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Found 30 results

  1. hyperactive24

    Swelling From Tca Peel

    Has anyone experienced any swelling from doing an at home TCA peel? I do a 30% one 3 days ago and my face is still extremely red and swollen:(
  2. keeper490

    12.5 % Tca Peel To Face. My Journey

    This is my first peel... and as you will see I have some acne scars and patchy skin. I have been seeing a dermatologist for six months and using triluma cream. I intend to do a second peel in 6 to 8 weeks.
  3. im considering using ambi fade cream (oily skin) after my skin has healed from the tca peel. I have a few concerns: Is ambi fade cream for guys too? ambi fade cream is targeted for women skin type. and how soon can i start using hydroquinone on my face Also would hydroquinone work more effectively since i wont have much dead skin on my face and have new fresh skin. And should i be concerned about anything when using hydroquinone after a tca peel. This is to get rid of my acne marks
  4. NOblemish

    Tca Peel 20%

    I am definitely a chemical peel buff - I just got done doing a TCA 20% peel and the results I got are AWESOME. Serious reduction in the life cycle of any breakouts I may get..if any..more even skin tone and all around rejuvenated looking skin. I left the peel on for only 20 seconds and the whole peeling/renewal process was over within 4-5 days...my skin really settled into itself after a full week and now i can say that my facial skin is much, much smoother and more easy to apply sunscreen or ma
  5. Hi everyone, I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 it has now cleared up thankfully I only get an occasional whitehead but I was left with scarring. I did have some boxcar scarring and also some rolling scars so I researched and decided to get derma rolling (micro rolling) done, I done it once with a dermatologist but then started doing it myself at home and had some good results as my boxcar and rolling scars are now gone. Unfortunately I am still left with small pitted holes that
  6. Hello, i had a 30% tca peel 6 months ago and i am still very red/pink. Whal will help with redness? Experiences? Thanks
  7. mr. matt

    Day Four

    Today marks day four of my third 25% TCA Peel. I woke up this morning to MASSIVE peeling. I was supposed to accompany my family to go out-of-state to see my mother-in-law but I look pretty grotesque right now with all of the skin that is coming off in SHEETS from my face. So, I'm staying home to fully recuperate. I'm hoping that the peeling will subside in the next 24-48 hours as I am ready to venture out again but right now I can't right now due to my appearance. The attached photos
  8. i have had 4 children and have serious stretchmarks. My youngest is 5 years old so these are old stretch marks. You will note from the before picture that my skin is uneven, marbled with white striae. Frosting occured almost immediatly when applied to the stretch mark. Later for subsequent days feeling like a sunburn. I have been taking Collagen pills and appying aloe vera to sooth the sunburn feeling and keeping it constantly moisturized. The third picture is Day3.
  9. hello all, this is for everyone who have been able to successfully (partially or fully) able to treat there acne scars , have seen many (say infinite) posts people claming they have succesful scar treatment ,, most of them NO PICS ,, so for those people y dont u put pics u say all the long stories disscuss ur success with happy smilies but no pic please put before and after pics side by side atleast after u complete ur treatment ,, some people clam that they had scars since 18 and now they are
  10. Hello everyone, So I have had acne for pretty much all of my high school life, and now, after about 4 years, it has just about cleared up through a combination of a meticulous skincare routine, green tea, improved diet, glycolic pads etc. I do have the odd breakout for hormonal reasons during that time of the month, but I feel like it's in the same recurring areas and once those layers of skin are removed, it will stop. Anyway, I have been left with terrible hyperpigmentation. It is the type t
  11. So I just had my first subcision ever last week (so far, healing well). What sort of rotation of other modalities have people seen success with? I am talking about the order, and timing between, subcision, TCA peels and microneedling. I am thinking that each procedure should be done every 4-5 weeks, but I don't know if that's right and I don't know if the order matters. My doctor said do all the subcisions first and then worry about all the other modalities. I just sort of disagre
  12. I'm new to this site so here is a quick breakdown of my battle with acne over the past 6 years: I'm 23, had severe acne in high school and did 7 months on Accutane my senior year, had 6 Fraxel treatments soon after )which i learned to have been a big mistake right after Accutane), I started breaking out again around college graduation so I did another 6 months of Accutane. This time I waited 6 months before having a very pricey CO2 Laser Resurfacing performed. It has now been about 2 months
  13. Hello Everyone! After reading through a LOT of information on this board, and even bookmarking a few posts for easy reference, I have decided to join the site. I can't seem to find what I am looking for and am hoping one of you knowledgeable people can help me! I recently purchased TCA 100% for Cross and TCA 15% for peeling (it is a kit). I have been using mandelic acid cleanser, toner and serum as a pre peel regimen to help see better results with the peel. I have watched videos and read
  14. mr. matt

