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Found 989 results

  1. wtfchicken


    Hey all! So... for the past four months I have been using Doxycycline, Ziana Gel, & Vitamin E Capsuls... Im extremely clear compared to the past... I still have a few little pimples but you can't really stop em' all! But I am conserned because my face is red... I usually only use the Vitamin E Capsuls for scaring because it takes the brown & red spotting away withing a few days! But whenever I put a glob of Vitamin E on my whole face to try and take the redness away I have a little break out between my cheecks and eye area... So I try not to do that... Anwyay to get to the point... I am going to start swimming for the next month before for school starts to see if the chlorine and sun help blend my skin all together... I live in Palm Springs, CA btw so its very easy to get a sun tan here... I was just wondering if this is a good idea or does somebody else have a better regimen?... I am rarely in the sun and rarely recieve any Vitamin D for my skin...
  2. i got some High strength Cod liver oil tablets other day from holland and barrett in uk they r having a sale really cheap about £1.50 for 60 r they better than the flaxseed the ingredients r cod liver oil 1000mg vitamin a 800 micro grams 100% RDA vitamin d 5 micro grams 100% RDA eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 110mg docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 100mg also says they r freee from wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, sugar , starch, lactose, salt, preservatives, soya, artificial colour and flavourings.
  3. PetPeeve

    Lip lighteners

    I have really dark lips, especially my top lip. It is completely uneven with the lower one. A lot of things cause darkening of the lips: smoking, coffee, tea and Vitamin deficiencies such as C or D. Sometimes it has to do with your ethnic background. I'm spanish for example, but I do see I have troublesome lips. They are always chapped, wrinkly and swollen especially dark. I use a lot of moisturizers including aloe to soothe them, but nothing helps to lighten those dark lips. I heard of a product called Godiva Skincare which sells lip balms that help lighten lips. I think the product is African. I tried visiting the site, but I can't get in! Friggin' G! I think the site is messed up. Try and see if you can get in. All we have here in America is the same ol' repetitive crap--can't get beyond Chapstick or Blistex. All of their balms in their line are the same thing in different packaging! Bull. Anyone know of an alternative sold in the U.S. for lip lighteners?
  4. Can someone help me figure out what is going on with my skin and what type of skin do I have. In the last two years something happened to my chin. I have large pores all over my face but the chin as slightly smaller ones. Every couple of days I get this weird grainy texture all over. I have to literally take the edge of my tweezer and flick out a small grain or pebble out of tons of pores. What are these and is my skin oily, dry or dehydrated? I cant go one day without these building up..Sometimes they are sitting right in the pore and they easily come out because they are not covered by anything. The ones in my chin are different. I have to use my blackhead extractor or use my thumb nail to gently push up on the clog and a squishy plug will come out. The pore is then clear for a day or so and the cycle starts again. I have tried leaving them alone but I end of with hundreds of clogs that need to be dug out. I am currently using a gentle cleanser from Garden of Wisdom called Mild & Clean. It is very gentle and doesnt irritate the rosacea I have. I have tried moisturizing these plugs in an effort to trick my skin into thinking it doesnt need to expell so much oil but this just makes things worse. Here is a list of things I have tried to prevent them and a list of things I put on after I expel the plug in hopes of them not coming back. I have also recently had two Dermasweep treatments all over, two VBeam treatments and two Smoothbeam treatments. Ive also had one sal. acid peel. None have done anything. Products Used in the past two years: Topicals Finacea Gel Paulas Choice BHA 1% Lotion and Gel Differin Epiduo Ziana Gel Clindamycin Klaron My Mychelles Skin Clearing Serum Mandelic Acid 5% and 10% Oral Supplments and Perscriptions Doxy/Oracea Spironolactone Vitamin B5 Fish Oil Flaxseed Oil Evening Primrose Oil Vitamin D3 BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Cream I have changed my diet 9 months ago to a relatively gluten free diet, no sugar, good grains, lots of veggies/fruits and no dairy. I also only drink bottled water. My one vice is a black cup of coffee with Stevia in the morning. Every night is the same as the last and I have sought so many derms and a naturopath who has now referred me to someone who specializes in Ayuvedic Medicine. I dont have one treatment that has worked and dont know what to try to alleviate or change this and cannot see my life like this. The constant picking out of pores is not normal by any means. What else is there to try for me?
  5. Hi, everyone. I have my acne history listed on other posts, so I won't bore you with all those details again. Suffice it to say, I have adult acne, largely hormonal, and recently I've gotten lots of tiny bumps and whiteheads on my forehead (not sure why--no major lifestyle changes). I've been taking EPO for about 6 months now, but I'm really thinking about giving up on it. I haven't been megadosing (I only take 2 a day), but even so, I would think that little bits added up over all that time would eventually have the same effect as megadosing. I've thought about Vitamin D (I don't get outside much, as it's cold here most of the year), or maybe Vitamin A. I've considered zinc, but it seems like I've heard stories of once you start it you can't stop, and that makes me nervous. I don't like the idea of being that dependent on something. However, I realize there are probably a lot of options you guys know of. So with that being said, what would you recommend I replace the EPO with? I'm pretty low maintenance, so ideally I would only be taking 1 or 2 different supplements once a day. (I don't like the thought of popping lots of pills if I don't have to for health reasons.) It should also be something that's easy to find in your typical supermarket, etc. If it's inexpensive, even better! I am also thinking about trying out a retinoid (maybe Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Night Formula), so feel free to chime in with your experiences/recommendations/cautions there, too. Thank you all!
  6. johnny28

