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Found 500 results

  1. I'm so sick n tired of this life and lately its all iv been thinkin of... anyone got one good reason why suicide isnt the answer cause i cant really think of any?
  2. Dear reader, Every year, millions of dollars are spent researching skin problems that damage the self esteem related to ageing. Countless more are spent on mental illnesses such as severe depression, as well as image/dietary disorders such as anorexia nervosa. I am not here to downplay these illnesses, I understand that they are severe problems which can cause immense grief for sufferers and their families. However ACNE SCARRING, a problem that afflicts so many young adults, is quite sketchily
  3. I'm all new to this.. but I think this will help me with all of the depression from my problem with my acne. I have suffered with acne since I can remember. I have gotten so depressed with having acne, that I have even thought of suicide. But I have accepted for who I am.. and if someone doesn't like it.. then they're not good people if they are gonna judge you because you have a little acne. I have done all kinds of things to try and fix my problem. Some of them worked and some of them worked.
  4. OK so i have had some huge downers with my skin, i have become in the long run very depressed, nad have tride to commit suicide twice and everything to cut it short its taken over my life, however after 2 months of using differing at night and duac in the morning , also takin clindamycin tablets twice daily, and using Agera mild face wash, once morning once at night i seem to me getting somewhere, here are some progress pictures. although with my depresion and lack of positive thinking i stil
  5. Hi all, I guess I am writing this because...well, right now, and for the past several weeks, I have hit rock bottom. I am graduating from high school soon and there is so much to be thankful for but I have no energy, no hope. Despite the fact that I only have a few weeks of school left, I have been unable to cope and have become so complacent, so apathetic, towards school. I've done so well, but lately I just don't care. I've been skipping school (I still cannot believe I just left last Wednesd
  6. Hi all, I just joined this forum because I have been an acne sufferer for most of my life. I am 28 years old, and after a course of Accutane around 2 years ago, I have recently started breaking out again only seriously in the past month or so. From high school (secondary school here in London) I used to get teased an bullied all the time because of my acne, I used to get huge spots on my nose that were abnormally big. I got to the point where, surprise surprise, I contemplated suicide and once
  7. Ive been on dans regimen for about 15 days and its not going well for me. I know that most people will say to stick with it and be patient but I have a feeling this is not going to work for me. I did follow dans advice to use his cleanser while I shave and I did that this week and it was the biggest mistake. After two days I had more acne on my jawline and on my right jawline near my neck I had this large tender bump that I dont get. I am not sure if it is an ingrown hair or a cyst but its not n
  8. I am 22 years old. I have suffered for over a year with severe acne scarring and I thought it would never get better. After many treatments I was able to smooth out a lot of my scars to the point where they really aren't noticeable. I am still bothered by them, but I am able to go out with friends and stuff so I take it they're not that bad. However, during the time I had the scarring I would stress out a lot and get in arguments with my parents because they would tell me I didn't have any sc
  9. k so heres the thing...ACNE SUCKS..we know that already..It is only a disease because we make it one. When we go in our rooms and hide from people we consider oursleves "safe: since we are not exposed to the outside world. We never hear people tell us were "grose, pimply,oily,nasty,disfigured" but we cant bear any chance at them thinking that. We think if we hide or do not act noticibly, no one will notice out acne.. WRONG---you think hiding or only comingout when your skin looks decent is a
  10. I see new treatments popping up everywhere... or I see extremely expensive treatments which work for some and not for most... Where is the cure? Is this being worked on ? Any research for 100% complete cure other than accutane which is not a 100% cure btw?? Why isn't there more research being done on curing this disease?? This is ruining more lives than anything... people give up on life... quit school... suicide... and much more because of Acne... they cut them selves from the social life bec
  11. so i went on accutane for 5 months and i got clear for the first time in 3 years. things were finally going really good, girls confidence and everything that i lacked before. i've been off accutane for less than 2 months and surprise surprise my acne comes back... i don't have medical insurance so i dropped about 2k for something that worked for a couple of months...i'm close to suicide
  12. I feel like im constant personal conflict. And I suffer from a real identity crisis which is coming to a breaking point. I dont know who I am and how people perceive me, or what really makes me happy. I apologize this is kind of a ramble, and its a long read. But please if you only plan on just skimming and giving me some generic advice, like a drive-thru therapist, please dont. Im 18. Sometimes, often times, I look in the mirror and see a very attractive man looking back. In certain light and
  13. it seems to me that any thread about religion gets automatically vaporized, as well as any suicide thread that does not conform to the following format: topic starter: i want to kill myself everyone else: don't because ________________________ (fill in reason) i'm somewhat ambivalent about this. most of the time topics about religion or suicide (that don't conform to the above) result in flame wars, but at the same time, if people feel the need to talk about this, and probably have few other
