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Found 38 results

  1. Hey everyone. so I had a facial about 3 weeks ago. needless to say, I will not be getting another. I had a breakout and decided to go to an esthetician so they could get me pointed in the right direction with better skincare products tailored to my needs and such. I my sister had gone to her previously and she has alot of experience with acne. n fact, she had pretty severe cystic acne herself that she had since cleared up. anyway, I had a deep cleansing facial with extractions done. the extracti
  2. Does anyone know a way that can help the swelling and redness of a pimple? I normally use Witch Hazel but i ran out and earlier today i used a chamomile tea bag and it kind of worked but not much. i can't stand using ice because it's too cold and starts to hurt. So any suggestions?
  3. My skins a mess, a flare up of my dermotillamania has left me with wounds and scabs everywhere. It's my birthday party in 12 days. I'm telling myself I'll be healed. So today I felt another (_ANOTHER!!) pimple near my mouth/cheek. It was small but pink and tender. I know I shouldn't have but I squeezed. With barely any pressure, pus came out. It looked like a clogged pore, I swore again and some harder stuff came out. Then bloody fluid did, so I left it. And put antiseptic cream on. A few hours
  4. I use to use retin-a 1% every night, for about 4 months straight I'd say. The peeling never went down, i would exfoliate daily by rubbing in tons of moisturizer, continuing to rub until the dead skin pilled up, then lightly rubbing in circular motions all over with a face cloth. This would tend to get the worst of it, although it would leave my skin raw, not so much because it was red but it would sting when I applied toner and moisturizer afterwards, even though my toner is alcohol free. But
  5. I used the Regimen for the second time this morning before school. My face was itchy the whole day and I kept scratching around my eye and jaw area. I just woke up from a nap and now both my eyes are mildly swollen and a little bit of redness around my face. I'm thinking it might be the BP. Anyone else had this problem? What should I do?
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if you could help "clear something up" for me. (Ha.) I have a little pinkish red spot on the lower right tip of my nose that burns like a scraped knee. It also looks slightly swollen around that area. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all but remains red. Sometimes it looks oily but just in that spot. It seems to be worse in the summer and especially at night when I feel it throb. I can see there are very tiny bumps and blood vessels in that little area. It hasn
  7. Post three weeks subcision/PRP and my dermatologist in England has recommended Infini which I quickly accepted. During the procedure I noticed that Infini did not have that "oomph" or burning flesh sensation that I experienced with Fractora Firm back in 2014. I remember this laser gave me noticeable results in a month but was VERY expensive for one session compared to Infini RF. Post-session I noticed there were no immediate scabs with Infini compared to Fractora Firm. I spoke with the der
  8. I started the acne treatment 3 days ago and I don't know if my reaction to it is normal. I have read a lot on internet about symptoms to a BP allergy but everyone seems to say different things. I have been applying the BP on my forehead (where most of my acne is), my chin and cheeks (where I have less but still a little acne). My skin is mostly reacting badly on my cheeks and chin, but not my forehead. My skin is now red, crusty, bumpy, and dry. It burns when I moisturize and constantly itch
  9. Hi guys! I started taking hyaluronic acid supplements to temporarily plump up my acne scars on a daily basis.It works.I see a 10% improvement on my somewhat shallow boxcar and rolling acne scars. Do you know any other supplement that would plump up acne scars if taken daily.Or do you know any way to temporarily induce swelling that would hide acne scars on a daily basis?
  10. Hello Forum, I was aware that the side effects of roaccutane will more than likely cause redness, and severe dryness but I wasn't expecting the swelling. I've searched and can see that it's not uncommon. It's just around my eyes and the upper half of my face. Has anyone got any tips for dealing with this? Can I take an anti-hystamine? I know talking to my derm is the best idea but it's not an option until next week. Your advice much appreciated!
  11. So I was recently prescribed a tretinoin cream for my acne on my face. After a few days of using it I realize that my face was getting a little better, despite having flaky and irritated skin. However, 2 days ago, I woke up to find my cheeks and jawline swollen. Is this a normal side affect, or should I stop using the acne cream?
  12. I extracted some whiteheads last night, nothing major, and put some benzoyl peroxide on them, usually works and clears them up in a day or two. This morning the whiteheads were a bit swollen, (I've had cysts before and this did not feel the same) kinda wide, red but not painful. Later in the day the former white heads doubled in size. I freaked and went to a clinic, they gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics for skin infections. Still not totally sure what is going on, pretty sure the are not cys
  13. I just noticed it this morning, I could be overreacting but like an inch below my left boob it feels sort of swollen? My other side feels like that too, but my left side actually feels kind of weird I don't know really how to explain this is my 3rd month on Mino and on the side effects list nothing comes up? Should I continue taking the mino and see if it persists, or what? Mino is an antiinflammatory though so I don't think anything would swell?
