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  1. Hi anyone where they do TCA Treatments in Canada, Toronto?? I will finish my smoothbeam and some needling in a few months i was hoping to do some tca and hopefully someone in the toronto area offers this service?? thank you
  2. i broke out in highskool but now that im older most of them have gone away with the help of retin A but i dont like the oily,burning,dry,itching feeling that come with it i was wondering if you guys can give me some sugguestion on product that dont have those effect i named above. I'm looking for a product with a cloth roll on at the top of the little bottle. i think i was made by Geneva but not really sure about it. my mom threw the bottle away and that was all i could remember about it. It wo
  3. I went to my derm Friday, and had my first TCA peel. It was 15%. I was real skeptical, just like everybody else. The procedure was fine. It didn't hurt, but the chemical did sting a bit. After it was done, my face was red, but only for about an hour. My skin feels tight, but it already looks really good. I'm not peeling that much either. I really only have mild acne, so 15% was good enough. It's been almost 3 days since, and my face looks good. I guess it just depends how bad your acne is, and w
  4. I need a online pharmacy that will ship tca to europe.
  5. MissTigerlilly

    Obagi Nu-Derm

    Hello all! I am brand new to the forum and wanted to share my experience with Obagi Nu-Derm. I am on week 4 and am still experiencing break outs. I am close to that time of month so I am sure that plays a part. I am a 25 year old female and have been suffering from acne for the past 6 years. Within the past 6 months my breakouts have gotten better and my skin started to clear up, however there were awful scars left behind the dark scars and even deep scars. This had me completely devastate
  6. i started getting acne when i was in 8th grade. i am now in 12th grade and it everyday is a struggle to live. i have cystic acne on my nose, i usually get a big cyst on my nose once every few months, and now recently ive been getting them around my mouth. on top of that i wake up with about 5 zits on average everyday around my mouth. my skin on my cheecks, nose, forehad and chin is always red, im a guy and ive stooped so low that i wear cover up in some spots just to go out. its all i think abo
  7. Hey everyone, I just kinda wanted to share my regimen and hear some opinions. I officially started taking acne meds prescribed to me by my doctor on March 19 (doxy, erythromycin + BP, differin) but after inconsistently using them I visited the dermatologist on April 20 who replaced the doxy with Bactrim and the morning erythromycin + BP for Duac. I am to continue use of the Differin at night. Has anyone followed a similar regimen? When did you start to see good results? Any tips for exfoli
  8. Hi this is my first time posting in the section of the board. I usually avoid posting in this section of board, because the mood in the section of the board is very depressing. I guess now is the time I am that depressed. Anyways I am an average 21 yr old asian male who suffers from acne scaring. I have tried everything from microdermbrasion, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, to derma stamping and now to tca crossing. I pretty experimented on my face. my present condition on my face is horrible. i
  9. Alright, I just ordered it like literally 8 minutes ago. Now, first off, my acne used to be bad. Like REALLY REALLY bad, but now that I'm almost 19 it's pretty much almost nonexistent except with a bump every week or two, and that's without me doing anything. Like all I do is just wash my face at night with soap and put lotion on it and that's it. Basically I think I'm outgrowing my acne, and probably in less than a year I'll never have to look back on these days ever again. But for the meantime
  10. My dad recently told me about this acne treatment system called "Acne Bootcamp." It was started by this guy named Dr. Neal Schwartz, and on his website (http://www.acnepractice.com/) there are incredible before and after photos. I can't find any information about the product ingredients, which makes me a little suspicious, but at the same time I'm quite impressed by the before and after photos and what Dr. Neal has said in his correspondance with my dad. The most impressive thing about the sy
  11. Hello my name is Samantha, I am a 15 year old girl who lives on the coast and is exposed to humidity, saltwater, and dry heat. I would consider myself to have mild acne, I love skincare and wish to have a perfect face ,however, it seems as if I am unfourtante. I stumbled upon this site, became interested and order the BP. I started the regimen on Aug 26, 09 the day it came in the mail. Before using it, I used 10% clean and clear and sometimes my prescribed ethromycin benzyol peroxide, along wi
  12. last week was alright my skin was bad but i went to school everyday and dealt with it, but by the end of the week i ended up having three cysts on my nose.....right now my nose is huge and red with bumps and on top of that all the little whiteheads around my mouth and cheeks/ greasy skin..im going back to the derm in a few weeks, it just really sucks because i feel so ugly last night i was brave enough to go out with friends but thought about my skin the whole time i was out and i tried so hard
