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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone So in the past few days,I've summed up the courage to change my skin routine a bit. Starting with Evening Primrose Oil. I heard its good for acne and for the skin so I said "WHY NOT?!". It was like $6 for a bottle of 75 soft gel capsules at Walmart and I'll be taking one a day with a meal. Hopefully I can get rid of Trinessa soon. Them side effects are the death of me. Secondly, I ordered 20% salicylic acid from amazon, also known as the chemical peel. I read all the
  2. I started having acne when I was 13, but it was exclusively on my forehead. I tried a lot of products until I started taking Proactive, and for the last five years, it's kept my skin almost perfectly clear. I started going to college and halfway through the semester my mom wanted me to try the Neutrogena oil free wash with salycyclic acid. It kept my acne under control pretty well, but it did break me out a bit more than usual (I just thought it was mostly stress) especially around the time
  3. So December 2013 I walzed into my uncoopertive doctor's office with a totally non-acne related problem. Just as my doctor was about to leave me she looked at me and said "Have you ever done anything about your acne?" Of course I go into a 10 minute detailed list of allllll the things I have tried since 2009. She merely looked at me, ignored everything I said, and said "Have you tried Benzoyl Peroxide?" Of course it ticked me off a bit because I mentioned it threeeeeee times in my list of medicat
  4. So I've been washing my face with Walgreen's Gentle Skin Cleanser then using Clean & Clear 2.5% BP then Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream for the past month waiting for my derm appointment. It has helped a lot, but not completely, which I didn't expect. Anyways I went to the dermatologist for the first time. He said I have a lot of acne that is cystic and severe and that it's too bad to treat with topicals. So I'm going on Accutane next month because I need to be on birth control for a mont
  5. Hello. I'm a 19 year old female taking TriNessa for acne and have been for the past 2 months and week. My skin is the worst it has ever been, my jaw line and cheeks are covered in inflamed, red and purple pimples and weird patches of inflammation that burn and are sore and nauseatingly painful to the touch, even when I shower. Ever since I started Trinessa, my moderate acne has become severe. Should I stop using Trinessa and try switching to the brand name Ortho Tri Cyclen, or should I wait out
  6. i apologize for the lengthy-ness of this post but i hope one of you amazing people can help me out or give me insight. So I had been on a birthcontrol called Tri LynYah which I believe is generic for Ortho Tri Cyclen. My skin was pretty normal besides a few minor outbreaks before my period, nothing I couldn't handle. However, back in July of this year when I got my birthcontrol from the pharmacy it was not the same, the label said "this is the same medication you've been taking" except, it wasn'
  7. Okay, so I went on TriNessa (a generic version of ortho-tri-cylen) about 5 months ago, it cleared up my mild hormonal cysts right away and I continued using it without any problems and hardly any breakouts. I went out of town near the end of one of my packs, and ended up forgetting to call in a scrip for my new pack before I left. When I realized what I had done, I called to try and get my scrip filled out of town, only to find out I had no refills yet. Long story short, it was about 5-6 days w
  8. I've been on 50mg of Spiro for 4 days now. So far, I haven't noticed any difference, but I have been on it once before so I know I will start to see a decrease in oil production very soon. Because it is dangerous to get pregnant on Spiro, my derm is making me get back on birth control. She started me on TriNessa because my insurance won't cover regular Ortho. Anyone have any experience with this? I've been reading up online and the consensus doesn't seem to be too promising...
  9. Hello everyone! I am currently on my second pack of trinessa. I have about a week left. When i first started i didn't break out too bad. I had cortisone shots for cyst that would not go away SO i figured the i would try Solydn and that made me sick. Next..Trinessa. I am having the worst luck on this one. I went today and my Derm said she sees no improvement...its actually worse. I didn't even have it bad before. Now, i have little bumps all over and massive cyst that kill. Has
  10. Enjoy, homies. Let me know what y'all think! ❤️ Ps sorry I just realized I kind of look like an alien lol please excuse the blue bug eyes and large forehead. I promise I'm a human!
  11. So yeah, birth control was the answer to my acne problems. Along with other problems. Mostly acne tho Since I'm on my period and I've been terrible with my eating habits, I did break out a bit on the right side of my face last week. Which got some rude comments from my douche bag coworker. >.> I've been drinking a TON of water instead of sugary drinks and I limit my poor eating habits too. My hyperpigmentation and ice pick scars still persist. I'm deathly afraid of trying an
  12. So, about 4 months ago I started a generic version of "ortho-tri-cyclen" called "tri-nessa". I have experienced a slight weight gain (about 5-6 lbs mostly in my hips, arms and face) and my cheeks especially always look puffy. I have heard that birth control pills can cause your face to be puffy. Although this may seem like a small price to pay when you finally have (for the most part) clear skin....but it's really starting to bother me, this sudden weight gain. I've always been a small girl a
  13. I would love to hear your tips. Manuka or raw? Worked for you or doesn't? What else you are doing? Any bc pills? Topicals? Diets? Or any home remedies! I am new to this site and new to having acne...I have cyst and now little tiny bumps all over since starting trinessa bc pills! I'm thinking of stopping..I'm almost done with my second pack. Any feed back as to what worked for you is awesome! I have a couple responses to my first thread that helped. More the merrier! Thank you
  14. So I'm attaching a pic in some different lighting than my sexy bathroom. Don't let the mood lighting and wet hair fool you. I am an acne sufferer! Regardless of the shitty photo, rest assured the regimen and Trinessa are still working their magic. I'm being an acne soldier and am disciplined as hell with it. That's why my progress has stuck! Hopeful that I'm not jinxing myself