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Found 293 results

  1. jessh12


    I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. My acne is better, I'm still not completely clear on my chin and lower cheek area, however my forehead is clear. I am SO INCREDIBLY DRY STILL. I load on moisturizer, i've used the AHA and I'm STILL flaking. I thought I could deal with it but it is seriously annoying now. I'm wondering if my acne still isn't gone because my skin is so dry? Or I'm wondering if I should only use the BP once a day instead of twice? Anyone?
  2. Hey everyone, So I have mildly moderate acne and I started The Regimen about a month ago. It was going so well for the first couple of weeks, but I'm now starting to break out again. Is this to be expected? Also, my biggest problem with The Regimen is removing makeup. There is no way that my makeup will come off if I cleanse lightly for only 10 seconds, as suggested in the directions. Is it okay to apply more pressure and/or wash my face for a longer period of time? This is what I have been
  3. Okay, So here's the scoop: -I've been using the regimen since November of 2011. -In the past, I have had light to moderate acne with a real lean toward the moderate side (Pops had acne, Mum's flawless). I'm 25 now, but skin has been pretty consistently crappy since I went through puberty: Classic combination, oily and dry with several big guys and a smattering of blackheads across my nose (usually dry out in the summer, not too serious) at any given time. -I use all of Dan's products, cl
  4. Hi All, I'm starting Accutane at the end of the month (on 30 day wait period between pregnancy tests). I'm curious to know whether or not I can use the Regimen while on Accutane and whether or not anyone has used them simutaneously before. If so, I'd like to know your results. Thanks for your help! Christa
  5. right cheek(worse) left cheek (not as bad as right) ps i don't know if the pics will show up because I'm new to this site and don't really know how to use it... and sorry for not rotating the pics. Anyways.. I get papules that turn into pustules. They take about 2 weeks or more to go away and leave this horrible bright red mark, and I don't even pop it. I ordered Dan's BP treatment and Purpose cleanser and Olay moisturizer (the one he recommends) and I'm going to start The Regimen when my o
  6. dcathy1

    New To The Regimen

    Hey there guys. I am going to order The Regimen today, priority mail. Those that have used this in the past, I was wondering if it helps with acne scars? And if not, is there something that you would recommend that works? I have some scars on my back that I would like to get rid off. No more acne just the scars left. Please help, thanks for viewing!
  7. I just ordered Dan's BP a few days ago as I plan on using Cetaphil and CeraVe (and sublock in the AM) in place of his cleanser and moisturizer. After seeing some people's issues with their faces turning darker, now I'm really worried! I always thought BP was originally marketed many years ago as a bleaching agent (I mean it definitely does a good job at bleaching my hair line!) before the discovery of its uses for treating acne, so I'm curious as to why this is happening to some of you guys. I a
  8. dcathy1

    The Regimen

    Does anyone know if the regimen help with acne scars at all?
  9. Hi guys! Just checking in. I haven't really been on here for a couple of days since I've been busy with work. I guess I just wanted to give a quick update on my skin and also since I have been on the regimen for a couple of months now...a quick "what I have learned" post. HERE'S WHAT I'VE LEARNED: 1. Everybodys skin is different. And the same product will react differently to different people not only because of their skin types but also because of their skin sensitivity, or where they live, o
  10. midwestgirlinthecity

    Post-Exercise Cleansing On The Regimen

    I have a question: I have been on the Regimen for a few days and am already seeing amazing results. However, I exercise in the afternoons. How should this affect my cleansing routine? Should I cleanse again after I workout? If I cleanse, should I apply treatment as well? I am not wearing any make-up during the day, at least not until I have consistently clear skin. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hello. I have just bought AA Men Sensitive gel as an alternative moisturizer for The Regimen. On the description of the original moisturizer form Acne.org (http://www.acne.org/regimen.html) it says i should leave it without washing my face. On the label of AA Men Sensitive it says i must wash my face at the end. What should i do with it? And - is AA Men Sensitive a good choice? I use it with jojoba oil.
  12. MadamePhotoGeek

    Hormonal Purging?

    I have recently started on the regimen and am about 3 1/2 weeks in. I've been fairly clear, I have been very dry, but that was expected. I've always had some trouble with hormonal acne and I started to notice that again this week. My question is on the regimen since this is my first time with hormonal acne is my skin purging or is it likely to continue on in a similar fashion in the future? Thanks
  13. carebear06

    Right side - no make up used

    From the album: 24th week!

