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Found 21 results

  1. I’m a bit late updating as not much has really happened. Just over a week ago my doctor upped me to 40mg, he warned me that because I had such a good first month my skin would likely get worse for a while when increasing my dosage. My skin has actually stayed the same, I haven’t had any breakouts, the only think I’ve noticed is that other parts of my body are starting to get really dry now too like my arms and knees. One thing that did surprise me is the price of the Isotretinoin. 20mg onl
  2. Allright, I promised myslelf to post regularly, so from now on, Im gonna post every other night. And it would probably be a good idea to make my posts more organized or something like that : Day : 34 Current Regimen : Accutane 5mg (every other day) , Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night) BP(for 2 days and than I take 2 days break) AHA 10% every 3 days at night. Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d) Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg
  3. Hi everyone , Well , I don't like long posts , as I personally, find them boring and hard to read so I'll try to keep it short and simple : I'm 21 yo, male , 65kg(more like 63 ) , for about a year I was on Dan's Regimen ,which gave me great results except for side effects that amazingly resulted in seborhea, which is wierd cause most people that use BP experience dry skin. Mine was dry before regimen, but as I figured out, beacuase of the exesive peeling etc my skin started producing m
  4. Is it ok to take laxatives whilst taking accutane. I am currently taking 50mg.
  5. What tips and advice can you guys give me to prevent scarring and make the journey more tolerable? Please, keep it short and sweet. <3 Thanks
  6. I'm on my 6th day of accutane and my skin is already becoming extremely dry. I'm currently using boots simply sensitive moistriser but once it is applied to my skin, my face burns and stings? Is this normal? I'm thinking of changing the moisturiser to a better brand. I have really sensitive, combination skin. Any opinions on avenno or cetaphil. Thanks.
  7. Btw what is with my doc saying well also try "lifestyle changes" what the ! Made me so angry I was seriously gna go skitzo on her but I decided to listen cause she hadn't written the prescription yet but really, if it was as easy as a simple lifestyle change #drinkmorewater or #exercisealittle and #eatlessdairy&junk then I wouldn't be in her room trying not to beg her for something that I have a right to be prescribed in the first place. It's so frustrating how difficult they make it especi
  8. So after trying everything and never having much scarring i cared about till last year, I'm deciding to go on accutane. Will be getting it next month and I am finally ready to say good bye to this dam disease - scars upset me but my good looks and humour make up for for that Has anyone had any luck with scar reduction while on accutane, my scars are a year old (the ones I even car about)
  9. Negative Accutane Experiences Survey: Name/username: Gender: Age: How long has it been since you took Accutane? Describe your skin before Accutane: Describe your health before Accutane: Did either of your parents take Accutane or antibiotics? Before Accutane, did you take antibiotics? Did you use retinoids? What other medications or supplements did you take before Accutane? What was your diet like before Accutane? Describe a typical day's meals. Did you drink enough water? Did y
  10. Hey guys, first post here. About to finish my fourth month of accutane. First three months I did 40mg/day and last month I did 60mg/day. In the last two months, I've only had 2 pimples (both two months ago) and so my derm told me that I am done. He said I could do one more month if I really wanted to and that he would leave it up to me. The thing I am worried about is that my cumulative dosage so far is only 75mg/kg when recommended is 125-150. If I was to do one more month at 60mg then I w
  11. Day : 38 Regimen : Accutane 5mg (every other day) , Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night) BP for 2 days and than : AHA 10% for two days at night and than for two days nothing but mositurizer) Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d) Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex) It's day 38 and as I promised I'm posting the cumulative dose (which is small but still) I've taken so far : 31x2,5 mg + 3x5 mg = 92,5 mg I k