    Day One

    Last night, I decided to do my third 25% TCA peel. I washed my face with a vitamin c wash containing green tea and then rinsed off all of the residue. I then used Witch Hazel to remove any soap and oil residue. Then, I applied three separate coats of TCA to my entire face and took photos. My face frosted after the second coat. Yes, it was painful. I positioned a fan on my face for about 15 minutes and then washed my face with soap and water. I applied a 50% glycolic acid solutio
  15. mr. matt

    Day Four

    I woke up this morning and could feel that my face was feeling extremely tight. I had used warm compresses on my face last night to help expedite the peeling process and, apparently, it worked. I have massive peeling right now - I sort of look like 'snake man'. My face is peeling off in sheets. A 25% TCA peel is, by far, the most effective and deepest peel that I have ever done. This is my fourth peel and my skin has reacted exactly the way it has with my previous three peels.
  16. mr. matt

    20120609 Frost No 4a

    From the album: 25% TCA Peel Experience No. 2

    My face is one fire1! I just applied a 25% TCA solution to my face and the frosting has begun which is a good sign.
  17. HI everybody About a year ago I tried a 40% LA peel, but I soon gave up on it because it didn't improve my skin. A few days ago I was reading some reviews and decided to further research chemical peels. I soon saw that the LA peel was quite mild, probably not potent enough to do anything to my skin. Just today I ordered a TCA peel, in 12%. It took me a while to decide whether to get that or a salicylic 30%, but I went for the TCA. Is the tca too dangerous or strong for me to try it? I
  18. Hi guys, First post on here, but been lurking for a while... My issue is red/dark marks. Just a few things I already do 1. I don't get much sun exposure and do wear SPF. 2. I take Omega-3, Vitamin C, Zinc, heard they are all good for scarring/inflammation 3. I have started using aloe vera gel at night. 4. I use glycolic acid toner 5% 5. I use hydraluronic serum day and night 6. I have ordered rosehip oil also; will only use this at night I think. 7. I will be starting weekly lac
  19. First off let me start off by saying, yes I do know that it’s not recommended to do these treatments at home, without a professional, that’s why I chose the TCA 30%. There are mainly two reasons for me doing this myself, 1.) my insurance doesn’t cover this at all and I do not have $500 dollars I’m a full time student with a part time job and I mainly support myself. 2.) The reason why I even have these scars( icepick, rolling, box car) believe or not is because of the harsh treatment professiona
  20. I ordered MUAC 18% TCA peel and followed directions exactly as per the booklet with following changes: - applied toner before the peel (kit comes with toner) - used gauze to apply TCA instead of Q-tip. This is to cover more area in less time (video instructions can be found on youtube) I did one layer on forehead and 2 layers on cheek (22.5% strength) will post daily progress. Day 1 post peel.. I cleanse with the green tea cleanser twice a day and apply Emu oil for moisture
  21. Rainbowandgumdrops

    Kitoscell Appears To Be Working!

    Well, I've been a lurker for years and finally decided to post. After years of seeing treatments that don't work and experiencing the sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts of my burn scar I knew it was only right to post on the board about my success thus far with kitoscell. I've only been using it for 5 weeks and the improvement is giving me major hope. I've done it all derma rolling, copper, elicinia, TCA peels, lactic peels, scar cream everything but the expensive medical treatments.
  22. About to do a TCA peel of 30%, after I have determined that my skin does not react negatively with this percentage of TCA and has healed rather quickly. I was wondering if after stop peeling from the peel itself if it would be okay to use a 2% Hydroquinone & 10 Glycolic AHA cream to help with hyperpigmentation that has been on my face years before I even started my chemical peel, this is of course if my skin is not sensitive, swollen or redness is worsened after the peeling from the TCA peel
  23. I'm going to order a derminator device and also TCA 25% to treat my acne scars at home. My idea was to dermaneedle my face and then wait a month and have a TCA peeling. Then I would repeat the cycle until my scars look better. However I'm thinking of having both in one session, first the peeling and then the derminator session. That way I'll be able to have both treatments every month rather than every two months. Also, I guess that by using both at the same time the effects will be better as th
  24. Charzle617

    Tca Peel Day 8 Spot Dilema

    Ok so I did a TCA peel (25%) 8 days ago, it started peeling on Day 4 and I did assist the process by picking(bad I know but It didnt hurt or bleed And I just cant help it) My skin is looking really bad and scarred and brown spotty after this peel. Im extremely self concious and I need to attend school and its just worse!!! Thankss. I have also had a few acne spots since, but I do have acne prone skin and get it but only mildly really!!!!