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Found 14 results

  1. About 2 days ago, I got one of those huge painful under the skin pimples (I think a cyst) and about every hour or 2 I would apply a hot compress. Well yesterday, I could see puss in it (gross I know) so I popped it, but only a little bit of "stringy" puss (like what comes out of blackheads) came out, then the clear fluid and blood. This morning, a scab formed, and the swelling went down a little, but it's still huge and red. Any thoughts on how to get the swelling/ redness down?!? Thanks
  2. So I started getting acne at 12 I'm 14 now and since then my acne has gotten really bad. TMI but I have squeezed small sebaceous glands from my cheeks all the way up to my lower jawline. How has it gotten this bad? My acne over the summer seemed to disappear but really red hyper pigmentation marks appeared in October when it started getting cold. (Idk if that has anything to do with it) now my marks are worse than ever this is the worst my skin has been. Skin peeling, marks all over my cheeks, u
  3. Hi, Im 17 years old, tall and 75kgs and i started my accutane course 4 days ago. Ive taken 4 20mg doses so far, and I’ve just been invited to a party tomorrow. I really want to drink at this party as i think it will be my last chance until i really get into my course and my dosage is upped to 40mg for 5 months. Can I drink a considerable amount (not very drunk) if i miss my next 2 doses considering i’ve taken so little roaccutane? will it damage my liver/ raise my blood cholesterol too
  4. On February 7th, I have a Dermatology appointment made to be put back on Roaccutane! But! I was on it last year for 4 months and it got rid of all of my acne for 5 months straight! Not one spot had come up, then in October last year, I started having quite bad break outs and I was trying all the different over the counter remedies and nothing seemed to work! I phoned my Doctor's to refer me over to Dermatology and they had it sorted by December 15th. Around this time however, I had started to
  5. Okay to start off, I am a 14 year old male, and I have been suffering from moderate, although in comparison to 99% of the people I see on a daily basis, severe acne, on all of my face, my back, chest, and minimal on the stomach, legs and butt, as well as sever dandruff, it started probably back when I was 11 or 12, but back then I blamed it on bad hygiene, but now I wash my face twice a day using biore deep pore charcoal cleanser using a clarisonic brush once a day, as for my body, I use a Neutr
  6. Hi, I'm a teen guy. My skin is fairly clear, but I have a REALLY bad acne scab since yesterday. I mean, its HUGE. its very red(bloody looking) and the center of it is a soft filmish feeling skin. I was wondering if A. I should keep it moist or let it dry out. And B. If I do keep it moist, would neosporin, aloe vera gel(pure) or both be best for healing it? I just want it gone by this Saturday (I have a date lol) Thanks for the replies(:
  7. So on Saturday i noticed 3 awfully big pimpled on my forehead so i decided to try toothpaste on them. Although, i did know that the toothpaste had t be non-gel. I woke up with red brownish spots and a big one that hurts ( the middle one ). Its been 3 days now. Is there anything i can do to get rid of them? This has really lowered my self confidence. I start school again next Tuesday & i really want them to be gone they are really noticeable.
  8. This might sound crazy but I only break out when I cry. I'm not sure why but I do. I have pretty normal skin, not too sensitive but a bit. And I don't usually get pimples, unless I cry. When I do break out from that it is always very painful zits that seem to be underneath my skin. They later turn to whiteheads. I cried a lot 2 weeks ago and I majorly broke out. It's so painful and it hasn't gone away. I've seen the doctor about it but everything I've been given just dries out my skin but leaves
  9. Sorry I don't know where else to ask this and it's kind of urgent. I applied the treatment, BP, and moisturizer and fell asleep. I forgot to wash it off my hands and woke up to my cat licking my fingers. Is this poisonous to animals? What should I do? Please answer!!!!!
  10. I have light acne, and moderate on my forehead. I have struggled with acne, and I'm 14 years old. All I want is clear skin, like everyone else. I've come up with a few probable cause for my acne, and if anybody could help determine which one it is, that'd be great(: Multivitamins: I recently have stopped taking them for 2 months, and I barely noticed any difference, so I'm back on them again. Erhm... *cough cough* masturbation: I'm a 14 year old teen, so I can't help it. Sometimes I go a f
  11. i woke up this morning with a big lump thats kinda tinted red thats between my mouth and my chin. its not that noticable, but it REALLY hurts when i move my mouth. I also have school TOMORROW. i really need to get rid of it. Should i leave it alone? would it go away by tomorrow? the worst thing i could do is pop it and make it worse. Im not sure WHAT this is, but i my face is almost pimple free, and i have never got anything like that. could it be a bug bite? Please help me, ill try to expl
  12. I am a 14 year old male, weighing about 130 lbs(58 kg), and am taking claravis(Accutane) 30mg twice a day. I am around 3 weeks into what my dermatologist said would be a 5 month process. And so far, my face us a lot less oily as well as my back and chest, but it hasn't yet effected the actual acne. But right now I am much more worried about the side effects that are occurring, specifically my terrible joint and muscle pain, I play American football, and lift weights on a regular basis, so I am u
  13. Hey guys, So my Dr. prescribed me 80mg a day for three months on Accutane (or four Months if my acne still needed to be cleared up a bit). And so I'm about done with my 2nd month and I'm all cleared up on my cheeks, besides a few red, scab-like marks and some small pimples on my forehead. But all in all, I'm Definately clearing up! I'm super excited to see all of this progress, but something really unusual has been happening to me on accutane… I straight up cry basically every...singl
  14. hey everyone. i popped a huge pimple on my chin(I KNOW IM NOT SUPPOSED TO) and know its really big and red. Should i either put clean and clear acne spot treatment 2.5 salycic acid? or put some neosporin on it? thanks