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Found 641 results

  1. I just got back from vacation in Costa Rica. Since I don't tan my face (to avoid my PIH from getting worse) I made sure to wear 30 SPF on my face. However, after the first day I got an awful burn/heat rash on my face since my skin is so photosensitive. For the rest of the trip I was forced to avoid BP due to the heat rash. I only cleansed my face and put on a tiny bit of Olay moisturizer. No BP, no makeup (except when I went to dinner but no longer than 2 hours) and no toner. Normally if I go off BP I start to get painful zits on my cheeks. However, I only got one small zit the whole trip!!! My skin had a bumpy texture from the heat rash for about 3-4 days and then it went away but still no zits and my skin was nice and smooth. Some things I think it could be: - wasn't wearing makeup for 15 hours a day like I do in the city - I didn't eat soy or peanut butter the whole trip. These are foods I eat normally since I'm a vegetarian but they didn't have them at the resort. - no stress (but I got zits even when I wasn't stressed in the past) - was swimming in salt water - maybe the heat rash killed the acne bacteria from forming. Whatever it is about Costa Rica that helped my skin, I would like to know! Has anyone ever experienced this on vacation??? Maybe I should start soaking my face in salt water every day or stop eating soy and eat more rice and beans like the Costa Ricans? Who knows! But any similar stories might help to uncover the secret.
  2. So I have been away from this website for a while. Hi Main reason being I was sorta testing out my new hypothesis. ---If I don't do all the "curing" for my skin then my skin will heal itself (eventually) I used to put shit load of things on my face, heck I even used to scrape my face with my nails to get rid of the "gunk" from my pores (SCREAM) well obviously I've become more educated since then!! I've read that by putting all the STUFF (whether it be constant moisturizing, cleansing, ointments, etc) on your skin it'll only make your skin "thinner" , meaning WORSE. so in order to build a healthy thick skin I have to do as little as possible to scrape off the top layer of my skin (does this make any sense?) and not cause any damage to the newer skin growing underneath. well I have acne still and I guess some people may call it mild but I think it's moderate. I hate it. I don't know for sure if my skin is getting better from not doing much to it (meaning just washing it with a very gentle mild cleanser (contains no paraben, perfume, preservatives etc) and letting my skin be afterwards. In the morning I just rinse off the night sweat with water. (ew) If I sweat then I just rinse my face very quickly with water, esp in the summer. I hate that I am a girl and I have to be so freaking self conscious about my skin. For god's sake it's just skin right? I wish I could say who the f--k cares. well mostly everyone does unfortunately:/ and every time I see a shiny surface I HAVE to look at it to see if I've developed any new pimples...not because I'm so damn narcissistic. So is it really the right thing to do? I mean if you think about the people in remote places where they don't religiously wash their faces and obsessively put beauty products on, they have really nice skin! Or some of my friends who have beautiful skin and they really don't do anything to their skin... So my question is. maybe we're being manipulated by the media and being brainwashed to believe that we need to BUY and PUT all these shit on our skin because that is the "right" thing to do and since everyone else is doing it we think, oh shit I gotta do that to. when in truth we really don't need any of that??? our skin can just take care of itself? My long rant is over. but basically I'm going to see if I can just not do much and get away with it and somehow control my acne... anyone else care to join me for the "adventure"? PS I generally eat quite healthy (am not a vegetarian but could be) and try to exercise... run/do yoga. but not as often as I should... and of course sleep is important but I'm an insomniac.
  3. When i put the moisturizer on at night, it creeps over my lips. Because of this ive been getting BP in my mouth when i sleep. Im following instructions very well but this keeps happening. I dont put it on my lips but it finds its way there. When i put the BP on at night it stays in place just fine and seems to dry well. But when i apply the moisturizer my skin sweats it back out or becomes very greasy in feeling and the moisturizer has been sliding over my lips when im not putting it on my lips ( i follow dans youtube video exactly) and its taking the BP with it and im getting BP IN my mouth and it burns and hurts. Ive been on the regimen for one week, and im using one full pump of moisturizer. Am i using too much moisturizer for the beginning? (Could it be too much for summer?) Any advice on how to prevent this from happening? The area around my mouth needs medicating so i dont want to stop applying it there. If by some chance you suggest any products to put on my lips to prevent the moisturizer & BP from creeping over my lips, know that im a vegetarian and all products must be vegetarian friendly. Please help im probably ingesting small amounts of BP, and its killing my mouth and throat! Other questions: My skin seems to dislike the moisturizer. Im not having an allergic reaction but it doesnt want to absorb and hold it. It makes areas of my face sweat it right out and/or my skin ends up with a really thick layer of what feels like oil/grease. My skin wasnt THAT oily before. This happens over night and during the day when i apply moisturizer. Why is this happening? What should i do to counter it? Right now im in the beginning of the regimen so im just grateful that its working but later when im all clear and want to continue with my life all that grease is going to get in the way. How successful has everyone been with the clearing of red marks and acne scars? Im concerned about that too, though its still way too early to know whatll happen in my case. I was wondering what the success rate is on that.
  4. bɭesstheʄẚɭɭ

