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Found 70 results

  1. Hello guys again. The summer is coming and my dermatologist will most likely prescribe me Isotretinoin for my acne (He put me on doxy for a month while I was making my analytics to reduce a little bit the inflammation and after this month he said he will give me something stronger) so i'm worried about sun. I will start Accutane, let's say on May 14, so would I be able to go the swimming pool or to the beach during summer? of course using sunscreen and stuff. What's your opinion?
  2. ray20

    Sun And Acne

    So i've always been told different things about whether the sun, helps acne, or makes it worse. Some say yes, no, 10 minutes is good, 30 mins is, etc etc. Just wondering what is everyones opinion on this forum? and if it does help, what is the ideal time to spend in the sun thanks a lot
  3. Hey all, i've been on the regimen for about 3 weeks and it's working pretty well. i only have mild acne to begin with, but it was getting annoying...the beginning of this week i had a few blemishes, but 0 new zits for the first time in forever. (of course as we speak 2 more have shown up) ... anyway, i'll be going to bermuda this weekend and i was just wondering if i should stop the BP for a few days before (or even for the whole week i'm there) or just use at night or something, because i
  4. Hello! I have some red and dark marks left after acne on my cheeks. I am done with my accutane course 30. May. I'm thinking around 1 month there will be full sun out and such. And my marks is probably not 100% gone by then... Can I tan without them getting worse? Or do I have to "hide" until my marks are faded completely? And 5. September - I'm maybe leaving to Bali and I will get sun on my face all the time there. But I think my marks will be more faded around that time though. What d
  5. My face turns red after applying sunblock on over benzoyl peroxide; this didn't happen a couple of months ago. What can/should I do to relieve the redness?
  6. I was using AHA as a moisturizer every few days for about a month. Then I stopped and as per the instructions continued to use sunscreen for a week. However, I've noticed I am still quite photosensitive. Has anyone else noticed an increased sensitivity to the sun even after quitting AHA?
  7. Skrewacne98

    Sun Expose

    Im going to travel in about 2 weeks to spain where it is pretty hot. Im gonna try ti get as tan as possible. My acne is pretty mild but i have sensitive and red skin. Im on the regimen now but i was wondering if i should stop with the regimen during the one week on vacation or continue. And will i easy get new break outs when i come home? Thank you
  8. gkitten25

    A Good Sunscreen

    Hi there I am off on holiday in June and looking for a high spf facial sunscreen that is moisturising but wont break me out. I was ideally looking for something about spf 50, my daily moisturiser has spf 30, but would like that extra protection while I am away. I have heard good things about zinc oxide in sunscreen although most reviews of those say they leave a white cast on your face, which I'm not too keen on either. Any recommendations would be great Gill
  9. Just wondering why i keep reading about not going outside unless applying/adding sunscreen to your face or moisturizer? With summer right around the corner and my face clearing up the only place i want to be is on the beach soaking up the sun Would it be bad for my acne if i was still doing the regimen twice a day, and going outside tanning? Also would it be ok to use just any sunscreen lotion ? or is there one specifically that you can recommend for the face? Steph
  10. AndrewYea

    Oily Forehead: Weather Related?

    I am a 21 year old male. I was a senior in highschool in 2010, this is when I first started noticing I had oily greasy forehead skin. In fact, someone pointed it out to me one day and said my head looked really really shiny and made a big deal about it. I still never had hardly even a single zit. After the summer of 2011 I started breaking out horrendously. It was god awful and it was certainly severe acne. (around this time I also got a yorkie dog. I notice that when I take him to the
  11. I've been using Jojoba Oil lately which I absolutely love, it's been great for my skin so far and I'd recommend it to anyone. I have however been wondering if Jojoba Oil halts or slows down the process of getting sun tan? I read it's good for sun damaged skin which made me wonder. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm going to Mexico for spring break in about 2.5 weeks. I am currently on my last month of Accutane (40 mg/day). I'll be in the sun a lot, so I'm worried about getting a horrible sunburn. I know it takes about a month for it to completely be out of your system, but if I stop taking it right now will it help reduce my sensitivity to the sun?
  13. Do any of these interfere with the ability to acquire a tan? I am currently using the sodium sulfacetamide on my back and the duac and differin on other affected areas. I have mild acne on my back and very little acne on my face and chest. And yes, I am aware of how damaging the sun can be to one's skin but I use 50 SPF whilst tanning. Thanks.
  14. Because of scarring/hyperpigmentation and fear of it getting worse? I hate it when well-intentioned people tell me to just "wear sunscreen", as if it's that's simple. As if you don't have to reapply it throughout the day or worry about it coming off if you sweat or touch your face. Half of my daily anxiety is regarding whether or not my sunscreen is working, should I reapply now, did I put on enough. I use a physical + chemical combo (Elta MD UV Clear with 9% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate), an
  15. Hi! I've had pretty bad skin for a while. I'm finally starting to get it under control (Thank goodness). I have a problem though. I live in the south, which has a very humid climate, which I think my skin really likes. This summer, for about 8 weeks, I'm taking a trip out west where its much drier(Utah, Nevada, Arizona, etc). I'm worried that the dry weather will cause issues with my skin and I really dont want that. So, I'm looking for a moisturizer which has: 1. sunscreen 2. good moisturiz
  16. creamymustard212

