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Found 1,000 results

  1. just wondering if anyone that used tazorac was left with scars. what kind of acne did you have? and what kind of scars? thanks.
  2. hello12345

    taz and mino

    well i told myself i'd stay off this site cause my acne only got worse after getting on it, but i gotta say that taz and mino really worked for me, im about a month and a half into it, 2 pills a day, use the taz at night, and not a single pimple right now. i had moderate acne for about 10 months, no cyst though. for the 1st month using these, i broke out pretty bad and it didn't seem to do anything but make me worse, but now for about a week ive been completely clear. just wanted to let anyon
  3. OK... prepare to read a long tragedy Ive been using minocycline & Tazorac, and it works ok but not good enough See im 13 years old and sooooo many other kids make fun of my acne (no I do not look like my avatar pic!) Doesnt anyone remember those years? Everyday its "oh look its pimple master!" And im very stressed and depressed. Im the only one in the school with this type of acne! Im thinking of going on duac but im worried that too much medication will irritate my skin and make acne wor
  4. Has anyone had luck with high doses of Minocycline, 300mg/day or more? I was on 100mg Minocycline about a year ago that didn't do anything for me. I have mod/severe cystic acne with moderate/severe scarring on my Tzone. My genius derm wants me to go on 300mg/day for a few months before trying Accutane (what I wanted in the first place, maybe then I wouldn't have these huge dents in my cheeks ) Since it didn't work on 100mg should I even bother? I have also been using Sulfacet and Tazorac tha
  5. whitelori

    Tazorac .1

    Hi all, I recently posted to the EDS Skin Care Forum about this but wanted to ask here as well. I've been on Tazorac for about 4 months and it has helped me greatly in regards to acne. Lately I've noticed some hyperpigmentation (brand new freckles showing up in the morning and brown spots on cheeks) and I believe it is caused from using Tazorac. My entire forehead is two different colors. Parts of the browning on my cheeks almost look like brown lines. I also have two new deep scars that we
  6. im going to the dermatologist soon and i want to request a pill i can take in addition to the tazorac im taking. im thinking minocyclin seems to be the best from this message board, but id like to hear any other suggestions. im not nearly severe enough for accutane and i wouldnt take it anyway. the tazorac works great but still i get pimples here and there and i want to be done. so i figure a pill in addition to the tazorac would make sense. so please if you have any advice as to specific p
  7. douchebag


    Whos useing it and how is it working.
  8. so i started on tazorac cream .1% last night. i know they say to use a pea size drop all over but i tried that and tried to dot my face all over and then spread it in, but since i break out pretty much everywhere that was near impossible to get it applied to everywhere. another thing, my face this morning isn't irritated in the least. even less so than if i were using BP. is it ok to use a pea sized amount for my face and then use another smaller amount for my jaw/neck which is bad? thanks.
  9. Night4Rain


    I started Tazorac in April 2003. I stopped using it around August when I became clear, which was a stupid mistake because I began to breakout again. So I've restarted. My concern is that my pores have become very enlarged. I swear that the only thing I can think could be the cause is the Tazorac. When I stopped using it, my pores shrank to normal size and when I restarted, they were huge again. I just went to the dermatologist today and she said that she has never heard of that happeni
  10. Hello, My name is Ben. I am a 22 year old Dental student and this is my acne story. As a junior in high school I had some mild/severe acne that was improved by taking accutane. At the time I had the usual side effects, dryness, soreness, etc. Ever since that 1st round I have been following a pretty consistent rhythm of breakouts. During the summers when I can get a lot of exposure to the sun (and a nice tan) my acne is almost non existent, yet when the winter comes around so does the acne
  11. First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm a 16 year old guy and I've had acne for about 2 years. I had been using over the counter stuff but a few months ago my acne decided to get pretty bad so I went to a dermatologist. She prescribed Differin 0.3 and Solodyn 90mg. I don't think there was much of an initial breakout and my skin started getting better. I went in for a checkup a month or so later and the doc decided that it was 50% clear (I think it was more like 70%) and that I
  12. dude217


    I have had acne when i was around 14 to 16 and i had gone to a dermatologist and have been prescribed in using medications such as Benzyol Peroxide, Tazorac, Clindmyclin, Epiduo, and even pills. And it WORKED. My skin had cleared up! however i could not handle the one or two breakouts sometimes so i kept on going to the dermatologist for a perfect flawless skin. After a while i stopped the medications that were given because i felt that my skin was flawless. However after 2 or 3 months of not u
  13. drummer777

    Post Accutane?

