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Found 403 results

  1. Hello everyone. The past few months I have had very good skin results using a more expensive brand of tretinoin cream than what I just recently had to get since that other Brand for some reason no longer covered by our insurance. Anyway, I was wondering if switching brands of creams could cause break outs? I started using this other brand about 2-3 weeks ago and this past week and a half or so, I have been having way more problem spots than I have in a long time, with the other cream I had been
  2. I've been thinking about making this post for the last few weeks and I finally feel comfortable and confident enough to do so. I've been taking a perscription brand tretinoin called Stieva-a since the end of July 2012 and have been using it consistently since, so that's a little over 8 months. I know from experience how difficult it is to stick with a retinoid, especially when your going through the initial breakouts and I know when I was going through them, there weren't too many posts that tal
  3. I recently got prescribed 0.025% Retin-A cream along with 1% Clindamycin foam for mornings. I used the Retin-A once so far- 2 nights ago- and the Clindamycin both this morning and last morning. My derm said to use the Retin-A once a day (at night), and if it was too drying to switch to every other day. My mom and these boards have told me to start with every other day or even less frequently than that. What should I do? Should I just start using it every day and see how it goes, or should I take
  4. Hello, please read and listen to my story... I was prescribed Stievamycin (Tretinoin and Erythromycin) almost 4 months ago, initially 0.01 percent and then up to 0.025 percent after a month. I had mild-moderate acne concerns, with no redness. I had a terrible initial breakout, as usual; however, now my face is completely red, and my usual skin tone is very very fair...so my face looks like a giant tomato...I have never in my life had post-hyperpigmentation, and now my face is COVERED in r
  5. Hi, I'm currently having a lot of trouble with my skin and I though it could be good for my mental health to discuss of my recent struggles with people that can actually understand what I'm going through. English isn't my mother language so forgive me if there is some mistakes in my sentence's structure I was on the contraceptive pill since I'm 14 years old. I began with Alesse but it wasn't strong enough for me to make my periods regular. I switched to Yaz and I never had any problems wi
  6. ohhhhhhnooooooo

    Tretinoin Question

    Hello acne.org, Does anyone else have enlarged pores/appearance of larger pores from using Tretinoin or any other retinol?
  7. tretinoin is supposed to make skin dry but it has made my skin oily. is it normal? will it go away if i stop using tretinoin or should i just continue and it'll just calm down? please help i've never been this oily before. thanks! it really does work btw. like i used to get a lot of cysts but now i only get super little pimples and my spots are fading.
  8. Wasawawa


    Hey I'm an 18 year old boy. Started my tretinoin 0.05% 2 months ago. I just wanted to make this blog for people on the medicine. To talk about their success, failures, problems socially, and other acne-related stuff. So far through 2 months I would say I have seen pretty decent improvement in my "post-acne" marks and some of the still remaining breakouts. The texture of my skin is definitely getting better as I have seen. I definitely want to see more improvement going forward. I've had acne sin
  9. My dermatologist prescribed me a tretinoin cream and recommended the following regimen: - glycolic acid wash daily - Neutrogena multivitamin moisturizer with AHA - tretinoin cream at night (every night or every other night if skin too dry) I bought the Neutrogena cream but I don't like how greasy my skin feels when I use it. My skin is also peeling a lot so I want to make the following changes: - glycolic acid wash in the morning / gentle wash at night - gentle face moisturizer - tretino
  10. Tryingsomethingnew

    Tretinoin Cream 0.025

    First is first, my skin is not that bad. Like, yeah my skin isn't good, but it is 'bad' its oily, it breaks out on my T zone, and its oily, very oily, and blackheads...smh. My doctor gave me tretinoin cream 0.025 and I decided to research on it. I stumbled upon this site and read some people reviews on it. All of them said, THEY BROKE OUT SO BAD. So now im scared to use this. Im in 9th grade at high school, <----nuff said. I mean, I don't like to look in the mirror in general, and my skin is
  11. It's been a little over 2 months now of Retin A and I'm really happy with how it's going now. My skin adjusted nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing it improve even more with continued use. I cover a lot more details in the video below if you are interested. Also, my diet has been very beneficial for my skin. Between my clean eating and using Retin A, my skin is in wonderful shape right now. Retin A Micro .1% - 8 Week Update: My Acne Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8
  12. Becky24

    6 week update

    6 weeks on retin-a and clindamycin regimen.. Not working keep breaking out next to my nose and cheek area. The weather is getting warmer and I have to hide inside the house since sun exposure is not recommended on this medicatio. This better be worth it because boy am I getting depressed from sitting in...
  13. Hi everyone! I just made a profile and decided to start a blog about my acne. I think it'll be a good way to reflect on what I'm going through and track my progress. I haven't decided yet if I'll put pictures up of my skin, maybe in a few weeks when (hopefully) I've improved a little bit. I'll start with a description of me and my skin, but I'll put it in the blog description as well for any newcomers once the blog has gotten longer. I'm 20 years old, female. I go to school at a small colle
  14. iMarco

