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Found 500 results

  1. In Mid October i made a fatal mistake. I was two weeks from stopping accutane and I treated my minor-moderate scarring with 100% tca acid, causing second and third degree burns leading to severely deep holes and major hypertrophic scarring. 5 months later and the scars are still extremely visible and red. Basically I've disfigured myself. I've been unable to work, havent seen my friends and have seen psychologist after psychologist in my parents attempt to gain some sort of diagnosis into why
  2. Our lives suck worse than 90% of the population, here is why. I dont feel the need to post my sob story with acne. If you are here, you know it. We live it, and we know it sucks. Acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation in and of itself, IS NOT harmful. They are red marks on our face, that is all. It is society that causes us to have such awful lives. For whatever reason, it is acceptable of society to make fun of people with acne. It is seen as ugly, and unprofessional. However, it is a DI
  3. So i was given some stuff like 2 months ago, containing BP. I applied it everyday, and very quick i got redness. This redness is uncontrollable! I normally NEVER BLUSH, but now i do it 5-10 times a day. I have dry skin where the skin is bright red, and some small pimples started to appear on those spots. I don't have rosacea, i am only 14 years old. If suicide was easy i would have done it.
  4. Hello everyone I'm really starting to feel down due to how long i have had acne and the scars it has left. I'm on Roaccutane at the moment and im on my third month drawing close to my fourth month. However i only have enough tablets to last me until the start of the fourth month. Being around the 5th of june and my next appointment isn't until the 1st of july. So that will almost be a month without the tablets but i was told that they stay in your system and it won't matter. The tablets are g
  5. hi, i was wondering if anyone else here has taken 4 rounds of accutane? (in my case a round is 4 months of accutane at 40mg per day). the last round i took was 10mg per day for 3 months but i still consider it a round. anyways i started taking it 4 years ago, and after stopping ONE YEAR ago, these long term side effects have shown out of nowhere. and i'm really really REALLY hating it to death that i regret accutane. maybe if i stopped at 2 rounds i'd be ok, so i wouldn't regret it, who kno
  6. So I was bummed out today when I got a new netflix movie in the mail. Funny how some things seem to happen at the right time. The movie is called Its Kind of a Funny Story. In a nutshell it's about a 16 year old boy who checks himself into a mental clinic because of depression and thoughts of suicide. I thought the movie was great and it really turned my day around. Plus Zach Gilafinakis is in it and he always good for a few good laughs. Basically I recommend you watch it if you have the chanc
  7. I joined this forum for the sole purpose of getting this off my chest. Here's my backstory; I'm now 19. I've had acne since I was 13. Ranging from mild to moderate-severe, but never anything I couldn't live with. At 18, everything changed. My chest completely burst, into what I later came to know as 'conglobata'. I've ran several accutane cycles since then. I've self medicated up to 400mg a day out of despair, to no avail. I can't wear white shirts, because of the constant bursting and bleedi
  8. Today i just told my parents that i wan to drop out of school for the remaining semester (first year)before returning to school next year since i am using tretnoin and by that time it should more or less heal. They thought i was joking and say yeah yeah quit school sure. Later i told them i was serious and my mother ask whats my reason and i say its because of my acne. She and my sister wave it off saying who the hell quit school due to acne. I told them they don't understand and that i cant sta
  9. I went to the dermatologist today and he said I should go on accutane for a five month period but before I did he wanted to give me a week to think it through. I don't know what to do, ive heard the horror stories, the positive stories and almost everything in between. My question is are the side effects common, does it make you think of suicide, does it induce bad thoughs, etc etc etc From the results ive seen i wanna start the drug but Im still fearful tl;dr Should I start the drug?
