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Found 94 results

  1. Low Dose Accutane (10mg/day): Day 55 Only one cystic acne that got popped during shower (still taking so long to get dried up). Few small ones come out but they disappear in 1-2 days. A lot of left over red/brown spots. Got 2 new pitted scars from breakouts.. I notice a lot of facial hairs grown up after I started Accutane (I am pretty sure I never had this much before) Eczema developed around my eyes and nose and it made me extremely itchy... but after ap
  2. Guys I had great results with tca 95% . I was so scared, I was in panic, i thought i had taken the worst decision of my life but it was the best. my icepick scars and boxcar scar were not that deep but they improved 60 or 80 % beautiful. I didnt fin so much info about all the process i was going to go through as days went by. But thats whiy im here you can ask me anything, scabs, aftercares, anything. and be patientce . and please first off don make them worst by trying things at home,
  3. Hello, I have this one scar on my cheek I'm super self conscious about. I think it's a boxcar scar (i feel like it's too wide to be an ice pick). I was wondering what acne scar treatments people would like would be the best for my scar type? Would TCA CROSS work (If i did that i would go to a professional)?? I included a bunch of different pics all taken in the same day with different lighting (harsh, natural) so you can gauge the depth and scar type. Any advice and guidance would be great. I un
  4. Hi All I finally get it no chemical peel or lasers can fix enlarged nose pores. I did all the extreme things to control or improve my large nose pores and scars. I had done more than 10 sessions of co2 with erbium which improved the scars and texture by 25%, atropic scars still there. These pores are crazy they are simply stubborn. They have affected my self esteem big time and have been a recluse for a while now. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone. Anybody who successfully cured enlarged p
  5. Hi guys, i just had had a TCA Cross done 2 days ago and I still have white stuff in my indentended acne scars. For those of you who have done TCA cross, is this normal? It just looks like I have foundation or lotion stuck in my scars...not sure what's going on. Any info appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, just reaching out to see if anyone knows of a professional who performs the TCA cross method in the Netherlands? Ive asked around and it seems that no one knows of/uses this method. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi! I bought 100% TCA cross from ebay to apply to my ice pick scars and small box scars. I have had great results on those type of scars, at least 50% improvement. However I have a small hypertrophic scar on my face which is really bothering me. Would TCA cross improve it? I searched for answers but couldn't find any. I also have a 1mm derma roller which produced great results on my rolling scars however I don't think it would work on a hypertrophic scar, perhaps only make it worse. Thanks!
  8. i tried to implement 80% tca at home.non-deep track.not acne skar.do my tracks deepen?I am so afraid.What can i do. Thank you
  9. I had subcision (2nd treatment) and TCA cross (first treatment) yesterday. Initially after TCA cross was done, each spot turned white but became red later on in the day. This morning the inside of each ice pick scar where TCA cross was performed was a little pinkish but no scabbing. My doctor said I could put makeup on right after treatment if I wanted and told me there wasn’t any post care for subcision or TCA cross. Seem correct? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Everyone I don't normally do these type of write ups but I thought I should share my success with fellow icepick scar/acne pit sufferers. I managed to get a private/NHS referral to see a dermatologist at Hammersmith Hospital in London where I had one treatment of TCA Cross. This was in October 2013. I am writing this post now because over the past month I have received a lot of positive comments about my skin. In the first few months after the treatment I thought the scars looked wi
  11. Just had my first TCA cross done on three scars on my left cheek around three hours ago! The scars all frosted over and the surrounding areas became red (wasn't expecting that) and stayed red for a little while. The acid stung a little. BUT they are currently not red at all, which is unexpected as well. It was performed by Dr. Billick's technician at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (I found out about her from the thread on a user's TCA cross in Montreal). She said it wasn't necessary
  12. Hi, is it possible to level a deep boxcar scars on temple areas to the surrounding skin through TCA Cross? Has anyone here tried it? Thanks!
