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Found 1,768 results

  1. Well guys, my acne has slowly started to heal. All one can do is try to be sane about it. I just wash my face with water. Twice a day that is. Use a good moisturizer. And, use some toner for oily parts. Try to refrain from buying harsh cleansers and scrubs. Don't irritate the skin in anyway. Eat healthy and take some vitamins like EPO, zinc, and Vitamin B. Sleep well. That's about all one can do to try and fight this. If you start breaking out, don't panic, just stick with this. Results will come through in the end!
  2. When they take b5?Before o finish o food?Recently took before but law that was but effective finish of the meals, that the body to absorver the vitamin better. That they think?
  3. Evading Infiltrator

    hey all

    Hi, my name's Katie, I'm (obviously) new here. I just found this page during one of my many internet searches. Sorry, I'm still feeling a little embaressed talking about this, I never talk to anyone about my acne, so this will take a little getting used to Anyway, I've had mild to moderate (moderate lately) acne since I was about 13 or 14, I am now 21. Same old story, tried everything I could think of, obviously with no long term sucsess. All of the SA and BP washes and creams I could find, ProActiv, some chinese things, Retin-A, vitamin B5, microdermabrasion cloths, diets, and alot of other things that would take to long to name. Growing up with this has pretty much destroyed every tiny speck of confidence that may have had a chance otherwise. I was a shy kid to begin with When I was younger, both of my closest friends had acne too, sometimes worse than I. But guess what? They got better, and I just, um, didn't. I supose I should be happy that I have friends who understand what it's like, but really, it just makes it harder to be around them, because they see me, and because they understand, they feel really sorry for me. For some reason I just caaan't take that. I would rather be able to pretend that it was no big deal, you know? It just doesn't seem fair that they're fine now, and I'm not. Hehe, sorry, didn't mean to whine right away, great impression I'm making, huh? Fact is, I hardly feel like living right now, I hardly do stuff with any of my friends, I would rather pull my hair out than leave the house, why does this have to run my life? I always leave my hair down, cover my face in makup, and I still don't want to see anyone. Will my life always be like this? Hmm, sorry about the long borrring post, I'm sure nobody's interested, but I just wanted to vent, and it's so nice to hear from people who actually understand and are going through the same thing.....I take my hat off to all of you who've learned to live with this. I don't think people realize what an acomplishment that is. Sorry to sound so depressed, *sigh*....what would I do without tv shows?
  4. tommy_boi


    Ive just found this bottle in my girlfriends bathroom and it sounds kinda interesting as ive heard good things about aloe vera, currently with the regimen i'musing "Simple" moisturising lotion, i was wondering if this lotion my girlfriend has would be better at moisturising, the exact name of it is, "OIL OF ALOE" and underneath it says Moisturising Lotion, then it says, Enriched with Aloe Vera & pro vitamin B5. pH balanced, does this sound ok as it's a rather bigger bottle than my moisturiser aswell so i can ask where she got it from,? the only thing i'm worried about is it dont say on the back, dermatologically tested or non comedogenic, too that face my simple moisturiser only says dermatologically tested but it just say 100% oil free etc, please just let me know what you think as i don't wanna start using it and i come madly out with spots from it, i can post the ingredients if needed.
  5. Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and am just about to start Dan's regime. Ive had moderate acne since 14. Now at the age of 19 i do not generally get acne anywhere on my face apart from my chin. Its ridiculous though becuase it really contrasts with the rest of my face and makes me look horible. Anyway i though i just let you know about vitamin B5. I dont know wether you have come across it but ive been using it for two weeks and it has worked really well. It hasn't completely cleared my skin; maybe its too soon to tell but there has been significant improvement. I have incredibly oily skin and vitamin b5 has totaly solved this problem. However i still posses some acne and am hoping that taking it in conjunction with the regime will totaly clear my skin. I must stress though that vitamin b5 totaly eliminates excess oil on your face. Also you may want to try a internal cleansing regime wich cleans your body of toxins that may be the partial cause of your acne. It requires you to eat nothing but apples for 3 days and only drink water. I hope my face totaly clears up and i wish the same for all of you.
  6. I have run out of options: I've tried everything for my oil production. I'm literally an oil slick. I can actually see the oil start appearing immediately after washing my face, especially on my nose. I've been on Tazorac, BP gel, SA, Vitamin B-5, topical Vitamin A, tried MoM, just water, no water, etc. What I'm wondering now is if my weight has anything to do with it. Ever since my oil problem started(January), I've stopped going to the gym. I think I've gained a few pounds and I notice that I sweat more than before. I live in Texas, which is hotter than hell, but I don't notice anyone else have this problem. Just walking from my office to my car after work makes me break a sweat. Could this be affecting my oil production? FYI, the only place I don't get oily is my upper and lower lip, chin and my neck area. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. MoeMentum

