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Found 70 results

  1. Found this on Drugstore.com / GNC.com article they wrote explaining what the B vitamins are and the B complex. Here's an exert and the site w/ the article is on the bottom. Human requirements for members of the B-complex vary considerablyâ€â€from 3 mcg per day for vitamin B12 to 18 mg per day for vitamin B3 in adult males, for example. Therefore, taking equal amounts of each oneâ€â€as provided in many B-complex supplementsâ€â€makes little sense. Furthermore, there is little evidence
  2. I continue to research and try to get answers just like any of you, I believe that one day we WILL find the answer to our problem. I truely believe that our solution is NATURAL rememdies. I really feel that chemicals will make our problems worse. Just My Opinion.. I went to a few websites today.. I found one such as www.blessedherbs.com ..It is important that we continue our mission. You guys are great, and this site acne.org is truely a blessing. I dont know what I would do without it.. Keep
  3. I think vitamin b3 (niacin or niacinamide) is better for acne. There are many commentaries on niacin in this forum.
  4. Hi everyone. This is my first post and I am interested in starting B3 treatment. There is really no totally definitive thread about B3 on here so I thought I would start one. If you are using niacin please post in the format below: What type of niacin: (eg. nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, etc.) Flush: (Yes/No) Time release: (Yes/No) Dosage: (eg. 250mg twice daily) Severity of acne: (eg. Moderate-Severe) Reduction in breakouts: (Yes/No) Reduction in inflammation: (Yes/No) Faster healing:
  5. ok so i went to the store today to buy this: Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15, Sensitive Skin www. acne. org/olay-complete-all-day-moisture-lotion-spf-15-sensitive-skin-reviews/636/page1.html (the recommended moisturizer for the regimen) and now they have a new version of it, and on the box it has a picture of this one (the old one) and says "previous look" so i looked on the back at the ingredients and it appears that this new version: Complete All Day UV Moisturizer - Sensiti
  6. Vitamin A Vitamin B5 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Which help you more? I am already taking fish oil and zinc planning to take vitamin b5 but not sure
  7. Paula's Choice has some products that contain Niacinimide. You can also buy supplement tablets and crush or dissolve them in water, green tea or aloe vera. I bought some in powder form from a company that sells ingredients for making your own products called something like the Personal Formulator. I mix it with aloe vera gel. It's worked wonders. From the Ingredient dictionary on cosmeticscop.com niacinamide. Also called vitamin B3, niacin, and nicotinic acid, this water-soluble ingredien
  8. Do not bash me i did not write this but this may help/ or even eliminate your acne The cure for acne is detoxification and I will explain to you why: According to all the research done on acne sufferers, we have been found to have several deficiencies occuring all at once or one at a time. Those deficiencies are: - vitamins especially vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B3 and more recently, vitamin B5 - minerals especially zinc, chromium and selenium - essential fatty acids especiall
  9. As some of you probably know, I'm a fan of Olay for facial moisturizers, and have religiously been using Total Effects for over a couple years now. Well it was still working great, but costing me a fortune. The container is small (wish I still had an empty one to check the ml!), and it was rarely on sale for less than $21. Usually $26.99, and I was having to buy a new one every couple weeks... ouch. So, I took a huge risk and went shopping for a new moisturizer. I knew I'd stick with Olay since
  10. How much can I take at the most... 500 mg? Also, do you have to take it with food?
  11. i am using tretinoin cream 0.1% for about a week and my face becomes very red and irritated. when i have emotion, the redness goes terrible... do you have any solution for that? does aspirin mask help? or Vitamin b3 gel works?
  12. Okay so what do we think of taking all of these supplments at the same time: Vitamin A Vitamin B3 (or B-Complex) Vitamin C and Zinc Do we think the recommended dosage for preventing acne may help?
  13. Hello all... As the title says, my skin has been getting darker from the BP usage...I have only been using it for 4/5 days but it was enough time for my sister to ask if i got a sun tan, lol. Ive done a google search and read that BP does indeed darken the skin... has this happened to everyone on the regimen? or just people with darker skin? Ive got olive skin complexion... Those questions take me to another question though... Has anyone used a skin lightening product while on the Regimen? Im
  14. has any one used garnier pure sos pen it consists of zinc, eucalyptus and vitamin b3 and is a spot treatment gel....does it work and if so can i use it on accutane or will it make the stuff not work??
  15. It's called: Oil Of Olay Total Effects Intensive Overnight Treatment this is what pharmacy2u says about it:
  16. On top of various elements of Dan's regime which many of us are following in different ways, I would like to recommend the use of vit b3 100mg a day. i use dan;s regime for cleansing and shaving, but then rinse with cider vinegar and just dab individual spots with bp, nothing like the amount Dan uses.I then smear a dab of moisturiser on to finish. Nutrition-wise, I have been experimenting for years like many posters seeing if any particulr vitamin or mineral improves my very mild acne. In the
  17. This is what regimen I'm currently following: --Suppliments/Detox/Food Restriction-- - 1 Super B complex 3x a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) - 1 Phyto me 2x a day (this is basically a multivitamin - 1 500mg No-Flush Niacin (vitamin B3) - 1 Udo's Choice 3x a day (this is different types of oil..) - 1 acidophilus 3x a day - 2 vitex in the morning (this was recommended to me over saw palmetto, it also balances hormones) - 1 halibut liver oil 2x a day - 1 Moducare 3x a day ("Micronutr
  18. Hi, I was reading somewhere about the effectiveness of topical niacinamide (vitamin b3). I was wondering, what if I did the following: take b5 for general acne control (how much should i take btw?) take b3 pills, grind em into powder, and mix it with 100% aloe vera gel (does aloe vera help with red marks? the marks are the only thing i'm really concerned about...) Some guy said 5 pills per 2 oz of aloe vera...I'm getting a bottle of 6 oz aloe so 15 pills per bottle i guess... I re
  19. Has anyone used this guy's regimen "The Cure for Acne"? http://p081.ezboard.com/fabsoluteacneinfof...start=1&stop=20