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Found 90 results

  1. So the lemons have been making my face look and feel better but recently where i have my acne scars they have been getting red around it and im sure its from the lemons. I was trying to put on moisturizer but it burned really bad, (it did not make my whole face red, only around my scars) I have stopped using lemons for a while, and i will try again soon. Also, this may only be for me im not sure if other people have experienced this problem
  2. Ok, so now I'm on Day 12, and it's going okay.. I've had really dry lips, which I'm constantly putting Auquaphor on, which has given my mouth a slimy feeling. I think it's the Aquaphor getting into my mouth and coating it... I've also had some facial flushing. I already have some blushing from Social Anxiety, but the accutane has definitely made it worse oh well. I try to not let it affect me/my mood, and if it happens, I make sure to tell myself that it does't matter and in 10 years no on
  3. So this is my first entry, and I think I should start with who I am. Maybe this will help you relate and maybe stuff that helps me will help you! So I'm a 21 year old girl with not too severe acne but enough acne to lower my self-esteem. My journey so far: I had baby skin throughout puberty. Like. My skin was epic. Beautiful. Made from the gods. Okay, maybe not that good but you get the picture. And then it slowly said "F you UnspoiledDude, F you!" and changed into this mess of a skin.
  4. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  5. hi, i am 15 and i have a really weird forehead texture which looks rough and there are tiny bumps. specifically, this only shows up in photos and looks far worse outdoors. for awhile i thought it was folliculitis and tried nizoral but that didn't work out too well. i've tried paula's choice bha as well however even after the purging period i would get random cysts on areas i'm not acne prone to. exfoliating somehow makes my skin have an even worse texture (palmer's brand) so i stopped doing that
  6. I'm soon to be turning 18 but I'm very confused with what's going on with me. I've seen charts called face maps, which tell you if you have acne blemish in specific areas, it could relate to something going on with your body. I looked at the face map and noticed that every spot I had a blemish in had a relation to my kidneys.. which has been easing an internal alarm for me. I'm a vegetarian, for almost an entire year and I love it. (I'm not sure if maybe that has something to do with it.
  7. I never get acne on my neck - ever. Around ten weeks ago I started using a new shampoo. I started getting heaps of bumps on my neck like the ones you see in the photos, but not broken out (as they are now). I continued to stupidly use the shampoo despite the neck issue for around 7 weeks. I stopped using it. And now my neck is just breaking out like crazy. I took these photos to demonstrate what is happening. Before when I was using the shampoo they were just bumps, only visible in the lig
  8. (I'm sorry for the silly, slightly absurd doodle on my pictures cause those pictures are taken just right after when i woke up so i dont want all of you to know how crappy i look lol. Click the photo for a better view.. only of you want to.... haha) Anyway hi! Im almost 16 years old living somewhere in Asia.. a lot of people are often mistaken that (all asians) have perfect skin.. idk. That's a hasty generalization, don't you think? I've been struggling (kind of) with mild to moderate acne for
  9. Hello! My first post here, as I am now seeking opinions and past experiences!! I've been to the derm a few times, and I feel nothing really works.... especially anything with bp. So, I'm now 18, and this was when I really started breaking out when I thought all those teenager gimmicks were over. I pretty much break out on my cheeks, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE. THEY COME IN THESE GANGS of skin coloured bumps...then they slowly become hard.... I can't pop them but I CAN flick it and some h
  10. I have been on the prescription drug, Minocycline, for the past year. Before that i experienced not necessarily severe but pretty spontaneous acne..not in bunches just a lot of pimples by them selves mainly on chin, around lips, on cheek bones and fore head. I have tried creams and gels and prescription gels and nothing gets rid of them. Once I took Minocycline I rarely !!!! Very rarely would get pimples just sometimes when my period was coming up a few would pop up but nothing to stress over. R
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old and have recently been prescribed Roaccutane. I have decided to keep a diary of my progress for people who aren't sure whether or not Roaccutane is for them. Personally I was looking forward to going on the drug. I was so sick of my skin as I have had ongoing spots since I was 12/13, but my skin got really bad since last year. Previously I had tried every product known to get rid of spots but none of them worked. I was using a skincare salicylic acid wash given
  12. So my roaccutane journey begins here. I have hesitated to take this but I though I'll give it a go , sick and tired of myself and trying to treat acne for 4-5 years. So Today 04/12/13 I have gotten my tablets from the pharmacy it's a 2 month dose , If all goes well I will receive another 2 month dose after and my treatment should be done in 4 month since my dose is high "70mg" wasn't so sure about that but I hope I won't get too many side effects and that I can carry on training. Day 1/122 :
  13. I am 15 years old and i recently found out i have acne vulgaris and alot of zits all over my face, especially on the cheeks to my forehead and chin. In the past i have little acne yet i thought proactiv would heal my acne. It was the worst decision of my life especially when i had decided to stop using it. When i had been using proactiv, my skin was clear but when i had stopped using it my acne just burst. Ever since then i have used everything literally. I've tried coconut oil, natural organics
  14. Hello Acne.org community! It's been nearly 4 years since I last visited this site. For the past eight months, I've been using The Regimen. AND I'M CLEAR!!! I urge you to try The Regimen. It's no secret. It's just the best I've ever experienced. Seriously. (Obviously it's dependent on you, but) this stuff really works! I'm not paid by Dan, acne.org, or any third party vendor, etc etc. IT F***ING WORKS! I want you to be clear. So you can hear me out if you want. I'll tell my brie
  15. I've heard a lot that sweets, and sugars unhealthy candy sweets cause acne?! Even my derm said that but is this a proven fact? I seem to believe it because I always break out way heavier if I eat any candy, or soda? Someone let me know what they think!
