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Found 603 results

  1. Oh God, trying to treat my acne is causing me more trouble then If I just would have left it alone. I never really had bad Acne and most of my pimples have gone down but I'm still dealing with very noticable red marks and so I'm using the regimen to try and get rid of the acne/marks once and for all but all I see is red, irritated skin on my cheeks. This did not start with the regimen but way back with harsh products such as Proactiv, the creases of my nose are badly irritated and damaged, some
  2. milo0810

    Doxycycline Diary

    Hi everyone, I came across this site and like many others, decided to document my Doxycycline treatment. I was prescribed with Doxycycline (50mg) to take once a day with Epiduo gel to use on affected areas at night. I started my treatment about, nearly a month ago. I was very excited when my doctor prescribed me with medication, as I had tried every product and was really starting to give up as I had never had any actual results with anything. Throughout the past month, in the first week
  3. Please help! so for the last couple of weeks I have been getting some bad acne. I will occasionally get some breakouts but recently especially during the summer I have seen that the small spots come out of my face. I just don't know what to do to get rid of the small bumps so I need someone's advice. I made the mistake because of me being desperate to actually try to squeeze them out but in most cases nothing comes out. WHAT DO I DO?
  4. JessicaEllen94

    Painful Cyst?

    Can anyone suggest tips on how to get rid of this painful cyst? The placement of it dominates my whole face! I have an even this weekend and need a quick remedy. Not sure what caused it, i may have had some dairy by accident or it could be due to a new product i started (Ole Henreiksen night treatment) which ive stopped using now! Please help, im cutting out coffee and tea and starting to drink lemon water from tomorrow! Any other suggestions on how to make it go down?
  5. Hello everyone, thanks for clicking my post... i just quickly wanted to know how severe or bad my acne is. ive had acne for about three years now and i have it on my back and chest too( back is worse chest is pretty good just clogged white pores but back is very bad...) I havent had any face breakout in about 1-2 weeks now and i feel pretty good and kinda scared too. Can you please tell me how severe my acne, scarring etc are. Thank you very much!!
  6. hi, i am a new and i can see in this web site -> [link removed -- website name: yudypinzon] like one doctor speak about laser treatment; what is your experiencia in this theme (she is one doctor escialic in acne and laser medic)
  7. Hello All I have followed this website for many years and have often loitered n lurked the forums when needing guidance, advice, or just reassurance that Im not the ONLY PERSON ON THE WHOLE PLANET with these issues. It sure sometimes felt like it... Well since Im a new girl here is a little about me and my struggle. I battled severe cystic acne for approximately 13 years.. sigh. After every zit medication under the stars and TWO funfilled Accutane treatments I have been mostly blemish free for
  8. Hey guys, I will try to update this log as often as possible with relevant information, in the hope it can help people who are in a similar situation as mine. I am a 25 year old guy, and I have had acne since I was 17-18. My acne was never considered severe, but it has been very persistent, it never went away with age and it continually shifted from whiteheads to cystic to small bumps to whiteheads etc. It actually has always been a problem for me and I don't know why I didn't try to tackl
  9. I want to start the acne.org regimen but I can't find 2.5% benzoyl peroxide anywhere. I only found 4% benzoyl peroxide on two places. I saw in the video that he said "use only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide". Will it be ok if I use the 4% one? Also, I can't seem to find a gentle cleanser either. Should it really be gentle? Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, I am a 19 year old female with mild to moderate acne. My skin had been perfectly clear my whole life up until last year, when I started breaking out slightly. It wasn't too bad at first but around the middle of this year, my skin got pretty bad, I had inflamed spots on my nose, forehead, and cheeks. I went to the dermatologist a few months ago and he prescribed 100 mg of spironolactone and .1% adapalene gel. This was working well for me for the first few months, my skin cleared up
  11. becky3991

    Week 4

    This week I had a moderate breakout on the right side of my face. Nothing worse than I normally have, but still upsetting. I haven't really had any active acne on the left side of my face all week, just lots of red hyperpigmentation. I took pictures this morning and I think my skin looks slightly better in real life. Although my skin is still very red, my make-up goes over a lot smoother. The skin on the left side of my face looks almost completely smooth with foundation, and the only problem wi
  12. DearMademoiselle

    Affordable Treatment For Acne Marks?

