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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys, looking to hear some experiences of Spironolactone treatment courses please! Question is in the title really.... Did Spironolactone successfully clear your acne and if so how long did it take? I've been taking Spironolactone now since the last week of December, so about 16 weeks in total, but in that time I did increase the dose gradually, starting initially on 50mg a day, then 100mg, and now 150mg for the past 6 weeks or so. My skin has definitely improved and I have experienced some
  2. how long is it supposed for a redmark to stay on your face for average person? and how long is it usually for u personally? i hvnt counted bt for me its deff many months, mayb even longer bcs overall my face is hyperpigmentationed in result, im nt sure bt it takes totally forever n is deff nt normal so i wonder how it actually is if we begin to count from like moment tht pimple has gone down
  3. I have been using the regimen since May 15, 2012 so about a month and a half. I notice that my skin is a little better but not significantly as for many people by now according to the reviews I have read. So, can anyone with moderate to severe (more on the severe side) acne that has used the regimen share their experience TIMEWISE with the regimen? How was it working for you by this time? (Month and a half or so), when did you see the most dramatic resuts? Did it work or not for you? and if i
  4. Hi everyone! This is my journal to keep track of my progress with the regimen. I currently am on day 4 and have been seeing some minor changes to the texture of my skin. UPDATE: Here's me a week before I began the Regimen, Now, I'm not sure if l.e.d. flash on a camera reflects how I look in real life, but it sure does bring out the redness on my face... I also notice that my skin is extremely dry, even after I apply lots of moisturizer... It flakes constantly and is scaly. My skin als
  5. Hey everyone, So I went on accutane January of 2016, and finished 5 months later in June. My skin was so perfect for about a full year, and slowly it started to come back. After a long and upsetting battle between my skin and self confidence, I’ve decided to go on it again. Something I regretted last time was not keeping track of my progress, as it can be extremely disappointing to not see daily improvement. I plan to track my side effects, and just my skin in general on here! hopefully a
  6. Hi everyone, i have a question so let's say i do the regimen at 7am, put on my makeup and go to school. i usually come back at 2pm/3pm (depends). And it says that i should wait 10-12 hours between those 2 routines. Do i really have to have my makeup on till 7pm so i'd take it off?? can't i just take it off at 2pm and do the regimen at 7pm? Because i don't really like having makeup on my face for a long time, lol.
  7. Hi! Can someone from California tell me an average time for the products take to arrive? I live in Calexico, well, my uncles live there, I am from Mexico, but I thought that if I selected the regimen to be delivered there they would get faster, its been like 10 days if I am not wrong HELP PLEASE And sorry for the lousy english u.u
  8. I know it says to do the regimen every 10-12 hours but sometimes I don't get to do it at night till 11pm and then my morning which is at 7 am so it's only a 8 hour window sometimes. Is this ok that it's so close apart?
  9. Hi, I don't know if this topic has been brought up before but I didn't find it. To all of those who have had Acne and got rid of it, even if it's just for a short period of time and then it came back, what did it feel like for you? Was it as good as you hoped? Was there anything unexpected you felt? Was it worth everything you went through or did you just move on the the next issue in your life? I haven't got rid of my skin issues yet so I wonder what it would be like if I did?
  10. I have recently went to a dermatologist where she prescribed me Acanya for the morning, Atralin for the night, and doxycycline to take. I forgot to ask her how long I should leave Acanya on my face and I'm too shy to call her and ask. My face kinda gets oily even with the medication on so is it okay if I wash it off? Or should I wash it off and reapply it to my skin? Thank you!!
  11. Hi Guys, I'm only 15, can I make a dermatologist appointment and pay for it with my own money or do you need to be an adult.
