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Found 23 results

  1. hv acne for ~10 yrs, diff kinda, clogged scarred pores, stubborn discoloration, getting few scarring as well. overall looking very very bad so my relatives pulled me to the lab to make full blood analysis, also liver, kidneys, vit D3 n hormones N GUESS WHT: my blood is perf! liver perf kidneys perf thyroid perf no inflammation whatsoever!! (immunity great etc) BUT MY PROBS ARE: too low vit D3 (30.1) too high uric acid too high certain hormone (which i actually expec
  2. hey guys! a test here. considering intolerance or allergy cause active acne or zits and not just small whiteheads,blackheads etc i have taken up a test. i always thought peanuts are bad for me. for once,i had a few breakouts the day i had peanuts.but i couldnt really relate the two for it might have been hormonal or for some other reason/cause. i just a handful or peanuts. i will keep a track of whether or not i have active big zits or any other symptom in next few days(or may be 1 w
  3. So I was supposed to get the prescription for accutane at the end of july, but my insurance did not cover it, so I had to wait until the beginning of september. In July, my derm wrote me a script with the info: "CBC, CMP, UA, Lipid Profile, 706.1" and he signed it. When I got the new script for the accutane in september, the receptionists told me that the script with the blood test info will still be good to take to a testing agency lab. My insurance covers labcorp, so when filling out an appoin
  4. Could anyone please help with identifying what could be the root problem for my acne? I'm male, 27 years old, acne since puberty. Around nose, mouth and on scalp. I have something opposite of cystic acne, pimples mostly show up on outer layer of skin. Of all the tests I'v taken and doctors visited, only IgG4 food sensitivity panel show up that there's something wrong with me. High sensitivity to grains and gluten, dairy, few fruits and veggies. But as weird as it sounds, most of the time it
  5. Hello ! First of all, i want to apologize for my really bad english, i'm not a native speaker. I'm glad i've found this site because i'm really, really lost with my hormonal problems, even if i've read like thousands of articles about hormones, acne relations and all this kind of things. Let me tell you my little story, i hope somebody can help me, because doctors didn't seem to be helpful to my case. Sorry, it's really long and full of details... First of all, i'm a 20 years old girl. In
  6. I always try and do a spot test on my neck or forehead when I get a new product...like a cleanser or face cream, but it seems that "testing" doesn't work because some pores get clogged while others don't. For example, I'll test my jaw line...cause if I get a zit there, I can easily hide it, it will pass my 3 day test of just applying the new product in that one region...then I will use it all over my face...then WAM I have random zits on my temples and cheeks, not every pore, but some that were
  7. I got a ALCAT food intolerance blood test that was sent to the path lab a few weeks ago and have been acting on it, so far, yes improvements. My nutritionist says it's really accurate and works and got it done herself and noticed big changes. However, I've been reading online that people say it's not accurate. Can anyone inform me?
  8. So when I was 16, I decided to find the root cause of my acne. I was convinced it was masturbation within my first two weeks of self testing. So all the way up until I was almost 18, I was tormenting myself trying not to masturbate. I broke down and masturbated a lot. When I was 18, I researched, and remembered my severely unhealthy diet I had when I was little. Then I remembered how acne came when I was 11. It turned cystic when I was 12 and started masturbating, which is what threw me of
  9. Hello, As im really fed up with all the info on acne causes around, and spendind a fortune on shity supplements and creams, im going to run an extensive diagnostics in a lab. Im going to write down what i will test, please add your oppinion if im missing something. Hormonal Diag: -DHT -Testosteron -Insulin Bacterial: - Staphylococcus aureus Fungi: -Candida Albicanis
  10. Hello everyone, quick simply question here. Everyone here who is on Accutane will know that they have to go and get blood tests monthly to see if their liver functionality is not too high while they are on Accutane. I understand completely that drinking alcohol while on Accutane will drive up your liver functionality even higher which is dangerous. I was wondering since Nicotine is also a toxin so to speak that if I was to use an e-cigarette while on Accutane would that drive up my liver functi
