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Found 42 results

  1. WasaMattaU

    Epiduo- 9 Weeks

    Hi Everyone, So I know that this log is kind of late in the game as I'm starting my documentation 9 weeks into my prescription but I thought I would give it a go to help my self-perception as well as to hear other peoples experience. Week 8 on Epiduo was probably my best week by far, while this last week has been a nightmare I've gone from having 1-3 nodular/cysts to my current 8 nodular/cysts over this course. I honestly believed my face was healing and getting better but in the last
  2. Hi everyone, I've been following this site for years now but have finally decided to share my experience and hopefully hear from others who have gone or are currently going through the same thing. Like most people here I've had acne since I was 12 and its gone through stages from moderate to severe. A bit of my background: I'm a 22M who has gone through 2 courses of Accutane. In both cases my skin cleared up "thankfully" by the 2nd month mark and stayed clear until a good month or so aft
  3. emily2013

    Day 11

    So I decided to start keeping track of my experience with epiduo on this site, as I've spent enough time lurking on other people's blogs about it, and I figure tracking my progress on here could help me to stick to the regime... and also my boyfriend is already sick of hearing every tiny detail about my skin, so I decided to obsess in a slightly more appropriate environment. A bit of background - I'm 22, and my skin has never been great, I've always had at least one spot on the go. I've had
  4. Hello! I need some help as I have not seen any posts that are similar to my issue I have moderate acne, oily skin, large pores and blackheads on my nose/cheek areas. My dermatologist prescribed Tactuo (Epiduo in the US - I am from Canada) which is basically adapalene 0.1% with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. It works very similarly to Differin, but just works more on bacteria. I used this product for 4 months and it cleared up my skin tremendously (I could actually go without wearing a foundatio
  5. carmencaisley

    Day 6

    Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. So basically, this blog is about the topical acne product called Tactuo (Epiduo in the United States) and how my face reacts/adjusts to it. I've read plenty of reviews on the product and only 2 blogs from people who have recorded their daily progress on the product, and so I've decided to do the same! I'll be writing new entries daily-weekly on my experiences with Tactuo/Epiduo [on my face] and hopefully my they will help those who are either considering us
  6. KaterinaP

    Epiduo Week 2

    My experience with Epiduo is going well so far. Going into week 2 my face was really red and very sensitive to almost anything. I had to keep manually exfoliating my face with my fingers in the shower because of the peeling and how dry it became. Also it didn't matter how long I waited after washing my face, the epiduo burned after I applied it and continued to burn for about 20 minutes after application. As far as breakouts go, my face started breaking out more in week 2. I guess it is more
  7. Katzillah

    Day Five

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - This is kind of where things started to get grizzly. Whiteheads started to charge their way out, and the dryness and burning started to hit full force
  8. Katzillah

    One Week

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - I Survived! I know, I know, there's still a while to go, but what may not look like huge progress as far as clearing my acne, I'm happy that things are getting going, and all that wonderful stuff that's been hiding out under my skin is ridding itself. At this point my routine is as follows: Morning: Wash face with Cetaphil (no face cloth, due to sensitivity) Neutrogena Alcohol free Toner Avene Clean-Ac Cream (hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic) (only after the recommendation of a friend
  9. Katzillah

    Day One

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - Could be worse,but this is as bad as I've ever had it. Deduction lead to the root of the problem is the Mirena IUD I got inserted in early May, and aside from just getting the IUD removed, my doctor recommended using Tactupump (Tactuo/Epiduo), and here we are!
  10. Katzillah

    Day Two

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - I know, every day updates are a little excessive, but I was noticing changes so, I kept track haha
  11. emily2013

    Day 29 - Bad Times

    Update! My skin has been a lot worse this week, so no pics, because they fill me with despair I'm not sure why, maybe stress, maybe impatience, but I definitely haven't managed to keep to my no-touching rule, and it has had a massive impact on the appearance of my spots. It's also had a massive impact on my confidence, and I've been more upset about my skin this week than ever before - it's been a real struggle to just make myself get out of the house every day to go to work, and I even worked
  12. Hello everyone! I never had acne all my life, but for some reason about 5 months before my 22nd birthday, I started breaking out. I tried absolutely everything. I have really big pores and very oily skin, which makes me break out quite a bit (nothing severe, but pretty annoying). My doctor put me on Tactuo. I used it 2 nights in a row and used less than the recommended dose. I didn't use any last night. Now, my skin burns like crazy. This morning I washed my face gently and applied moisturizer
  13. I've been on the regimen for one month, washing my face twice a day with a cleanser and moisturizing after, and using Epiduo (2.5% BP) once a day, but I'm still getting new acne, why?? It's been a month already and I haven't even noticed my old acne (before I started) getting any better too (maybe slightly), I'm still getting at least 1 new pimple everyday which usually goes away in few days, but more come back. I know people are going to tell me 'just be patient' and 'it will get better', but w
  14. So, here's the down low (or low down?): I was on accutane for five months in 2010. Cleared my acne beautifully. Completely eradicated my cystic acne and oily skin. I had clear skin for a while, but the pustules slowly began coming back. Right now, I have acne on my forehead (tiny bumps everywhere that turn into big ones) and I get some around my mouth. I went to the doctors and he said that I should get some blood tests done to determine if my acne was hormonal. But he told me to schedule an ap
  15. Sooo, I haven't updated for a while, as to be honest my face was looking pretty horrible and taking pictures of it every day was just making me feel worse about it. But I've uploaded some pics of how my skin's looking today, after another 11 days of using epiduo - I think there's been a big improvement! I definitely feel happier with how it looks, and that's even after another couple of times where I got really frustrated with it and squeezed/picked/generally prodded at my face, taking me back t
  16. LordSchweitzer

