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Found 1,000 results

  1. whop

    Last resort

    alright here's my situation: I'm 18 years old with just reallllyyy stubborn teenage acne (probably a case of mild acne at times maybe verging on moderate (maybe 6-8 pimples at one time), not cystic and no scarring involved yet, but alot of red marks and really annoying), and i've tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Proactive just stopped working all of the sudden. The only thing that worked even slightly was dan's regimen, and with all the bp, my skin just couldn't handle it even after i allowed i
  2. how long do you experience break outs when taking vitamin b5? also, do you really lose hair? i was thinking about getting vitamin b5, but i don't want break outs before school starts.
  3. Hey folks. Well I'm cleared of acne now, but I've got a severe problem with oiliness. How oily is my face? Well it starts to get shiny like 3 hours after washing my face. After 3 hours, I have to use like 2 whole blotting sheets on my face (I use Clean & Clear), and I have to blot every 2 hours after that to keep my face matte. This really isn't a solution. I wash twice a day, with warm water, and Eucering Sebum Reducing Cleansing Gel. I moisturize at night with Eucering Skin Regulating Crem
  4. there's a "natural skin care products" craze going on. bunch of brands are advertising their products as natural. but what really is natural? WHAT ARE THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVES TO CHEMICALS? All skin care products, both synthetic and natural, contain items from the following categories in some combination or other: EMOLLIENTS Emollients serve two functions; they prevent dryness and protect the skin, acting as a barrier and healing agent. Water is the best emollient, but because it evaporates
  5. I suffer from mild acne..I guess. It started when I was about 14 or 15, I'm now 17 and it's got worse over the years. At first, it was just a small patch between my eyes and the odd pimple on my cheeks or chin. I ate junk food, I rubbed, I scrubbed, I picked, I pecked, and I made it all worse. I had very little/no experiance of how to cope with acne, so can you blame me. Anyway..now, I'm trying to make up for my sins. I have some pimples on my forehead, and hairline, sides of my mouth, my chi
  6. tommy_boi


    Ive just found this bottle in my girlfriends bathroom and it sounds kinda interesting as ive heard good things about aloe vera, currently with the regimen i'musing "Simple" moisturising lotion, i was wondering if this lotion my girlfriend has would be better at moisturising, the exact name of it is, "OIL OF ALOE" and underneath it says Moisturising Lotion, then it says, Enriched with Aloe Vera & pro vitamin B5. pH balanced, does this sound ok as it's a rather bigger bottle than my moisturise
  7. Hello, About 2 weeks ago I bought Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser, with salicylic acid, and Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment, with salicylic acid, vitamins A & E, pro-vitamin B5 and natural fruit extracts. Over the last two weeks I've noticed improvement on my face; the pimples on my neck are now getting smaller and smaller to the extent that the skin feels almost smooth, the two huge pimples on my face have gotten a lot smaller and, well, I notice an overall improvement,
  8. tomtom2

    Vitamin B5 Log

    Started off the Vitamin B5 regimen last night after reading about it for a while. I guess my ance is considered moderate to severe, this is the worst it has been for me. So I am really hoping that the B5's will work. I have included 2 initial pictures that were taken in my dark bathroom to track my progress. I took the pictures in the dark with flash to clearly show the extent and severity of the acne. And my eyes/face portion is blurred out to retain some anonymity on the internet May 12,
  9. i'm FUCKING tired of acne. i have severe acne since middle school and it fucked up my self-esteem. i can't even fucking carry on a nice conversation with a fucking hot girl anymore. FUCK ACNE. so anyways, i just recently found out about Evolution-X and i'm about to purchase it. but i'm kinda worried it might not work, i mean it is sold over the internet and you know how much bullshit goes around here. also the name doesn't sound to convincing, sounds like another EXTREME marketing bullshit.
  10. mnsdg

