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Found 40 results

  1. Can i use a 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment and a 2% salicylic acid treatment during the night while using a Chamomile & Aloe Vera Cleansing bar (soap) and a 10% sulfur ointment during the morning? 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment & the 2% salicylic acid treatment are both equate beauty products. Chamomile & Aloe Vera Cleansing bar is a La Bella product. 10% sulfur ointment is a De La Cruz product.
  2. Hi, Not sure what to do now been battling acne for a few years now, (I'm an 18 year old male) and it is really effecting my confidence and making life difficult. I would say that the current state of my acne now is moderate to serve still get cysts and noduals but has calmed done a bit from its worst state earlier on in the year. I also have widespread acne on the chest and back. Both my body and chest acne seem to go through major breakout phases every few weeks. I have less active zitz alt
  3. So about 3 weeks ago i decided to get the mario badescu drying mask and the healing and soothing mask. I seem to have seen little to no improvements on my skin? I am using the masks about 3 times a week, the soothing one on monday, drying wednesday and back to the soothing on saturday, as it instructs to alternate between the two. But yet I am still getting these big shiny pimples on my forehead and face. I am almost every night using the drying mask as a spot treatment overnight trying to r
  4. It is infuriating to see comedogenic ingredients for a benzoyl peroxide problem. I'm dealing with that and the fact that my skin now seems resistant to it. I have used Clean and Clear Popped Pimple Pen, which is a salicylic acid gel--not great. Not seeing any effects on cysts, but I bought it on clearance just to try a salicylic acid gel. Clean and Clear Persagel seemed to slide off my skin at night and made zits moist, but did not deflate them. I used to put hydrocortisone cream on cysts
  5. Hi I was just wondering if sulfur ointment (specifically de la Cruz sulfur ointment 10%) works for closed comedones? Can someone please answer ASAP?
  6. gingergirl22

    Homemade Sulfur Ointment

    I've posted about how I like the De La Cruz 10% sulfur ointment for treating acne. However, I've never been comfortable about the 90% Polyethylene Glycol absorbing into my skin. So I picked up some powdered sulfur and figured I could easily make my own ointment with healthy ingredients. I'm no chemist, but I found that it dissolves beautifully in vegetable glycerin and since I love the effects of topical yogurt on my (and my son's) skin I also add that to the recipe. Here's my recipe for
  7. Although my blog is devoted chiefly to oily skin and acne, I also deal with seborrheic dermatitis and I like to provide periodic updates regarding my progress on that front as well, in case my experience can help someone else suffering from seb derm. One month ago I started washing the seb derm areas of my face with a sulfur soap called Coral KAVI. It contains salicylic acid and sulfur. While I have used salicylic acid products in the past with no success, I had never used a sulfur soap unti
  8. Hello, do any of you tried of heard of louis de widmer acne cream? It contains salicylic acid and sulfur. My dermatologist prescibed it to me but I never used it cuz It leaves my face orange cuz the cream its tinted. But I'm trying again this cream again since yesterday. Other than that it doesnt irritate my skin so thats a big plus but I dont know if it works well on cysts and clogged pores wich is my main problem right now.
  9. Hello, I've been suffereing from hormonal acne for about 6 years. I've tried everything nothing has worked. Until now. I've been researching into sulfur being the miracle cure. I've decided I wanted to make my own paste with coconut oil. The only problem is I have 2 choices on which sulfur to buy and I'd like your help in picking one. 1: Gold Standard Organic Sulfur http://www.h2oairwateramericas.com/Departments/Supplements/Organic-Sulfur.aspx This sulfur states it's never grounded becaus
  10. backtoblack

    Tretinoin .025%/doryx/sulfur Log

    I'm starting this up to help me prepare for my next dermatologist appointment. My treatment began on 06/11/2013. In the last three months my skin went from being relatively clear with some issues with a few clogged pores and non-inflamed small pimples that would go away pretty quickly to having very painful papules and pustules on the left side of my jaw and hairline with tons of clogged pores all over my cheeks. I've been using the pill since I was 17 and at 25 I'm not certain this is hormo
  11. Hello, do any of you tried of heard of louid de widmer acne cream? It contains salicylic acid and sulfur. My dermatologist prescibed it to me but I never used it cuz It leaves my face orange cuz the cream its tinted. But I'm trying again this cream again since yesterday. Other than that it doesnt irritate my skin so thats a big plus but I dont know if it works well on cysts and clogged pores wich is my main problem right now.
  12. tanna23