    Did all tests, now what?

    Hi guys. So I have had persistant chin acne and mild oily skin for the last years. Six years ago I did accutane to get rid of my acne and oily skin. The last month I did all kind if blood work to check for hormons, infections, minerals, vitamins, you name it.. And all came back fine, except minor D vitamin deficiency. I was always told I have hormonal acne but now what? My daily regimen is tea tree oil facial wash and I do scrubbing once a week. I avoid dairy and hardly consume any caffeine and fats and sugars. Any ideas?
  7. find myself

    Supplement overdose

    Be careful of supplement overdose. Don't even try b5 people it's the most dangerous thing. If I could right now I'd sue the person who came up with the study that b5 works. Sadly it's side effects are more complex and serious than just hairloss. Please people take care of your body. I'm not saying you guys can't try supplements just be careful with them. I tried using a lot of fish oil another bad idea, made me break out even more and obviously just as damaging as too much of the b5. I'm more worse off than when I had acne, I'd rather have acne than be in poor health now I could possibly be getting worse and before I'm unable to send a message to you all. I just hope that I help those even considering supplementation. Be very careful! Long term supplementation and effects are damaging. You don't want to end up in danger. Especially can be damaging to our kidneys and liver. Maybe even other things. Like too much vitamin D in the long term is damaging for you. etc. Just be safe!
  8. rob1875

    vitamin d

    whats the difference i cant find places where they sell vitamin d3 jus vitamin d.will just the vitamin d work just aswell.im taking zinc tabs at the moment will taking omega 3 an vitamin c help to
  9. princess12

    Vitamin D And Acne.

    I am 29, female. I had acne on scalp, face and hair fall from 2009. I went to dermatologist and tried all. But no change. I read in this forum that Vitamin D can reduce acne. I also found that I am VIt D deficiency. So I took Vit D sachets this way. Each sachet has 60,000 IU 1st month: 1 sachet each week. 2nd month: 1 sachets in 2 weeks, so 2 sachets in a month 3rd month: 1 sachet a month After 3rd month I am continuing taking 1 sachet each month. At the end of 2nd or 3rd month (dont remember for sure) I realized total reduction in acne and hair fall. But from few days acne and hair fall got resumed. I took Vit D test and found it is still in deficiency. Previously is was 15.35ng/dl. Now it is 18.14 ng/dl (Deficiency: <20 ng/dl) Is it possible that the first 2 months, when I took the sachets more frequently, my D levels went up and acne got reduced and now when I am taking 1 sachet per month, Vit D dropped and acne resumed again? Your help would be great.
  10. Hello, I came once before to this forum sometime last year(or was it the year before? haha I dont remember). My acne has become rather severe..and its quite painful now, before it was simply some pimples, the normal teenage stuff. It's since grown into a monster that likes to battle with me, and I'm tired of bringing a knife to a gun fight...time to get the rocket launcher! I'm 21, going on 22, 6'2-3", 206 pounds..so my Derm, who graduated from John Hopkins school of medicine, recommended putting me on 80 mg( 40 MG 2x a day) accutane(after trying all the other medications first), for 5 months. Does that seem like a high dosage to you all? I was under the impression that you started out low, then gradually increased. However when I mentioned this to him he said that is pointless, there's a lot less of a chance of remission with a much lower dosage(I assume its based on my body weight?). So...To those of you that took 80mg a day..what side effects did you get or hear of others getting fairly common? I'm scared of the side effects...however...13 years of this acne has torn me down. Though I'm not overly depressed about it ,I don't think I'm a bad looking guy to be honest, but some days I'd rather not look at myself in the mirror, so I decided I needed to do something about it. I go to the gym at least 5 times a week and weight train..Has anyone taken accutane and creatine at the same time? I'm going discontinue my protein bars, and most of the other supplements except for the creatine(if I have to stop, I will of course). I Also heard that Vitamin E is a really good idea to take during treatment to help reduce the side effects,? Also vitamin D I read somewhere does as well? I know I'm almost certain to get dry lips, nose and skin(obviously)..its the others that has me worried at this dosage level. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated..Thanks .
  11. Laurayne

