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Found 23 results

  1. I felt that I needed to share my story as a year ago it was me searching acne.org looking for a possible cure, feeling my lowest self esteem I have ever felt, feeling like everyone can see my acne even though I wear make up and feeling like my boyfriend cannot fancy me looking like this. I was willing to give anything ago now as my usual benzoyl peroxide was not working anymore, I went to my doctor who prescribed me epiduo (0.1% adapalene/benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) and started me on the contraceptiv
  2. okay so i know dat topically turmeric mask can heal acne... but i dont want to stain my face yellow... so i m thinking of drinking it every night with warm milk and black pepper as it boosts the power of turmeric.... i know turmeric has the power to kill p.acnes... but can it help the small bumps on the surface of skin which are skin colored.. will it help the clogged pores/whiteheads/blackheads as they arent caused by p.acnes....?? has anyone tried this? did it cause any initial breakout
  3. Hi I had a spot on the side of my nose for more than a week, I used ice, steamed my face, put sudocrem on it and used a turmeric paste . but when I steamed it, it came to a head and when I washed my face with a gentle cleanser it would pop and start to bleed and once the pus came out it would start to go red. As I am currently on accutane my face is going dry and around the spot the skin is dry and noticeable. And it keeps coming to a head and bleeds and now it is dark brown/purple and looks r
  4. A little background on my acne story: I've always had little-no acne until October of 2011 when I had horrendous break outs on my cheeks. Prior, I'd only get pimples (whenever I got them) on my forehead and nose. This break out was not normal for me, so I tried ProActiv, Clinique acne solutions, and Neutrogena to no avail-- It actually made my acne worse! My little 'pimples' quickly turned into cystic acne. Acne being my #1 self-esteem dropper, I made an appt. with my family doctor to get a ref
  5. one teaspoon twice a day. I took it for my acne but noticed the oil on my forehead dried up perfectly. Try it D:
  6. Hi guys. I haven't been here in years (couldn't remember my old password so I made a new account!). Quick backstory: I developed mild acne when I was 13 which progressed to moderate and then moderate-severe acne by the time I was 16. I had an underlying hormonal issue (possibly PCOS) that didn't rear it's head until I started puberty. I believe it's an androgen excess as I'm a girl and have oily skin, excess hair, etc. etc. Fast forward to now. I'm 20 and have been on birth control for about t
  7. New blog so I can post photos! Duh! For your reference... this is me: Meet Natalie! Today at work...I'm dead. I'm so sleep deprived I have no idea how I'm still functioning. I ate and I feel sick. It's about 4pm. I'm ready to go home and sleep. I had to start this blog because my other one ran out of MB??? I don't even know. Ain't nothin' changed...Drinkin' tea...Workin'...YOU already KNOOOOW. photos with my hair down are last night and today with my hair up at work looking like death hah
  8. I've been using this forum for years to try and come up with ideas to combat acne. Wanted to keep a record of what I've tried and how much I think it worked. I'm a 23 year old male. This first part is going to be a informal “patient” history. My current theories are in the second part. I got my first zit at the end of 5th grade. I thought I had a bug bite on my nose and one of my friends told me it was a pimple. I asked my mom if it was a bug bite and over ten years later here I am. C
  9. I have red marks from acne all over my face, back, and chest. My acne itself is minimal. I've had acne since I was 8, and now I'm 17. There were a few years that I had really severe acne. Not even accutane helped, and I was on it for 10 months plus I took three different antibiotics during that time. Anyways, now i just have a few small breakouts here and there, and it's very tolerable. What bothers me is the marks left behind. I've done three lazer treatments, by the way, and my dermatologist t
  10. Last night was the same mask as usual-- I tried the rosehip oil out finally, after the Argan and before the aloe. It's 5:55am right now and it's time to punch today in the face haha!! It's 10:25am right now...Work is KA-RAZZZZY. I'm going on my walk after I eat a snack. Yayyyy. its almost 8:30pm I'm going to lay down and rest I'm dead I'll deal with life tomorrow
  11. Hey y'all. Same ish as usual. Just working my butt off. For the past week or so, I have been taking my walk around the lake in the mornings usually at 10:45-11:45 or sometimes 11:45-12:45. Depends on how work is goin and if shit pops off. I've been getting good sun. The morning sun is the BEST. It's currently 93 degrees where I'm at. AND NO BREEZE LOL. I have not been putting argan oil on my face in the mornings-- just at night before I put on my aloe. So my routine for the past two nights ha
  12. It's been a month that I've been using a turmeric face mask almost every other night (1 part turmeric, 2 parts yogurt). Originally I was interested in using it to see some facial hair reduction, and then I heard it was used to treat acne too, so I decided to give it a go. Well, comparing my face from a month ago to now, my acne's gotten pretty bad. I've had some cysts on my jawline for days, and I'm getting several on my cheeks too ( ). I'm also getting a bunch of subsurface bumps on my forehead
  13. It's difficult to say that sometimes, and especially harder to mean it. But we are our own worst critics and we have to give ourselves compliments now and then and look past the acne or post-acne marks. Progress is progress, and that's all you can hope for. You also must acknowledge that acne does NOT control your life by any means. Who cares if you have a few "imperfections," you look good! I try to keep my regimen as SIMPLE and NON-IRRITATING as possible. That being said, I use a clean
  14. Hi everybody! Please do share your experiences of using turmeric here, whether you have used it orally or topically or both. Please explain the procedure/method of use, the duration, the results and your opinion. I'll be grateful for all the responses I can get. Please do reply people, this could help me and a lot of people out there who have had it with prescription drugs and want to go all natural. Please do reply!