    My Strategy

    I have been using Dans regimine for months now and am happy with the results. However, just lately I have began to break out again. Nothing serious......but you know. Now after having been on this site for over 16 hours straight, this is what I have come up with. I have just introduced Salycic Acid into my routine before applying BP. I CAN TOTALY TELL THAT THIS WORKS FOR ME. It makes sense to me. The SA exfoliates the dead skin, kind of like a primer for the BP to be able to take maximum effect. Thats just common sense. Not only logical, but I can feel it. So now, I am going to use the SA twice daily AM/PM, and the BP once PM. I am going to continue to apply this for a short time judging the effects as I go. Cutting down to every other day with the SA, or whatever needs to be done. Key words that I have come to REALLY understand while on this forum are -Customize -Individualize -Re-assess -Gauge -Calibrate -Rinse, Lather,..Repeat! I see so many people get locked into a specific routine, specifically with the timing and number of applications in a given time. See list of concepts above. Its called "discretion". After spending at least a good 16 hours on this site I have come up with what I believe is going to be an awesome strategy for me. Taking in all of the good, and leaving out what seems to be bad. This site is a gold mine of information. These are the products I plan to be using after taking in the welath of info on this forum, taking into consideration my own skin type ( Light to moderate acne" always blackheads*nose espeacialy*, and what seems to be at least always 1-3 active pimples somewhere, and 2-3 redmarks (hyperpigmentationsomethingorother) that have been on my face for 6 months to over a year.)availability, price, and most of all, the general feedback from actual users of these products and the information on each of these products. In no particular order- C+C blackhead scrub (with 2% Salycic Acid) Regular gentle exfoliant cleanser Cetaphil cleanser + Moisturizer Dans BP Salycic Acid Pure Demmings Intense gel Glycolic Acid peel 30% -Once a week Vitamin B-5 1.5-3 grams per day (Perhaps Eventually) Tanning once, maybe eventually,2 times per week. (Thursdays, then Mondays) Moisturizer with SPF 15 Now because I'm not made of money, I am going to try and spread these products out as much as possible in an effective and strategic way to get the most out of these products while in synergy with the other products, and my own reactions, sensitivity and adaptability to each individual product. NOW!....... At this point, initially and ideally, I believe it will take on something near this structure... Sunday AM- -C+C 2% AS scrub -Ceta Moisturizer PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -30% Glycolic Acid Peel MONDAY AM -Cetaphil Cleanser -Moisturize Not much will be needed after the acid peel from the night before leaving very new skin very vulnerable at this point....being very gentle. PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -Pure Demmings Gel -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturize TUESDAY AM -C+C scrub 2%SA -Moisturize PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturizer WEDNSDAY AM -Regular exfoliant wash -SA -Moisturizer PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -Pure Demmings IG -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturizer THURSDAY AM -C+C scrub 2%SA -Moisturize PM -SPF 15 Moisturizer -Tan -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturize FRIDAY AM -Regular Exfoliant scrub -SA -Moisturizer PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -Demmings IG -Cetaphil Cleanser -Moisturize Go out if thats the plan. -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturize SATURDAY AM -C+C scrub 2% SA -Moisturize PM -Cetaphil Cleanser -SA -Dans BP -Moisturize Repeat........Awesome. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I was on the regimen for some time, until I figured out I never should have started it in the first place. All of those chemicals really are not good for the skin, I still have fine lines and lingering redmarks from all of the BP. Recently, I've been playing with Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5). I've been taking 12.8 grams per day, and I haven't broken out for weeks. Oil production is down, my skin is clearing up fast, and other than the redmarks still lingering from BP, my face is looking great. Here is a more detailed version of my daily regimen: http://www.acneelimination.com/regimens/reg1.html If you haven't tried mega-dosing on Pantothenic Acid before, I strongly urge you give it a go! Worked wonders for me!