    Weird Skin Reactions

    Okay. So I'm pretty sure this isn't exactly acne, but many of you here are very knowledgeable and probably know a thing or two about rashes, or at least enough to help me. I am experiencing two different kinds of skin reactions on my arms, legs, and lower part of my belly. The first one started this summer. I thought it might be because of the temperature or something like that. They were these little red bumps that appeared on my arms, back and legs. They faded pretty quickly without treatment. First they would flatten, then they would turn brown and fade. Recently I started getting these again in small spots on certain areas of my arms, legs and lower part of my belly. my parents think it is just bug bites, but I am positive it isn't. This time they aren't fading, they are just staying there and they are very ugly. Could this be some kind of allergy or a vitamin deficiency? Also I just came out of the shower and some larger flatter bumps(skin coloured) just appeared on the top of my left arm(close to the hand). I noticed them after I put my lotion all over my body. This didn't appear anywhere else and I used the same lotion everywhere on my body. Anyone have a clue what any of this is and what I can do about it??
  12. I'm currently taking krill oil, turmeric, vitamin D, Coq10, Evening primrose oil, Stress-B, Grapefruit seed extract, garlic capsules... and I'm stopping it all, baby! I've been taking them so long I don't know anymore if they're hurting or helping... My diet is basically paleo. Plenty of vegetables, meats, some nuts, coconut/olive oil. No gluten/dairy/processed/high fructose/corn/nightshades. My goal is to go 2 weeks and reevaluate then. (I get most of my acne around the corners of my mouth.) Cheers, Jon
  13. I know most people on a typical American diet get too much Omega 6, but I'm not on a typical diet. We do need SOME omega 6, and it's possible to overdose on Omega 3s, right? I take cod liver oil most days (not just for the Omega 3s, but also for the vitamin D which I definitely need)... and recently I've been avoiding nuts because I'm not sure if they give me problems or not. I've decided to eat nothing but meat/fish, vegetables, a small amount of fruit, and a small amount of legumes. I use olive oil occasionally. So am I getting enough Omega 6?
  14. OK currently I'm on the following Derm's program for 6 weeks except tazorac which I've been using for over 1 year. 1 Klaron (on second prescription already) 2 Tazorac 3 Vitamin D 1,000mg 4 Omega 3 1,000mg 5 Neutrogena Oil Free Salycilic Acid daily wash 6 Neutragena Oil Free mositure combinatio skin Here is the problem my skin is NOT bad nor is my acne bad. Klaron helped a lot with clearning the breakouts of this year on my temples and cheeks. The PROBLEM is with constant small outbreaks 2,3, or 4 new redish zits from week to week on my cheeks and temples. Taz and Klaron do dry it out with in a week and but new zits return and so the game continues. WHY do I have these minor breakouts, and why doesn't my current regiment take care of this problem? What should I do, or use? My past meds that I've used were Triaz BP 3% daily wash only, Clyndamicin, Erythromycin, Benzamicin, Doxy oral antibiotics Differin and then Tazorac which I'm still using. The problem was the same, the products worked to clear me up, but these minor breakouts would still happen, but over time Doxy and clyndamycin just lost effect.
  15. 1. Lower your dose of accutane below 50 mg/day. This cumulative dose in the thousands of mg goes back almost 30 years to a study done by La Roche, the maker of Accutane. Insanity. There are now plenty of studies showing low dose courses to be both effective and have much less incidence of side effects. 2. Use a humidifier in your room. Heated air in your home (0-5% humidity) is literally drier than the Sahara (10-15 percent humidity). 3. Keep the heat as low as possible, or crack the window at night. When the relative humidity drops below 60 percent your skin starts losing moisture to the atmosphere. This is a big problem for skin that is already dry to begin with. 4. Moisturize as much as possible. Two times a day minimum. 5. Moisturize immediately out of the shower after patting dry. If any part of your body is not moisturized within 3 min of showering then it will become irritated. 6. Bathe as infrequently as you can. Once a day at most. Taking cold baths is best. Avoid hot showers. Lather up with pure industrial mineral oil or castor oil to protect the skin and in loo of soap, then let the water hit you. Oil cleans as effectively as soap without drying skin. 7. Avoid bleach, perfume, drier softening sheets, or other chemical irritants that may come into contact with your skin. Your sebum lipid layer is compromised and thus the skin is not as protected from environmental allergens as it usually is. 8. Avoid sweating in your sleep. Sleep naked if possible. Sweating irritates the skin and causes evaporation and disruption of any moisturizer you apply. 9. Cut out all foods that are artificially enriched with Vitamin A. Accutane is synthetic Vitamin A. Both have a drying effect on the skin (by inhibiting sebum production). 