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Found 500 results

  1. After a real bad breakout, I researched more and more for something which would help until I found Pantothen. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the brand but I read that Pantothenic Acid capsules work just as well. If you're thinking about taking B5, maybe give this a read first. Pros: Cleared skin within a week, keeps spots and breakouts at bay, reduces spots quickly, slightly improves complexion, any annoying under the skin threatening spots do not emerge. Made me feel a lot happier and co
  2. Right, you're going to have to forgive me for this essay but I really need advice and I think it's best if I just give you all the facts. I'm male, I'm 23 and I've been suffering from extremely oily/spot prone skin for about 10 years now. I've more or less given in to the fact that I'll probably have oily skin for most, if not all, of my life. I understand there's no miracle cure but it's got to the point where the state of my face has shattered all of my confidence and is having a severely nega
  3. 3 weeks into my new regime and i'm extremely happy, i wasn't gonna post for another couple of weeks but I believe i've finally found and started working on the problem causing my acne! I've spent a while researching and experimenting and now i have a 90 day plan to rid myself of acne once and for all! And if it works, i should feel a whole lot healthier!
  4. I have acne scars (brown spots) from previous breakouts. I do extensive research on the web to see how I can better this imperfection I possess. I came across this line called SONYA DAKAR. They boast that their products work so well that celebrities go to them for their skin needs. I was looking into their scarring package. This scarring package that contains 4 items cost $194. It's a hefty price but I would seriously pay $194 to get at least 50% results. I've used vinegar, tape, lemon ju
  5. Well im happy to say that i finally got my vitamin b5 (vitamin shoppe brand but its called pantothenic acid) alongside B complex 100 (also vitamin shoppe brand). The thing is that my B5 pills arent 500 mg,they're 100 mg. (They didnt have any 500 mg at the store i went to so i had to settle for 100 mg). Since i definitely know i have to take my dosage differently than whats been posted can anyone tell me how much of this 100 mg B5 i should start out with and how much shouls i take regularly after
  6. last month my derm asked me if i wanted to take accutane, i told him too wait and he upped my antibiotic dose (DORYX 2x 100mg).. for the past month i've also been taking 7g of vitamin b5 a day, i've gotten some improvement but this week i developed a huge nodule on the side of my nose, i've gotten like 5 or 6 of these in the past.. its pushed me over the edge.. now my parents dont want me taking Accutane cause of the side effects, and my girlfriend doesnt want me too either, but i dont know what
  7. I see on this board that a lot of people with oily skin have had great experiences and success with Vitamin B5. Are those that are taking it and seeing results still using a moisturizer? I use Differin and Glycolic Acid at night, switching between the two each night, and they do dry out my skin a little so I have to use a moisturizer. I am using Cetaphil's Moisturizer as well as their face wash in the shower... would I be able to cut back on all the medications if the B5 works beause I thin
  8. has anyone tried vitamin b5? can you use it while on birth control?
  9. I have tried and have been prescribed everything in the book, and NOTHING HAS WORKED. I've tried differin, retin-a, benzoyl peroxide, clindamyicin, was even prescribed the oral meds tetracyclin and periostat (at different times). My acne has really affected me emotionally; I've wasted so many tears on this crap. I've even missed work a few times out of embarrassment. Anyway, I ran across an article on the Internet that talked about a study done using very high dosages of vitamin b5, and
  10. Every time I wake up in the mourning I have the dryest throat ever. Only been taking like 600mg of vitamin B5 a day...for the last 5 days now....but ever since I took it, damn my throat is dry....and I think it caused my cold-_- I rarely get colds.
  11. Hello Guys and Girls! I have a very interesting/depressing problem on my hands, and so far I've been unable to find any possible cures.... About 3 years ago, (I was 15), in the midst of my puberty, I had a really bad case of acne. I had it every where on my face (cheeks, forehead, chin), back and chest. I tried many over the counter products and nothing seemed to work. So I went online and tried to find something "alternative". I arrived across a miracle, or atleast I thought so back