    Another unoriginal "this is how I got clear" thread

    Too many people throw around the word clear as their status, which in my opinion is blemish free skin and highly unlikely. Anyways, I have blackheads on my nose, and a few on my forehead, but in terms in visibility, my face appears extremely clear to the point that it looks clear from afar. I was NOT doing anything special either...I just changed my habits and didn't worry about it. So since January this is what I've done, kept doing consistently, and not even high-sugar/fiber free meals mess up my complexion. -I have my college classes: M/W/F at 9:05; Tuesday/Thursday 9:30. Consistent sleeping and waking up is extremely important for my functioning. (unlike last year which was either 8AMs or 11AM every other day. -I weight lift 4-5 times a week, and run 2-4 times a week with increasing my distance often. -I don't wash my face except water (but I've always done that) -Dessert is limited to 2-4 times a week. I also gave up soda this year after a relapse last year. -I increased my protein intake a bit with powder, being a vegetarian and lifting. -I've cut down on masturbating considerably. It's like once a week or every two weeks, and this is HUGE. Seriously, I'm wondering if this and sleep patterns were the biggest factors. -Getting sun has helped as well. But just the basics. It's part of my routine, I don't even think about it and it's gotten me further than anything I've tried. BTW, I've been binge drinking the last four weekends and it has had no effect on my acne as well. So: Better sleep, better exercise, better foods, less masturbating, well-rounded diet...ta-daa. Same ol' same ol' idea as what has been said on here for ages.
  5. freeatlast

    It's FINALLY cured !!!

    Half of my life (16 to 33) I had acne on the back, butt, arms, etc. To cure it, I tried diet (low fats, vegetarianism, no sweets, no alcohol, etc), I tried holistic (little white pills, acupuncture, weird techniques), I tried the prescribed and over-the-counter topical medications, I tried with exercise and without exercise. Nothing changed. After years of believing Accutane was only for the super-severe cases, I tried it. I reviewed the many risks and decided for myself that I was very healthy and that this risk was worth it. The downside of the treatment (only during the treatment) was that my skin was very dry. My lips were always chapped and splitting and around the fingernails was dry and sore. Body oil was almost eliminated. And of course, the dollar cost is high. None of those came even close to outweighing the positive. Six months of those inconveniences and my skin was clear!!! My body-oil output is at a very nice level (not having to rinse my face twice a day anymore). I can eat and do whatever I care to, without affecting, or being affected by, acne. How about longevity? Well, I waited one-year after being “cured� to write this. I wanted to make sure I was speaking from good experience. Do your investigation. Weigh the risks. Make your decision. I only wish I would have done it a lot sooner. My physical pain, embarrassment, and mental suffering are gone. I’m so glad that I’m able to write this “success� story to you all. Good luck to all. But remember, even if Accutane isn’t the cure for you, don’t give up. There is a cure out there that will work for you!!
  6. jeff125