  13. Hi I am an adult who had good skin except for blackheads on nose and a few fine wrinkles. Did a series of professional chemical peel 15% with a plastic surgeon - healed fine except for the last peel. Left with enlarged pores on face - like orange peel texture all over - almost been 3 month healed . . . . Anyone on here know if accutane x]can shrink or reduce size of facial pores? Plus, How soon after a chemcial peel a TCA one can one take accutance? What other treatments are used for enl
  14. Hi Guys Ok so I had my first Fraxel treatment about 10 days ago. (I dont remember what depth it was dam sore though) the reason for general resurfacing, freshening and some mild Red acne scaring along my jawline. Ok so two days afterwards Im still blue and I can see Im a bit swollen. No problemo. Then day 4 I wake up and skin resembles fine sandpaper. I Kid you not.... turn to the side and I have these fine bumps all over my cheeks and chin (none on my forehead or nose) The treatment was
  15. *sigh* another year has gone by... now that i reflect upon what ive achieved this year, nothing comes to my mind... i feel like such a let-down to everyone around me and helpless because i cant do anything to change it. Its simple, acne is a bitch. All that has happened to me lately has been a direct result of acne. Naturally im not a very open person, and it becomes such a struggle when u have to deal with acne alone. With my family, i feel like im the outcast in the family, i dont get along w
  16. I know it's tough to find Alpha Hydrox products, and until Dan's AHA comes out, it's one of the only AHAs available. Long's Drugstore (a US chain) has Alpha Hydrox products on 50% off sale this week. I found White Basic Skin Care - Face AHA Exfoliating Cream - 8% Glycolic AHA (a newish product) in a brick-and-mortar store this week. The sale is also good on orders from the Long's website, which has both the 8% exfoliant ($4) and the AHA Oil Free Extra Strength stuff ($5.45). People here seem
  17. This is mostly intended for Moderators. I dunno if anyone has ever brought this up before but i have a very strong feeling that there is a lot Mis-information on this website regarding treatments and i feel that it may be causing a lot of harm to many of the members here. I mean there is a lot of crap being posted on the site like tape ex-foliation, using Vitamin-E topically, Mega dosing on B5, and those TCA peels that have the potential of destroying your face if your not careful yet everyon
  18. Ive not posted on this board before, but used to lurk about 2 years ago and try various regimens that seemed to work for others, but never had any great deal of sucess. Anyway, i just wanted to come back and post as i can imagine not many people visit here when their skin has cleared up. Basically ive found the Jan Marini range to be amazing, especially combined with glycolic peels at a clinic. Ive recently had a baby, so my skin cleared up during pregnacy in the same way it does when you take
  19. If anyonw knows the answer to this question, could they please answer it. Every time I try to do a search on the internet it doesn't follow thru...it must be hung up or something. Also what does TCA stand for. as I see some people talk about TCA peels.. please advise. Thanks
  20. hey guys...would u advise to not switch from a retinoid like differin to strictly applying benzaclin at night and clindamycin in the morning?...aftr 5 weeks differin hasnt done much for my skin and my derm suggested if i dont like retinoids i should stop and just use benzaclin and clindamycin. i know differin works by making your skiin cells shed faster, therefore am i correct in thinking that if i have already shed 5 weeks worth of skin, it would still be beneficial because i am applying benza
  21. Basically, I want a moisturiser which will help my acne, but I am torn between: The Body Shop Tea Tree Lotion. & Eucerin Dermopurifyer Cream-Gel. The main ingredient in the former is tea tree oil; whereas, the main ingredient in the latter is lactic acid (although it says it's anti-bacterial as well). Which would be the best to help acne and wouldn't break me out? Bear in mind that I use a Salicylic Acid face wash and I recently came off Benozyl Peroxide so I may need an anti-bacterial
  22. "Believing is seeing" That's about it. Read between those words, and you'll understand. Almost every single thread in here reminds one who has acne that he or she has acne and that he or she cannot live a normal life. *this statement might introduce flames, but just read on. This is my opinion, and majority of you might get offended by it, but reply maturely* Life is not about your physical look, but your mental and emotional outlook too. Physical looks aren't important, but rather, just a
  23. shud i put differin on my cheeks?? its 95% pracitcally all redmarks.. with the occasional pimple there
  24. Here's what I've realized: the best way to avoid scarring and promote healing is to stop squeezing. No big surprise there. The problem is that few of us can stand walking around with a well of sebum oozing from a pore in the middle of our faces...we HAVE to extract it. So here's the ultimate question: What is the LEAST damaging way to remove the whitehead gunk? 1. Hot shower, press gently down around/beside the pimple? (Still leaves a red mark for days) 2. Empsom salts to draw the gunk out? (
  25. hi everyone, i'm currently on diane 35- a birth control pill that is supposed to clear up acne.. its my second month, i know im sounding impatient, i know you are supposed to wait at least 3-4 months to see results, but im thinking of trying vitamin b5, i've been reading alot about it and i think it would be safer than Diane. also with diane, even if i do get clear, ive heard that pracitcally everyone who gets off gets their acne back away afterwards. so it's not really a permanent solution?