    Need Help Fast!

    I've been on the regimen since March, and had success with my acne, but I've always had terrible flaking. In July I moved down to Bp only at night, as Dans aha wasn't helping with the dryness. I haven't had any problems with dryness since then, but as a result I break out pretty badly even in minimal sun exposure, or when I don't wear sunscreen on a cloudy day. Sunscreen only lasts for 2 hours and often I don't have the chance to reapply before doing something. Why am I so prone to breakouts in
  17. Im currently two months into treatment on 40mg built up from 20mg and I am going to Italy for a 3 days this weekend and greece for a week at the end of june. I would like to know other peoples experiences with going in the sun while on the drug. Should I stop taking roaccutane prior to going to greece or even just lower my dose? How long does it take to leave the system to make a difference. Last but not least what factor should I use and does anyone have any recommendations for sun cream for
  18. jwsnyder

    Retin-A Micro And Sun

    I've been using Retin-A Micro (.1%) for 7 weeks now. I have seen little results and I keep breaking out. I am also on Solodyn 105mg daily. My problem is my face always appears red, kind of like it has light sun burn. I work outside all day as a manager of a community pool, so it may have been sun burn, but it does not feel like it now. My face does not hurt or burn, its just red. I haven't been using sun screen consistently which is a problem. My question is, should I stop using Retin-A
  19. Please help me! I've had mild acne since I was about 15 (I'm 18 now.) I've finally started to take it seriously and actually educate myself. I wash my face morning and night, but that's about it. I used to pick pretty badly, but thankfully since I was so young, have no major scarring. I do, however, have s e v e r e red marks that feel like they've been there for ages. I only very recently started looking into healing these, and keep reading about how much the sun worsens them. I g
  20. Garrettryan

    Summer Initial Breakout

    Hey! I just thought I would ask if any of you experience a breakout at the start of summer? I find that since my skin isn't used to all the humidity and increased sweating that I always start of with a couple weeks of crappy skin until it adjusts... after that my skins usually the best out of all the other seasons. I just wanted to see if anyone else shares a similar experience (:
  21. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with my skincare regime, thought I would reach out and see if any of you can give me some tips (: I currently only wash my face with acne.org cleanser or spectro gel cleanser for acne prone skin (if my skin is feeling too dry.) My issue is that if I use the spectro too long my skin starts to break out because it's not as drying, and doesn't fight off the oil as good as the acne.org cleanser.. So my skin is usually in a battle with dryness. My other is
  22. Does this medication cause increased sensitivity to the sun and/or prevent one from tanning?
  23. Hello, So I've been on benzoyl peroxide 2.5% that my doctor have prescribed o me for 16 days aside from taking a lymecycline 408mg pill everyday. So not until i've used la roche posay ( thermal spring water mist) "which i used probably on day 12" I experienced the next day itchiness on the eyes and around it!! I took an allergy pill but it didn't calm this down ! The next few days and I'm still applying bp before going to bed, i wake up with itchy face. Yesterday I went out in the sun and afte
  24. Hey all! So I've been reading the forums here for two years and decided I should finally sign up. Anywho, I am finishing my course at the end of the month. Immediately after that I'm going to London for the five months. We are going to be in the sun A LOT. I've been diligently applying physical sunscreen (Vanicream SPF 60) every two hours my entire course, but I am sick and tired of always being pasty white and looking like I'm sweating! But I really don't want to sunburn. My hyper-pigmentation
  25. A few weeks ago I started getting sun beds. My skin was good from the Dianette pill, wish i'd never messed around with it- but as most acne sufferers will know I was being greedy and wanted perfection! I remembered how absolutely flawless my skin was this year when I was on holiday in Thailand, and decided to start getting sun beds. I got one every other day at 6 minutes for like 3 weeks and a 9 minute at the end. After the 9 minute, my skin looked so spotty, so i stopped. I had a cluster o