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Found 2,937 results

  1. Kyoujin

    Vitamin A

    What is a safe level of vitamin A to take i was reading up on it and it says that 10,000 I.U. is the highest you should go because of bone issues. Right now im keeping it safe and taking 8,000 I.U.
  2. I know you shouldn't take any form of vitamin A while on accutane but I do like to take my multivitamins which unfortunately has vitamin A in it. It is listed as mainly beta-carotene. Think it'll be a problem?
  3. Ok here is the regimen I've been using and it's been working really well with a HUGE difference: -I drink 710mL of "Realemon" each week I dilute it with water and drink it inplace of soft drinks. -Take one Vitamin E twice daily -Take one multivitamin once daily (Vitamin A @ 7500IU, Vitamin C (Sscorbic Acid) @ 100mg, Vitamin E (d-Alpha Tocopherol) @ 50IU, Zinc (Proteninate) @ 10mg, and a bunch of herbal stuff) The brand is Genestra Brand for both vitamins -Use cotton swab with lem
  4. For all you who take Vitamin A...Was your intitial break out horrible? Because I was on tazorac alone..and my face was doing okay, and then I got on VIT A..and all hell broke loose * cry * ...having this acne makes me so goddamn fucking depressed...I HATE THIS!
  5. Hey folks. Well I'm cleared of acne now, but I've got a severe problem with oiliness. How oily is my face? Well it starts to get shiny like 3 hours after washing my face. After 3 hours, I have to use like 2 whole blotting sheets on my face (I use Clean & Clear), and I have to blot every 2 hours after that to keep my face matte. This really isn't a solution. I wash twice a day, with warm water, and Eucering Sebum Reducing Cleansing Gel. I moisturize at night with Eucering Skin Regulating Crem
  6. Hi just wondering how long ait is gonna last if u use it all over ur face. I eman i dont want to spend 4 bucks each week just for the cream...
  7. qwert123

    3 weeks on Dans

    Okay...let me begin and say that I didnt suffer acne until a few months after I turned 18! But I didnt feel the pain bc right away my derm put me on accutane! So I probably suffered w acne for one month (but it slowly built up so it wasnt bad). Then one year later...acne came back so back on accutane..I was naive and didnt know how bad it was and then my acne returned yet again *sigh* a year later....WORSE THEN EVER BEFORE!!!! I probably maybe got 3 cycts my whole life...up until then....by
  8. Michaelangelo

    Liquid Vitamins

    Has anyone tried taking liquid vitamins before? I bought this complete nutrition vitamin supplement from GNC hoping I might have some luck with it. I have always been taking certain vitamins individually and was worried about the other vitamins I was lacking. This has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc... "One capful per day contains every vitamin and mineral found in the human body and provides adults with complete nutrition for optimum health, performance and energy." The li
  9. kandimunki

    Kandi's accutane journal&pics

    I've been searching the web to read real people's association/memories/experiences with Accutane and I have decided to try my best to share my experiences as well. I've been suffering from bad backache and my right knee has started acting up along with other things we'll hit later on... but I just want to say how thankful I am to have others journals to refer to. I was seriously freaking out about what is happening to my back because I read that joint issues are a "possible side effect" but I
  10. Say 250,000 - 500,000 iu's of Vitamin A a day for 4 - 6 months. Please no flaming I just want to know if it's possible if it can yield similar curing effects I'm just curious that's all
  11. bumblebee67

    This worked for me

    Over the years I've tried all sorts of antibiotic treatments that worked for a while, but didn't cure my acne. I must say I only suffered from acne around my mouth and on my chin, but nonetheless it did scar and was very painful. I was offered Roaccutane and tried it for a sort while but the side effects for me were really horrible. Excema all over my arms (I had never suffered with excema before) - dry peeling skin, very low and depressed, severe mouth ulcers etc. The dermo said I should st
  12. maria411