    Ok so this was always my bad side. Glad to say its been improving very well.
  14. Hello! I would like some advice, but first a little back story. Up until 3 months ago I've been a Proactiv user for nearly 10 years and it kept my skin looking great. I washed my face twice a day because if I don't my face gets full of blackheads, random pimples and just basically breaks out with mild acne. Anyway, I decided to try The Regimen because Proactiv hasn't been keeping my skin as clear as it used to be. Today is Day 5 of The Regimen and my skin looks really nice...there is no
  15. For years I thought that I would always have horrible acne-- it was something that I struggled with ever since hitting puberty, and it didn't show any sign of letting up. That is-- until I found the acne.org regimen. I wish that this was the end of the story; that ever since then I was able to feel comfortable going out without makeup on, and finally that I was able to feel comfortable in my own skin. Literally. Unfortunately, about a month ago, all of the success I've had with my acne regimen h
  16. Hello! I've been on the regimen for a year and a half or more now. I'm pretty clear as far as breakouts are concerned but I still have blackheads and clogged pores. I was thinking of adding in a toner since my skin is pretty oily anyway. I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on this idea!
  17. Hi guys, I've been reading (and watching alot of youtube videos) about the regimen and I see alot of people mentioning that their face peels and becomes sensitive. Does that go away? The reason I"m asking is because I thread my eyebrows and I'm afraid it'll seriously irritate my face. I know with accutane it's a big NO NO (did the accutane route and acne came back a year later). Does your skin peel off when you get your eyebrows done ladies or gentlemen? Any scarring? Do you not get your eye
  18. xdevochkax

    Shoild I Still Be Flaking?

    It's been almost a month and half since I re-started The Regimen. Dan's instructions were too fast for my skin's tolerance the first time so I stopped completely, started again in the middle of November, and worked my way up VERY slowly. I'm currently using between half and a 3/4 pump of BP morning and night- I kind of just eyeball it on my finger and it's been working fine. My skin isn't irritated, red, or hot at all anymore but I'm still flaking on the apples of my cheeks and around my mouth
  19. kathardcastle

    Worse Acne Than Ever :(

    I started the regimen about a month ago and I'm already breaking out like mad. I'm even getting nodules now, which I've never gotten. My acne has gone from mild to moderate and the right side of my face is just full of acne now, and I'm getting breakouts every single day. I know there is a purging period when using the regimen, but before I started I was using SA and BP in facial washes. Is this normal? Should my skin still be purging even though I've been using BP before I started the regi
  20. mantchie411

    HELP! Awful results

    I started the regimen about 2 months ago and for the first month my face was DRY but clear. I was reasonable happy with my results. HOWEVER, for the past 3 weeks my skin has taken a turn for the absolte worst. I noticed a major breakout that seemed to happen overnight after I used a scrub I used. I used it just once to remove some of the dead skin I accumulated. My skin is now filled with small colorless bumps and whiteheads. I have more acne than I EVER had before. Each day it seems to get wor
  21. carebear06

    12 weeks

    From the album: 12 weeks!

    Right side -_- No active pimples hyper-pigmentation sucks ...
  22. Amber Kathleen

    I Am Desperate..

    Hello, everyone! My name is Amber, I just registered. I am getting married in about 9 months or so, and I'm desperate for my skin to clear up. I have been (and still sort of am) on Proactiv. It seems to help a bit, but I still have inflamed and sometimes painful acne. Without using any acne treatments, my chin, cheeks, and sides of my face break out awfully with whiteheads and inflamed acne, and my chin will get very painful cystic acne. After reading up some more on this website, I have rea
  23. Before starting The Regimen I had really oily skin, but as expected now my skin is dry as the desert due to the BP treatment. I was wondering for all those who have managed to decrease/completely discontinue The Regimen, is your skin more on the drier side rather than oily?
  24. AutreMonde


    From the album: Before And After

    After being true to "The Treatment" BP and going on Tri Sprintec Oral Contraceptives, my skin is healthier, happier, and a new, foreign texture that fears not the click of a camera. Finally.
  25. janakb1219

    Random Question.

    This is totally random, and probably even stupid. but how do i go about sleeping? Ever since I started the regimen, i have been trying to keep my face away from almost everything and so conscious about what touches my face, but when it comes to sleeping, sleeping straight, face looking up is just so uncomfortable, and i haven't been getting a good night sleep because of it. I mean, is it okay to sleep on my side with my face buried in the pillow? I feel like it's just going to affect the healin