    My acne has been rapidly improving since the beginning of the year. I've had it for years so I really don't want to mess it up. I find I can go several days without a new breakout, and then one or two will pop up. Old spots are clearing up too. I wash and treat morning and night. Since no one I really know has acne, or anyone I want to talk about it with anyways, I figured this was the place to stop in at. Activity- I've always been somewhat of a gamer. Maybe too much? Could the stress of online games (close games as an example) lead to new break outs? I could play halo 2 all day long and not even notice the day go by. That could also be a problem. I hurt my back at work, so it's not like there's much I can do right now anyways. Diet- I've vegetarian, so I stay away from fast food and nasty food usually. I noticed that french fries would give me breakouts, so I cut those out a long time ago. Smoking- Now I'm not expert, so I really don't know what I'm doing to myself. Nothing would really give me the motivation to quit other than my face healing faster. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke tabacco and pot out of a waterpipe. Sleep- This is probably a no brainer, as I've read all morning. I probably should get alot more sleep. Going to be at 3am and waking up for college at 6:45am probably isn't good for me. Or my grades for that matter. Stress- My dad has had cancer for 5 years. Stage 4 this last year and a half. I've been doing well with the stress of this. I've also got a few more stress factors. See video games for stress relief, hah and i suppose smoking. I know to keep my face away from everything, and I want to try the CSR soon. I might even try the water in the sink idea.
  7. Hey guys... My dad keeps findng these herbal supplements that claim to be good for acne, and I have used a few of them, and was interested in feedback... thinking this is the place to do it? First off... I am on Retin-A, doxycyline and duac. Also doing smoothbeam laser treatments. In terms of diet, I'm a vegetarian (as best as I can be), I eat well (too much, but well... I am freshman in college and have already put on 12 pounds!) I also used Whey Portein powder because I lift, and its nice to get some extra protein due to my eating a lot of veggies. But in terms of these herbal treatments I have been off and on one type called TrimVitra Ten... I think I have actually seen results from this one, and its also supposed to be a weight control, I think it helped me lose some weight earlier in the year I just started two others: Herpanacine (Wayne Diamon Company), and Calc. Sulph. (Calcarea Sulphuric Tablets) I can list the ingredients, but I was curious if anyone else was using these, has used them, has any other good ideas. Im totally up for anything. Oh yah, I'm also on a multivituem (Centrum)... any input?
  8. First of all im not saying this will work 100% for everyone but for some im sure it will make a drastic diffeence. The problem is most people dont have a plan to conquer acne and they dont know where to start. Some may start diets but then they always cheat because they dont feel like cooking or whatever. Here is a easy, cheap plan to follow that should prevent new pimples from forming. Any grocery store should carry wild alaskan canned red salmon, the canned form of salmon not tuna is just as good as the regular frozen. ANyway red slamon may be kinda expensive its about 4$ a can but its well worth it. Red sockey fish are vegetarian fish and they are MERCURY FREE, not to mention they have the most efas of any fish. Second thing to buy is carrots, never eat more than 1 or 2 a day if possible buy baby carrots and eat a few at each meal. Third is water, i know everyone sayd they drink 64 oz a day but they dont and rarely do people stick with it long enought o see results. Buy 4 16 oz bottles and fill them each morning and take them with u. Make sure u drink 64 oz from the time u wake up untuill u go to sleep. Next is get calf liver its really really cheap, it dosnt taste great but its ok and it has a lot of very very very important nutrients in it. it contains chromium lipoic acid, coq10 zink, vit c, vit a and much much much more got o worldshealthiestfoods.com and look st the calf liver profile it has everything in it. Anyway along with the foods mentioned above get some organic apples from giant and nuts and seeds of ut choice. The provide the fiber u need. Thats it. U can still eat what u currently eat just mix in the above stuff and ur skin should remain clear. If u get cravings for junk food the ONLY fast food i reccomend is KFC or popeys chiken only no sides. KFC is fast food but it taste great and wont cause acne like mcdonalds and other garbage. U gotta use common sence no junk food, bread, diary or soda. Just try to substitute fruit for junk food . If u follow this plan ur skin should look great and u wont be starving.
  9. Greetings everyone, I'm a new member to this site and am glad I came across it by accident. I was searching for "natural acne cures" on google and somehow this website came up. I'm glad that it did because I have come across a lot of helpful information on the message boards. Let me explain my story and struggle with acne. I started getting acne when I was 14 years old. It was nothing major, just a pimple here or there every now and then. I thought nothing of it, I thought it was just regular teen-age acne. Then a couple of months passed and I had noticed that instead of having one pimple at a time, I was now getting two or three, and they were getting bigger. Then the cystic acne came on and the scarring occured. The acne was so bad my face started to look like it was swollen, or like I was in a fight. Then the acne started showing up on my chest and back, and cystic acne started popping up inside my earlobes (that crap is painful.) My struggle with this type of acne has continued until this day and I am now 24 years old. Inbetween that time my acne would clear up for a while (maybe 2 or 3 weeks at the most) and then flare up again. I have tried everything to clear up my acne except accutane, I even tried the regular anti-biotics that the Dr prescribed me but I couldn't finish it due to the major side-effects (I felt nauseated and dizzy everytime I took them.) I have