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Found 32 results

  1. So where do I start? Hopefully not with the whole puberty talk but just the acne problem that comes with it should do (chuckle). When I was in grade 5 about 11 I got my first zit on my nose. I didn't know until then but that was a pustule where there was a red inflamed look to it. Of course no one in my class was use to it so they called me rudoph the red nose reindeer. Kids can be cruel right? Well needless to say, I just brushed it off until I started middle school in grade 6. That's when my s
  2. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  3. My skincare routine doesn't work as efficiently as it used to and now my dark spots won't go away. How can I get rid of them without lightening my face? I don't want to lighten my face because my face is already 100x lighter than my neck and I have even lighter patches on my cheeks which makes it even worse! I'm only 14 so I can't do anything dangerous like lasers and stuff.
  4. Hey everyone, so I've been using the acne.org for about 4 months now and so far I've been through all the flakiness all of the dryness and everything and finally all of that stopped. About 2 weeks ago all of my acne stopped and I was left with just scars which I was okay with because I'd rather just have scars and deal with those than have a bunch of new acne popping up. On acne.org my acne went away 2 weeks ago but then now all of it's coming back and I kind of feel like I'm right where I s
  5. I am a female teen and have been using the acne.org regimen for a little over 5 months. Up until the last month it worked as it said it would, I was completely clear. However, within the last month the benzoyl peroxide has caused extreme redness, dryness and itchiness. I did not change anything, that I am aware of. Because of the extreme discomfort of the benzoyl peroxide, I took a break for about a week. I started using a natural regimen recommended by a women with much knowledge in natural
  6. Hi, I'm new here & I just wanted some help with my acne situation. I am a 16 year-old boy, I get pimples quite frequently, 2 to 3 pimples are always on my face. There's never a day where I have no pimples. But that's not the worst part. Everytime the pimples heal there's a red mark left behind. I don't even pop them so I don't understand why I get these marks. And this occurs only on my cheeks. I've recently been prescribed tretinoin by my dermatologist for the marks, and benzaclin for activ
  7. Hi guys. I am going to share my experience with you guys, because i need some help to treath my acne. Well, i have had Face Acne since I was 13. Now im 17. Last summer (here in Argentina, February) i decided to attend to a specialist appointment (dermatologyst). This doctor gave me inmediatly a tratment with MINOCYCLINE 100mg and a gel. This works very well in one month with my type of several face's acne, and when i stopped having Mino, my acne was out! Amazing...? Well, now, around 4 or
  8. Okay so basically I had mild acne, closed comedones on my forehead and a few occasional cysts on the center of my cheeks. I went on spironolactone to clear this and ended up having an AWFUL reaction. The pictures below are my skin before and after spiro. I've been off of it for about 3 weeks now and I'm still getting new cysts (not so many but still). I've never seen anyone with cysts in the center of their cheeks like mine and I'm just at a loss as to what I should do! Btw Im 15 years old and e
  9. Hello all, Just joined this sight because I wanted to get an idea of what the "general populace" of those who've dealt w/ similar issues thought. Let's see if I can sum up my experiences this past year (almost) without going into the emotional mess of it all, while also keeping it clear and concise. Here it goes: I'm 18, almost 19. Period started when I was 16 and was irregular (talking 2-5 months without one) and always light and around 1-3 days. Never really had hormonal acne and only had th
  10. So, I'm anemic (probably because of my baaad diet) I'm starting to take a multivitamin which has iron, B12 and many other vitamins but I made sure it had no iodine...do you think it will make my acne worse? I heard iodine is the main culprit for breakouts caused by multivitamins
  11. I just ordered a 20% chemical off of amazon and it should be here tomorrow. I've been on everything and im trying this now. Is there anything I should know, anything you want to tell me about it or tips/advice I should know? This is my first chemical peel and im not sure how I will react to it. My skin barely reacts to benzyl or 10% glycolic acid so im not sure how much this will burn etc. All I know is to wash my face, apply and leave on for 5-7/10 mins and then wash off with water. Is that
  12. From the album: Six Week Accutane Update