    Tretinoin Two Weeks Later

    I just got off accutane in May and my skin didn't like the change. I went from clear skin to mild to sometimes moderate breakouts. SO FRUSTRATING. I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me tretinoin cream .005%. I've tried tretinoin in the past and wasn't a huge fan, but my skin was not in good shape then (ha). I officially completed week 2 and I'm feeling hopeful, but still discouraged. I know the first few weeks are hell, but my skin broke out so much within the last two weeks. It's fina
  15. watwatwat

    Week 14 On Tretinoin

    feeling really discouraged right now because i'm getting a lot of negative feedback from a lot of users that i should stop retin a as it didn't do anything for them. switched brands just last week and i don't know if i'm breaking out because of that or i dont even know anymore my skin is really ugly right now. pimples everywhere, bumpy texture on my forehead, clogged and large pores, pustules,hyperpigmentation, scars (thank God i only have like one deep scar that the retin a can kind
  16. jade*

    My Tretinoin Journey

    So basically I used to be the girl with the perfect skin until I started getting breakouts on my chin. Now that I look back it wasn't that bad but me being me, I freaked out and started treating my face with all sorts of acne treatments. BIG MISTAKE! I started using a Neutrogena wash with salicylic acid and that really upset my face. Now my chin is much worse and I have red tiny bumps all over my forehead. It started to really bug me when I would talk to people and see there eyes drifting up to
  17. I've been using retin-a 0.05% until 6 weeks ago, but nothing has changed. Still a lot of red marks (that is the most important problem to solve, because I have 90% red marks) and still some occasional pimples. I'm not using Benzoyl peroxide 5% anymore (it's the second weeks that I don't use it) because maybe it could prolong red marks. I still use Benzoyl peroxide 1% cleanser to wash my face the morning and the night. I apply the moisturizer once a day (bioderma's sebium hydra). I'm asking my
  18. charolotte93

    First Update

    Ok! So a brief history. I was a late bloomer with acne, it started getting bad my senior year of high school and peaked my freshman year of college. I had pimples all over my face, mostly on my cheeks, around my mouth, and my chin. They were those nice inflammed suckers with a white head you just want to pop. I assume the stress of going away to college had alot to do with it but I was a mess, and had a ton of scars. I started retina around november that year as a last ditch effort. My doctor ha
  19. For the past two weeks my skin pretty much stayed the same (except some small breakouts here and there because of hormonal imbalances), there isn't a lot of improvements and there isn't any worsening. One thing that I did notice is that because I have been lazy in putting on sunscreen, that my skin would get pretty red (around my cheeks) after a couple minutes under the sun. I still have my old scars, and my open pores are still open (ughhh I hate them). But besides that , my skin is healing fro
  20. Hey everyone! So I'm doing pretty good right now (knock on wood. knock on wood. knock on wood). Summary of weeks 1,2, and almost week 3: Week 1 - Drying out. Skin shedding its top layer. Starting to get small bumps/ more zits. Week 2 - INITIAL BREAKOUT. Happened to forehead first, then in different sections of my face. Broke out on forehead, nose, chin, then right cheek, then left cheek, then chin again a bit, then right jawline, now left jawline a bit. Tons of small bumps, more zits, a
  21. Here in the UK, getting your hands on any tretinoin is a complete nightmare! Our only topical prescription containing tretinoin is Aknemycin Plus which is a solution in alcohol (very irritating) and it also contains erythromycin. We have no access to any medications such as retin-a micro or ziana etc. We used to have a product called Retin-A which was just tretinoin in a gel and then in October 2012 it was discontinued! I have been using differin but it just isn't quite strong enough. A
  22. mattyice96


    hey everyone, I went to the derm. today and was prescribed 0.4 Retin-A, Duac, and Doxycycline, and I've been using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face. Does anyone have any advice or tips and tricks to avoid skin irritation, and how long it will take to see results. Please help!
  23. I'm a new member here so I apologize if i do not post this in the right place! I am a 15 year old female and i've started taking 100mg of doxycycline once a day and tretinoin .025% I started last night and i woke up today with as much dryness as i normally have so i have not experienced the whole red, peeling skin, flaky thing yet. I am pretty scared of the initial breakout so i made this account to hopefully get some support through my experience. Fingers crossed this works! I'll post some of
  24. Hey guys I could really use some advice. I am 16, female and have been struggling with mild to moderate acne for a few years now. Last year, in 3 months, epiduo and doxycycline cleared my skin beautifully. Then November 2014 it started to wear off so I went to the derm and she prescribed 100 mg minocycline every night along with nightly use of ziana gel. It is now January 2015. I have been on this regimen for 3 months and have seen little improvement. Sometimes I have good weeks, but I almost al
  25. I'm on my 15th week of retina-a 0.05 and what was once hundreds of small under the skin bumps on my forehead are now around 50 under the skin bumps, so thats ok. But the biggest problem is that i am randomly breaking out in big red pimples. Where i get about 7 in a row, which disappear after 2 weeks and then come back later. Should i still be purging? I never used to break out in inflamed, large bumps before, when should i call it quits?