  13. Hello I have been looking at the website for so long now and I wanted to get opinions on TCA Cross and what to do for the after treatment. So I had great skin throughout high school and then when I got to college my skin freaked out! Now I cleared my skin up, but I still get really inflamed red acne sometimes. Upon clearing my skin up I found that I have a few acne scars on my left check that are pretty deep and other are minor scars and I have another scar on my forehead that looks like a huge
  14. Hello, I have lots of scarred pores on my left cheekbone, like 20 of them. They are all about 1mm wide and 1-2 mm apart from eacother. I also have some deep boxcar scars but these really concern me too. Would TCA cross help with those or are they too small and too close?
  15. I am interested in doing the tca cross scar treatment at home. I haven't found much information about it online. I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly to do tca cross? Any links or videos would really help me and anybody else interested in doing tca cross at home. Are some scars too big to do tca cross on? What size are scars supposed to be to do tca cross on?
  16. I recently had tca cross and dermapen with Dr Chu in London and the results on one of my scars is so bad, I can't stop crying. I had a small icepick right between my eyes and now i have a huge crater. I am waiting to hear back from my doctor but I don't think anything can be done. I am such a fool for getting this done. I hate my face now.
  17. Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster Sorry in advance if this is a repeat question, I cannot seem to find a recent post on this. Looking to purchase TCA Cross kit to improve various chicken pox scars on my face. Does anyone know of a reputable website I can order this through? Many thanks in advance.
  18. The pictures below are the result of the first dermapen treatment Hi everyone, I have been wondering around this site and on youtube for the past few years trying to find out how to get rid of my rolling and boxcar scars on my cheeks. I was an inch away from having a CO2 laser done but I my mind kept telling me to try the dermaroller first due to how expensive it was I made a pledge to myself that once I find out something that works I will give back that knowledge. After sev
  19. Hi, I have just joined the forum. I'm on tetracycline antibiotics right now and I'm also using benzoyl peroxide topically at night which has cleared up my acne quite a bit. I wanted to ask a question about the scars I have after years of acne. I'm not sure what kind of scars they are and am wondering what my treatment options are for them?
  20. Hi guys, On the 19th Jan this year I went to my local dermatologist for some TCA. He initially put me on a regime to clear up the blackheads/pore problem i have on my nose and cheeks for a 6 week period and it worked great so I trusted his advice. I have a few scarred pores on my nose and I made sure I did a lot of research on the topic of TCA cross before I went ahead with it. He actually suggested the procedure before I even asked him about it which instilled confidence in me. He told
  21. I bought 100% TCA from ebay. Didn't do it on my face yet, but tried it on my arm. I have 4 scars - 3 identical burn scars (all brown, no indentation, 2.5 years old) and 1 deep hole that looks like a pock-mark, puffy around the hole I mixed the TCA with water 50-50 trying to get a strong enough blend.. I put it on the scars, no burning... added a bit more TCA and put it on the scars... Not much burning.. Made a stronger blend and uses a toothpick to put it inside the hole/scar... (was difficu
  22. I just wanted to start a topic that can definitively answer a common question people have about TCA Cross: Should I let the wound scab or keep it moist? I've seen arguments on the board for both sides, but after trying both ways, I can pretty confidently say that moist healing is the way to go. When I had TCA Cross for the first time I let my wounds scab over as per the instructions of many on this board. I ended up being reasonably happy with the results, and I can't say for sure that I wou
  23. So, I've just come back from my 3rd consultation regarding my acne scarring. The doctor mentioned that his speciality was acne scarring, which made me a little comfortable knowing that he tackles these problems on a daily basis. He was pleasant, but the consultation was a little rushed I felt and short. I didn't have enough time to ask all the questions I had wanted, and the script I had prepared beforehand went out of the window as I was presented with so many options. The doctor said that no
  24. Hi, I have a small deep pitted ice picked scarred pore. Will several procures of TCA Cross really help improve this scar or is this acne scar procedure just a scam? I'm an older person so I might need more procedures than younger people. If it works, can anyone recommend someone in the NJ or NYC area? Thank you for your help.
  25. Hi, im wondering if anyone can advice me what treatment should I go for. I did about 6 times of fractional co2. I’m thinking of going for tca cross or infini or ematrix