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Found 16 results

  1. Okay so i just got off of accutane about a month ago and i'm still clear. So i'm thankful for that, but i'm still very bothered with some of accutane's lingering side effects. The worst for me is the flushing and redness. Anytime i get a little bit embarrassed, nervous, or even talk to someone i usually don't my face starts to flush and i start sweating all over my body, within a couple of minutes i'm red as can be and in extreme discomfort as my whole body begins to be inflicted by pain becaus
  2. Hey, I have a big problem. Since taking Isotretinoin I have hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating). I took 10mg a day for over a year. The acne disappeared but the extreme sweating has not. At temperatures of 15 degrees, I'm already extremely sweaty and at forehead and back. Summer vacation is totally excluded. I was with many doctors but nobody could help me. Anti-sweating medications like Vagantin, Oxybutinin and Clonidine help me only a little and have too many side effects. I have also
  3. Hi everyone, I have been struggling with perioral dermatitis for about 3 months now. it is flaky and dry around my mouth with small bumps and redness. It got a lot worse so I went to the derm and she prescribed doxycline and an antibiotic cream. it has seemed to go down a little but is still present and flares up badly sometimes. I don't want to be on this drug forever. I am using Osmia organics to cleanse. Does anyone know if sweating or heat can make it worse? I love hot yoga but I think it ma
  4. Hi everyone, back in november 21, 2012 i got off accutane. Since then i have never had one day go by without me sweating and feeling SUPER HOT, if theres one thign i hate more than anythign its sweating, it ruins my clothes, makes it uncomfortable to drive and random burst of hotness through out my whole body. What can i do about this over heating its driving me insane, i cant stop sweating .
  5. Okay, I'm the creator of this blog, I'm new to this, so I have no idea what I'm doing or if anyone's going to see this, hopefully a lot of people will.. I'm on day 13 (my first -and hopefully only- cycle) of taking Accutane. I feel like I've had minimal side-effects so far, just dryness, and lately I've felt extremely tired, even though I've been getting a normal amount of sleep (7-ish hours per day/week on average). I wanted to let my body adjust to the medication before I started working
  6. so apply bp every evening and on a 24 hour period after i have applied it when can i go for a run? the next day's afternoon before applying it again or what? should i wash before the regimen then go for a run and continue cleansing and applying bp that same evening?
  7. Hey guys, I just had a question about working out on the regimen. I've been on it for over a month now and it's really helping me lately. The only issue is, I go to the gym in the afternoon, and I do weight lifting so I don't always sweat excessively, but on really hot days I do. I do the regimen in the morning and a few hours before I go to bed, so I would essentially be sweating off the stuff I put on in the morning at the gym. It's usually on my face for around 3-5 hours before I go to the
  8. Just been to the gym for an hour cardio and while i was in there and when i came out my skin on my face was really stinging from all the sweat its calmed down now but still feeling a bit sensitive. Just wondered if anyone else had had stinging skin from sweating while on accutane ?
  9. Has anyone else experienced excessive sweating after starting accutane? After ~1 mo on accutane, I noticed excessive sweating around my eyebrows, nose, and upper lips even when I'm sitting still. Then there's the abnormally embarrassing amount of back sweat I get when I'm moving - especially during sex!! At first I thought it was the hot weather but it's gotten really chilly and I'm still sweating like a pig. What can I do to reduce this and will it stop after I finish my course?
  10. Hi all! Does anyone fund that their acne gets worse in the warmer months? I do alot of walking so can't do much about the excess sweat...not sure if its related...does anyone else get more flare ups when they sweat more? Tia x x x
  11. So I am more than months on spiro and I really like it. My skin is much drier and I am expecting my period in 3 days and have no cysts so far *yay*. I did get a LOT of whiteheads and closed comedones on places I never had before, I treated those with Paulas Choice BHA 2% and it worked like a charm. So far one little zit on my chin and a lot of red marks to heal, but easy to cover with make up. My skin loves to be BP free. And my clothes and pillow cases as well I am one of those persons that
  12. clairec

    DAY 1

    I took my first Roaccutane tablet last night straight after my dinner. I was apprehensive because the leaflet in the packet still says 'do not take if you have a peanut allergy), but the company 'Roche' and my dermatologist had assured me the peanut oil has been taken out recently, soya is still present (which I am not allergic to). So I took the tablet painlessly without allergic reaction I felt fine but a few hours later I had cramps in my stomach. Not sure if it is related to the tablet
  13. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone could help me with a very odd side effect I seem to be having on Accutane. I’m keen to hear from current and past Accutane users. The side effect is weird facial sweating!! I’m 100% Convinced from reading around that it is a side effect and because I’ve had Accutane twice previously and noticed it in a very mild form on my upper lip, however I was never 100% sure if I was imagining it – I was on half the dose I am now. Now this is not like normal swe
  14. Hey guys, Paul here. I figured I might as well keep a log on here to let everyone know how it works for me and also to remind myself of the journey. A little bit about myself: I just turned 15 recently I play Tennis almost daily, often for many hours at a time in the hottest and coldest parts of the year alike I've been struggling with mild/moderate acne for the past 2 years or so. It's only become relatively bad for the past year and a half, and was at its worst starting about 3 months ago
  15. Hi guys ! Just wanted to share a little "tip" with you ! It's summertime in Denmark, and it has been about 26 degrees, which is considered very hot in Demamark I have been sweating a lot during the night, and in the morning my skin is greasy and sweaty-looking. I had a few pimples because of that, I think. Then I did some research about natural remedies, and I came across SAGE. I have been drinking it as tea (and sprinkling it) on my dinner - I was really surprised and pleased w
  16. I have noticed I sweat profusely when I sleep with Retin-A on my face, has anyone else experienced this?? My face is sweaty, as well as, my entire body. Hopefully I'm not the only one. TIA!