    I've been prescribed tetracycline (4 pills per day) and Retin-A (.025) by my doctor, and I've been using the Obagi CLENZIderm daily care foaming cleanser (2%) and the therapeutic lotion (5%) - which has been given to me by my dermatologist. I'm only allowed to use the lotion in the morning and as a spot treatment, because I'm told it would be too aggressive on my skin if I used to with my Retin-A at night. According to my friends and family, my acne has been clearing, but I haven't really no
  13. Hi Everyone, New to the site (well as a member - i have been browsing for about 6 months). I wanted to post something that might give people a bit of hope. Now I know i never had really bad acne scarring, but i did have scars. I broke out badly about 4 years ago and i have attached two pictures of the scars it left. It took about 2 years, but in the end i had almost no scars left - and this improvement came from basically no treatment - just a few mild 30 - 50 % glycolic peels. I at
  14. Lindseyloowho

    Seeking Treatment Houston Tx

    Hello I am farily new to the community and am needing advice. I suffered many years with cystic acne and had two treatment of accutane. I have been left with severe icepick boxcar and rolling scars. I am seeking a good surgeon/derm in the Houston area who can help improve my scars and overall texture. Has anyone had improvement with this type of scarring? If so what treatments did you undergo? I am thinking subcision and ablative laser for mine. Thank you in advance!
  15. Geenie-poppie

    Asprin Wash

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried an asprin wash for acne? A friend told me it used to reduce redness and her cysts Thanks guys!
  16. thegivingtree

    The Results Thread

    Hello all, Like many of you, I have scoured this board in search of scar treatments that will conclusively work. And like many of you, I have found it to be very frustrating to spend hours sifting through threads for people who have posted long term results. Those that do post their successes are few and far between. There are lots of people who post positive results a few days after their treatment and then never post again, leaving us wondering. I think if we had a consolidated thread of a
  17. Hello everyone! I have very minor acne scarring, mostly tiny indented pock marks and 2 boxcar/icepick scars (fairly shallow and small). I have decided to try derma stamping for treatment but I need some help from you all! Acne scars are taking a toll on my confidence, social life etc and I just want to live a normal life again. I have a few questions to ask you? 1. My pock marks are isolated, not clustered for the most part, what size of the derma stamp should I buy? 2. I am under topicals
  18. Hey everyone. So as of lately, my skin's been getting better.. slowly but surely. I suffer from inflammatory acne, and I have quite a few red spots and marks on my face left from it. Yes.. I am a picker, which I know definitely does not help and I'm trying really hard to stop. Anyways, I was wondering what products can be used to treat them? They don't go inwards into my face at all, whenever I feel my face it's smooth. And preferably products that are on the cheaper side.. we are low o
  19. So this is my skin. hope you guys won't afraid of it. I would like to know what's wrong with my skin. Can you guys give me some product recommendations please? And I really really want clear skin.
  20. RegularJohn

    Need Help With Scars

    Hello, I'm 24 years old and from Germany I have acne since I was 18, now I just got Isotrexin and finally I nearly got rid of my active acne. But now I'm bothered about my scarring. During the "active acne time" I didn't notice the amount them, but now I'm a little depressed how my skin looks like. It would be great if anyone could give an advice to me, how it should be treated and if there is any improvement possible. I read the threads on this board and I think I'm good informed which
  21. It is 3 months old from a burn. Should I wait? Should I laser it? It is exfoliate it good or bad? What are my options to improve it? Thank you
  22. Hi! I have managed to (kind of) calm my acne to a more controllable state with the regime I am using (it's on my profile if you're interested) but I still have A LOT of red scarring, it's so bad it looks like clusters of shiny red spots on my cheeks and jawline even though they are painless and feel relatively smooth. I have heard a few things about Retin A and wondered if anyone has had any relief from red scarring when using it, they are quite new scars which will probably fade in time bu
  23. allyouneedishope

    My Story. My Log. My Journey.

    Well, I am finally posting here. I have been searching around these forums for quite some time and have decided to start my own post. Basically, I just want to get all of my current measures that I am taking to become acne free out and written down somewhere. Backstory: I have had acne for 3 years now. Recently, I have come to notice that it has always gotten worse since when I started getting acne at age 14. If it does "clear up" slightly for a week or so, I breakout again and it comes wo
  24. i have these scars from 4- 2 years, the most of them was formed wheni star puberty. i dont know what kind of skyn i have if somebody knows how to identificate this i would be very thankfully i know that my skin is very oil . I suffered from dismorphic desorder, TOC , acne excoriee, and actuali Social phobia , and my scars just get worst all this problems. When im anious or nervous and im at home , i love picking black heads, and in this moment im suffering from this things. (SORRY FOR BAD E