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Found 15 results

  1. Is it ok to get Vbeam 2-3 days after subcision? Subcision causes blood to pool under the skin so I'm wondering if vbeam will have negative affect on the subcision outcome. My derm think its ok to have vbeam afterwards. Wondering if anyone has done that or heard about it?
  2. I started out on this forum almost 10 years ago it seems. I'm now 26, almost 27, Asian male and I was 17 when I first went on Accutane. My acne was your typical teenage acne, nothing crazy, but I just never had a month of clear skin. I started weightlifting and began taking whey protein, and all of a sudden, I had crazy cystic acne. Now, I had gotten cysts before, but now it was probably 6-9 huge cysts and I was really beginning to feel depressed. So I went to see a derm and was prescribed Accut
  3. Hi, Has anyone on here had Pulse dye laser treatments? This page looks very promising, saying many people don't ever have to come back after they've done a run of treatments. And it works for cystic acne as well. It shrinks the sebaceous glands in the skin so that less acne can develop. http://www.bigappleskin.com/laser-for-acne.html Anyone? I just had it done a couple days ago, but of course its too early to tell.....
  4. I'm curious. For people who are struggling with hyperpigmentation after acne and have tried either of the methods mentioned (IPL or VBeam), has it worked for you? I'm trying to decide between the two.
  5. I had an excision well over a month ago that I hoped would rid me of a hypertrophic scar between my eyes that was originally from a very persistent cyst. Unfortunately, I've been left with a hypertrophic scar not unlike the one I had in the first place, but this one is extremely red. My dermatologist/plastic surgeon has recommended the VBeam Perfecta Laser for it. I have done only cursory research on this treatment. While I do more research, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here and see if
  6. Holy cow.. that must have taken a long time to do, but I think this guy has covered a lot in that time slot. Great video - a must see as he tell it like it is.
  7. So I decided to start treating my red marks from old acne (my dermatologist said it wasn't actually called hyperpigmentation since my marks are red, not brown). I decided to go the route of Vbeam. Got the treatment yesterday - it was $300 for I think about 20 zaps. My marks are all on my cheeks. The treatment was only slightly painful, but then again i'm pretty used to pain on my face with all the peels and other stuff I've had done, plus i have tattoos so yeah. Anyway, I actually haven't been b
  8. Hi there, Has anyone had V beam treatment before and if so what their experience was with it. I'm looking to get it to reduce redness on cheeks left from acne I had from a few years ago. Never seem to go away. (I've attached some pics of my skin) I saw a cosmetic doctor last month and he advised me that V beam would be the best treatment and that there would be no downtime (maybe slight redness for a few hours at max) and that it would be possible to go into work the next day. Feedb
  9. hi guys so a i have been suffering from red acne marks for about 1+ year and in this time i had gone about 8 PDL treatments with very little improvement (about %1 with each one) and my concern is that in my country (Turkey) for some reason they do it rather quickly (max. 30 seconds) compared to other countries (15-20 minutes) SO PLEASE give me some information regarding this matter if you had done a vbem treatment.or maybe in my country they use a different kind of vbeam? Any respond is h
  10. hi guys has anyone tried PDL for their red acne marks?What were your results like? i have done several treatments.The results werent amazing nor bad.I was told to see an %30-40 improvement with every treatment. Well thats not the case but i can say around %5-10 maybe? Anyways i also know that its the golden standart to treat the redness from acne.(So why there isnt so many posts about that ?) I hope to learn about others experiences and results If you want i can post some before after pics
  11. Hello! I am 28 years old man and getting tired of facial redness. As I remember since being 14 year old I had beginning of the redness but never taken care of this seriously due to lack of money. For few years I use various creams and they helped a bit I can not deny it. I use: - IsisPharma Ruboril and Ruboril SPF +50 with great skin marker (mask); - RedBlocker (bought it in Poland), quite effective optically; I used example: - PhysioGel; - various cheap creams; - Metronidazo
  12. hi guys so 3 days ago i have done a purpuric Vbeam treatment (as you can tell from pics below LOL) anyways i know the drill i have gone through another purpuric vbeam treatment one year ago so i know they are going to clear completely in a mounth or so but this time im trying to accelerate the healing time using vitamin k cream topical and arnica gel i have also having super healthy diet + pineapples (a natural source of bromelain which aids in the healing of the bruises) and generally dark
  13. Hi so after much research and anguish I finally got the courage to go get a VBeam treatment done. I know there is some controversy over whether you're supposed to bruise after the treatment... my derm said I wouldn't bruise and I couldn't imagine having a more aggressive treatment. Even with numbing cream I couldn't help but squirm in my seat. It hurt SO bad. It's about 9 hours later and my marks are still very swollen. I can already see some redness reduction but I know it'll take a few da
  14. Hi, I have just made my first Vbeam treatment ever to get rid of my red marks/scars from acne. I got a few questions. My doc told me that my face shouldn't touch water for 5-7 days, so I can't wash my face. Is that true? I trust my doc and will do what she says, but I haven't heard that kind of rule. I have also taking vitamin b5 pantothenic acid 400mg every day. I know that some guys are taking up to 10g each day, but I don't suffer from that kind of acne. I'm only taking 400mg/day to control
  15. Hi, I just got home from my dermatologist appointment where we discussed treatment for scars, more specifically V-Beam. First thing I did when I got home was to check for reviews here on acne.org but to my disappointment there werent many at all which lead me to write this thread! My plan is to do it in a month and after that do them with 3 week intervals. I will stick to the acne.org regimen but one week before I will stop with BP to let the skin rest. Do you think stopping with BP is enoug