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Found 500 results

  1. Helloo Since around the beginning of September, I have been breaking out. Normally, I have relatively nice skin and only get around 1-3 pimples a month. Before school started, my skin was the best its ever been. There was a point where I had no pimples! But now I broke out badly. I think its partly from the stress because this school year has brought on more stress than I've ever encountered. But because of this bad breakout I went to the derm for the first time and she prescribed me 0.1% Tazor
  2. So I've been on tazorac for 7 weeks now and still getting cystic acne. Should I just stop and ask the doctor for a different medication?? When I originally went it was just hormonal acne on my chin, but now it's on my cheeks and their big and cystic. I take bactrum and wash my face with cetaphil face wash. Any suggestions??
  3. Hey guys, I'm on week 14 of Tazorac and I am starting to lose hope. At this point, I thought my skin would have improved. However, I am still getting breakouts. I went to see a new dermatologist over last summer 2016 because I was getting cysts on my neck (rest of my face was clear). She prescribed me a retinoid, however, I now looked worse than before I started. Background: 18, male and suffered from severe acne since aged 10. Took Accutane twice (8th grade and 10th) and both times have w
  4. Tazorac? Differin? Retin-A Micro? Other? i've been reading mixed reviews about all three. if you could also give a brief history of stuff you've used that would be great too!
  5. I just started Accutane 1 week ago. I can already see the difference! My face has cleared tremendously! My face is already drying out and peeling slightly. I thought it was supposed to take a month to see results. Is this normal? As a precaution, I have already started myself on Cetaphil for my face, Eucering Lotion for my body and Aquafor for my lips. I am noticing though that my scalp and skin is very itchy. Not from being dry. Is this normal??? I am terrified that I am going to expe
  6. I don't know if this would be too much for my skin. I've got moderate acne, and I started tazorac around 2 1/2 weeks or so ago. I've had some breakouts, which I'm assuming are just from the tazorac clearing up my pores, but I thought about going on the Regimen during my use of tazorac. Anyone have any suggestions for that? I'd obviously have to alter it at night because I don't want to put both BP and tazorac on. Thoughts?
  7. i've been on tazorac for 2 months and i've seen some improvment... very little tho... all my whiteheads are starting to come put... and a lot of them are just sticking out... i also have black head and white head around the nose... and beside the nostril area too... is it alright to put tazorac around there?
  8. Hello, I currently have mild to moderate acne....like it annoys me but it really isn't THAT Bad you know? I've tried a bunch of stuff: clydmcin gel, tazorac, benzac gel, minoclyclin etc. Today my mom talked to my dermatologist (I'm in Baltimore at school, but live in NY) and my mom told her how pissed i was with my skin and she said that when i get back for spring break i can start on accutane if i want. This makes me happy because i know i wont have to deal with pimples anymore reall
  9. I'm on Tazorac, Akne-mycin, and 100mg of Minocycline. I use Akne-mycin and take one pill every morning. At night I use Tazorac, and then apply Akne-mycin. I'm on my 13th week of treatment. While my face is not 100% clear, it has improved greatly. I was just wondering how long it would take before I was 100% clear.
  10. I've used Tazorac for 2 months.. and when i first started using it I had a pretty bad break out.. i guess it was the initial break out from the tazorac... i visited my derm juz yesterday... and i'm gonna be goin on accutane... my questino is.. since i already got a break out from the tazorac ... which i stopped using for 3 days... will the accutane still gimme an initial breakout? my derm tells me only wut.. 5% of ppl get the break out.. and i was thinking.. sounds good.. but sounds lik
  11. Ok, so i never went with Dans regimen lol, i was too worried , plus my face was looking clear. For those of you who dont know, i've been on tazorac/clindagel/doryx for the past 5 months or so. My face finally settled down after the 3-4 month mark and its looking good. My question is though...I stopped taking Doryx like 5 days ago. I dont really like the idea of popping pills, plus i didnt really think it was doing anything. I think the tazorac/clindagel would be plenty for my light-mild acne
  12. Tonight is my seventh night on Tazorac (4 nights straight, two nights off after massive peeling, now no more peeling.) I'm not experiencing any more irritation really (which is a nice feeling, considering the tazorac I was on years ago made me look miserably sunburned), but I'm thinking that it's giving me some blackheads here and there. Is this possible? Have any of you had blackheads with taz? I'm talking about the blocked pores, not purging... (I had one night of purging, then tazorac
  13. I have been using Tazorac for about three weeks now and I've already noticed a big difference. I also take Minocycline every morning, but regardless, I have clear skin! At first, I did get a few pimples and VERY VERY dry skin, but now my skin has become used to it. I have regular skin again, I don't even use that much moisturizer and I don't need to wear foundation or anything b/c I have no pimples. You guys should try this. IT WORKS!