  9. I've been working at a pizza place for almost 2 months now. Recently, I've noticed not more breakouts than usual but a lot of tiny little bumps on my forehead and more blackheads on my chin! A few of my co-workers have acne and we all have come to the conclusion its because of the grease in the kitchen. Obviously, there's more to mine than their's but now I have to deal with these little ugly bumps that I never had before! They're not red either but flesh coloured and makeup doesn't hide them. I use an exfoliating scrub everyday (www.no-acne.com) and at first it was making my skin REALLY nice but now these little bumpies have appeared and its not making them go away. I also still have tons of blackheads on my nose and lip line too. What should I do? Try a new cleanser? Go through with Smoothbeam and/or Vitamin B5? Its obviously the oil that's doing it. I was thinking of having my hours cut too but I don't wanna quit cuz I like the job and the people I work with.
  10. i dont know wat to do anymore my 13 yr old daughter has mild acne all over her face i've been to the derm and all he gave us was benzaclin, Retin-A .01% and .025% and clindamycin phosphate gel 1% and none of them worked everytime i look at her face it seems that it gets worse everytime i've had moderate acne when i was a teenager and i left it alone and it just dissappered i told her to leave it alone but it seems that its only clearing on the forehead and getting worse around the cheecks wat is the best way to treat mild acne without prescriptions? wat are the best products that wont irritate the skin? soaps? moisturizers? wat about vitamin B5?
  11. Ive had numerous problems with cleansers and moisturizers that dont work well with the BP and are too irritating on my skin resulting in blotchyness, reddness and immense dryness/flaking etc ( = skin not lookin too good) i found a product range that is practically ALL geared towards acne prone blemished sensitive skin by the brand 'simple' called 'simple : oil control'. the brand is appropriately named simple as the products contain minimum ingredients. text on a site i found is below which descibes it best : these products truly deserve 10 out of 10! the product range includes 'deep cleaning facewash', 'regulating exfoliator wash', 'pore purifying toning gel', 'shine manage moisturiser', 'oil balancing cleansing wipes', 'overnight oil control treatment', and 'triple facepack'. they are in green packaging and the full range is available at superdrug, sainsburys and boots, as well as some items sold in other shops. the moisturiser is priced at £4.69 for 75ml the facewipes £4.29 for 25 the exfoliator wash £4.15 for 150ml the toner £4.15 for 150ml and the other products are charged at similar prices. they may not seem very cheap, but they are often on special offer somewhere. here is a list of reasons why i would advise you to try them: - natural ingredients (witch hazel, vitamin e, vitamin b5) - good ethical policy (environmentally friendly, no animal testing) - modestly priced - no harsh ingredients or additives - does exactly what it says on the bottles! - unperfumed so better for the skin and doesn't clash with perfume - in well shaped bottles (pump of facewash is convenient, moisturiser stands up so you can get every last bit out of the bottle) - has no ingredients which clash with prescription medication for acne (gentle so can be used if taking accutane, no salycilic acid so won't stop the effectiveness of retina a) - the facewash lasts ages - all the necesities of a good skincare routine - all products are oil free - all products are alcohol free - all products are dermatologically approved - all products are non comegenic (so they won't block pores) what more could you ask for? my regimen with this : -wash with the simple face wash/cleanser -apply dans BP gel -apply a generous amount of the gentle toner (feels great afterwards, completely non-irritating after the bp, leaves skin soft, hydrated but with no shine, stickyness) - apply simple moisturizer (if needed, not always necesary after the highly hydrating toner). my skin used to be flakey and dry throughout the day, feel heavy and slightly uncomfortable from the moisturizer but now its the best it has been EVER just wanted to inform people of these products, if you are having trouble with your current products such as dryness and irritation etc. an example of the packaging : http://www.auravita.com/products/AURA/ACHB12185.asp pther simple products at bottom of page.
  12. LinkinParkFan

