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Found 500 results

  1. Hi I'm a 17 year old male and have had acne since 13/14. I never get cystic acne but I have a face full of medium sized red dots. I used benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin as phosphate 1% and benzoyl peroxide 5% last summer and my face was almost completely cleared but I still had about 15 red spots on either side of face so I went to my doctor again because my prescription was used up and she prescribed Epideo to finish clearing up my face. Ok, that is when ALL HELL broke LOOSE! I started breaki
  2. hi there i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself,im kelly im 23 and have on and off acne for 7 years or so,im a vegetarian. i was a vegan for almost two years and then returned to being veggie 5 or so months ago,not that i usualy think im a firm believer in diet and acne,but am begining to wonder as when i was vegan i was pretty clear most of the time if not completly clear and it seemes to return/worsen when i went back yo just being vegetarian,i wonder if any one had a similar experie
  3. So, who here actually follows the current Official Food Pyramid http://www.annecollins.com/nutrition/balanced-diet.htm ? The Vegetarian Food Pyramid http://freedietlinks.com/foodpyramid.htm ? Or the Vegan Food Pyramid http://www.fitnessandfreebies.com/fitness/...s/veganfgp.html or http://www.nutrispeak.com/veganpyramid.htm I certainly don't, I've always eaten what I wanted because I've always been thin. However, I definately no longer follow their reccommendation of eating 11 servi
  4. sorry to post this topic here but i think it will be better to post here because i heard this from maya in other board. It goes like this: I take a broad spectrum high potency enzyme complex, derived from vegetable sources, to digest all the elements in food for more efficient absorption. Also contains L.acidophilus to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria. (Caution: Not suitable for people with colitis, gastritis or ulcerative conditions of the stomach or colon ) Bi
  5. Just thought I'd share this, particularly for any vegetarians out there. After 10+ years of taking prescription medication (Oracea, Benzaclin, Differin, etc), I'm now completely clear six weeks after eliminating my gluten consumption. I now realize that the annoying cysts I was getting were the result of toxins that gluten was introducing into my bloodstream. For any vegetarians out there, you may want to pay particular attention to the mock meats in your diet. To my surprise, 90% of the m
  6. Hi! It's been a long time since I've been on this website, for the most part due to my life becoming very hectic! D: I just wanted to say that I think I am well on my way to being clear by the end of this year! Here's some changes I made in my diet that I think everyone should ponder on. NO, I'M NOT SAYING THIS WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE ;-) I just think these changes have made a major influence on my skin's improvement. I QUIT EATING EGGS! I learned not too long ago that eggs are SUPER infla
  7. Hi Im Coy this is my happy story I had a lot of zits when I was in high school but I really didnt care at all that time but when I started college I break out so bad red inflamed cysts all over my face .The break-out is unstoppable ... people around me were disgusted by my face , kids make fun of me calling me a monster , people around me are asking if my face was cursed by a demon or if I wash my face atleast once a year .. my face is so dirty .. kids make fun of me , peers avoid me ...
  8. From now on i will just wash my face with nothing but water twice a day. DOnt masturbate and wont even touch my skin at all also since i am already vegetarian i will eat more fruits... So i will tell you how it goes. Day 1: Very Red skin and 3-4 active pimples and whiteheads, lots of scarring and redness. Thats because i just used my very last pore strip which i wont use.
  9. Hello folks. I'm new to posting, but not to reading. I decided it was time to get accountable for my health (which obviously affects my skin -- no question about that for me), and to contribute to this forum, having benefited from many options that I would not have considered had it not been for others' experience on here. On that note, I'd like to thank all those who have shared their experiences with treatments on here, it just goes to show the diversity of people's body chemistry, how diffe
  10. hello, long time acne.org reader...everyone seems so helpful here so i'm just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions to put together a new regimen... (i apologize in advance for being so long.) my acne...started getting pimples in 4th grade, got increasingly worse from there...i've tried various over the counter products and been on lots of different perscriptions and oral antibiotics thru the years...not comfortable being on oral antibiotics anymore (hurts my stomach). i'm now 25 ye
  11. I just got back from vacation in Costa Rica. Since I don't tan my face (to avoid my PIH from getting worse) I made sure to wear 30 SPF on my face. However, after the first day I got an awful burn/heat rash on my face since my skin is so photosensitive. For the rest of the trip I was forced to avoid BP due to the heat rash. I only cleansed my face and put on a tiny bit of Olay moisturizer. No BP, no makeup (except when I went to dinner but no longer than 2 hours) and no toner. Normally if I go
  12. Hey guys! I've suffered with bad skin since my early teens. I remember my first spot like it was yesterday. Mum handed me the concealer and I've had a hate-hate relationship with my skin ever since. I was always told that my teenage troubled skin would disappear as I got older, but here I am in my twenties desperately scavenging the internet for a dribble of hope for my skin's future! As I'm sure many of you have done too, I've tried all kinds of things that I've read about on the net and spe
  13. Hi About my journey till now; I'm 19 and have had back acne since the age og 12(moderat to severe i guess). At the age of 16, unfortunately I also started getting it on the chest too(light). So this is the places it is bothering me the most. Though is might be worth mentioning that I have some whiteheads on the forhead as well, but it's getting better. It is first this year that I've started really treating it, except avoiding sugars for the last 4 years. I'm just sad I didn't start before
