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Found 16 results

  1. i had put on aloe vera, 10% benzyol acid and lotion to my face last night and i woke up the next day with these tiny bumps surrounding my eyes & all over my forehead. i looked it up & these 2 conditions match my description : prickly heat & pityrosporum folliculitis is there anything to treat this? i look horrible
  2. Hello everyone. I'm currently 19 years old and have had almost flawless skin till i was 17. I have always had dry skin and scalp with dandruff. Around two years ago tiny bumps started appearing on my forehead out of nowhere and i first ignored them but ever since then their number constantly keeps increasing. And now i have extremely rough, bumpy and weird looking skin on my whole face especially on my forehead. I just don't know what this is, some people say its skin congestion, some say i
  3. I have been on the regimen since March 11th and I'm confused because initially I had bad breakouts on my cheeks. That cleared up very well with the treatment in the first month then I began using AHA+ on April 11th. I loved the results I saw from the AHA as well, but Around April 17th I noticed tiny bumps popping up on only 1 side of my nose and they progressed to both sides and actual nose as the weeks went by. I wasn't sure what was causing it and thought maybe I wasn't cleaning well enough si
  4. I used to have acne 2 years ago . Been on tret and clindamycin but , the only thing that save my skin was by using aloe vera soothing gel. Skin is glowing and clear finally. 2 years after this is my skin , i ran out of the aloe vera gel i've been using and i have no means to buy one because of the lockdown here in my country due to covid19. My cheeks are starting to become red. No malls are open , so i tried buying different aloe vera brand at watsons . .but i guessed it didn't worked. Now ras
  5. Hi! I have been suffering with tiny bumps all over my cheeks and forehead. I'm around 16 years old, and my situation seems to have no improvement. I'm sure they are clogged pores, but I have no idea on how to get rid of them. I also have blackheads, but they bother me less than my clogged pores. Also, there are really teeny tiny bumps on my forehead that seem to be fading, but don't fade. There's no head to it, and its just bumps on my skin. I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to get rid of t
  6. I made another post about this, with my pictures, but has anyone had this happen from something they've done or used, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...has it gone away?!?!IM SCARED TO DEATH that my skin won't return to how it was 3 weeks ago.id rather have my cysts back from 4.5 years ago and just go on accutane again than have my whole facial skin uglified in a matter of days just from using a retinoid twice and GENTLE as hell exfoliation. I literally sucked Google dry for search results on this exact si
  7. I'm not sure if this is hormonal acne or not.. Can somone please help me My skin feels bumpy when I touch and and if I go outside in the right light you can see tiny little bumps under my skin. In a room light you can barely see anything. I make sure i exfoliate 2-3 a week and I was my face twice a day. I have it on my forehead . And they're a bit bigger along the jawline and a few on my cheeks. They don't hurt. And they're not white heads. The bigger ones maybe whiteheads but sometimes I
  8. Hello, I just finished a 6 months course of accutane. My skin has been completely clear for about 5 months and i couldn't be happier. The only problem is now that i've been off of accutane for about a week, I am starting to see these small whitehead/very uninflamed bumps pop up. Mostly around my mouth and nose (where i previously got no acne at all). This reminds me of my initial breakout when i was 3 weeks in on accutane where it was like every pore was just exploding. This is not quite to that
  9. Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone could give me some feedback on my skin. I don’t have access to a dermatologist so decided this may be a good option. For it a little history I’m in my mid 20s, had pretty bad skin as a teenager and was on accurate and my skin was perfect. For the past few years I have struggled with tiny little bumps on my forehead that are focuses on my temples. They aren’t too noticeable but under harsher light and sunlight and especially from a side angle they
  10. After using Estée Lauder double wear foundation, I believe that's when I started to develop small skin-coloured bumps all over my face. They don't seem to be reducing in number. I've tried topical creams, anti biotics, scrubs etc. I've also tried leaving my face alone for a while but that has not helped either. When I squeeze the spots, stringy sebum is produced. I think this is something caused by makeup. I've researched the Internet and people seem to suggest hydrocortisone cream a lot. if my
  11. I am so grateful for this website! Without it, I may still be dealing with one of the worst skin conditions I've ever had. I wanted to write this in the hopes that someone else can benefit from my situation. Starting in May 2014, I suddenly got hundreds of tiny little bumps all over my forehead. Assuming it was because of my bike helmet (I am an avid mountain biker), I washed my helmet and made sure to keep my skin clean. It did nothing to help my skin. Then, the bumps made their way down my
  12. Well here is my story... I'm 25 year old woman, I've seen a dermatologist since I was 12 when I started having acne, but I was born with acne on my face. My skin has improved over the years and I take a birth control pill and my face stays relatively clear from using benzaclin and tazorac. About 3 months ago I started taking a probiotic and my skin cleared up completely (thought I had found a natural cure!) I also cut back on dairy and grains but supplemented with soy and coconut products. By th
  13. Basically,l have been suffering from acne since highschool and the doctor put me on Duac (containing benzoyl peroxide). It successfully cleared up my skin and I stopped using it. When I went onto college, my spots came back and I experimented with adapalene/differin however I did not use it religiously. During the end of my first year at college, I decided to visit the doctor because I was beginning to feel quite self conscious about my spots. She put me on these antibiotics (can't remember the
  14. Just created an account on this website for the sole purpose on knowing what is going on with my forehead. I am 17 years old and i got my acne a year or two ago. What i want to know is what are these tiny bump on my forehead, what do you call them, and just want to know overall on whats going on with my forehead, are these scars, whiteheads, blackheads. I think because of my hair covering my forehead, i got blackheads (or that what i think they are) and so i try to squeeze them from time to