    Neutrogena Multivitamin Users

    Hey I'm just wondering if those who used the neutrogena multi-vitamin broke out??? I think i'm breaking out right now and have used the product for 12days. Should i keep using this product or just switch back to bp?? Thanks
  13. Ok, so im planning to start taking the mega dose of 10g per day of vitamin B5. So i went to my health shop and stocked up on it. Bought like 3 different brands. They didnt have stock of that much B5 in one brand. The one i bought (Viridian) has B5 in it but also: Vit B5 - 350mg Vegeterian Cellulose Capsule - 100 Mg Viridian Bilberry Extract, Organic Alfafa, Organic Spirulina blend - 90 Mg Does anyone know what the above mentioned ingredients do, and if they are safe to take in mega doses with the B5? Dont wanna kill myself Thanks
  14. Should I try 30% glycolic acid? See pic http://www.24y.com/matt/me.jpg Or any other suggestions? I'm 22 and based in the UK. I eat well and exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, pure fruit juice etc.. I take a multi-vit a day, a vitamin B complex a day. I wash in the morning with a good oil-free face wash and use moisturizer, I tried a million and one different face washes and moisturizers so I'm pretty sure its not a problem related to them.
  15. Has anyone used the Vitamin B5..? If so how long and did it work. Also how many pills per day do you have to take..I hear it is a lot
  16. I'm thinking on going on Vitamin B-5 however I don't think I'll be taking 20(10g) pills a day, maybe start off at 2g a day and see how that works out. I'm also planning to take 1 Vitamin B-100 capsule daily. Any other vitamins that can help with acne/red marks/oiliness? I'd really like to know. Also, which brand is recommended more heartily? Twinlab or Vitamin Shoppe?
  17. ObsessedwithSKIN

    Questions about Vitamin B5

    Ok Ive done ALOT and I mean ALOT of research on this drug. I really think its worth a try for me and the drug best suited for my acne. I have light-mild acne, but the biggest problem is that I scar easily and have alot from past breakouts. 1. Does it help with red marks and scars at all? 2. Does it even out the skin tone and minimize redness? 3. I would like to buy locally from a store if I can for the convenience, is a GNC store/brand fine? 4. Is there anything in the pills I should look out for or avoid? like glucose? 5. Can I continue taking other pills while on it? Namely Zinc, B6, Multivitamin and Salmon pills 6. Can I still use BHAs and other meds while on it? thx
  18. Well im happy to say that i finally got my vitamin b5 (vitamin shoppe brand but its called pantothenic acid) alongside B complex 100 (also vitamin shoppe brand). The thing is that my B5 pills arent 500 mg,they're 100 mg. (They didnt have any 500 mg at the store i went to so i had to settle for 100 mg). Since i definitely know i have to take my dosage differently than whats been posted can anyone tell me how much of this 100 mg B5 i should start out with and how much shouls i take regularly after 3 days? How should i split the dosages during the day? Also how much B complex should i take alongside the B5? I know this is temporary (i only got 300 100mg B5 capsules and 100 b complex capsules) but i need to know how to take the B5 i have now. Hopefully ill be able to be 500mg B5 next time.... Anyways any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance O:)
  19. has anyone tried vitamin b5? can you use it while on birth control?
  20. I hear about all these Vitamin Bs and Es, Fish Oils and all that, but which ones honestly help with acne? I already take a multivitamin one, but I want one that will hopefully clear my face and fade the redness, any suggestions?
  21. Karyn_elise