  15. Hello, after doing a bit of research on turmeric capsules, it seems in order for them to be most effective, they should contain piperine (pepper which magnifies the effects of the curcumin), they should be enteric coated (in order to get past the stomach acid), and they should also be standardized (same amount of curcumin in each capsule, i.e., 95% curcumin). I have been unable to find a capsule that is all of these things. Any suggestions?
  16. Turmeric Curcumin, Lycopene, Omega-3, Zinc, and a dietary supplement. I am wondering if these have any negative affects when taken together as I have read about each as being useful as a treatment of acne. Kind of a strange thing to ask but I'm giving it a shot..
  17. Hello has everyone tried using turmeric while using the acne.org regimen? If so, i want to ask how did it went like im currently using acne.org regimen but brandy told me that the regimen wont fix my hyperigmentation so i was just wondering if turmeric will work while im using the regimen. I dont want to make my face worst by using the turmeric and regimen it at the same time so please can somene kindly reply back
  18. I have red marks on my cheeks that i've been trying to fade for a year with very little success. They're stubborn red marks, no matter what I do they just won't budge. I break out a lot less that I used to, now I only get about 3 small zits a week. Is turmeric good for fading acne scars? Is it safe to use cucumber/turmeric masks every night? I have a very fair/sensitve skin and I am afraid the turmeric will cause yellow staining or make my acne worse. I use a salicylic acid face wash 2x a
  19. Hey y'all. Happy thursday! I did not take my N-A-C this morning. And I'm going to be taking a break off taking that, for a little while. I ate like 10,000 calories today. Not really more like 2700 but I walked over 5 miles for sure because I charged my phone so I didn't have it on me for an hour and I still walked almost 5 miles today. Plus most of those calories are from nuts lol, deeeeez nuts. im looking into what it takes to be a paralegal. So yeah, that's what ya girl Natalie is do
  20. Click HERE For Recipe I've been making this green juice lately. It's easier than to darker green/veggie juice I make. I wanted to post it because of how amazingly refreshed and calmed down my system feels after drinking this stuff. It's very alkaline and cooling to an inflamed system, and has been helping me a lot on top of the supplemental turmeric I've been taking.
  21. I have just discovered turmeric, it is a commonly used spice in the Indian culture. In today’s world, turmeric is highly regarded as one of the universe’s most healthy spices. It’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and with daily ingestion, it treats and prevents scads and scads of ailments – like many different types of cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, diabetes … and acne. It’s also very softening for the skin, it reduces swelling (and puffiness!), and it’s great at diminishing the appearanc
  22. Hi everybody, I'm new to this site and this is my second post. After I realised that I'm allergic to BP, I started looking for alternative natural spot treatments. I used to get an occasional pimple once every few months all these years, but threading has caused my chin to break out. I made a paste of turmeric powder and water and applied it only on my two active pimples overnight. In the morning, my skin was stained yellow. One pimple had dried up and had become smaller but the other was un
  23. Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum, although was reading posts for a couple of months. I want to share my Dermaroller experience, see what you think . I have quite mixed feelings about it, although at the beginning results were impressive. May be I've done smth wrong, not sure. I have few scattered scars left post acne, mostly on my cheeks, worse on the left side. They are rolling and box scars. They were not so bad, until last December when I decided to use 30% Glycolic acid peel, whic