    giving b5 a try

    hi, (sorry this is long!) well, i'm only 16, but i've had acne for the past 5 years and every day i hope will be the day it all turns around. i'm sure it will be gone by the time i'm, i don't know, 80, but who wants to wait that long! my acne was at it's worst point ever when i was 13, my derm told me it was moderate to severe. i've been on most of the widely-perscribed topicals and a few antibiotics and many otc products, but the only ones that really worked for me were minocycline and tazor
  11. Ive had numerous problems with cleansers and moisturizers that dont work well with the BP and are too irritating on my skin resulting in blotchyness, reddness and immense dryness/flaking etc ( = skin not lookin too good) i found a product range that is practically ALL geared towards acne prone blemished sensitive skin by the brand 'simple' called 'simple : oil control'. the brand is appropriately named simple as the products contain minimum ingredients. text on a site i found is below which des
  12. Well, to most with moderate acne, as my self, i have found bp effective on my skin. I use on the spot, and it doesn't flake, and doesn't irritate. This is because i have used it on and off for a while. I ran out, and i had salicylic acid laying around, so i used that and it irritates my skin like crazy and showed me no results. Then i decided, no more chemicals, just cleansing, but i realized my skin might need the help of bp. Anyways, the products i use have been quiet effective and are
  13. i dont know wat to do anymore my 13 yr old daughter has mild acne all over her face i've been to the derm and all he gave us was benzaclin, Retin-A .01% and .025% and clindamycin phosphate gel 1% and none of them worked everytime i look at her face it seems that it gets worse everytime i've had moderate acne when i was a teenager and i left it alone and it just dissappered i told her to leave it alone but it seems that its only clearing on the forehead and getting worse around the cheecks wat i
  14. I bought vitamin B5 at wholesale prices and used it for 2 years. I have 14 bottles left that I want to get rid of. I have 14 bottles of B5 vitamins left that I had bought from http://www.b5supplements.com so if anybody needs any PM or email me at chimp555neo@yahoo.com I want to just get rid of them. There is a months supply in each bottle (400 pills)
  15. Well im happy to say that i finally got my vitamin b5 (vitamin shoppe brand but its called pantothenic acid) alongside B complex 100 (also vitamin shoppe brand). The thing is that my B5 pills arent 500 mg,they're 100 mg. (They didnt have any 500 mg at the store i went to so i had to settle for 100 mg). Since i definitely know i have to take my dosage differently than whats been posted can anyone tell me how much of this 100 mg B5 i should start out with and how much shouls i take regularly after
  16. ObsessedwithSKIN

    Questions about Vitamin B5

    Ok Ive done ALOT and I mean ALOT of research on this drug. I really think its worth a try for me and the drug best suited for my acne. I have light-mild acne, but the biggest problem is that I scar easily and have alot from past breakouts. 1. Does it help with red marks and scars at all? 2. Does it even out the skin tone and minimize redness? 3. I would like to buy locally from a store if I can for the convenience, is a GNC store/brand fine? 4. Is there anything in the pills I should
  17. Tired_Of_Acne


    hey, ive just came back off my holiday and im pretty much clear from acne and redmarks, this happened last year when i went away but the acne quickly came back. I was just wondering if there is anything i can do for my acne not to come back, im using dans bp gel and vitamin b5 but is there anything else? Thanks
  18. Has anyone used the Vitamin B5..? If so how long and did it work. Also how many pills per day do you have to take..I hear it is a lot
  19. Hey everyone, I'm not sure who has tried Vilantae, but I've been taking it for the past 13 months. It's basically Vitamin B5 with other B complex vitamins. I've had good results with it, but I feel like taking 20 pills a day is getting excessive. You're only suppose to "megadose" on 20 pills for the first 3 months, but I was afraid that I would jinx myself if I went below this dosage, so I've kept it up to 20 pills a day. Do you guys think I should start to gradually decrease my dsoage at this
  20. I've suffered from acne for many years and have reduced it from what was moderate-severe cystic acne to now to a very rare cyst/nodule and a few small pimples. It's probably mainly due to the fact that i'm 21 now rather than anything else, I do use the Daniels bp method but my skin is very sensitive so i can only afford to do it once a day, this is after 1-2 years, my skin has built no resistance. So i was looking for another source and b5 seems to be the best option as i have strange c
  21. Hello, I have a question about vitamins and how much vitamins you are able to make use of, because on the packages it says for instance 150% of referenced value, does this mean that 50% is wasted ? I am askimg this because i am dealing with a lot of acne, i am taking doxycycline, but in times where my acne is really acting up i want to take a lot of sink, vitamin b5 and other vitamins so that maybe i can help the acne go away. Thanks guys
  22. First of all I have read many of the success stories and many of the great ones involve a shift away from carbs in any form, to a more ketogenic diet. But heres my situation, and my problem. I've been eating primal for probably 3 years. My problem, in my opinion, is coming from too much fat(i sometimes eat coconut oil with a spoon.) Or too much fruit(some days i will eat 10 bananas.) It is also possible that there is something i am allergic to. So what im asking is if I should cut d
  23. Hi guys! I am a new member but have been lurking in the messageboards over 6 or 7 years. Finally decided to join, because I would need some advice… thinking of taking a second course of roaccutane again. A bit of acne history – had it since I was 12; it’s been mild to moderate throughout my entire life. (To me, it looks severe, but objectively when compared to many other sufferers, would probably be moderate.) I also have a CRAZY OILY SKIN! After two hours of washing my face I am literally
  24. I wonder if it is possible to take in a dose, the tablets of vitamin b5, every day in an alone dosis, (5g or 10g) a day. To take in an alone daily dose to be mas comfortablly.
  25. Heine

    My fight with acne

    My story I've known this website for several years but I never thought I'd post something someday because I just kept reading the posts and try new thing. So here is my story! I'm now 19 years old I've had acne since I was 12 years old, but at first it was really mild and from time to time, especially around my period. Back then I had no idea about skincare, I just washed my face way too much with hard products I found at home because my brother used to have bad acne (that went all away when he