    So I finished up my accutane cycle a couple weeks ago and I'm completely clear except for a little scarring. I was thinking about doing the acne.org regimen but I don't feel like it is necessary since I don't have acne but I'm just afraid of it coming back! Right now I'm just using a Cetaphil cleanser and tazorac gel at night. Is this enough or should I really be washing my face twice a day?
  14. Sassygurl1008


    I am 25 years old and suffer from moderate acne. I started getting acne when I was about 12 years old. My mother was an acne sufferer as a child and knew what I was going through and took me straight to the dematologist. since then I couldn't even tell you all the medicines I had been on. The medicines would work for awhile, then my skin would get immune to it and I would have to switch to something new. When I turned 18, my face just cleared up and stayed that way until this past year. My face
  15. When do you take Minocycline if you only have to take it once per day now? Would it be better in the morning or in the evening? I think the evening would be better as in the morning you would be more sensitive to the sun. I'm also using Tazorac by the way... Please respond! Thanks!
  16. hi, I've been using tazorac for about 7 weeks now. I've seen no results with it. In fact, my face may have gotten worse. I read a little about tazorac. Everyone seemed to experience a lot of peeling. I never experienced that peeling. The box on tazorac says i should not store it in temps above 86 F. For about 4 days i left it in my car where the temperature may have made it go above 86. But other than that, it's been stored at room temperature. I'm worried that maybe that incident me
  17. I've tried tazorac and it burned my face, made it peel, regardless of ammount of moisturizer I used, I looked like a zombie from the crypt. I used it for about 3 weeks and it also made the whiteheads come out in the morning, really gross and unpleasant. Are there any topical treatment that are effective yes milder? BP and SA both dry out my skin.
  18. i know using both retin a and benzaclin together shows fast results...but after the retnoid has been applied for 3 months plus...cant you ween off the benzaclin? and just be dependent on the retnoid? has anyone tried this?
  19. I apply tazorac to my face at night, right before I go to sleep. I've been getting a lot of dry skin so I use neutrogena healthy defense daily moisturizer in the morning to remove the dry skin. should I be putting some kind of moisturizer on my face immediately after I use tazorac? also, is this a good daily regime? am: neutrogena oil free acne wash cloth erythromycin gel 2% neutrogena daily moisturizer uninted spf 30 pm neutrogena oil free acne wash cloth tazorac 0.1%
  20. bradleygirl

    Need Advice!!!!

    Ok so I am going to the dermatologist for the first time in a year next Thursday. I have tried every antibiotic, differin, retin-a micro, tazorac, evoclin, duac, and rosula face cleanser. I am working as a camp counselor this summer and will be spending a lot of time in the sun and was wondering if anyone had any advice for what I should maybe ask for when I go to the derm. The majority of my acne is hormonal and i take birth control for it but I also have some clogged pores. I break out basical
  21. ok ive been on DORY X for around 5 months now maybe longer and nothing!! i am also using TAZORAC the strongest gel as well! WHen i take DORY X i eat soo omuch food and then take it. Are you not supposed to eat when you take it???????/ im lost... thanks
  22. DaCitysBest25

    Marks After Tazorac

    Whats up ppl, I've been on tazorac for about of month so far, and my face is really better. I dont really have any pimple but i have marks. Anybody can recommend anything that i can get from a pharmacy to help them go away. If someone would acutually answer my post ,it would help alot.. thanks.
  23. I've been using Differin .3 and .1 for a year now. I know that Differin still works for me because I've gone off it for a week before and my skin got worse. But I feel like it's less effective then it was in the beginning. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you try switching to Retin A or Tazorac? I know they're supposed to be stronger so I thought that could help. I've tried EVERYTHING else! Including Aha and/or Bha in the AM as well as Finacea, etc. My acne is mild and non-hormonal-
  24. Hi all, ive been on Tazorac for the past week or so, and i am not expiercing any of the common side effects, aside from a little dryness/flakiness, and when i say little i mean LITTLE like barely any. My face does not burn, it only turns red though. So my question is, is this a good sign or a bad sign? Will tazorac work? Cheers !
  25. nyygiants4444

    Comon Tazorac!...

    Ok, I thought i was done with my initial breakout and stuff, but nope! Im on my 20th day of using tazorac. I've been getting little whiteheads here and there for the past 4 mornings. Its reallyyyyy annoying. By the way, my acne is not even bad, its just bad in MY eyes. One thing that is improving is the dryness and flaking, i only really need to put on moisturizer in the morning on some parts of my face. Will the dryness and flakyness eventually get better? when?? AND...When will i stop get