tried pro-active, homeopathic remedies, I even went vegetarian, stopped eating or drinking any dairy products, I even bought Leo Kiesen's e-book "Your Last Acne Solution" and tried all of the fasting detox regimens and vitamin supplementing he explained with no lasting success (some of the vitamin supplements did help.) I am pritty much to the point where I think I am going to have to live with this for the rest of my life with nothing to help. Hopefully the clear skin regimen will be able to help. I am going to try the regimen that Dan has explained, I actually went out and bought the following items today to get started: Purpose gentle cleansing wash Neutrogena on-the-spot BP (I ordered the clear skin regimen BP but decided to use the Neutrogena until I get the order) Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for sensitive skin My question is about body acne? What should I use to cleanse my body while in the shower? I saw Neutrogena made a body wash but it had salicylic acid in it. I wasn't sure if I should use it or not so instead I just bought Dove for sensitive skin. Also what should I use to moisturize my body? I also wasn't sure so I bought Lubriderm for sensitive skin. I bought both the Dove and Lubriderm for sensitive skin because that's what I was suggested to get when I got my tattoo, so I thought if it was gentle enough to use to wash a tattoo with it was probably ok for my skin.
  10. Hi. This past year I decided to cut out dairy, most sugars, any sort of sodas and junk food, fried foods, and even became a vegetarian. And now my skin looks like hell. the worst ever in my life. I have taken all the vitamins recommended--plus the Esential fatty Acids....And drink plenty of water. So what is going on???? I just decided to stop taking the supplments, start eating meat again, and see what happens. But right when I started eating healthy, my skin turned to shit. I have always had minor breakouts, but now my face looks like the greasy, tomatoey residue left on the inside of a pizza box's lid. Has anyone else had this happen to them? i thought i was going to become healthy and do my skin a favour. Instead, I now look like crap. I have been so depressed, I can't even go outside. I don't look people in the eye anymore. I rarely talk to my friends. And I am 30 years old. Does this experience..eating healthy but looking like crap...ring familiar with anyone?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a good vegetarian protein supplement thats gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. Can somebody recommend something like that? Would a whey protein supplement be good enough for somebody who's trying to be on a pcos diet? Does whey contain lactose? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  12. I know that we are all different and as such, different dietary regimens will work for us. Yet it seems like some of us are divided into groups where a group of us avoid pretty much the same things and another group avoids pretty much the same things and we both achieve around the same level of results. However there are other members that have changed their diets, and have not seen similar results as 90%, 95%, 99% or 100% clear skin. It would be great if those of us that found that dietary changes were neccessary (despite supplements, detoxing, prescriptions) in order to improve our skin, if we could list what we do. Nutritional supplements & herbs are also allowed as part of your dietary regimen as sometimes these are actually found in the foods we eat daily. Of course if you are still taking prescriptions PLEASE list this as well, as this is probably affecting your results too. For those that have found that dietary changes didn't affect them much, or at all, it would be great if you clarified what changes you made, as well as how long you made them. After all, what is healthy for your body overall, is NOT the same as what is healthy for hormonal balance or our skin. So if you just changed your diet to something that seemed healthy (low fat, low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, etc) and didn't see results, it could be because you didn't change your diet in the same manner that most of us did. Granted, there are people that are fortunate enough to have multiple ways (prescriptions, topicals, etc) of achieving 100% clear skin, but if your decision is to do it naturally & through diet and you are having trouble, perhaps you may want to compare your attempts to what the rest of us did to get there. Suggested Format: 1. How long have you suffered with acne & how severe was it? 2. How significantly did dietary changes affect your skin (give a percent)? 3. What dietary changes did you make and, IF you are aware, how did each of them affect your skin? (% of clarity, type of acne, sebum level, etc) 4. Are there any foods or drinks that you avoid regularly (unintentionally or due to dislike), that may or may not also have an impact? 5. Do you take any nutritional supplements, herbs, etc? 6. Do you use any topicals? 7. Do you use any oral prescription medications? 8. What's your BEST nutritional advice for those following a new diet? 9. Do you ever have fun while on your diet? 10. Ulitmately, has this helped or hindered your social life, self-esteem, etc? Thank You!
  13. i'm going on accutane in a month. i am freaking out about the initial breakout, so my dermatologist told me she would give me prednisone along with the accutane at first so i wouldn't necessarily get the initial breakout.. and it will help with inflammation.. ? does anyone know anything about this? does it work? are there side effects? also, my 1st blood test came back okay. but, she told me my triglycerite levels were high (you can get a high level by eating too much fatty or fried foods) but i thought that was weird because i don't eat crappy foods. i'm 5'5 and i weigh 110 pounds. i'm a vegetarian and i don't eat junk. she said it might be hereditary. so anyway she said accutane can make the levels even higher, so if the levels go up by my next blood test, she is going to have to refer me to another doctor to prescribe me another pill to help manage the levels while i'm on accutane! has anyone else experienced this?! i'd appreciate accutane veterans or whoeverrr to help
  14. lovelolita