  14. Hello im 18 years old and the doctor prescribed me to accuatane but i havnt start it yet cause i have to go get a blood test tommorow then i can start it. He put me on 40mg to start it off but my mom isnt to sure of it cause they have to keep a good eye on me and shes a little scared of the suicide effect and was reading on the internet that over 100 people have killed there selfs from accutane. Im a little freaked out my self but I want my acne gone I keep saying i wont kill my self cause I
  15. BECAUSE IT MAKES U FLARE UP AND BREAK OUT LIKE NEVER B 4, of course ur gonna be depressed and thinking of killing yourself, i mean you'll joke about it but ur not stupid enough to actually commite suicide. Stupidest thing i've ever heard lol! =D>
  16. Taken from ]http://acneforum.cjb.net ACCUTANE - DO NOT TAKE THIS $hit.: Here is why: In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration advised doctors who prescribe Accutane to watch their patients for signs of depression. Afterward, the Hoffman-LaRoche, the maker of Accutane, notified doctors that the drug ``may cause depression, psychosis, and, rarely, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide.'' (from - http://www.accutane-side-effects.com /) Accutane shuts down your organ that pro
  17. Not many ppl come back here when they become all clear n stuff, but ive been off Accutane for like a year and I was asked to make a speech at...well it doesn't really matter and thought Id post it for anyone thinkin bout the drug. Soz if this offends anyone but its my opinion and i think its rite...u dont have to... A Far from Blemished Acne Treatment Thankyou for your kind invitation to speak tonight regarding Accutane – a drug that many of you would be aware is a treatment cur
  18. Depression names it all. I have suffered from acne since the start of middle sku till now ( grade 12) ...I don't really remember how i look without all this ugly bumps.... =( friends told me i look fab WITHOUT the acne.....do u think i will feel better heary that? NO ...it's just make me feel more guilty... . My personality is outgoing and accepting..friends like me because im chatty n hilarious...cofident n bold.Hoeveer, they dun see the real me..i feel so inferior deep down because of my ac
  19. my life is a sad story. but times have not always been so rough, in fact when i was younger my life was almost perfect. almost is the key word here, because growing up in my family meant keeping your mouth shut. my families unofficial policy was dont ask, dont tell. and the problem with this was i needed attention, and i needed it horribly. so i spent every waking moment with my friends, growing closer, bonding, and also satisfying my need for attention. then ,around the time i was 9, the gm pla
  20. When I see the movie American Psycho, it makes me think i'm crazy. I'm alot like the guy on there, plus I have acne. Weird Things In My Life(see if u can relate): -I haven't taken a picture with visible acne and shown it to anyone(even avoided looking myself) since 7th grade(school pics not included, they do made touchups and tanning). - I try to keep my head up because looking up to me makes me look better always cuz my hair is hard to keep looking good from above since it is kinda my s
  21. Hello. I've been on 20mg Accutane 10 days now and felt you'd all like to know about it. I'm 23, male, and had acne since I learnt to walk. Actually that's a slight exaggeration. Definately since I had armpit hair. My acne has been tiptoeing between moderate and severe for almost ten years now. I tried everything, including pretending it didn't matter, but recently I HAVE HAD ENOUGH ALREADY. So accutane. Great list of side-effects. Makes waking up exciting. Refused to go on it for ages due
  22. Few weeks ago, I feel relaxed and stuff because it's vacation time and I noticed my skin getting better. But ever since this week, I have projects at hand everyday and I have been so stressed. And I started breaking out bad which freaks me out big time and which, of course made matters worst. I got so depressed I cried and thought of suicide again... so are there any stress busters?? I know there's no sure way, but can you guys tell me what works for you all? That I may even try them to find
  23. Accutane is not bad in and of itself, check your premises..... I only say this because of the thousands of people accutane has helped. Unfortunatly, it is a drug, and drugs never have the same affect on different people. Side effects differ, reactions differ, and effectiveness differ. I know over 10 people including family members who have been on accutane, 8 of them had amazing results, and two had to be taking off because of cholesterol and liver issues. I have to honestly say that eve
  24. Acne scars are awful. Had they been easy to live with then we wouldn't need this web forum. I read again and again on this forum about people willing to cut off fingers, pay incredible amounts of money, or even commit suicide all on account of acne scars. We must NEVER lose hope. We may have a physical deformity, but that does not dictate who we are. We are just important and special as anyone without acne scars. If anything, we should be stronger than them because of the hardships we have
  25. I’m new here and honestly pretty messed up to begin with. So I don’t know how to start. Start anything for that matter. Anyway, hi, I’m depressed and suicidal since 16 years old and I’m 21 now. Seems short but hey, life has felt extremely and unnecessarily long over here for some reason. And it sucks. As if I can’t be any more pathetic, here I am trying not to cry again. I’ll just stash that away since there’s no real reason to cry over acne, right? I guess not. Besides my eyes sting like h