    Weeks 13 - 14

    My skin went through a dry patch lately since I switched from my regular cleanser to a sulphur soap. But it's the regular dryness I get where I still break out. Anyway, as always I'm back to an oilier state. I'm a living oil factory. smh I also started taking my contraceptive pills again - it's ethinyl estradiol and cyproterone acetate (Krimson or Ginette where I live, Dianette in other places). I started taking them in 2010 for my menstrual problems, stopped because I was sick of taking an
  13. I have just seen my dermatologist, and she has given me topical Ziana, oral Solodyn, and Sumadan wash (to use in the shower). I have tried Clearasil, Duac, Differin, and Epiduo in the past, none of which have demonstrated much efficacy. Hopefully an oral antibiotic will help, plus a stronger topical treatment and the Sumadan to back it up. Please feel free to post anything you want on this (Suggestions, concernes, personal stories, or even the weather in LA!) Anything you want. Also, if anyone
  14. Hi everyone! I don't usually do the whole forum scene but I think it will be therapeutic for me if I share my acne story. So here we are in 2015 and here's to a new year's resolution. I would like to be clear by my birthday in August and wishing that if I can't obtain that goal, to be clear by the end of 2015! I have oily skin to the point that I have to wash my glasses every night before I go to bed. I have had mild to moderate acne (I feel though as if I have severe) for more than 8 ye
  15. Hey guys, long time no speak. I can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since I posted on here. So I want to get straight into it. Here's an updated skin routine then I'll go into some details, some things have changed some haven't. Here goes: AM acne.org cleanser ACV toner Cetaphil moisturiser Smashbox Light Primer....makeup etc PM - post make up removal acne.org cleanser clearogen cleanser ACV toner La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo+ Cetaphil with a drop of EPO Spot treatments (sparingly) sudocr
  16. Hey guys So since we last spoke (I spoke you read) I felt as though clearogen was being way too harsh on my skin so I made some changes. I'll go into my current routine later on. On Friday I had an appointment with a new derm... He told me my acne is probably genetic (even though it's clearly around my jawline and was caused by Yasmin one would think its hormonal hmmm). We did speak for about 45mins (my apologies to the people waiting for their appointment after me). He suggested roaccutane t
  17. Hey guys, today is my first day on this site. I am 21 years old I live In SoCal(hot weather) Before about 5 months ago, I would get acne here and there but one or two pimples with head and would go away 3 days tops. Now I have acne all over my jawline, my forehead, and on one of my cheeks. The ones on my jawline and cheek have no heads, are painful, and pretty red. the ones on my forehead have healed but there are still little skin colored bumps. I have tried, BP and it works for when my p
  18. For many years, despite being prescribed a lot of retinoids, sulfur treatments like Rosac (?) cream, and Benzaclin (recently), I've found none of these work as well as 10% benzoyl peroxide, which nevertheless isn't that great, period. And it never has been. I HATE purging, and that's all I did on Retin-A (at any concentration), even when I was on Accutane, the one treatment that's worked for me. It's the reason I'm scared to attempt Epiduo. I am now in my 20s and notice that any produ
  19. I'm a male in my 20's am finally able to gain some control over my long battle with acne since age 14. The past 6 years have been a never ending cycle of OTC products and dermatology visits. I've tried every product from every brand such as Proactive to Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Oxy, ZapZyt, etc. When that didn't work, I started seeing the dermatologist who had be doing Dove soap, Retin-A, and Doxycycline. When that stopped working, I played around with regimens using Dial gold bar, Witch Haz
  20. I am a 28 year old female that has been struggling with adult acne for the past 5 years. I had mild acne as a teenager, but I developed cystic acne at 23 years old. I get 3-4 cysts at a time, whiteheads, and pustules. I never touched my skin until this past year, which resulted in scars. I tried everything. Proactive, Epiduo, benzol peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoids, every single cleanser and moisturizer at drugstores and Sephora, clindamycin, doxycycline, etc. Clarisonic was m
  21. Hi everyone. I haven't been on in awhile, and since my last sign on I have run the gamut of 500 different attempts at curing my acne. Stopped eating: sugar, gluten, dairy and all processed foods. New pillowcases every single night. all natural face washes/creams/cleansers.. and don't even get me started on the uselessness of the OCM. I went through another 5 medication combinations, and 6 weeks ago started a little "test" before I went to a new dermatologist. I coincidentally got sick, a
  22. Hey guys, So im back here a year later with another wonderful breakout... my skin was going FINE (not great but fine) for about a year and then about 3 weeks ago all hell broke loose. ive read so many amazing reviews on sulfur treatments and something about it being better on asian skin.. I am NOT asian but figured id give it ago seeing as ive tried EVERYTHING else. (ill insert pictures of my skin after one week using the sulfur 10% ointment) ive been breaking out in multiple cystic acne a
  23. SG21


    Hi guys, Another day, another dollar. I'm currently at work on a Friday afternoon and thought hmmm I haven't updated my "blog" in a while. Obviously when we have a breakout, we jump onto google/acne.org in the hopes of finding an answer. I'm just going to paste my skincare routine from my prev blog entry & then add some notes. This is less boring then reading paragraphs. Just to update you though, my acne has now shifted from my cheeks (relieved not to have to deal with constant cysts) -
  24. I am in my mid 40s and have always suffered from acne. In the past years my acne is mainly on my chin. I mainly get it a week before my period and day or two into period. They are usually alittle painful. Sometimes i get white heads, sometimes I can just feel the deep bump forming under my skin, like a volcano. I find it that sulfur helps clear them pretty effectively and fast (De La Cruz Sulfur Cream and Sulfur Spot treatment). It dries them up. Nothing else helped, other OTC treatments caused
  25. So I just found this product that is a 10% sulfur ointment for pimples and this is my first time ever getting a product with sulfur. What does sulfur do for acne and does it actually help ???