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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm jena, 21 years old and i have light acne. I'm using tea tree oil every night for my acne for like 3 weeks now and so far it's working. It dries up my pimples. But i was wondering 'cause I'm not using any moisturizer, is it okay if I use 100% Aloe Vera as moisturizer for my face (night and day routine) while i use tea tree oil on my acne spots? Is it safe? Thank you so much!
  2. First entry! Here I will keep track of my current regime, and update with posts anytime I change anything about my regime. Morning and Evening* Wash face with Fresh Farmacy by Lush (calamine powder, chamomile, elderflower, lavender, tea tree oil, rose absolute, marigold flowers) Tone with Breath of Fresh Air by Lush (spring water, sea water, aloe vera gel, rose absolute, patchouli oil, rosemary oil, seaweed absolute) Moisturize with Celestial by Lush (vanilla water, almond oil, almond
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just new to this website although I often come here to read forums I thought I'd finally make an account for myself. My acne isn't very bad but I get really bad breakouts nearly all the time with the occasional week my skin is nearly spot free. My skin has recently started breaking out a lot on my right cheek, I never used to have this problem at all but until a couple of months ago I just get either a lot of tiny cluster pimples or the occasional big angry pimple with no h
  4. So it's been 2 weeks and 1 day since I started roaccutane and, I'm not going to lie, it has been really really hard. The last 2 weeks my skin broke out to the worst it has ever been. My confidence was rock bottom and I felt no amount of make up could help the situation as the texture of my skin was awful due to the dry skin caused by the accutane. I kept thinking, "nothing is going to work, I'm going to have this acne forever". As much as I'd like to post a photo to share, I'd be way too ne
  5. Does anyone have experience with The Body Shop face products? Ive heard great things about the tea tree mask and the tea tree gel to spot treat but was not sure if anyone has had experience with their other facial products ? (ie the tea tree perfecting serum, tea tree daily facial cleanser, the vit e hydrating toner, the vit e overnight moisture cream,the vit c daily moisturizer, the stay matte tea tree daily moisturizer) Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. Hi everyone. I've been struggling with acne since August and I've really gotten to a point where I'm almost depressed by it. I hate leaving the house and I can't help but feel like everybody is disgusted by me. It's completely destroyed my confidence and I'm just so fed up with it. It somewhat comes and goes, but theres always at least 3 pimples- generally in the same spots. On my left and right cheeks and above my right eyebrow. I was using The Body Shop "Drops of light cleanser" follow
  7. So I have given up on BP and Dan's cleanser, and most cleansers for that matter (they make my face wayyyy too dry. Same goes for the BP). So I decided to switch to all-natural products, namely tea tree for starter's. I was attracted to the idea of treating my acne with an oil, something that won't (or shouldn't) dry out my face. So far since starting this routine I haven't had any major problems with acne (I've always had at least a few active pimples) or dryness. Mostly my problem right no
  8. I haven't typed in my blog in a while and felt it deserved a wee update. I have stopped using Azelaic acid, I stopped it about a month ago now actually, to be totally honest Im not really sure what it did for me. It did decrease the redness of my acne a little bit and made some of my spots smaller. Now looking back on it though and looking at some pictures of my skin, I notice that the Azelaic Acid actually made me purge. It purged my skin out a hell of alot actually. Weirdly enough it doesn'
  9. Hi, im an 18 year old male, soon to be 19. I am currently struggling with not so much acne, but pimples and red marks/blemishes. It is highly unlikely for me to not wake up with a new pimple everyday, and im really tired of it haha as it makes me not want to go out anywhere or do anything with anyone. I have recently purchased a tea tree starter pack from thebodyshop as all my previous purchases seem to not have done much help for my skin. It contains the facial wash, the toner, a skin clear
  10. Help. I had a pimple on my face which i popped. I then put a drop of tea tree oil on a plaster and left it on my face for a day thinking it would act as a spot treatment. I was left with a patch of darkened skin in a rectangular shape when i removed the plaster. I made the huge mistake of scratching and peeling of the skin leaving me with a slightly red patch which was moist. I put ice on it and then put a plaster on it and didn't touch it. After about a day the patch is not really red and has h
  11. For the last 5 years of my life, hundreds of colorless closed comedones all over my face killed my self-confidence. I tried product after product to clear them and nothing worked. Extractions left my face red and irritated, and the comedones would reappear within a few days. My dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A Micro, which I had such high hopes for after reading reviews. After many weeks of dryness and purging, my face was completely clear and I was so happy. But the longer I stayed on that m
  12. Went on some acne for the first time ever last night and worked pretty well! Definitely increased inflammation and redness, killed itching and has now just left me with flat pigmentation scarring. For £3 it's deffo worth trying!!! Nai xx
  13. Which one is better for clearing acne on oily/spot prone skin? And which one shows results faster? What are your experiences with the products like?
  14. So I have recently been using Proactiv Extra Strength for 10 years but I quit using it 5/4/2020 and canceled my subscription this week! *cheers* but I struggle with hormonal acne and have had a bad flare up all over my chin that started in March. Long story short I started washing my face with Dr Bronner’s tea tree Castile soap and it’s been flattening out my cystic acne and I’m so thankful. I diluted it 6 ounces of water to 1 tablespoon to Castile soap. I reviewed this on YouTube showing a week
  15. There are a lot of herbal / essential oils on the market, many which are touted as effective against acne: Volatile essential oils: Tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, neem etc. Non volatile herbal oils (that don't smell): Tamanu, Calendula, Jojoba, Grape seed, Macademia nut etc. I've seen some clinical trials comparing in vitro efficacy of some essential oils, I believe thyme came out on top against e.g. tea tree, but I'm wondering if anyone here have experimented with pure oils
  16. Without writing an essay about my entire life I basically get severe back acne, moderate face acne and mild chest acne. Ive always noticed my back acne was very 'on/off', it would often seem to clear up by itself but then come back. This puzzled me as i never used products on my back because i was so focused on clearing up my face. The only thing that ever went on my back was the soap i used in the shower that my parents would buy - but they changed it every time, so to cut this short i na
  17. Hey guys, I have had moderate acne (stage 2) for over a year now. I have been on the paleo diet for over 6 months now. Here is a brief list of some things I do not eat: - Refined sugars - Gluten - Dairy All makeup products i use are organic and natural. I visited a naturopath about a month ago, and I am taking herbs daily. I also take zinc supplements. I had been taking a vitamin b complex and b5 supplement for 6 months. I have seen no affect. I use tea tree every day as a spot tre