10. Stop the multivitamin with Vitamin A in it. This plus the enriched foods is giving you several times the recommended RDA of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is fat soluble so your body already has plenty of it stored for the next 6 months - 1 year, even if you had zero in your diet. 11. Beta Carotene in fruits and vegetables is fine. Your body stores it and converts it to Vitamin A only as needed. So you cannot OD on it. In fact, Beta Carotene is a much safer choice over pure Vitamin A found in enriched foods and vitamin pills. Yet another reason to get your vitamins from nature and not processed foods or pills. 12. Try taking a Vitamin D supplement to see if it helps. Vit. D is the one vitamin that is hard to get enough of unless you spend a lot of time naked and in the sun (which is impossible in winter). It's found in oily fish, but you can't eat a lot of oily fish because of mercury pollution. It plays a role in the immune and inflammatory response. Not sure it will help, but a D3 pill every day or two won't do you harm in the short term. Technically, Vitamin D isn't a vitamin at all, it's a steroid hormone so this may be why it helps reduce inflammation . . . 13. For severe eczema flare-ups the best medication is oral Prednisone taken in decreasing amounts every day for a week. That will break the cycle much more effectively than topical steroids. It's also safer for the skin. The topical steroids tend to thin out the skin and cause telangiectasia. 1% OTC hydrocortisone is OK and doesn't thin the skin if used in moderation. 14. Avoid stress and get enough sleep. Stress plays a role in flare-ups. Though it's probably not the cause if your on Accutane. Accutane is the cause. So see step 1.
  16. Ok basically this is what I want to do; I want to have clear skin but not be on any kind of antibiotics. I know what the damage is of these and the years of mino and doxy and the 1 stint of acut has probably ruined my insides. I’m taking the advice on these boards to start coming off slowly. I had a bit of a bad eat over the past week i.e. a pizza and some ice cream on the weekend, bread before and also some choc, spread over the 7 days has given me 2 spots on my right cheek, one on my neck and one on my chin. I know it’s my fault for eating that food but I was having a bad week and I was sick. So now my diet is clean again I want to list what I’m doing to see if it’s safe - 3x omega fish oil casuals, 1 morning 1 noon 1 night. - 1x vitamin A pill - 1x vitamin B complex pill (large and orange in colour) - 2x vitamin C pills, one morning one afternoon, these are gojo berry extract - 1x vitamin D pill (this is very small) - 1x vitamin E gel casual - 1x Glucosamine tablet (as I do weights in the gym) - 1x marine cologne tablet (for gym) - 2x Siberian ginseng, for energy before gym and during the day - 1x aderan hunger suppressant (its safe and legal don’t worry) - Currently 1 doxy on and off dont ask me for the spec ie MG / iu400 etc, i have no idea what any of it means buts its all bottles of standard quantity stuff. like the vit C is about 1000mg, the fish oil omega 3 is 750mg etc, and the vit A is i400 or something i dunno. i just take 1 of each to be on the safe side.... Previously I was also taking 1x evening primrose casual… simply because they threw them in as a free gift. They’ve since ran out. Now I combine this with the acne regimen, completely clean diet i.e. nothing bad for me what so ever i.e. fast food, wheat, dairy, fizzy drinks, juice, fruit, etc. I just have a protein shake (with water) in the morning, mixed nuts during the day, dry chicken in for lunch in the afternoon, with plain rice. Drink a shit load of water. Dinner is a protein shake, small tin of tuna, olives, sweet corn and sometimes I either put balsamic vinegar on it or some Thai dried chili & fish flakes that my gf’s mum makes and sells in her shop. With this quantity of supplements I’m staggering throughout the day (of course I don’t take it all at once), what kind of strain on the liver is this causing? Once I take the doxy out are all the vitamins safe for the average body? The doxy I hope to come off from the start of next week, and maybe just take it twice a week see how I go, then just stop all together. Because currently I have flawless and glowing skin on the above plan, but the fact doxy in there makes me concerned that the whole thing I’m doing is supplementing the doxy, or the doxy supplementing the diet / vits etc. only time will tell But I’d like to know if this quantity of sups isn’t damaging to the liver Also, the reason I’m taking every vitamin is because I know there is something wrong me, either omega 3 deficiency imbalance, or a vitamin D deficiency… but I have NO idea. Can’t get any tests done in this country so will wait until august perhaps. So I’m just taking the whole lot as I’m sure my very small diet is making me lack all of these essential vitamins anyway. But either way, it’s working a treat.. would be just interesting to see exactly WHAT it was that was working in particular, and focus more on that, rather than the entire lot (save me some money too.. all that sh1t costs 100’s of dollars if u include the sh1t load of regimen stuff I bought too.) Definitely good about the omega 3’s, I don’t have to waste all that money on caviar now I got my big supply in haha.
  17. julez_r_c