  10. I have been accutane for 3 weeks now. Very minimal side effects, just dry eyes and dry skin and thirsty. My pimples dry up so fast and flake off, I can deal with this to get rid if it forever. This week my skin is the clearest its been in 6 years. I had a IB last week , dryied up within days. I am very impressed so far and am glad I decided to use accutane. I drink alot of water, at least 1.5 litres a day, i started moisturizing before i started treatment to be on top of it, my lips are ge
  11. One day I'm doing great and next thing you know I'm getting looks from everbody I cross paths with. I've used proactive now for about 2 years, it never did rid my acne but for the most part it CONTROLED it. After a tragic relationship experience and the fact that I found out I may be laid off from my job, my face just brokeout something MAJOR. Now proactive isn't working no more and I have these huge LUMPS on my face. Not bumps but lumps !! I use Proactive at night and in the morning 2 pimp
  12. i have been through hell and back with acne ... just like a lot of others here. I have had it for half of my life (I am 24). I have reached a point where I no longer recognize myself an overwhelmingly majority of the time and it has me extremely depressed. I took accutane and the cystic acne has stopped. Now I have scars and comedonal acne to clean out of my skin. Its just really, really hard to deal with. Good for those of you who have been able to overcome this to a large extent (much la
  13. There are a lot of 'misery' threads on this subboard. Depression, suicide, can't get a gf, etc. But to the people who post here: what is your acne actually like? Is it severe, to the point of people staring at you in public? Is it minor, nothing more than a couple pimples? Is it just red marks, and nothing else? Is it scarring? I'm one of these 'misery people,' deep in depression and all that. My acne isn't all that bad though, just a couple pimples and minor-moderate red marks. I'm not try
  14. Hans Peterson murdered his doctor for prescribing him accutane 4 years ago consequently affecting him with persistent side effects over the years. so what if he only took it for 2 days, it could have been really high doses. even people who've taken really low doses for a longer duration have had problems. maybe he could've had other health problems not mentioned in the article before going on accutane and the doctor failed to see it, further deteriorating his health. more of the story is here
  15. Yea...exatcly My name is Greg I from Russia Here's my photos of my skin: Firstball: I have Hepatitis C so I can't take any antibiotics to inside... Yea..that's hurt... I got infected when I had 4 years old in ''one of the best hospitals in Russia'' Ok so I had 2 times suicide (unfortunately undone) hmm and I'm really in very very deep depression...about my skin. I can't talk with ppls cause I FEEL when they're looking at me they dosen't look at me but on my acne's... Hmm my ''tratment''
  16. I've read about people's emotions on here and i feel a bit happy and sad at the same time..happy because i know acne is a common thing..sad because there are so many people affected by it. i know many of us feel the same...depressed, want to break down even suicide. I have acne, horrible acne. Almost everytype of acne there are..even congoblata, all at once..right now. I tried to be strong, telling myself its okay it'll go away, there's a cure. Then one day i just break down and cried..i cried
  17. hey everyone, I'm new to the forum just joined about 5 minutes ago I felt this was the place to talk about this issue inconfidence, thank you. Basically i have had skin problems for about 4 - 5 years now and i will admit it looks better than it did but it still has an iron grip on my life. 100% of the time it affects my decisions. Whether i meet up with friends, go to work etc I hate it to be honest. I feel like i'm not living. I feel like i'm in acne limbo and that i can't live to even a f
  18. Didn't think I was actually gonna do this, but, at day 6, things have gotten bad enough that I feel like I need too! I just hope it doesn't get too much worse! History of acne: I've had acne since I was around 10, and I am now 19. It's gotten progressively worse as I've had it, and I was hoping that it would just go away, but it still hasn't. Around the time that I was 12, a friend of my dad's who is a doctor subtlely hinted that I should take care of it by giving me a prescription for minocycl
  19. Ive read stuff and heard stuff such as organ damaging, hair loss perminant, extream depression suicide, perminant fatigue, perminant dryness all over. Ive been on it for 1 3/4 months im on 20mg and yeah it started off dry.. but all the side effects disappeared, skin isnt oily but acne is coming back.. WORSE (ive had the initial breakout) so whats happened here?
  20. Hello Everyone. Won't keep this too formal, but like many of you I tried Accutane, had a few minor side-effects while i was on it, like dry lips and skin, blood noses, dry eyes, soreness after sport, etc. Then when I discontinued Accutane, some of these effects left, but were replaced with other far more insidious side effects. In no particular order these included: -Erectile Dysfunction -Depression -Fatigue -Joint Pain and more injuries -Low Testosterone
  21. So my last login was from November of 2013.... Now I'm back. This time to offer some help, advice, and insight. I'm going to spend a decent amount of time writing this - so I hope someone reads this and finds it helpful. So November of 2013, a junior in college. University of Tampa - where everyone is near perfect. Suffering from acne. Taking a cab to my dermatologist appointment. Same visit per usual - quick glance at my skin and an increase in dosage of my doxycycline. I leave extremely
  22. Hello. I'm a 19 year old female taking TriNessa for acne and have been for the past 2 months and week. My skin is the worst it has ever been, my jaw line and cheeks are covered in inflamed, red and purple pimples and weird patches of inflammation that burn and are sore and nauseatingly painful to the touch, even when I shower. Ever since I started Trinessa, my moderate acne has become severe. Should I stop using Trinessa and try switching to the brand name Ortho Tri Cyclen, or should I wait out
  23. Hi, I was prescribed Accutane by my dermatologist in January 2014, and took my first 20mg dosage on the 28th of January 2014. My doctor advised that I should limit my alcohol intake with it, and to not take my dosage on days I would drink. On February the 22nd 2014 I went to a party and drank a large amount of alcohol for myself (9 - 10 standard drinks for a 90kg Athletic Male). The following day I felt my usual hangover, and assumed it would subside within 24 hours. However the next day t
  24. Hi, I was prescribed Accutane by my dermatologist in January 2014, and took my first 20mg dosage on the 28th of January 2014. My doctor advised that I should limit my alcohol intake with it, and to not take my dosage on days I would drink. On February the 22nd 2014 I went to a party and drank a large amount of alcohol for myself (9 - 10 standard drinks for a 90kg Athletic Male). The following day I felt my usual hangover, and assumed it would subside within 24 hours. However the next day t
  25. Acne has ruined my life. It all started when i was in 8th grade. I brokeout like any normal kid, so i wasn't too worried. Then came highschool and sophomore year. Acne was covering my entire face, I'm talking about big huge red painful zits. I could barely leave touch my face or play sprots without popping something. And all the kids teasing and talking shit about it didn't help me either. So I decided to see a dermatologist. All he did was give me useless creams and pills that would make everyt