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Found 18 results

  1. HI I am a 15 year old male and I have had acne for a while since 13. gradually it has gotten worse and i have used many products. I first started using Differen, then tea tree oil, tooth paste, proactiv, and other acne cleansers and toners and now im using Accutane and im on my 10th week. my Derm told me to only have 2 a week so thats what im doing. I will see him again on Friday and will ask to go to 1 a day as i am yet to see much improvemt. However thats not where my question is Since i
  2. My face is noticeably lighter than my body and I started to use a face solarium so my face would match my body. I have an acid peel face mask and it said on the back it makes your face more sensitive to the sun, so I was stupid (i know this) and thought it'd give me a tan if I used it after my peel. My face has a white shiny red cast over the top of it now and my face is always so much redder than my body. I have yellow toned body and red/pink face? How can I reverse this?
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently on Roaccutane and am really really pale, which means that every single bit of hyperpigmentation (and there is a lot) is on full show. I'm so pale you can even see veins! I used to go to the sunbeds once a week for like 5 minutes before I started (not a lot at all) to just keep up a slight tan, however, this is obviously not really doable... I'm not a massive fan of spray tans as I find they are just far too messy, and especially on Roaccutane with the dry skin it ju
  4. Hello, I'm new to the regimen and about 5-6 weeks in, so far its great. My skin is at its best in the last two years and the red marks and active acne are slowly diminishing. Before I had acne, I was so self-conscious about my pale skin and I would use spray tanner, I used this for two years and then stopped when I started getting acne on my face. Even without the tanner, my skin was horrible and I caked on makeup everyday. All that aside, my main question is can I start to use my tanner again,
  5. Everytime I use salycilic acid on my face it makes me look suntanned. I did some research on the topic and read that salycilic acid can cause mild hyperpigmentation! I thought this was interesting because it clears your skin of acne and makes you look tanner at the same time, all without the risks of tanning beds. Has anyone else noticed this after using salycilic acid?
  6. Just finished my first week of being on the regimen, and after applying the BP and Dan's moisturiser, and even in the morning, where I just apply the moisturiser - I am left looking like I've done a very poor job with fake tan on my face. This wouldn't usually be a problem, as hey, who doesn't love a tan? The only problem is, it's only colouring certain areas of my face and I live in the UK, where Sun is a rare occurrence, thus making me look like I got a bit too excited with my sister's fake ta
  7. my skin is definitely clearing up, but its been a month and my skin is becoming very tan from these products.. is anyone else having this problem? is it normal? HELP
  8. Hi! Basically, for about 4 years now my face has been 100 times lighter than the rest of my body and I've found no causes or way to solve this. I have been in the sun and when I tan, the one on my face lasts maybe a week while my body is very dark.(I'm naturally olive skin tone) I usually just go more pale and red in the sun but my body will tan, I have used a face solarium to tan my face but it actually makes me paler. This has caused so much distress for my self esteem as I used to be s
  9. Hi gang! My background: Lurker for close to 10 years, almost as long as I have had acne. I am a mid-20s college student raising a sibling. In other words, I have no time. I want to look presentable, though. This is why clearing my skin naturally is so important to me. I also don't wear makeup.. so it's magnifies the issue. I'm a hard INTJ, if you dig MBTI. That means I'm typically anxious and tense, which I'm sure is a big part of my acne. BCP (Yasmin) cleared my skin in my teens. Went
  10. So first thing I am male I heard there are Sunscreens with tan, so not regular white ones but bronze colour or something like that and that that could hide acne, is it true? If it is can anyone recommend some of those sunscreens ? Sry for bad English
  11. The regimen works great for me, but its always looked like I'm tanning, and only tanning my face. I think its mostly the moisturizer. Although the BP also make me look tan, the moisturizer just makes it look silly. I'm from Norway, so I have naturally very pale skin, and the skin from the neck to the face looks just silly. Recently started using AHA+ (50/50 4 times a week and 100% 3 times a week, pm), which makes it a lot more silly looking. What can I do about this? Is there some ot
  12. Summers coming up and I want to know if I should avoid the sun like a vampire or if it would help the scarring in some way. share your experiences with your acne scars and hyperpigmentation being exposed to sunlight, and your skin tanning etc. Did the white scars stay white or did they blend in? Did the red/purple marks get darker? etc.
  13. What experiences have people had with using fake tan and how it makes the acne and/or scarring look? My experiences have been positive as it makes redness looks less pronounced, just wondering what anyone else thinks?
  14. Hi All! I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and might have a possible solution. I'm 2 weeks into the regimen. I love the cleanser, the BP does its job, but when I get to the moisturizer... !!!! 15 minutes or so after I put it on (as Dan suggested), it dehydrates my skin rather than making it feel moisturized and soft. I can barely move my face. It also makes my skin yellow and itchy too. I look tanner than my sister who plays football everyday. Help?? Advice?? Suggestions??
  15. Hey all, I want to use a sunbed for 3 minuets, I'm very pale and I just want a bit of a tan, I understand the risks and as long as you don't go crazy in my opinion it's okay, please don't contradict me on this! My question is, does using BP and AHA, more importantly AHA (I know about the sun exposure thing,) cause any problems if you use a sunbed for 3 minuets? Thanks!
  16. Does the Sun Burn/Tan Your Lips, and Do You Need to Protect Them?

    The skin on the lips, just like the skin on the rest of the body, serves as a protective barrier to the tissues underneath. However, the skin on the lips has some major differences that make the lips: More prone to sunburn Less prone to suntan More prone to dryness Little to No Melanin - More Prone to Sunburn, Less Prone to Suntan Melanin is a pigment in the skin that gives skin its color and protects the skin from...
  17. Has anyone else noticed that the Acne.org moisturizer (which I love!) has made you slightly tanner? Many people have noticed this for me and also for my friend who I got to use Acne.org's products. I'm just guessing that its the moisturizer however it could also be one of the other 2 steps of the Regimen.
  18. So done with accutane (its been 6days) still have some scars but they get lighter day by day. Questions: 1) powerlifting: my deadlift felt better yesterday and i hope it gets better but Will increased testo from weights produce acne again after few months? 2) How long should i wait to get tan? (not to get black but just light tan -not on my face!) 3) How long should i wait to consume ny alcohol? 4) My stretch marks from lifting weights have been increased. Will they continue like this