    The Ideal Diet

    What would be considered the most ideal diet for most people (this is not about acne, but i would presume if you were eating an ideal diet you wouldn't have acne)? I've read about raw vegan diets, paleolithic diets, blood type diets, standard vegan and vegetarian diets, metabolic typing, and whole foods diets... I think that common sense and scientific fact would lead me to believe that we should be consuming meat as well as fruits and vegetables... I'm not so sure about grains. Though the blood type diet's validity is disputed I wonder whether there is truth, not in your blood type, but your ethnic background (Northern European vs Asians vs Middle Eastern) have something to do with what food your thrive on? What are your opinions on the most ideal diet?
  15. So: I have cleared up with the elimination of soy (i really think my massive breakouts started when i OD'd on veggie burgers and soy milk etc... trying to go vegetarian blew up my skin)...excessive use of BP (aka DK reg).... and doxy (only been one month on doxy and i was clearing up before i went on it)- still get a couple break outs during that time of the month. now- red marks! my face is a warzone with em.... ive been usually clear with nice skin my whole life until literally this june and I have been obsessed with this website since then.... i was prescribed finacea at one point... and i used it obsessively on a HUGE cyst i had gotten and destroyed. It was right on my cheek in a spot that blew up my whole face... i pin pricked it to death and teabagged it and compressed it and squeezed it until i was left with the worst mess of my life- my skin is olive and scars SOOOO EASILY. i never thought i'd ever get rid of the destruction i caused... however constant use of the finacea and its virtually dissapeared! i cant believe my eyes. it was a month and it was gone! now onto the lemon juice- tried drinking it and noticing improvements right away... then it got aggrivcating to constantly make the drink.... but ive read so many good things about lemons... when my skin was at its worst my father told me my sicilian grandmother used to rub lemons on her face before bed and that her skin was gorgeous. so... i tried it one nite. let it dry and then applied my bp to my prone spots.... woke up... and holy shit. i went the day running errands with only little bits of coverup- no powder or foundation. i'm going to start using the lemons every night and update with how its working. i know one night isnt enough to say much- but i cant find any posts on the messageboards about lemon juice on the face and how its working..... i should probably take a before pic huh?
  16. SweetJade1980

    Acne & Diet Teleseminar

    Howdy! I've mentioned a particular book I purchased a few times as being a good resource for the money (info, grocery list, recipes, etc). While my diet is more customized, I found that the basics of what I avoid this book also suggests avoiding (Recommended Diet Plan). http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/pcos-book-res.html This book, while having PCOS in the title, is not just for women. 90% of PCOS sufferers have it, because they have Insulin Resistance or worse (Type II Diabetes). Therefore...men can greatly benefit as well! Since releasing the book (ver. 1 and ver 2) a few years ago, the authors (MD & ND) have begun offering teleseminars. The next telesiminar (online or telephone) will be this Wednesday, August 20th. If interested you can register here: http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/dietteleseminar3 Currently, I'm listening to the 2nd teleseminar they offered a few months back. What's awesome is that the first question has to do with diet and acne. The ND mentions to the mother that her daughter has a choice.... "deciding which is more painful" (the cystic acne or changing to treat the acne). That is exactly the delimma that is faced on this board daily.... Other questions include: Why should I avoid wheat or gluten if I tested negative? Why is soy not good for certain types of people? Is being a vegetarian healthy? Clear Skin and maintaining weight? Safe for teenagers? etc. Personally, I enjoyed it and for most, this isn't something you haven't read on these boards, but for those wanting additional info, insights, testimonials, etc. you can listen to it at: http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/dietteleseminar All my best!
  17. lib.ath.veg

    What do you think?