  16. Hi guys I am a junior in high school and i have had acne since freshman year. My acne has been flaring up recently so i decided to take some pictures so i can get some advise from all of you guys. I have been using pro-active for about a year now and i also have Retin-A at my disposal and recently i have been using that at night time because my pro-active has not been helpful recently. I also have a problem with my acne after it has gone. There are dark purple marks where the acne was(they are f
  17. Hi everyone, I have a few queries. Firstly, I'm using this sunscreen <- please click to see! I trust Cetaphil as a brand, the brand was recommended by my derm. However, I noticed that on the suncreen it does not say "oil-free", it also has Titanium Dioxide in it which is known to break people out. Also, I have a mild allergy to dairy meaning when I eat it, I will get pimples. If I am on 20mg Accutane 3 times a week, and have been for 3-4 weeks will these things break me out? Please help!
  18. Hello, my name's Ioan, and I'm 16 years old. I've been struggling with my skin for the past 2-3 years. It all started with a few breakouts here and there, but nothing really serious. But then they started to escalate and covered all of my forehead. My forehead was always red after this, so I visited my GP, and was prescribed Zineryt for acne. Which then cleared everything. But skip 2-3 years down the line, and many other medication being used (for acne) like Isotretonoin gel, doxycycline, duac..
  19. When i got into grade 9, my skin started to become oily and i got many pimples on my forehead, thinking this was a passing thing i didn't really think much of it, until they started multiplying and staying for weeks and months! I decided that I would go back to my skin routine before my acne started, which was simply washing every night with water and wiping with a face washer. To be honest, this did not make my skin worse nor better over the course of the weeks i was doing this. I decided i wou
  20. Hello everyone, hope you are well! I think we can all agree that acne sucks, right? It can cause you to feel self conscious, suffer with anxiety and cause long term self image issues - Along with many other feelings. I decided to make this blog because i have just started medication to try clear up my skin. ***disclaimer*** I understand that different things work for different people/different skin types and not all products with effect an individual in the same way, this is what has
  21. I am a british 19 year old girl of who has been to hell and back in order to cure her acne. I get the occassional cystic spot but the majority of my spots are milia like. The week before my period I always break out badly around my mouth/chin/cheeks. I have tried every topical cream and every antibiotic known to man - but to no avail. I first went to go and see my GP and the age of 13 about my spots, although not that bad they really crush my confidence. I only started being really aware of my s
  22. It's been one day from a week, and I feel no side effects really, not dry lips or anything so far...how long is it before I would probably start noticing some side effects? Not that I want them at all haha,... My skin hasn't changed, I wear makeup nearly every day because of school and it hasn't flaked or anything yet! I kind of just want the initial breakout to be over and done with sooner rather than later...
  23. am on my seventh month of accutane currently at 120mg a day at 116 pounds. My acne has never been extremely severe but it has been extremely persistent. I started on 40mg for the first two months , followed by a month of 80 mg, and now four on 120 mg. My acne leaves hyperpigementation of dark red marks all over my face, but my cheeks mainly. Even if I don't touch or mess with my pimple it still leaves hyperpigmentation. They are dark and embarrassing and I've had them for years. They are almost
  24. I have had acne since I was 10 years old and I am 15 now. To clear my acne I've tried 1. Epido 2. Differin gel 3. Cyclamdimacin lotion 4. Tazorac cream 5. Aczone Cream 6. Doxycycline pills Nothing is working! I really want accutane but my skin isn't bad enough. Can my dermatologist prescribe it to me if nothing else has worked?