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Found 989 results

  1. hey people, ive been dealin with acne for about 5 years, the last year or so i noticed i started to grow out of it but still had alot of redness and marks, my friend recently told me he was trying this vitamin drink, called GREENS PLUS its like a powder and you mix it with juice and drink in the mornings before breakfast.. and you know what after about a week of using it im noticing a huge difference in my face, its much clearer and the marks seem to be fading rapidly, im suggesting this to anyt
  2. Cyclostrophic

    Multivitamin and Vitamin D3

    Hey all, I have decided to supplement my diet with these vitamins to help improve skin, but i'm concerned (after reading something online) that I will have to give up my shredded wheat. Apparently due to too much folic acid intake ? Hope that isn't true. Especially as the shredded wheat is my main source of wholegrain.
  3. Hello, I am new to posting on here but wanted some opinions on my current regimen. I have had acne for 10+ years, mostly on my face. I have managed to control it somewhat through the years through birth control, antibiotics, and topical treatments. However, the past 8 months, it has been at some of it's worst- it seems to cycle every 4 years or something! I am 23 now. When I was in high school, I took Ortho-Triclen birth control, minocycline, and used differin or clindamycin. I don't quite reme
  4. rob1875

    vitamin d

    whats the difference i cant find places where they sell vitamin d3 jus vitamin d.will just the vitamin d work just aswell.im taking zinc tabs at the moment will taking omega 3 an vitamin c help to
  5. OK my regular doc is just an old guy that just repeats same thing your grandma would say eat your vegetables blah blah. Is there a specialist that deals with vitamins or is there such thing as blood test to see if you're like zinc deficiant or some vitamin deficiancy??
  6. I have recently switched to a second derm because my first derm doesn't accept my insurance anymore. I loved my first derm because he was informative, caring and tried several creams and pills untill I had acne under control. The second derm is an older guy a Yale med school graduate, but since the first apponitment I don't like him much. The reason is that he is cold, doesn't say hello and rushes to get rid of you because he has 5 other people waiting. Now, I wouldn't say he is a dumb doctor,
  7. Hi, I keep writing down all the things I try (and their relative success) and ultimately I always lose the sheets! So I have decided to log my progress on here. Previously I was trying a hypoallergenic style diet with various supplements (Omega 3's, Vitamin C, probiotic). After finishing uni for their year I've had time to really understand how the immune/digestive/endocrine systems work and my current plan is definitly showing results. Here is my progress. June 1st (Approx.) As I pr
  8. My whole intention is to record how i feel candidly, mostly since it's never easy to recall even the simplest things from days past. Other than that hopefully i can document my progress and be diligent about it. If you're reading this, any comments are welcome. Day 20 40 mg daily up until now and most likely I'll continue this dosage. I'm 20 years old, 5'10 at 155 pounds currently and I've taken accutane before but I can't really remember clearly how my course went and chronologically progress
  9. i recently purchased a bottle of cod liver oil capsules @ 10 minims because i'm interested in adding it to my diet. it contains 1,250 UI of vitamin a and 100 UI of vitamin d. supplements i'm currently taking: 1000 mg of spirulina, 1000 mg vitamin c, 2000 ui vitamin d. my diet usually consists of milk, yogurt, water, fruits & veggies. do you think it's safe to start taking?? what is too much? it says maximum daily dose: 8 capsules. how many capsules do you think would be effective, yet sa
  10. I just started Accutane and am very active in my lifestyle. I lift exercise (P90x) 6 times a week. I did some research, and I came up with using Vitamin D to strengthen my bones and fish oil to combat achy joints while on accutane...is this right? Am I able to take both of these while on Accutane?
  11. The British Dietetic Association, which represents 6,000 dieticians across Britain, said that there was no "potion or lotion" which could "magically" rid the body of chemicals. The theory behind detox - that dangerous toxins build up in the body - was dismissed by the health experts, who said the body was constantly cleaning itself. Thousands of slimmers are expected to try a detox diet in the next few weeks, spurred by guilt over heavy drinking and eating during the festive period. A wide ra
  12. calcium carbonate or calcium citrate ? i have the carbonate combined with vitamin D for better absorption(or so it says). and is there a connection with taking magnesium along with citrate(absorbs better?)? i did a quick net search but im still confused about it all.can anyone help me ?thanks.
  13. there is a school of thought that suggests the recommended Daily allowances that are set by governmental health institutions are too low, and advocate a, higher is better, mentality. There is also some folks on this site who use an argument from analogy and claim that Accutane(retinoic acid) in high doses "cures" acne, therefore vitamin or other similar vitamins may do the same.accutane is the same as "vitamin a" , and since this is a form of megavitamin therapy used by the medical industry,mean
  14. Acne can be caused by a number of different things and some of the more common ones (in my opinion) are: a hormonal imbalnce, a poor diet, and a vitamin defeciency. I think hormonal imbalance is probably the main cause of acne. Flax seed oil is Awesome! I love it! It has all the good fats that your body needs. The Omega 3, 6, and 9. I take 1 tsp. a day before I go to bed and I've seen a great difference! The flax seed oil somehow (not sure how) but by taking it, it somehow regulates and balanc
  15. warwize