    My Decrepit Skin

    Good morning Starshine! The Earth says hello! You know what's fun? Adult acne... NOT. I have no idea how many accounts I have made on this website and how many logs I have made battling my various acne chronicles (I have forgotten all of the passwords and email addresses from said accounts in the past. I have a feeling that the email account fatman_blindman@hotmail.com no longer exists.) Long story short, had acne sine a teenager. Lots o' topicals (which did shit), antibiotics, three (yes t
  17. I am 16 year old guy and ive been dealing with acne since i was 13 and its always been a problem for me to go out with my friends or even talk to girls since im so self-conscious about the fact that they'll look at me differently since I have acne. My dad had severe acne in his teen years too but he used accutane to get rid of his. I can say that I have moderate acne and coming from my dad, I am not interested in using accutane due to the severe side effects. I get pimples mostly on my cheeks, s
  18. Hi! I have created this post to share my experience with Epiduo for anyone who is currently undergoing treatment or is thinking about starting on Epiduo! Before I begin, let me tell you a bit about myself. My acne history: I am a 19 year old female who has extremely oily skin. Acne for me started a few months after I turned 16. As the years progressed, my acne exacerbated from mild to moderate. I had tried many OTC products to help initially, however none sufficed. My acne is cystic, I have s
  19. AcneBrah

    Epiduo/tactuo Help Needed

    I read online about an acne treatment that I have been using for 1 month now It was: (Morning) 2% salycylic Acid face wash (Night) step1: 2% salycyclic Acid face wash (wash off) step2: apply 8% glycolic acid toner (wait 15 mins for it to dry) step3: apply ice to face (app a dermatology trick for topicals to be more effective) step4: apply epiduo/tactuo At first my face was red and drying out and zits were fading. Its been about 3-4weeks and my zits have gotten worse. I thought it wa
  20. JessicaT

    Jan 2014 to March 2014

    From the album: Epiduo/Tactuo progress

  21. Katzillah

    Day Six

    From the album: Tactupump/Tactuo (Epiduo)

    - Can't really tell due to the quality, and no shots of my forehead, but the 'purging' is going full force. And it's taking EVERYTHING in me not to pick them..
  22. Hey To anyone else who is suffering with acne and is being treated with Epiduo/tactuo I would love to share my progress and talk I've been on it for a little over one month now and it's hasn't been all bad.. Hasn't been all good. I mean overall it's been way worth it so far, and I'm lucky I'm responding to it in such short time because it takes 12 weeks for proper cell turn over with retinoids. My skin is great on the forehead and chin, it's really my cheeks that are scarred and breaking o
  23. emily2013

    Day 35 (?) Doxycycline!

    So over the past couple of weeks I've noticed my skin has basically stopped improving - still 5+ new large whiteheads and lumps per day, constant itching and swelling (especially if my hair touches my face, I wear a scarf, I pull a T-shirt over my head, the air around is me is too hot/cold/dry/humid, you know, just, all the time). And I've also been really depressed - basically every day I wake up and think of 10 excuses not to leave the house, but so far I've still managed to force myself to go
  24. I was wondering is it a good idea to apply acne wash with epiduo at the same time, if so, should I apply it yet right before epiduo or give it some time? And also, the epiduo I have is about to expire by the next few weeks and I just started using it, is it a bad thing to use after it expires? Or does it not really matter? Thanks!
  25. I was JUUUST prescribed a topical med called Tactuo for my acne. It's adapalene and benzyol peroxide (I'm thinking this is a Canadian version of Epiduo???) Just wondering if anyone had anything to share about this certain topical. I've never been on it before and I just had to pay through my bloody nose to get it filled, so any stories would be greatly appreciated My acne isn't cystic, just lots of tiny bumps/whiteheads that eventually turn into papules and pustules (what a glorious sentence