  11. Dammit, my first post got erased before i hit send so im gonna keep it shorter. 13th week of 80mg/day 2nd blood test required. scared because i had a few beers tonight and my test is in 2 days. will this affect results (liver enzymes) i hate blood tests, so dont wanna redo it. also had a slightly high reading of ldl cholestrol...anything i can do to lower the reading between now and saturday? I have fish oil pills which i heard helps. whats weird is that on the labco
  12. Changed "The Truth" to a journey, since I'm discontinuing it. Summary Basically, I had cystic acne, but finally cleared my skin by eating only eggs and oatmeal for like 2 weeks after getting results back from a skin prick test. Here are those results: Now, these results weren't very accurate and didn't test for enough foods. But oats and carrots and wheat were spot on. Mediator Release Test Now, I didn't get it yet! I'm saving money so I can order it from Florida for $495 U.S. I
  13. hey! (typing on broken tablet, will fix post later) so i was thinking about how my body only want to accept foods high in fiber, according to my sensitivity test results (fiber helps you shit more efficiently). then i remember a visit to the doctor here i found out i had chronic constipation. basically i had shit laying around my body for years. this made sens
  14. Hello, I am 17 and I have been on 20mg of accutane a day for 6 weeks now. My dermatologist said to come in after 6 weeks to check on my progress and see about increasing my dosage. The day before I took my blood test to check on my livers health. According to my derm my liver results weren't great and he asked if I had a cold or a viral infection during the 6 weeks I had been on accutane. I told him I had not and he said to wait another 2 weeks and do another test, then call him and see about i
  15. I'm about to get blood tested to join the military. They want to see if i am healthy. My recruiter told me to not mention accutane because they will think I have some serious skin defect. I just have minor acne, was on accutane for a month, two months ago. I am not going to mention I'm taking accutane, do you think they will be able to tell I was on accutane 2 months ago by looking at my blood result? How does one's blood test look like when they are on accutane? Does it look different than
  16. i am currently on a low dosage of accutane (10 mg) and i will probally stop taking it in 1-2 month. i am sure that after i will finish taking it my skin will turn crazy oily again and my skin will go bad. i already noticed how my skin got abit oily after i lowered from 40 mg to 10 mg. so im desperate for a solution and i wanna try taking a food intolerance test and eliminate the bad foods for me, and see if it helps. i found out i can do a test for about 500$ for 200 different foods in s
  17. I was prescribed Clindamycin phosphate lotion months ago by my dermatologist. At first I noticed some minor results but now it's basically doing nothing for me. The same goes with some over the counter benzoyl peroxide gel I purchased from Walgreens. I was wondering if anyone has tried mixing the two themselves. I know you can get a prescription for benzaclin but I just moved so I don't really have that option now. My lotion is half gone so I poured benzoyl peroxide 10% into the bottle to fill t
  18. If you still do need to have them done, how often is it? Thanks!
  19. I'm fairly sure my acne is caused by an imbalance but I gather it's almost impossible to work out what the problem is based on symptoms alone. I was just wondering how easy it is to have your hormone levels tested in England. Thank you
  20. Hi! Yesterday I got prescribed a form of antibiotic called Lymecycline to help eliminate my minor-medium acne problem. I've been struggling with acne from around the age of 13-14 (I'm now 18) and so I thought that with university coming up, I should probably try and sort my acne out (as waiting for it to die out on its own hasn't done any good). 4 years ago -around the time my acne bombed my face and body- I was put on a liquid antibiotic that tasted a bit like paracetamol (I have no idea what
  21. Hey guys, need help! If you don't wanna read my messed up story, skip to the bottom questions. So I got a prick test for food allergies/sensitivities. the doctor was pissed off cuz he said he didn't think food had anything to do with my health issues. The results came back and I was right. He was still mean about it. So the results said i was highly sensitive to soy and a lot of other stuff. It said I was barely sensitive to eggs and not sensitive at all to oats. I ate eggs and oats
  22. How Close Are We to an Acne Vaccine?

    What Exactly Is a Vaccine? Why Target C. acnes? How Would an Acne Vaccine Work? Why Isn't an Acne Vaccine Available Yet? Improving your acne can be a slow process, often involving trial and error until you find a treatment that works for you. To make matters worse, some of the commonly prescribed treatments, such as isotretinoin (Accutane®) and antibiotics, can also come with significant side effects. Wouldn't it be great if we could just avoid getting acne in the...