    I've been dealing with acne for a few years, although it's never been this bad. Lately it's really gotten out of control. The whole side of my face is red and I don't even think it's all pimples, it's just red marks ... idk. I attached pics. A little about myself ... I'm a vegetarian and I consume no caffeine. In fact, I've drank only water for the past few weeks. I use a lot of different stuff but it seems to either stay the same or get worse. I use/have used: pan oxyl 10% BP bar, differin gel 0.1%, clindamycin pads, evoclin foam, tetracycline 250mg 2x daily, clearasil daily facial scrub 2% salicylic acid, clearasil daily face wash 2% salicylic acid, clean and clear persa-gel cream 10% BP .. the list really goes on. To cleanse I've used cetaphil and to moisturize I have this neutrogena combination skin moisturizer. Anyone have any suggestions? How can I get rid of some of this redness ... anything else I can be doing holistically? Thanks in advance for support.
  18. Want2bgorgeous

    Any Vegetarians on here?

    so I'am a vegetarian and looking for some other vegetarians to discuss meal ideas. I'm always researching new meal ideas, especially lunches for at school. Pretty much our WHOLE lunch menu ALL week is meat based. It's always 1) hamburgers 2) Hotdogs 3) Chili cheese dogs 4) meat burritos 5) Chicken sandwhiches 6) Chicken noodle soup 7) Build your own burger 8) steak 9) turkey 10) subway type meat sandwhiches 11) Spaghetti with meat sauce and giant meatballs 12) hamburger pizza They do have fries, fruit bowls and salad's daily, but fries aren't healthy and you can't live off of fruit and salad, can you? Occasionally they'll have pasta too. i've been researching yummy EASY and QUICK lunches. Usually I have about 3-5 minutes to prepare lunch in the morning. Lol. If it was a little longer than that I could possibly do it the night before. Thank you!
  19. caterlyn


