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Found 54 results

  1. My skin looks very bumpy with enlarged pores from continuous peeling treatments. I think TCA peels are helpful in filling up the scars, but also have a lot of potential for damaging the skin. To give you a better idea of how my skin looks currently, I have a link from Google Image. https://www.google.com/search?q=uneven+skin+texture&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=bAF5U-W6K8GOqgbqxYHwAw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=934#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=CiuH6D9yOxCIoM%253
  2. Has anyone tried dermastamp with Procell Therapy? Its a serum with stem cells taken from young adult bone marrow... I dont understand the science behind it too much! Some Dr's on Realself state to that it is more effective than dermastamp with PRP.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know what kind of acne or skin disorder this? My skin is verg rough looking with bumpy texture. In the nasolabial folds area in particular there are red rash like spots and bumps. In the centre of my forehead horrible tiny spots which look worse in certain light. my skin also looks very dehydrated please help me I would appreciate it x
  4. Hey Guys, So basically, I've had acne since I was 14 (I'm 21 now); when I was 17 I was prescribed roaccutane 20mg a day, and it cleared my skin pretty nicely in a few months. I stayed clear for a few years with the odd breakout here and there. When I turned 20, I went on birth control Yasmin, and it my skin went crazy, breaking out mostly on my forehead though. I stayed on it for 6 months, but then was recommended Dianette to serve its contraceptive purpose as well as clear up my skin. I staye
  5. So I used differing .3% for a while, it eventually worked pretty well, but i still had redness and some red marks. i took a break from it, didn't wash my face that much. Acne didn't come back, but lots of clogged pores, premature aging and roughness came. If you stop using retinoids cold turkey, does it cause clogged pores and aging? or was that from not washing my face? I started washing my face with dove soap, and used differing twice over the last week, and my skins improving, can
  6. I'll try to keep this short. I'm 28, have been PLAGUED by acne since I was 12. Finally hopped on the holistic train after years of everything else (including accutane). Magically found this small, Canadian company called living libations who make their own essential oils. Tried most everything in their line and it was just OK. The absolute best thing ever in the whole world is the rose and frankincense firming fluid. I have never seen results this incredible! My hyperpigmentation is easy to see
  7. Around 3 months back my right cheek developed a patch of really tiny bumps and they just won't go away. My skin looks textured there because of it. There is no redness and it doesn't feel itchy. What is it and how can I get rid or it? My skin care routine is pretty simple.. at night I use vitamin C, niacinamide, glycolic acid 6 % cream. Each Is applied on alternate days and layered with Cetaphil mositurizer. I used to apply glycolic acid on alternate days but later I reduced it to twice a week b
  8. My forehead has small bumps/ texture to it. A few of them seem to be slightly red but i think they may be pimples? Does this look like closed comedones, clogged/congested skin, fungal acne or is it something completely different, I've had it for the longest time. Some days its worse other days it's not as bad, I'm prone to hormonal acne and it seems to look worse when it's that time of the month. I do have keratosis pilaris on the bottom of my legs but I dont think that's what i
  9. I am a middle aged person. I just took this photo with my computer camera. My skin looks terrible. Is there hope for my skin to look good again? Can anyone recommend what I can do? Thanks
  10. Hey everyone!! My skin has been terrible for over a year now. I know this pales in comparison to other people's battle with acne, and I truly sympathize for you. Please know you are beautiful and we can get through this !! Anyways, this year my skin had progressively gotten worse. I've used so many products (I will list later) and have been to doctors and dermatologists. Nothing has helped- only made it worse. These are the products I've used : BP, Retin-A, Clindamycin, Finacea, Soolant
  11. My skin feels and looks grainy and bumpy. Like sandpaper. I've tried everything and nothing gets rid of those tiny little bumps. They're all over my face and i know they're not pimples or whitehead bc i cant pop them. I want my soft skin back. Please help me. Also, my skin is getting red very easily, and i get hives everytime I scratch any part of my body. Do you guys think those things are related? Sorry for my bad english.