  12. Ok Ive done ALOT and I mean ALOT of research on this drug. I really think its worth a try for me and the drug best suited for my acne. I have light-mild acne, but the biggest problem is that I scar easily and have alot from past breakouts. 1. Does it help with red marks and scars at all? 2. Does it even out the skin tone and minimize redness? 3. I would like to buy locally from a store if I can for the convenience, is a GNC store/brand fine? 4. Is there anything in the pills I should
  13. There is an article in this month's issue of ALIVE on acne. It is a two page article so I will only transcribe the tips they give. Some tips: Vitamin A - very important for skin health; helps regulate sebum production. The usual recommended dosage is 25,000 IU daily for one to two months, then 10,000 IU daily. Do not exceed this amount unless advised by your doctor. Women who are pregnant should not exceed 5,000 IU daily. B vitamins - B-vitamin deficiencies have been associated with acn
  14. ive been on propecia for a year, and havent had any noticeable loss for over 6 months. i have (had?) a receding hariline. suddenly, over 15 hairs fall out last week (a week after starting B5) after i brush my fingers thru the front of my head for a minute or two. i stopped B5 for a few days, then the fallout seems to have stopped. then i take 3 mg yesterday, and a few more hairs fall out today. anyone have a simliar experience? by the way, im japanese. im going to hold off on B5 f
  15. I was thinking of conducting an internet mediated experiment to reproduce the Vitamin B5 results as acquired by Lit-Hung Leung. Or possibly any other treatment that has a fair degree of accredibility. My motive is that I am very interested in getting rid of acne, but I sense a great deal of superstition, irrational thinking and lack of a good method on this board. Because it plays such a part in most of our lives and affects our mental state (happy/unhappy), we seem to be less able to think
  16. All i know is that accutane users need to wait at least 1 year after the course to have treament done, how about vitamin b5 users?
  17. HYPERPIGMENTATION scar. This is caused by the deposit of melanin to our epidermis. As a result, those with fair skin will get red marks and those with darker skin will have brown spots. :wink: AFTER a pimple is cured, your skin will be left on some red marks, this is due to your blood vessels are too near to the surface as the PIMPLE should be the one who to be blamed b'cos it pop out and bring your blood vessel near to the surface and so it causes red marks..this is not a scar..it's hyperpi
  18. Hi all, can anyone offer their honest experiences with vitamin b5? Firstly, has anyone had any success with supplementing 500mg instead of megadosing as im not comfortable with that. I've read a lot of the other forums that mention users supplementing along side l-cartinine or other supplements. Also did it have any effect on you acne or just the oily skin? thanks for your help!
  19. Hi all! I would like to share my newly acquired experience with you based on a couple of supplements. From when I was 15 I started getting acne and thought it was just a puberty thing. I thought it would pass by the time I was 18. I read that if you Live a HEALTHY and FIT lifestyle you wont breakout as much, So from when I was 16 I started eating really healthy and I played sports about 4 times a week ( didnt do anything. from this point on I still workout 4 times a week and eat healthy). The
  20. BluAndExile

    Oily Skin

    Hey Kawaii people, to start off my first post here, I'm a 16 year old bi-racial male with both my Dominican/Chinese mother's side and my European father's side both sufferers of the dreaded oily skin and acne. My acne started around the age off 11 and had been awful since then. I've only had a handful of cysts in my struggle (thank god) but I've the unfortunate recipient of a plethora of whiteheads, blackheads on my nose, a lot of redness, and the all powerful oily skin from the shadow realm.
  21. Hey guys, Everytime I take vitamins or supplements (except vitamin c) my boobs get like 2 cups smaller: has anyone else has this problem? What do you do to prevent this? Thanks.
  22. I will not be trying it even though i have cystic acne in my face becaues i read you get hair loss from it. I seen many ppl that said vitamin b5 works for acne but many said it has an initial breakout like accutane. Can someone confirm if this is true? Such as if you use it... you will get an initial breakout no matter what? Is there anyone here that tried it and it works but you never even had a bad breakout when you first started?
  23. My acne has been clearing up great with use of cetaphil antibacterial soap but I need that one little boost one more thing . tommorow I'm heading out to buy either jojoba oil or Vitamin B5(panthothenic acid(both great things for acne/skin but only enough money for one . any experiences or advice/recommendations?