate 1% and benzoyl peroxide 5% last summer and my face was almost completely cleared but I still had about 15 red spots on either side of face so I went to my doctor again because my prescription was used up and she prescribed Epideo to finish clearing up my face. Ok, that is when ALL HELL broke LOOSE! I started breaki
  12. watwatwat

    Idek What Week It Is

    hey guys! it's been so long since i updated. retin a really does make your skin smooth but it has made mine shiny (bc my skin is now thin) but whatever i really dont mind. still not clear though but my acne has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. and it f idk if it's because of teh vitamins im taking (d3,a,zinc,niacin) or really because of retin a. anyway will update u guys if anything better happens. and when ppl say that retin a makes pimples go away fast, it really is legit. it's like it hastens pim
  13. Allow me to explain.. Well, I had really wonderful skin all through high school. This past summer, before beginning my first semester at college, I developed this hard bump on my chin area. It wasn't the kind of bump that has anything in it && will eventually pop by itself. It was just hard and it was just there and I thought it would go away eventually. I really didn't have a regimen. I had been eating junk food for the longest time && never had any troublesome acne before th
  14. Rudie James

    A Custom Regimen + Log

    Current Status: Working like a charm Regimen: 2.5%BP, Water, Fucking loads of vitamins, no chocolate. Time on regimen: 3 days. 3 days ago i was a 18 year old in the mirror wondering if there was anything i could do, with moderate acne i could not live with constantly renewing. Already though i am seeing some incredible results, so i've decided to share what i can with you. My Regimen at the moment is essentially a combination of Dan's and Axxith's. Axxith's really did clear me up almost perfect
  15. I haven't been on this forum in a while, mainly because my skin is totally clear and my health is really good so I don't need to do much research on it anymore. But I notice that there are still a lot of people struggling here, so I'm going to create this cheat sheet below on how to really get clear skin: The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet Theory: Cavemen, humans living in their natural environment did not have acne. Mimic the natural environment of your ancestors and you will not have acne either.
  16. read somewhere here that isotretinoin elevated the level of calcium in body, i was taking a vitamin d3 cap that comes with calcium as its another ingredient but have stopped after reading that topic. right now i have not yet found vitamin d3 alone in a cap ,but just to reconfirm it -is it true that i shouldnt take calcium after or on accutane?
  17. Hello everyone, I'm a new poster to the forum but have been lurking for several months and I love reading the holistic section of the forum and have tried a few suggestions with regard to vitamins. Just a tiny bit of background info as i'm hoping someone can make a suggestion of the next possible step. Anyway i'm 24 years old and i've been off the Yasmin contraceptive pill for nearly 2 years, since then i've broken out in acne on my chin mainly but also my forehead. I've had some 'ok'
  18. wishfulthinkin

    large question

    Okay so I'm trying to be my own detective here and need some help from anyone who knows alot about acne formation. Basically, I was completely clear during pregnancy and am trying to figure out why since it was the only time since my childhood I've had such nice skin. So I did some research on how the body changes when pregnant and this is what I found: Endocrine system (non-reproductive) Pituitary * FSH/LH fall to low levels. * ACTH and melanocyte-stimulating hormone increase. *
  19. Cyclostrophic

    Multivitamin and Vitamin D3

    Hey all, I have decided to supplement my diet with these vitamins to help improve skin, but i'm concerned (after reading something online) that I will have to give up my shredded wheat. Apparently due to too much folic acid intake ? Hope that isn't true. Especially as the shredded wheat is my main source of wholegrain.
  20. hey guys so as u can see in my signature i have starting taking fish oil, zinc, vitamin D3, and a multivitamin with a ton of vitamin A and i just wanted to know when you usually start to see some improvement whether its clearer skin or just healtier looking skin so if u could share ur experiences, what u took, how long it took to work, etc. that'd be great! im also using sambazon acai powder (its a supplement u add to juice and it supposedely promotes healthy skin and immune system)
  21. Right then start to my accutane journey not very good at these logs so it won't be up as good as some accutane logs i have seen around Just started 40mg isotretinoin 1 week ago, PICTURES are in video and i will post a video every 4 weeks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnYck7O7QV0 effects im feeling and are happening at moment : Dry skin Skin's getting worse aching joints tiredness headaches Im also taking these vitamins : Fish oil 2000mg (for gym) zinc 25mg
  22. I'm curious what the acne.org community does when it comes to sun or vitamin d3. I know for me, I haven't been out in the sun much at all since high school, I'm 23 now. And before high school I was home schooled for 3 years basically zero sun. I haven't done a vitamin d3 deficiency test yet, but I'm almost convinced I am and I'm curious if others here are as well. So many people are afraid of skin cancer and either avoid the sun completely or slather on the sun block(which blocks all of the goo
  23. The balance between Vitamin A and D is essentially in reducing toxicity of Vitamin A (especially at high levels). (Accutane is synthetic vitamin A) http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles...oil-update.aspx
  24. JonnyUK

    Vitamin D & D3?

    Hi, I'm thinking of adding Vitamin D supplement as part of my regime, but i'm just wondering if its best to get Vitamin D or Vitamin D3? This may sound like a stupid question, but what are the differences? Also what are your experiences with taking Vitamin D? I'm very limited to sun exposure so i think it will useful. Is it good at reducing breakouts/ scarring and so on? Thanks guys, ur help is appreciated
  25. Hello everyone, I am 22yo female half black and half white. I suffered from acne since I was 13yo : extremely oily skin, black and white heads, occasionnal big painful zits as well as some cystic acne. I live in Paris France, where it's cloudy and cold most of the time. I'm inside an office all day. I wash my face and body with Dudu Osun, African black soap. I use Dudu Osun on my face to remove make up, then I cleanse it with jeunesse global luminesce cleanser. I've been keeping this c