  14. I have seen many women on here reporting great gains with progesterone supplementation, for Estrogen Dominance. For me, it's been the exact opposite and I'm really frustrated. About 2 years ago, I started seeing a naturopath. I mostly started seeing her because of depression and headaches. I also told her my skin was a concern, and she put me on zinc, a multi with iron and iodine, vitamin a, as well as a bunch of other supplements. Also, she had me take whey protein every morning (I am a vegetar
  15. I've been dealing with this issue for several years. I've been to the doctor and she said it was cystic I think? I used proactiv in the beginning and when I went to the drs she prescriped me Clindamycin and retain a gel. They didn't really do anything for me though except dry my skin out. Any help and advice/tips please? I have a feeling it could have something to do with my diet. I usually eat rather unhealthy. I'm a vegetarian too. It's only on my cheeks. http://i43.tinypic.com/f066gp.jpg
  16. For those of you who plan to bring a side to a family member's house or are stuffing turkeys yourselves: What's your mode of action? Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I will be doing a large majority of the cooking. Boyfriend wants to do mango turkey, I'm thinking about making some kind of lightly cooked cranberry dish, something with sweet potatoes, a large salad, and some kind of dessert(s). Maybe I'll attempt to make zuchini noodles with soup as I haven't tried that yet. I think a
  17. have you been avoiding these???? do you have high anxiety levels??? you are missing a valuable vitamin that is hard to get anywhere else, except broccoli and cauliflower. you could get them from broccoli and cauliflower but you would have to at least 1 to two pounds of it daily, and that is not only expensive but time consuming and i bet nobody eats that much brocolli and cauliflower, well except for me. the vitamin is choline, and is used to synthesize a neurotransmitter called acetytc
  18. I realized the other day that i am allergic to avocados. They are supposed to be 'healthy" but if I eat them, I get a headache and feel itchy and get red rashlike bumps on my chest . Not "severe" but nonetheless, they are not healthy for everyone. There are a lot of doctors pushing the benefits of "superfruits" mangos, goji berries, coconut oil, etc. My little theory is, what is good for you personally has a lot to do with your genetic backround and ethnicity. For example, Mexicans probably pr
  19. Here is a little background on my situation. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years and have struggled with an eating disorder for about 8 years. I have been working very hard on my eating issues for the passed two years. I have struggled with mild to moderate acne since I hit puberty at about 14. Recently I went on birth control (beyaz) to help with my hormones and PMDD. It really has done wonders for my skin but I am still getting small pimples here and there. I have debated if I should cut out
  20. As of right now my skin is perfectly clear... only red marks left and a few dark spots but they're fading quickly. I have discovered that for me at least, acne is almost 100% diet related. Not only in what you eat but how much you eat. I have tried almost all restrictive diets.. paleo, vegetarian, raw vegan, gluten free, etc. Each of them worked to a certain degree (raw vegan worked quickest for me) however, I had never achieved perfect clarity until recently, through fasting. Most are skeptical
  21. SUMMARY -- Do I have hormonal acne? What natural treatment regime should I try to combat it? Argh, just wrote this whole thing and then accidentally deleted it -- my bad! Anyway to chart my treatments: I have been on two courses of Accutane since I was a teenager, since then have been on Tetralysal to keep the effects from that stable. Have also tried loads of topicals and over the counter remedies over the years. Since a few months ago, the Tetralysal seems to have stopped being e
  22. I've been reading good things about taking fish oil supplements and would like to try it but as a vegetarian I wont be ingesting anything which comes from a fish, I'm highly intolerant to all fish and meat products after many years of vegetarianism so even though I'm so desperate to get rid of my acne I'll try anything I wont try something which is going to make me sick. So I was wondering is there a vegetarian alternative that works as well? Once upon a time I took flax seed oil instead of cod
  23. Hi, it's me again Since my last post here, I've been trying a few things. Here is a short list with everything I have tried (nutrition wise) so far: Strict low carb for three months, vegetarian, vegan with only whole wheat. Avoiding milk/cheese/dairy, avoiding oranges, avoiding fruits altogether, no added sugar, no fruit juices. Drinking lots of tea, changing the pillow/towel on it every day. Not masturbating for three weeks. Drinking only water. Changing cooking oils to more saturated or
  24. So, I've decided to do a log on progress with the regimen prescribed by my dermatologist. I had written up a lengthy post before the board upgrades, but it's gone and I don't feel like doing that again(I'm lazy). I'm dealing with hormonal acne, lots of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and an incredibly dull, grey looking skin tone. The dullness is my own doing. I plan on doing weekly updates. Granted, the PIH won't change that much after a week, but the breakouts should see some reductio
  25. So, I've been breaking out like crazy the past week or so, and I've been pretty down about it. Lately I've been feeling a little fed up with bp...the bleached towels and hair, the large pores, and overall yucky texture of my skin. I've been thinking of switching my routine for a while now... Especially now that I'm preggers. I've been wanting to try something organic. Something that's actually GOOD for my skin. So I was at Target and came across these products by Giovanni. It's a detox system wi