    I have had mild acne since high school (I'm 22 now). But since becoming a vegetarian (still eating fish), I have had ridiculous moderate-severe acne on my jawline, neck, and edge of the face. I've never seen anything like this before. I'm taking a multivitamin intended for veg*ns with no change in acne appearance. Have no idea what is really causing this acne. Has anyone been in the same boat? PLEASE HELP me and others who have this problem. This is frustrating and stressful.
  20. I've been lurking acne.org for about three years now. Ever in search for new treatments that could free me from my persistent acne, although not severe. Of course, a lot of the regimens helped me a lot. From sleeping early, avoiding carbonated liquids, and other various lifestyle changes. There is no dispute about their effects. I've encouraged my acne prone friends to stop eating sugars and junk-food and each one who tried apparently got better. However, it didn't take the acne away completely. Also, as of writing this, I am 17 years old. Acne came to me when I was 12. Moving on, I experimented with treatments. I took olive oil. It didn't help much. Instead, it actually made the skin on my face oilier. BP as well. This one was particularly helpful in drying out my pimples when they were fresh. Then, I discovered honey and egg white. Some say that the egg white mask is an old wive's tale or something to that effect. But take it from me, egg white is an excellent pore minimizer. As was honey to a small extent, but honey's strength was in that it is a natural face exfoliant. My acne, though visibly much better than before after doing the above, still wouldn't go away. Eventually, my pursuit of an acne remedy led me to search for topics here regarding masturbation and how it affects acne. I was always hesitant to believe that masturbation had something to do with acne. I say this because I was a relatively horny person. One who liked to jack off maybe 1-3 times on a regular day. People were telling that indeed it had some effect on acne. So, I tried to stop nonetheless. Nada. My acne lingered still. The only thing it improved perhaps was my sperm count, AND stress. I lasted for just one week anyway. A few days later, not knowing what to do now, I thought of an orthodox solution (or so I believed). After washing my hands with soap and water, I decided to masturbate and then put my semen upon my face. At this point, I was doubting myself, thinking it wouldn't work at all and that I'd be in an awkward situation if found out. So, I decided next to mix honey and lime and put it on my face for odor reasons. I did it because it felt like a win-win situation. I get to masturbate AND not waste my load. Unwittingly, I found salvation. I tried this "Honey cum Semen" mask for a week and I started to see improvements. If put into numerical estimation, from 70% clear, putting semen on my face made me about 95% clear. Is this placebo? Is this just my imagination? I don't know. All I know was that my experience testifies that your own semen can be an acne treatment. Try it out yourself and let people here know. In my case, NECESSITY was indeed the mother of invention. Just don't go shouting out to your friends that your semen was the harbinger of your confidence. Thank you for reading! EDIT: If you are a girl, I'm not sure how you can acquire some semen. It's not exactly sold locally. But if you've got some male friends who are open minded, you could try asking them for some. HOWEVER, I imagine it to be a very awkward request. Be brave. For consideration, please only do this if you get to a very desperate point. EDIT 2: DIET plays a critical role in acne! Acne is rooted mainly in hormone imbalance. Keep your body's PH level ALKALINE. Go search the web right now for a list of alkaline foods and incorporate it to at least 60% of your diet. Alkaline foods are in contrast to Acidic ones such as bread, rice, meats and fishes. However, this is not to say that you should go vegetarian. Just make sure that your body is always more alkaline than acidic. ONE FINAL NOTE THAT I MUST INCLUDE: Never think too much about your acne. Always see yourself with a smile and pristine face. This is one of the rare cases that you must not ground yourself to the reality of your condition. Feel at your best all the time. Not only will your acne improve, your overall well being will, too.
  21. My skin broke out badly quite suddenly, and I was really self-conscious of it as you could understand. I was trialling different ways of treating it with skin products, and I went back on the contraceptive pill while I waited for an appointment with the derm (6 week wait), but I found that there was no shortage of people who offered me advice on how to treat it, or others who just wanted to let me know that my skin WAS bad. My grandma looked at me one day and said " Looks like you ate too much chocolate over Easter" (How is that a productive thing to say?). I had friends suggesting products (which was helpful), but they all started off the discussion with " I've noticed that your skin has been bad lately...", which made me even more embarrassed. I had one suggest that it's probably because I'm vegetarian. My parents announced to me one day that they would pay for me to go on Roaccutane because they had noticed that my acne had flared up. Did they think that I was unaware? There is nothing worse than thinking (wishfully ) that people don't notice your skin, and don't judge you by the way you look, only to have people point it out, or suggest things to you as if you're not trying to fix it, or in case it had escaped your attention. The conversations are always awkward, extremely embarrassing, even when it's with close friends or a partner, and just makes me want to punch something in frustration. Or never leave the house again. Either way. Do many people experience this? What do you do in such situations? What do you say to people like my Grandma? I wanted to tell her that it was most probably genetic so it was partly her fault, but I refrained.
  22. skinilove