    Acne Cure

    Hi everyone I am 20 years old and have had acne since i was about 15 I have just recently cleard completely! I wanted to share my cure! what worked for me! Ok here it goes 1-Take vitamin D 1000-4000 iu a day! 2-drink lots of water during ur day and at night atleast 4 glasses a day 3-buy oxy pads(the red one)(deep cleaning) use 2 or 3 every night before bed(dont wash ur face only in the shower) 4-Ok if ur a teen! masturbation is natural but if you do it every day and u got acne! you have to slow down!.Sex ups the hormones and inflames acne! For the zits u curently have maybe wana stay home next day(gunna be a little red) do this before bed in the mirror Take a sewing needle(small) Dip the tip in rubbing alcahol or peroxide Find the cloged pore(middle of zit)poke around carefully(the pin will go in) carefully push the needle into the pore(this will release the clog and make the pore lose for all that will come out) the needle will go a couple mm into the pore sometimes more remove the pin now take a finger from each hand and place the fingers beside the zit on each side push from deep to surface slowly(no fingernails)that will leave marks for tomorow :S Dont push to hard keep doing this till all sebum and blood runs out! this is ok clean with tissue(use clean tisue every zit!) Repeat with all pimples than go over the intire area with the oxy pads or tissue soaked with perozide Let dry go back to the mirror in 20 minutes and go over ur face with a oxy pad again to remove little scabs from the blood. (the area may be verry red)this will be gone in 8-10 hours when u wake up the next day for me was a little red use coverup? if ur a dude doesent matter just dab liquid coverup on the red spot and remove exes with other finger take vitamin d! there is no toxisity so u can take like 4000iu a day! im telling you. Hope this helps! *moderator edit*
  18. I'm currently taking vitafusion gummy vites, but I noticed, the ingredients has 5% biotin. There's a thread on this page that says biotin breaks you out, so I was wondering if there is another multivitamin that you guys take? Please help. Thanks!
  19. Hello Acne.org friends. My name is Nick, and I will be recording my progress with the Acne.org regimen over the next few months. I will try to include the thought process behind each of my actions and a little background to myself. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to read or enjoy my posts, but hopefully there will be some people who benefit from reading them. Background: I am a 20 year old male of Asian descent living in NSW, Australia. I have relatively light coloured olive skin, dark hair and dark brown eyes. The weather here varies throughout the year from days of extreme heat during summer to freezing cold days (around 14-15°c which is very cold for us) in winter. After a lot of internet research and a brief amount of time looking at product reviews on acne.org and makeupalley, I would describe my skin type as oily, sensitive and acne prone. Overall, I would probably rate myself as a regular guy, in a somewhat half-assed battle with Acne. Throughout most of my schooling life, I had absolutely perfect skin. All throughout primary school and high school, my skin was absolutely unblemished, poreless and i had maybe 3 or 4 pimples during the ages of 0-17. This all changed however, in my final year of highschool. In my final year of schooling (Year 12), I started to notice I was breaking out a little bit in the cheek area. I basically just ignored this and asked mum to buy a pimple clearing facewash from the local supermarket/chemist. This worked for a while, but did not clear the acne entirely. During the next three years, between the age of 17.5 and now, I have noticed my acne become increasingly severe (mostly