    The Cost Of Accutane

    People have been wondering what the cost of taking Accutane is - it varies depending on the country you live in and if have private insurance etc. I live in Canada and I have private insurance (Drugs are covered up to 80%) and I have broken down the costs of the drug for a five month stint of the drug. The Cost of Accutane in Canada with Private Health Insurance Doctors Visits I go to a doctor who specialises in Acne therefore I have to pay an additional fee of $30 per visit. June
  13. Acne_victim

    Vitamin A question

    Hi i am interested in starting Vitamin A but have no idea what to buy and where to buy it.Can someone give me a link to what i should buy? i looked for vitamin a just the plain kind nothing else in it whihc was 10,000 mg .. Is this right stuf or do i have to supplement with something else.Please let me know
  14. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/natural-vit...o-accutane.html Natural Vitamin A : the Safe Alternative to Accutane Most of you will know about Accutane, Isotretinoin, or any of the other names given to the synthetic drug prescribed for severe acne sufferers. However, if you have not researched it or taken it yourself you may not be aware that this drug is simply a synthetic (manufactured), pre-formed vitamin A replacement. Most of you will know about Accutane, Isotretinoin, or any of the other n
  15. xtr3m

    Goat milk

    · Nutrient content of goat milk is slightly less than cow milk but goat milk is more digestible because the fat molecules are one-fifth the size of those from cow milk -- making it easily tolerated by those with compromised digestive systems. · Seventy-two percent of the milk used throughout the world is from goats. It is one-third richer than cows milk but more nourishing and easier to digest. · The flavor of goat milk is comparable to that of cow milk. Goat milk has a milder tas
  16. So, it's been a while since I've posted, and during this time I have managed to go from moderate acne (as determined by the questionare floating around these boards somewhere) to virtually no acne, with only a few blackheads and quickly fading marks. I've been using a zinc oxide cream called Burt's Bees Herbal Defense Ointment everynight (if I dont do it every night I do start to get zits again). It's not pretty, it goes on as a thick white ointment/paste and smells strongly of lavender, but i
  17. I have a night nision problem and dry skin, lips and am red faced, and get easily flushed. I was wondering how long they will last. When can I start to take a multi-vitamin again.
  18. We all know that Vitamin A is a large component of the chemical formula in Isotretinoin (Accutane). So do not eat these foods high in Vitamin A; avoid these: * sweet potatoes * beetroot * broccoli * spinach * winter squash * kale * sweet red peppers * oatmeal * tomato juice * apricots, fresh and dried * peaches * apples * Cod fish * fish oils * turkey * duck * beef * lamb * pork * peas * cantaloupe * lemon
  19. Just a quick post for anyone with eye or mood problems. As you're all aware accutane is a derivitive of vitamin A and although it similar acts in a different way. It is very likely that if you have low vitamin A while swamping your body with accutane the accutane will bind instead of the actual vitamin A -- causing vision/mood distortion and perhaps other problems. If this is true, it's would be especially important in the pre-acctuane stages to have high vitamin A. If you're currently on an
  20. So I went to the dermatologist today and he suggested I either continue with the regimin that I'm on right now except with a few modifications, or go all the way with Accutane. I figure my prom is in April and if my acne were to stop right now when using this stuff, I'd be healed up in time. But there are some questions that I've been thinking about since I left the building: 1) The doctor said something about excessive dry skin when using Accutane. While I can live with chapped lips, dry skin
  21. Yes this saterday i plan on buying b5. because i am sick of being on minocycline (8 months) wen it is not even workin anymore some q's if each tablet provides on average 460 mg of pantothenic acid, how many tablets will i have to take a day? also do i have to take a complete b vitamin along with b5, if so how many of those do i take a day? please let me know asap
  22. My dad has some of these and i may start taking them but the only thing that is bothering me is that it contains Vitamin A. The thing is ive order these Vitamin A capsules. Would it be okay taking both of these? And if so. how many Vitamin A capsules should i take a day?
  23. how much is too much? ive stopped taking multivitamins, but ive noticed that its found in a lot of foods, like my soy milk that i drink and a bunch of other vegetables contain vitamin A. are there certain vitamin A free foods, that you guys eat?
  24. After you're done with Accutane, how long do you have to wait to take any supplements that contain Vitamin A?