    Vitamin B5 Method

    Has anyone tried the Vitamin B5 method??? I am thinking about buying the SkinB5 Powder and maybe even the SkinB5 mask. Anyone tried this? Any good results? Did it help with oiliness????
  22. I started taking stress-vitamin b tablets twice a day (buy them at a health food store) and its helped a lot. Acne is caused partly by stress so thats probably why. Switching from aveeno ultra-calming soap to cerave cleanser helped. Eating slightly healthier seems to help. Anyone else have anything to add?
  23. marytacker


    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the PETER THOMAS ROTH skincare line but I kid you not, after using this mask, my breakout was 85% gone the NEXT MORNING. It's a sulfur based mask (10%) it also has eucalyptus, aloe and kaolin clay. If you don't believe me, check anywhere, this stuff is LEGIT. Yes, it's a spa brand, so it's a bit pricey ($40) but it's a 5 oz jar so it's a pretty decent size. And plus, there is no price on clear skin. That's my motto =) Anyway, while I was at Sephora, I just got the entire acne kit and some of its star players include a spot treatment (5% sulfur, 4% glycolic acid, aloe vera, Vitamin C, E and provitamin B5), AHA/BHA Acne Clearing gel (2% saliclyic acid, 10% glycolic acid). ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH THE INGREDIENTS OR WHAT Anyway, good luck guys and girls. And if you're looking for a new acne kit try the Peter Thomas Roth one. But the mask alone will do the job. SERIOUSLY. xoxo http://peterthomasroth.com/index.html
  24. refineme91