through photos on facebook and family holiday pictures). I have reached a point, many times where I've decided: 'okay I'm going to address this properly and be clear in 1-2 months'. So far, this has not worked so well. Different things i have tried in the past: Dermatologist (to no success) Washing with warm water only Differin (Tropical Cream) Vibra-tabs (Oral) Minomycin (Oral) + Eracyne (Tropical gel) Other things I've tried (to no success) Clinique 3-step Anti Blemish Solutions Eating: -Zinc -Vitamin B -Vitamin D Applying Eggwhites to face in mask Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask Aspirin Masks 2-3 times a week (this actually seems to work, but not entirely) Applying Calamine Lotion on acne and red marks and leaving overnight. Apple Cider Vinegar (which I'm still currently using as I've found it reduces red marks very well) Current Thoughts As a result of the above things, I've FINALLY decided after three years to try the Acne.org regimen. I came across this regimen about 2 years ago, but decided not to try it due to a few factors: - Expensive and long waiting time to ship products to Australia - Consistency of application, care and time required to the regimen each day - The comment or thought that even if you miss one application that the regiment would not be effective. This one was the primary drawback for me. I am more of a 'decide to do things as they come' type of person, so making plans like this every 10-12 hours did not really suit my lifestyle. Anyway, I've done a lot of research and decided that I am willing to stick to the regimen for 90-95-100% clear skin. I ordered part of the regimen from this website, 4 days ago. I only ordered the 16oz of benzol peroxide and the tube of AHA. As reading reviews, I can also use dove soap for the regimen as a cleanser (which I have heaps of), and i excluded the moisturiser as apparently the 'new' formulation is extremely unpopular and reviews on this site are around the 3/5 little bean men rating. nb. I have a lot of respect for Dan for not tampering with reviews of the products sold on this site. Anyway, until my bottle of BP arrives, I've purchased a similar but more expensive 2.5% BP alternative from the local pharmacy called Benzac AC. I have been using it for 3 days so far, applying it all over my face gently after washing. So far, it has brought some pimples to the surface, a few more whiteheads than I had before. One of my cheeks (which was already acne free) is looking even better now, although a little red. The other parts of my face still have visible acne (around mouth, temples, forehead). Also my face is red overall but i have read this should go away after 1-2 weeks. I am fine with this. I will be posting how my skin is doing over the next few weeks. Please subscribe to this thread, and feel free to post below your experiences and thoughts and if they are similar/different to mine . Until then, I leave you with the following Video.
  20. My body has been doing some unusual things lately, which I think may be from vitamin deficiency (even though I eat very healthy). I know on accutane you are not supposed to take vitamin A, but is this all right if the vitamin a is in beta-carotene form?
  21. I've been reading on here about how some folks have seen their skin clear up after the use of Vitamin D, but I haven't really read of anyone who was diagnosed with low vitamin D, put on prescription high doses of D and then saw improvement in their skin - so I'm just wondering if ther's anyone out there who has been in this situation? I have just been diagnosed with low vitamin D - my level was 15ng/mL (the lab's normal range was 30 - 100ng/mL). I am taking prescription vitamin D, 50,000 IU once a week for eight weeks, and I just took my second dose.
  22. jokerj