  14. For my morning use---- Okay, well im using aveeno clear complexion foaming face wash, in the morning, followed by aveen clear complexion mositurizer in teh morning. along with the Natures Cure BP after that. I take 2 natures cure pills everyday, one in morning, one at night. For night---- At night i was my face, but i dont use a moisturizer afterwards. I just apply tazorac all over my face, even in spots where there is no acne, because if i find i missed a spot, i usually end u
  15. i barely got off tane a month ago and to be honest i was breaking out right away after my course. Now my oil is returning and my derm is telling me to use tazorac and mino. The thing is though, i used retin a micro for like a year before tane and all it did was f*ck up my skin. So has anyone been successful with taz? does taz actually help reducing oil or no?
  16. who has used this? i just saw a post with a picture of it. my friend used it and it did wonders for her, and i asked my mom to ask my doctor about it. i used tazorac but it doesnt work for me anymore. if you use products for a long time they no longer work...... so does this stuff work?
  17. I just discovered this site a few days ago and think that it's great. However, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have been on antibiotics for about 5 years and they have kept my face mostly clear. However, a few months ago I started using a face wash and lotion with salicylic acid in it and my skin got progressively worse. Has anyone had a similar experience or reaction to a product? Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I stopped using it and went to my dermatologist. He thinks th
  18. Hi, I really need some help. Just when i thought my skin was clearing up I had a big breakout a few months ago and have been breaking oout ever since. Now it's pretty bad, the acne is moderate and very persistant. So about 2 weeks ago I went to the derm and he prescribed Klaron (antibacterial) in the mornings, Tazorac at night, and Dynacin 100mg once a day. I'm starting the third week now using this regimen every day. So far I haven't noticed ANY improvement, and I know it may take a few
  19. I started Tazorac in April 2003. I stopped using it around August when I became clear, which was a stupid mistake because I began to breakout again. So I've restarted. My concern is that my pores have become very enlarged. I swear that the only thing I can think could be the cause is the Tazorac. When I stopped using it, my pores shrank to normal size and when I restarted, they were huge again. I just went to the dermatologist today and she said that she has never heard of that happeni
  20. I went to a new dermatologist today and she switched my regimen. I was on Tazorac and Tetracycline for about a year and a half. I use Cetaphil to wash (just started trying it without water) and Cetaphil moisturizer twice a day. The meds worked at first but seem to have stopped and the Tazorac is also drying out my skin horribly now. My skin seems pretty sensitive as well. Even the moisturizer burns it a bit when I apply it. Here is what my new derm prescribed me: Retin A Micro .01% in
  21. Hi -- I am having great results with Tazorac -- my skin is clear, my acne scars are fading, and the blackheads on my nose are gone.... But since I switched from the cream to the gel, I've noticed that my skin is oilier than it was with the cream. Is it possible that the 0.05% gel is overdrying my skin? I've been leaving it on overnight, would just using it as a mask for 30 minutes or maybe using a moisturizer over counteract the drying effects? I may also switch back to the cream -- not
  22. my derm just prescribed me to take 2 100mg pills of minocycline...one in the mornin and one in the evening as well as applying 10% klaron lotion (which is sodium sulfacetamide, i think similar to tazorac). I am confident that the mino will help clear me up in a few months or so because my acne is only moderate, except over the last 1 1/2 months i have had pretty good success at limiting breakouts with dan's regimen. Nowhere near total clearing but only one or two new pimples a day. Should i cont
  23. I just stopped tazorac.. Not because my doc or anythin. But ive been on it for 6 months n it hasn't really completely cleared me up. N i still get new breakouts. Its just annoying too puttin it on my face everynite n never gettin 100% clear :-k Also, i feel like it makes my face all red n my marks stand out more...N every little pimple i get. without even touchin it, turns to a bright red mark #-o Anyways, It's the 2nd day..And no new anything. Imma c how it goes......Cuz skool starts in 2 week
  24. Well Im ont tazorac now, and it seems to work great..but i naturally have an oily face...and..it seems now that its just HORRIBE! shine shine shine...esepcially at school. I dont know what can control it...the clean and clear moisturizer for oily skin doenst work...and aveeno clear complexion moisturizer doesnt stop it...ive used the little powder puff clean and clear thing for oilyness, and the blotting sheets...Im thinking about going on b5? any things u guys use that work?
  25. Is Tazorac (cream) effective on the back? Ive been getting a bad breakout since being off Bactrim especially on my back, and Tazorac has been effective on my face. Wondered if it worked the same on my back... thanks.