    Food as Medicine

    Not sure if these were posted before, but the speaker really knows what he is talking about. These videos are for everyone interested in healthy eating, not just those who suffer from acne. Food as Medicine 1 Food as Medicine 2 Fairly long videos, at first he talks about cancer and how he battled his, then goes into specific foods and diet changes that are excellent for overall health/immune function and have anti-inflammatory properties. The things that are bad for acne are actually just
  16. I have a Vitamin A and Vitamin D supplement that says it is derived from Cod Liver Oil, can this supplement go bad just as Cod Liver Oil?
  17. In this topic I will tell you how I cleared up from having acne. I did several things but there was one main thing that helped me the most, urine therapy. As gross as it sounds, it is a great way to clear up your skin and it's completely natural and costs no money. Just take a cotton ball, and when you're going pee catch the urine in midair onto the cotton ball. Use it right away as it works best while fresh. Gently dab the wet cotton ball over the area where you want to clear up. Leave it on fo
  18. I was wondering if anyone that has suffered with these problems has managed to find a solution at all? Ive been trying to battle it for quite a while now but havnt come across anything that helps. The main things im trying at the moment are liver flushing and supplementing vitamin D but havnt had any success so far.
  19. Maplesmiles

    Alkaline Diet +Vitamin D

    Hi! The following is my acne story. I was in fight with acnes for 3 years. I tried different methods...but nothing helps. I even had depression because of acnes. Life was a hell to me. Until there came a day, I read a book " The Vitamin D Cure" , written by a doctor.. It mentions how alkaline diet and vitaminD works in beating Hypertension, DM,..and even Acnes. Since then, I turned to a new diet. I cut off all the sugar and salts in my diet. No cheese. No candy. I
  20. Laurayne

    Weird Skin Reactions

    Okay. So I'm pretty sure this isn't exactly acne, but many of you here are very knowledgeable and probably know a thing or two about rashes, or at least enough to help me. I am experiencing two different kinds of skin reactions on my arms, legs, and lower part of my belly. The first one started this summer. I thought it might be because of the temperature or something like that. They were these little red bumps that appeared on my arms, back and legs. They faded pretty quickly without treatm
  21. I tried using the search function to find an answer but was unsuccessful lol... I was just wondering how much Vitamin A I should be taking daily? Because I know its dangerous to take it at high levels. I bought 8000 IU of Vitamin A today.. is that enough? And how about with vitamin D? What is the "Maximum" to take with that? I have 1000 IU right now that I just bought plus another 250 IU that comes with my calcium supplements. Thanks!
  22. NdnRomeo

    Articles on milk

    I know milk is terrible, so do you. I was wondering if you could post any articles you had on it, or even clinical studies (those would be the best) on it's effect on the skin, and acne. Or any ones in general, showing how bad it truely is. One reason being is to show people who just don't believe as well, and another reason being to just have a good collection of articles on dairy in this country especially. I like this one a lot http://www.formerfatguy.com/articles/dont-drink-milk.asp
  23. I recently heard about the benfits that B5 vitamin does for acne, but I was pretty scared away from the idea because you have to take like 20 pills a day which doesn't sound too much to me. Anyways, my question- does anyone think they are or should be working on a new B5 pill, specifically designed for acne, like a 10g B5 pill which can be taken long term? I think this should be worked on because its like accutane without the many side affects. anyone else with me?
  24. I wanted to wait awhile before posting this to make sure it's what really cleared me up, but now I am positive so time to share this with you guys. First off I've always had very stubborn acne that would not go away, so it took several things to get me clear so for you guys that just can't get rid of acne no matter what you do this should apply to you significantly. First off you'll need to start on the acne.org regimen, this is the first and probably most important step because the regimen alon
  25. Most topicals and even oral medications for skin disorders like acne cause photosensitivity as a side effect. Does anyone know how this affects vitamin d absorption? I tried doing some google research but no luck. I hypothesize that maybe this photosensitivity allows one to absorb vit D much faster which in turn helps skin conditions. Anyone have any thoughts on this?