    Jokerj's Hopeful Log

    Okay so, as bad as I may be at keeping these things up, I tried keeping ajournal of this stuff and I think this might be easier for me. Also looking for some support and ideas here. So far on: Benzaclin topical spot treatment Benzoyl peroxide wash 10% EDIT: once every few days doxycycline (100 mg) twice a day Eucerin + Spf 30/Aveeno Sensitive skin + Spf 15 redness calming moisturizer Acne.org Cleanser and Moisturizer for face and Treatment for back Just added: Hibiclens wash EDIT: once every few days Retin-A Micro .4% Nature Made Garlic Supplement EDIT: once every other day or so EDIT: probiotics (acidophillus) as often as i can, up to twice a day, plus yogurts with live cultures head n shoulders (as a body wash every now and then and as shampoo daily) EDIT: Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Cod Liver Oil, Iron first of all, some background info- i first got acne in the 5th/6th grade: nothing too bad, jsut the normal pre-teenage spots and blackheads by 7th grade: my acne was getting worse, with some strange bumps on my neck, chest, and back by 8th grade: full blown-bacne, but my face stayed pretty much the same. the bacne compeltely destoryed my confidence at this crucial time in my life. i refused to wear anything that showed any part of my upper body, and gained weight due to depression. i wouldnt even go for boys becuase i was afraid of what they might say about my condition. i also started seeing a dermatologist. by 9th grade: did a course of doxy, also tried tazorac and nicotinamide. the tazorac ruined my skin and made me embarassed to show my face even to my closest friends. it also made my back flare up all red and itchy for weeks at a time. the nicotinamide also did nothing. 10th grade: back and chest acne even worse, it had gotten ridiculous. kept up with the tazorac even though it sucked in hopes that it would someday produce the desired results. it didn't. my skin was super sensitive all the time. Also-red bumps appeared down the hairline on my stomach, breast, and all voer my legs. I'd spend weekend covered in cream to get rid of them, and still do. wondering if they migth be folliculitis? 11th grade: my current situation- switched dermatologists (this ones way better) tried sea salt baths, to no avail. switched from tazorac to retin-a, which is way better. back on the doxy for like 2+ months now, and using benzaclin, which seems to work really well for not-too-bad zits right now: chest has cleared quite a bit, some nodules on back, face, comedomes on neck. plenty of bumps that just won't go away on my legs and stomach.
  23. I've finally decided to go on a strict diet and take everything out of my diet that can possibly cause acne. I will also be using LED blue +red lights My acne has not improved from topical treatments I hope to maintain my current weight or gain more weight I will try diet for 3 months and if no improvement I will start adding foods back I will NOT be eating any of the following: Dairy-hormones? Gluten- ? high glycemic carbs-blood sugar regulation? salt even no sea salt- to limit water retention foods have enough sodium already sugar- obviously vegetables oils other than coconut cod liver oil or fish oil-too oily (read some info about it causes some ppls acne, may be rancid) also will limit fructose- possible fructose malabsorption? supplement calcium magnesium + vitamin D i think the biggest improvement will come from giving up ALL dairy cause i never could give it up for long enough in the past-usually i would still keep eating butter (right now i'm drinking goat milk ) basically living off eggs, red meat for zinc and lysine, vegetables + low glycemic carbs meals more often (4-5 a day) smaller portions with protein fats and carbs I having trouble figuring out what to do for calcium, and what fat sources and carbs to eat that are non dairy and Low GI + gluten free maybe lentils sweet potatoes brown rice or coconut? what carbohydrates (other than vegetables or the above) are low glycemic? fat recommendations? if you have any advice or know of anything else I should not eat let me know...
  24. So my job is fairly high stress not to mention lucky me gets to work at night...anybody have any tips on anything to help acne in this situation? I have tried sitting in the sun for twenty minutes when I wake up and that helps a little...and I take vitamin D not really sure if that helps. Any ideas?
  25. So here we go. It's 1/3/11 and I'm due for some serious life changes this year. On May 10th I'm leaving for Navy basic training. I have 5 months to fill in between that, and I'd like to make the best of them and leave a new person! Goals: -Clear existing acne: I cleared my skin from severe to rather mild over the past two years or so through diet, stress reduction, and physical activity. Certain factors I'll discuss later still cause me to break out. I want to eliminate those. -Reduce red marks and improve complexion: I use AHA products that help with the scars, but I think more physical activity and better diet will help as well. -Effectively reduce anxiety -Eliminate bouts of depression -Read as many books as possible -Handle responsibilities well -Do something I enjoy every day -Regulate sleep schedule (No more going to bed at 2am!) Chances are I'll add more Every winter during the post holiday time I always fall into a depression. I think it's mostly vitamin D deprivation, but it's also the monotony and the cold. When that happens, my anxiety runs rampant and my diet goes to sh*t, and then I develop a major guilt complex. The cycle has led to near eating disorders in the past. So that's not happening this year. I'm not letting it. So I will log everything that I eat. I guarantee you my diet will not be flawless, but it will be better than it has been. I will also log my physical activity, because it has a positive effect on my skin and mood. I will ALSO log a bunch of other crap nobody probably cares about! So this will be, if anything, interesting for sure So here's to a new life for 2011!