  12. Day : 36 Regimen : Accutane 5mg (every other day) , Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night) BP(for 2 days and than I take 2 days break) AHA 10% every 3 days at night. Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d) Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex) So it's day 36 , Yesterday I took 5mg pill, tomorrow I'm gonna take next one. On Thursday Im gonna post my start date and cumulative dose I've taken already. Talking
  13. Day 0 Alright, so, after using Tazorac for 7 weeks I have seen some results (at least I think I do) and other people do too, but not my dermatologist, so two days ago, I signed the iPledge booklet all over, and my mom bought me my first box of Claravis today. I am starting on 40mg a day. I am pretty nervous about this... I know what to expect, and I just read the whole Medical Information packet that came in the box, I hope I do not die or have seizures... I am a cheerleader too, so I am n
  14. Brief history - I've had acne since 6th grade (about to go into 9th). No cystic acne but I had pretty moderate persistent acne. My face was also disgustingly oily, I'm talking practically dripping and hour after I put on my makeup! I started accutane beginning in feb. 2012. My skin cleared up within the first 2 months and I didn't get a SINGLE pimple. My skin was flawless and the oily sheen was gone! I was beyond happy! I was supposed to do 9 months but I only ended up doing 7... on the month w
  15. Hi all, This is my first post so hope I am putting in the correct place! Bit of a background - I am 25, weigh 55kg and I am 5ft6. On the 23rd July I would have been on Acctuane for 4 months at various doses (20mg, 30mg, 40mg & 50mg). The dosage that works best for me is 40mg - everything has been fine and I am already spot free, touch wood I haven't had a new spot in over a month. My acne was not severe before but I would get new spots every other day and the general look of my ski
  16. I'll start off by saying im a long time lurker but I promised myself I would post my accutane experience for others to see once I was through with it. Im a 21 year old male and i had moderate, very persistent acne. I would always have at least two big cysts on my cheeks, and this was while I was on other medications. I used differin, clindoxyl, and was on minocycline and doxycycline for over 2 years. It kept my acne under control, but it was always a temporary solution and I was never clear ju
  17. Day : 38 Regimen : Accutane 5mg (every other day) , Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night) BP for 2 days and than : AHA 10% for two days at night and than for two days nothing but mositurizer) Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d) Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex) Day 40 , no significant changes except for the oilness which in my opinion is less noticable than it was ... maybe a week ago. Besides it's been m
  18. jesuislouise


    Completely forgot to update this last week but I have been on Roaccutane 4 weeks yesterday! It's gone by so quickly. It's funny, because when I started Roaccutane my dermatologist told me 'you'll be clear by week 4' and by week 3 I was thinking 'as if ill be clear in a week' as I was suffering an IB. Right enough, I have no active spots and its week 4. My skins actually looking really good RN and touch wood I'm over the IB! I ended up buying organic rosehip seed oil in week 3 because everyon
  19. Can anyone let me know of their experiences with eye drops and Accutane? I work on a computer all day long so therefore I'm not helping my eyes while one Accutane. I even use to have problems with red eyes due to working on the computer BEFORE I even started Accutane. I've taken several measures to reduce the harm to my eyes such as warming my screen's color, drinking more water and trying to take frequent breaks from the computer. Although this works to some extent, sometimes I get caught up an
  20. Hey everyone, I am currently on my second accutane course and I would like to hear your opinion on a couple of things. My first course went from October last year until March this year. I was on 10mg a day for the first 4 months and on 20mg for the last two. I experienced only the usual side effects like dry lips and dry skin. However, after I finished my skin went back to the way it was before within only 4 weeks! I figured that 10mg/20mg are too low to achieve a permanent result. For my
  21. I was wondering if you are able to get a tattoo while on Accutane. I am on a low dose, 20mg, but probably moving up to 40mg soon, female, 23 years old, weigh about 127lbs, and am interested in getting some script across my ribs on one side. I would just wait rather than ask, as I only have 4 months left on it, but I want to get this tattoo to remember my close friend/roommate who passed away suddenly this past weekend... I feel like it would be really cathartic and help me to feel close to her