    Wish it didn't have to get worse before getting better
  13. Hello all :-) I am on day 4 of the acne.org regimen! I've tried to keep notes of every day on the regimen to keep track of my progress and so far this is what I have. The first morning I woke up with a breakout on my chin but the scars around my cheeks were visibly lighter. The next day I woke up with just white heads (which rarely happens for me, I usually have cysts), and my pores also appeared to be smaller. BUT, on this day I was kind of lazy with the application, and waited too longer a
  14. Hi everybody! First off let me introduce myself: my name is Albert and I live in Boston, MA (though I am writing this in a plane on my way to LA - so I do apologize for any spelling mistakes that might occur). I am 17 years old and is on my senior year in high school. Like most other 17 year old boys, I suffer from (in my opinion) terrible acne. It is most the same type: they start out with being red inflammed pricks on my face - then some of them start to show some kind of white pus in
  15. Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl who has battled acne since I was about 9 years old. I started getting pimples at a pretty young age, but because I hardly understood what it was, I did't use anything on my skin to clear it. I just let it sit there and watch it get worse and worse. Finally, when I was about 12 years old, I started to be really insecure about it because none of my friends had acne. People started pointing it out and told me to go buy proactiv. I finally started to really try to get cle
  16. Hello! I have read a lot of articles on this page and many people seem to get help. I am 17 and until one year ago my skin seemed to be perfect. It startedwith me getting little bumps like blackheads all over my cheeks and i went to get a cosmetic procedure that involved getting them all squized out really well. After that procedure my blackheads turned really swollen and some of them turned into acne spots. A couple months later i still had little blackheads but not that many and like 2-3 big a
  17. I've been suffering with acne since 13, and I'm about to turn 14. I have an oily t-zone area, and I have pimple on my chin, nose, and my cheeks that is close to my nose, and I also have it on my forehead. I've tried a bunch of creams and cleansers, and still nothing is working. I'm currently using a Clinique acne solutions kit that a lady at Ulta told me to get but i guess she was in it for the money, since it's not really working. Im considering using oils but I dont know which oil is great for
  18. Hi everyone, so I'm a teenager with basic teen hormonal acne, and I wanted to ask you guys if the regimen will work with hormonal acne, I know that the regiment helps with bacteria and things on top of your face by using BP and washing it with certain products, but can the regimen help my skin from the inside?
  19. How Is Teen Acne Different from Adult Acne?

    What Are the Definitions of Teen and Adult Acne? Differences in Symptoms Between Teen and Adult Acne Sex Differences Between Teen and Adult Acne Differences in Causes of Teen and Adult Acne In Conclusion What Are the Definitions of Teen and Adult Acne? Acne is classified as either: Adolescent or teen acne, which occurs in people under 25 years of age. Adult acne, which is acne that occurs in people over 25 years of age, and can be either...
  20. I have combination skin, even though recently i've been thinking it's more towards oily. I wash my face with warm water twice a day, and by noon my T-zone becomes reflective from all the oil. My most problematic area at the moment is around my mouth. On each side of my lips are around ten small red bumps, along with scars of previous pimples in that area. every few days some go away and fade into red marks, and others emerge in their place. Above my upper lip, i tend to get an extremely large wh
  21. Hi. I am looking for a way to clear my acne. I have very small bumps all over my face and my mouth, and my have cystic acne but it’s beneath the skin. What would you recommend for me? Also I’m trying to get rid of scarring/hyperpigmentation.
  22. So I started getting pimples in grade 8 but I only got one or at the max two, grade 9 came and my skin was still clear, grade 10 came and about half way into grade 10 my acne started to be a problem. grade 11 my acne started getting even worse, and now im done grade 12 as of this week and my acne is really bad, my diet was basically fast food,Chinese food,pizza, and anything else a teenager would eat like chips,pop,chocolate,etc, the fast food was everyday for lunch at high school from semester