  14. Hi. I just started the treatment yesterday and possibly could have used too much BP (about a finger full). I woke up this morning and my face was moderately swollen to the point where my cheek is pushing up on my right eye and my face looks extremely round. I'm wondering if this could just be due to the excess BP or an allergic reaction, but I want this swelling to go down! Xo. Are there any other people who experienced swelling like this? And how in the world did you get the swelling to go down
  15. I started my first course of accutane about 5 weeks ago, 40mg once a day. Around two weeks in, I noticed my gut getting bigger but I did not immediately link it to accutance. About a week ago I was feeling very bloated and gassy. I called my dermatologist and he is having me take the pill every other day for a week to help with the bloating. The bloating has subsided, however my abdomen/gut is still protruding more than normal, maybe 1/2" to 3/4". Has anyone experienced this before? Doe
  16. Hi everyone! Recently I had two pimples on my cheek and was very irritated by the large size of them. There was a little white in each center of them so I thought it was ready to pop. Well I was wrong! I popped them prematurely and they’ve left a big bump onto my face and it looks Iike bad rash. I’ve applied aloe vera gel and rosacea gel, which was what I originally thought it was, but none of it helped. Plus it’s super itchy and looks very inflamed, and is impossible to hide with makeup! Plea
  17. Had a breakout and got one on my face midway between my chin and mouth that has seemed to come back with a vengeance. On Saturday it looked like it came to a head as Sudacream had popped out the puss but as I squeezed it I felt another pop and clear liquid appeared. It has not shrunken yet and still quite a size. I've put BP on it on Sunday night, dabbed a bit of Vicks today, heat treatment and ice on it but it doesn't appear to budge. I've whacked some Sudacream on it hoping it will dr
  18. I had I guess you would call a sebaceous cyst on my forehead that formed almost a month ago. The bump itself has gone down, but there is a red mark there which I believe is just from the swelling. I don't know and can't tell if it is a scar or not so I have no idea what to use to make the redness fade away. I just started using Aloe Vera gel so I'm not sure if it is going to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  19. Hey! Alright well I have been having the weirdest issue lately and am very confused. I am about 2 and a half years removed from Accutane, and have had zero cystic acne since. An increasing problem however, has emerged. Every once in a while a region under my skin where I previously had cystic acne begins is swell up. It gets red and a large, visible patch or bump is visible. After around an hour though, this swelling goes down and everything goes back to normal. It feels like I am going to
  20. MY MOISTURIZER CAME! HUZZAH! I'M SAVED! My face feels so much better, and there's no more flakiness. Thank goodness. That's the only good part. Before you look at these photos, I'm just going to point out that indeed, my face is pretty damaged right now. Yesterday I had SO MANY whiteheads, and I caved and went on a popping spree. I might have even went a little overboard, but the good news is that the swelling is down, and now there are just scabs, which means they're healing! The
  21. Okay, so I think that I've just done the most stupid thing on earth. I picked 4 (!!!) hard, growing cysts that haven't even been on my forehead for that long. The worst thing is that, I am now left with very red and swollen marks that probably will fade into scars... Or worse, end up being cysts again... But can I prevent that?! And get rid of the swelling as fast as possible? My parents are out of town and I am alone at home, and two friends will visit me this sunday, and will stay here for a
  22. Hello. I have been using the acne.org regimen for two days. On the first day, my face was red, itchy, dry as many people review about the reaction in the early days. I used cleanser and moistu in the morning, and in the night I used cleanser, treatment and moistu. On the second day, I used them as usual, but in the afternoon, some spots on my face got swelling patches and itchy. I didn't care and continued to use in the night. And on the third day's morning, which is now, those patches aren't ge
  23. Okay, so I didn't know where else to go, but I was wondering if anyone else has ever become so preoccupied with a blemish that they've torn the skin off,only to have a gaping, freakish wound on their face which they were (as I am now) utterly unsure of how to treat,,, ps-I'm 26 so I hope I'm, sort of in the right forum... -Newbie
  24. I've had this cyst since monday under my nose , and on tuesday night after leaving vicks vapour rub and doing on hot compresses on it, i thought i saw a head, and popped it, but only a little bit of pus came out. I could still feel loads of pus underneath as it was still hard. The next day, it was really large, dry and red, and its still like that today I can't cover it with makeup, and its so noticeable and I can't leave the house I have been using sudocrem on it, and its supposedly g
  25. So about two weeks ago I formed some sort of cystic zit on my forehead. After a few days of it getting bigger and causing pain, I went to the dermatologist. There they injected the cyst with a steroid shot and gave me a week's worth of Cephalexin (500mg, 14 pills, twice a day), a sample of Bensal ointment, and recommended I do a warm compress twice a day. The swelling of it has reduced tremondously though I do feel a very tiny bump there still. The only problem now is that the redness is very ap