  12. Hello. So here is my current situation: my forehead is my only true problem area for me. I have tried basically ever over the counter acne treatment available for it. It gets better at times but is always red, especially in the middle of my forehead. I currently am using only a cleanser twice a day, with Paula's choice BHA at night with green cream layered on top of that. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what type of acne this is or help me out if they have any products that could help. I'm r
  13. I was thinking on getting some chemical peel or laser treatment done but they all seem to be very expensive so I am going to resort to more natural methods of improving my skins overall appearance. I am 6 months post-accutane and I have a spattering of mild to moderate rolling scars and some residual redness and darker spots (mostly on the scars themselves). My overall skin texture and skin tone is quite blotchy and doesn't look very healthy. Also, given I was in the midst of my accutane cours
  14. I suffered from acne all through high school, I am now a sophomore in college and have occasional pimples here and there and some redness, but nothing compared to what I use to suffer from. I am currently been on tretinoin generic brand of retin-A for going on 6mo. Although I now don't have acne I have these skin raised bumps that looks close to closed comedones but I can't really say for sure if that's it, milia, or something esle. From certain views you can't really see it, but in sunlight,
  15. I did a Tca peel using 15% solution 5 days ago and I haven't peeled at all, my skin feels rough and hard on some areas, but overall it's made me look way worse. My pores look bigger, my skin feels rough and dry, it looks uneven and has this horrible shiny bumpy texture to it. Is it going to peel soon? Have I ruined my skin! Please help! :(
  16. I used to have pretty bad acne when i was younger. I went on Accutane about 2 years ago and it worked out very well for me. Before that I had very oily skin, but after the Accutane treatment it’s been quite flaky so I use a moisturizer regularly. My skin is just very rough/bumpy on my forehead, for lack of a better word. Is this acne scarring? A couple times during summer I would spend a decent amount of time in the sun growing up and get a nice tan, like any kid would. I just wouldn’t think I
  17. I don't have a phone right now so I can't take pics. so I've noticed that my 99.9% of my face (everywhere on my face) is red, itchy, and seems to have open-pores and orange-peel-like texture. I'm wondering if its from over-exfoliation since I use AHA everyday. I decided that I'm not going to use anything on my face except cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer until my skin becomes less irritated. Is it gonna help? Will the orange-peel-like texture go away in a few weeks or is permanent? Edit: I h
  18. Hello everyone! I never had acne all my life, but for some reason about 5 months before my 22nd birthday, I started breaking out. I tried absolutely everything. I have really big pores and very oily skin, which makes me break out quite a bit (nothing severe, but pretty annoying). My doctor put me on Tactuo. I used it 2 nights in a row and used less than the recommended dose. I didn't use any last night. Now, my skin burns like crazy. This morning I washed my face gently and applied moisturizer
  19. Has anyone used the Alpha Hydrox brand- 12% Glycolic acid in a souflee form? Did you like it better than Dan's? Did it make marks appear lighter faster or texture more even? What are your thoughts in general? My indentations are red and ugly from BP and I need some ideas! Thanks!
  20. So I'm on about month 8 or 9 of spironolactone and I'm finally seeing an improvement in my skin. I currently only have one active pimple but usually I'm pretty clear. Right now my biggest concern is the enlarged and scarred pores I have left over from my acne and I'm not really sure what to do about them. Around my nose and on my tzone I have a huge blackhead problem as well. I also have a pretty uneven texture to my skin that is really only noticeable in certain lighting if you look hard, but i
  21. i have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Since getting hormonal acne at 11 years old until now, my skin has formed a bumpy texture which is especially prominent on the sides of my forehead, center of my chin, nose. it doesn't seem to be clogged pores because i have bigger clogged pores too. they are so small and look terrible under the light. i can't even feel the bumps very well when i touch them, so the overall texture is grainy and bumpy. please help!!!!
  22. Today is day one of my regimen to try and combat this newly acquired skin texture. After having a rough breakout for no reason that I could fathom, I turned to Trentinoin (Retin-A) as a fix to help with the irritation and down right pain. I am in the military, which requires me to wear my hair up for work and it is the most depressing thing to do when you know that all of your flaws are there for the world to see. I don't wear makeup, because by the end of a shift it's melted off anyhow. So, af
  23. One day I woke up with these small forehead bumps all over my forehead, my temples and all the way up until my hairline. I have no idea what to do. I have tried almost everything in the past two months. Anti-dandruff shampoo (severely dried out my skin and didn't improve the bumps), cetaphil gentle skin cleanser paired with a lightweight oil-free moisturizer, the Kiehl's line (midnight recovery, Calendula toner, etc) manual and chemical exfoliating products (ie peter thomas roth glycolic acid pa
  24. I use to have smooth clear skin until my min 20s. I started getting inflamed acne at 25 but after Derm visits and treatments it would subside for a few years and is have great skin then it would flare again. The most recent flare was in January 2015 and my derm helped with a sulfer wash and a retinol (retin a and differin were too harsh) I don't get inflamed acne or whiteheads as often. However now this bumpy pore texture won't go away. Will microderm sessions help or what Products/ingreds will