  12. my dermatologist had prescribed me zevit capsules which has vit b complex + vit c and zinc suphate. (i could add exact measures if needed) for 6 weeks. after 6 weeks,i'd continued it for 10 more days. i was wondering if i should continue taking it? if yes,then for how long? do u have any idea why just 6 weeks? someone told me that vit capsules shouldn't be taken for too long...but i've never read anything like that on acne.org. am not sure..a lil' confused actually! they seem to help
  13. Hi there, Visited a dermatologist last Friday and she suggested Accutane mainly because I'm old (23) and minocyclin didn't work with me. Since my acne is not that bad (only recalcitrant, not quistic) she suggested a regime of Accutane of 20 mg/d for 15 months. Fast forward to today -- visited a second derma because I wasn't 100% sure about using isotretinoin. He suggested --exactly Accutane again due to the same reasons I exposed before. However he elaborated an 8 month plan: 20 mg/d during
  14. Reposting this here because I got absolutely zero responses in the hormonal acne forum and my dermatologist appointment is tomorrow so getting kind of desperate, sorry! Hi guys, looking to hear some experiences of Spironolactone treatment courses please! Question is in the title really.... Did Spironolactone successfully clear your acne and if so how long did it take?I've been taking Spironolactone now since the last week of December, so about 16 weeks in total, but in that time I did increase
  15. some say u break out next day after u ate ur intolerance food some say u form pimple after week? whatever it means? so how do u actually tell u got ur pimple from what? i ate watermelon yesterday, had alergy a bit from it, i could tell right away. but it went on legs and wasnt acne. now idk why would some food create reg alergy pimples on body nd other would go on face to make acne there?? but k lets ignore that for now since in other thread u said its just some complicated shit
  16. I know we are all keen to get clear skin but do other people set mental deadlines like me? I say to myself, hopefully my skin will be better by this date or this time and then being disappointed when it isn't. Deadlines don't help, they just end in negativity. While we wait for our treatments to work or our next GP or Dermatologist visit, we are expected to go out in the real world and try to live our lives as normal no matter how hard it might be. To a certain degree, even if we can eventually
  17. Hi this is my first post on here and its about accutane that im going to start taking! I'm 17 and my acne is pretty bad, if had it for about 4 years now.. its gotten worse each year! I've tried everything else, topical creams, gels, anti-biotics, face masks, natural washes and creams, over the counter medication and creams etc and nothing has worked, if anything.. its gotten worse! My friends and family tell me its not that bad but it really gets me down, its easy for them to say as they
  18. Hi everyone, I'm on my second round of accutane now and I am taking a low dose (40mg, i weigh 180 lbs). I plan on taking this for a longer period of time because I know that accutane is about cumulative dose. I was just wondering if by taking a lower dose that i won't have as bad of an initial breakout, or if i won't breakout as much. I know it is different for everyone and there is no way to tell or no facts, but if people have been through this i would appreciate some anecdotal evidence or wh
  19. Hi everyone. I started Accutane back in November. So I just started my fourth month. But I don't feel like I've been seeing really any improvement. A little here and there but really nothing major yet. I started out on 30mg, then was upped to 60 last month, and now I am up to 80 as of yesterday. My derm said she thinks there is improvement but I disagreed with her. I was just wondering how long it took all of you to start seeing results, major results that is. I might just need to wait longer bu
  20. theres not a single place on my body acne havent left its mark on but it wasnt allways like this.. it all started with usual few breakouts here and there that everyone freak out about already. i only broke out on nose and area near to it. only after AWHILE it started to pop out on my forhead, then on chin. i remember i was glad my cheeks are still smooth and clean. i thought it will go away and never wouldve imagine what it will become at all..again only after awhile it moved to cheeks too a
  21. I'm only 15, I never got any pimples before at least 13, and I couldn't care less about them till this year. I used to use Benzoyl Peroxide every once a while but it just wasn't bad enough to worry about, I was one of those kids that never really cared much about how they looked and didn't bother to style my hair or anything like that. Early this year, I started to kinda worry about it and I started to take more care of my appearance and since it was becoming enough of a problem to actually both