    I am trying to go gluten-free and low-glycemic, so I've switched from oatmeal and OJ to eggs and vegetables in the morning. I don't eat PB&J, and without being vegetarian and thus consuming beans all the time, I would be getting no fiber, so at least there's that. I've hardly pooped since Monday, and I have a couple of flare-ups now that could be stress-induced, but I'm also concerned about what kind of toxins are backing up.
  23. I'm going to try going low-glycemic as a solution to my acne, but I think I'll have have a hard time iterating to friends why I can't eat this or that. I've also been vegetarian since I was in high school and I would be willing to give that up at this point in my life if I found a diet that worked but was otherwise too difficult to manage nutrition-wise, calorie-wise, variety-wise. I think explaining that away would be too difficult, as I've considered going back before for other health reasons but decided I couldn't do it. Anyone here have any success in the kinds of things discussed on nutrition/holistic, and if so, how do you handle it in your social life?
  24. Hi there I will tell you my symptoms and what I am planning to do about them. Could you please give me an idea of whether I am thinking along the right lines? I am 37, and for the past 15 years or more, I have been having progressively worse digestive problems - mainly a feeling of bloating and heaviness after eating that now seems to be triggered by almost any food, even in small amounts, and is with me almost constantly. There is also flatulance and belching quite a lot, and sometimes diarriah, but it is the heaviness & queeziness that is the real problem. There was a little heaviness even before this - for example, I remember not being able to drink much beer at the age of 18-19 when everyone around me was drinking a lot, because of fullness in the stomach. In 1993, I studied in France for a year, during which I'm afraid I engaged in a frightening amount of over-eating. Following that year, I travelled in Europe for a few months, and looking back, I did so in a state of prolonged and quite serious exhaustion. I am wondering whether these experiences spurred the deterioration in my digestive health. Since then, the symptoms have been getting steadily worse. I became vegetarian in 1995, gave up gluten around 1998 (gluten still gives me by far the most severe symptoms when I experiment with it) and stopped drinking alcohol in 2001. My diet is mostly home-cooked with little sugar or junkfood. Foods that seem to be consistently a problem are nuts and seeds (even soaked), oil, dried fruit, warm liquid (especially with food) and dairy; but almost any food can trigger a long-lasting feeling of heaviness. Year on year I notice deterioration. I really have to be careful about accepting any food from anybody now. I am no longer able to go for a run, as the heaviness in the gut doesn't seem to let up long enough to allow me to. I feel a general heaviness in the body, and it does feel related to the digestion. It has been worsening gradually for a long time, which makes it less easy to appreciate how bad it is. Only recently have I noticed how serious this condition is, as we have had our first baby and the demands on me are much higher and I feel very sadly unable to meet them as I would like to. I know it's hard to devise your own recovery programme based on internet research and a few books, but I have tried to do so based on what I have found out. This is what I am about to start doing. Does it sound like it is along the right lines? Any comments are very welcome: 1 - Digestive Enzymes (to alleviate pressure on the gut from food) - Having read a book called "Enzymes for Health and Healing", I have chosen "Enzymend" from Rainbow Light, as it seems to contain the right active amounts of all the various enzymes, as well as some gastric soothing herbs. Along with the probiotics and the systemic enzymes, this forms the basic programme of supplementation that the book recommends. 2 - 2 weeks taking Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove tinctures (and perhaps Goldenseal), to rid the gut of any parasites that might be lurking there. 3 - Glutamine powder (to heal the gut wall) - 15g per day (3x5g) for a month, and then 10g per day (2x5g) for a couple of weeks, and the 5g per day for a couple of weeks. Do these amounts seem reasonable? How long should I go on taking it for? 4 - Systemic Enzymes (to supplement the enzymes the rest of the body needs that are probably currently being diverted to support digestion rather than for circulation, joints, etc) - I have had difficulty choosing a systemic enzyme. In the end, I have ordered Doctor's Best Proteolytic Enzymes as the reviews from other customers seem to suggest that they work. 5 - Probiotics (to address the balance of bacteria in the gut) - I have chosen Culturelle as it seems to be potent (10CFU per capsule) and to have been studied and shown to survive into the bowels. I am planning to take 2 capsules per day for 10 days, then 1 per day for a month, then 2 per week on an ongoing basis. Does that seem reasonable? 6 - Prebiotics (to provide food for the new bacteria) - I am not so up on all the different ones available, but a dietician friend of mine recommended Bimuno. 7 - A multivitamin (to make up for whatever my body has not been getting, and to provide any nutrients that may assist the other supplements). I have ordered Source of Life. I have done a fair amount of research on each of these, and each of the steps alone seem to have transformed people's lives. I don't seem to respond well to such miracle solutions, but this is the most extensive and well-researched programme I have ever tried. I was looking forward to starting it all off with a liver flush, but it seems that this involves colonic irrigation to be safe, so that put me off.... All advice/comments very gratefully received. Guy
  25. Balefire

    A few questions...

    I just have a couple of questions then I'll probably be gone, seeing as I don't like talking about...this. I'm only here because I'm tried of friends going "o lol well just get u sum proactive and u'll get a gf no prob" Is butter, like, Land-o-lakes butter, ok to use with food or does it cause acne? Same with chocolate milk and peanut butter. Also, I'm not turning vegetarian, but I want to cut out meats for a while. What would I eat instead? I know, lame that I don't know what else to eat. I think the majority of my...flaws are cause by my slight allergy to cats, which my mother collects like stamps (14). Allergy leads to scratching, leads to irritation, leads to ew. But God forbid we get rid of any precious cats. =|