    a question

    Hi everyone. I'm about 16 years old, with mild-moderate acne I would say. I get pretty oily, but not excessive. I get some whiteheads around the chin area occasionlly, I have blackheads on my nose and occasionally on my cheeks, and on my lower cheek area I expereince some larger pimples from time to time, but no cysts or anything along those lines. When I first started to get acne I used Differin every other night on and off with another topical I can't recall. Than I moved to Ziana and Myno, as well as sulfur pads, after a severe breakout after experimenting with Proactiv, which I've found I was allergic to. My myno supply ran out a while ago, so I've been off that for about three mnonths now, and have been using Ziana only, with a Cetaphil face wash. Within the past two weeks I've just dropped Ziana completly becuase I see absolutely no changes, and have been using Clean and Clear Advantage Acnbe Spot Treatment, which had been working really nicely, suprisingly. Goes to show you that more money doesn't always mean better results. Anyways, I've been reading around about different vitamins that help with acne, and I tried zinc for a while but I didn't see any results really. I also tried drinking ACV but that didn't do that much either. I just looked at some reviews for vitamin b-5 but a lot of them were really negative so I became a little scared. What supplments or vitamins would you reccomend? What's your experience?
  25. When I open some threads (like the pinned B5 one) it doesnt open up properly. It just shows parts of the posts. It looks like they are links, sort of like a different format but i cant see the posts. Other threads open up fine. Whats wrong? This is what it looks like I copy and pasted the page. - Panto Vitamin B5 Information Dec 30 2003, 02:08 AM - - ghuraba How many grams are in each of these 4 pills? I ca... Sep 6 2008, 12:31 AM - - Rob2686 I had the weirdest dream about B5 last night. I dr... Sep 6 2008, 01:18 AM |- - Oliver999999999 QUOTE (Rob2686 @ Sep 5 2008, 06:18 PM) I ... Sep 8 2008, 02:02 AM - - AlexGF holy that's like 20 bucks every 9 days Sep 11 2008, 10:15 PM - - JessicaL Hi all I ordered it in powder form.....have taken... Sep 16 2008, 07:57 PM - - ghuraba I take powder form and capsule. Mix it with juice... Sep 17 2008, 12:59 AM - - JessicaL Thanks for the advice Micheal....will try and post... Sep 17 2008, 12:29 PM - - Greeneyes987 Hey all..I just started taking B5 about a week ago... Sep 17 2008, 04:39 PM - - ghosty85 I've been on B5 for about two months now and m... Sep 18 2008, 04:48 AM - - Zanpakutou I've been taking B5 after a long break from it... Sep 20 2008, 02:06 PM - - stolis8 Hi, I'm interested in taking the B5 regimen, ... Sep 27 2008, 06:42 PM - - ghuraba Hi there I didn't even know there were even 1... Sep 28 2008, 02:24 AM - - stolis8 Thanks for the advice Mike. I may only try 2-3 gra... Sep 28 2008, 03:25 PM - - pdbq hey- i've been thinking of trying b5, but i wa... Sep 28 2008, 10:48 PM - - i want to be acne free OK, so today I went to GNC and bought three 500 mg... Sep 29 2008, 04:36 AM - - kc01cxt Just ordered my B5 for $9.95 for 200 capsules... Sep 29 2008, 05:24 AM |- - austinsanity QUOTE (kc01cxt @ Sep 28 2008, 11:24 PM) J... Sep 29 2008, 05:29 AM ||- - kc01cxt QUOTE (austinsanity @ Sep 29 2008, 12:29 ... Sep 29 2008, 05:33 PM |- - karma89 QUOTE (kc01cxt @ Sep 28 2008, 10:24 PM) J... Sep 29 2008, 06:51 AM - - witty name After reading up on B5 for the last week or so, I... Sep 29 2008, 01:55 PM |- - ghosty85 QUOTE (witty name @ Sep 29 2008, 06:55 AM... Oct 1 2008, 10:33 AM - - pdbq everyone should check out puritan's pride they... Sep 30 2008, 06:16 AM - - pdbq if b5 is destroyed by heat does that mean i can... Sep 30 2008, 01:10 PM - - witty name A fair bit of talk about B5 causing hair loss on t... Oct 2 2008, 05:21 PM - - Zanpakutou I wonder if that's just a coincidence. Most pe... Oct 7 2008, 03:46 AM - - 321 I've been doing b5 10g day (spread throughout ... Oct 11 2008, 08:11 PM - - chipperf I know that this B5 idea is pretty popular, but I ... Oct 14 2008, 03:25 AM |- - tomcress2000 QUOTE (chipperf @ Oct 13 2008, 08:25 PM) ... Oct 15 2008, 10:55 AM - - ms.wannabeclear Hello, i am new to this site and have been reading... Oct 18 2008, 03:06 PM - - ms.wannabeclear I see there's not much activity on this board.... Oct 20 2008, 11:03 PM - - Daniel J I don't believe vitamin B5 or the more active ... Oct 20 2008, 11:31 PM - - ms.wannabeclear I was on accutane about 2 1/2 years ago , after a ... Oct 21 2008, 04:17 PM - - ms.wannabeclear Oh one thing i have to mention... Accutane definit... Oct 21 2008, 04:34 PM - - ms.wannabeclear I just switched over to Panthethine today, first d... Oct 22 2008, 09:31 PM - - ghosty85 I have to admit that using B5 for about 6 months h... Oct 23 2008, 09:04 PM - - ms.wannabeclear Just updating, my second day on Panthethine. Seems... Oct 24 2008, 03:08 AM - - ms.wannabeclear Oh ghosty25 i know you will get the results you wa... Oct 24 2008, 03:13 AM - - spreato I started on Pantothenic acid yesterday (10/22). I... Oct 24 2008, 03:47 AM - - MayhemMaker Anyone who wants to see before / after progress pi... Yesterday, 06:35 AM - - White Fox QUOTE (MayhemMaker @ Oct 26 2008, 12:35 A... Yesterday, 11:39 AM - - MayhemMaker QUOTE (White Fox @ Oct 26 2008, 05:39 AM)... Today, 01:52 AM - - ghosty85 When I first started taking B5 my acne almost clea... Today, 08:49 AM LOL...i just sorted it out then . Some how a differnt mode was on.