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Found 500 results

  1. Hi I really just have to write down my feelings, because I'm TOTALLY helpless and depressed at the moment. I've been an acne sufferer since I'm 16 (I'm 24 now), however I was almost clear from 19-22 because of accutane. Since then my skin has gotten worse and I've tried different stuff with the derm. First we used differin, then antibiotics and in the end a low dose accutane treatment which we stopped in january since it didn't really work. Right now I'm on differin again and for me it just doe
  2. Since the current FAQ was last updated in 2006, and by a member in the UK, I thought I would add my own info that might update the North American visitors to this interested in this drug. Credits -My sister - Who gave me access to her US nurse only login So this first, I share; Dosage and Uses Adult Min/Max Dose: 173.0mg/1.73m2/432.5mg/1.73m2 Pediatric Min/Max Dose: 173.0mg/1.73m2/432.5mg/1.73m2 Common Dosages by Indication: Severe Recalcitrant Nodular Acne take 1 capsule (10 mg) by oral
  3. From a distance....... in the dark... WHY CANT WE ALL BE NOCTURNAL AND HAVE TO TALK FROM A DISTANCE!?!?!?! i hate my life. I want to commit suicide. I hate looking at the mirror. My mum loves mirrors and she has them all around the house. None of my family seems to have acne. I have it so bad. I just want to die! I Want it all to end :'( Its not fair, i never did anything to deserve this. I just want to be normal. I want to worry about normal problems. I want to go through weeks withou
  4. Anyone who has been around this board for a while will remember arctic monkey she had a dermabrasion which didn't go well and was still recovering mentally from it. Just wondering if anyone knows her or has been in contact. I hate to think of another suicide on this board and hope she's ok. Her profile says she was last on 21st May which was when wrote a thread which was shut.
  5. there's nothing terribly wrong with feeling sad, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it. Too often a person grows complacent with their disillusionment, perpetually wearing their "discomfort" like a favorite shirt. I can't say I'm very pleased with where my life is just now... but I can't help but look forward to where it's going. -j. vasquez
  6. I've got pretty bad acne and hyperpigmentation and scarring, but even before all of this crap popped out of the wazoo I was never really happy. When acne and all that jazz appeared in my life things got significantly worse, of course. I've always been pretty deadset against taking pills for depression or even going to the doctor or someone to get diagnosed. I keep saying that the notion of depression is just all in my head. (as ironic as that may be) But how do you know when it might actually be
  7. So I am suposed to start accutane on July 18th.... well the dermotolgist said I need an aproval from my psychiatrist that I can take accutane because I used to suffer depression.... well I go to see him today and hes like well I really don't know.... I'm not on any medication right now I haven't been for a year and I am perfectlly fine... hes like to me your skin looks fine.. im thinking in my mind WTF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT and he brought up the fact that I tried comiting suic
  8. Not to do with acne, but I have to post anyway. I'm suffering from severe trauma due to emotional abuse from my parents. I can't bear the pain anymore. I think I may kill myself. Help?
  9. each year in my hometown at least thousands race for a cure for breast cancer, and those who donate millions to cancer research. granted cancer is a serious thing that kills people, but i would say acne is just as bad and deserves as much consideration. acne can cause people to commit suicide and become emotionally unhealthy. it doesnt seem like acne is taken seriously. schools rarely do acne any justice. my family doctor knows less than i do about acne. and my derm sees me for 15 minute
  10. So I'm 19 years old, and was on accutane about 2 years ago. My accutane isn't horrendous I suppose, but it is cystic, and it seems to be getting worse... I can't recall if accutane really did much for me, the last 4 years have blended together in a series of dissapointments and acne filled bad times. I do remember thinking accutane definately did not completely get rid of my acne, though I remember experiencing side effects, like really dry skin. During my first course, I was unable to keep
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Wl41pHQls This video contains a suicide note that a kid named Adam left. Blink 182 made a song about it, its called Adams song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWbfMGzi1Ns This is a song by Avenged Sevenfold about one of their previous band members that committed suicide. The lyrics contains many of the lines from the note. One life, One love, One.
  12. Hey all!! I decided that after what seemed like 500 prescriptions for acne I decided to go with Accutane. I'm a little creeped out by the results of some people (hair loss, death, suicide, etc.)....but I decided to give it a whirl. Check out my site and read the blog or just give me some encourage ment. Click Here to visit it. Here is what the links are for the site: www.freewebs.com/tylersaccutane or... tylersaccutane.webs.com
  13. Fuck it fuck it fuck it. (I'm typing this with a smile, sort of.) Just gorged myself on bad, bad food. For those few moments I didn't give a tin shit. Note that all the food I gorged myself on is SO much healthier than that which the average American eats. To the average American, "gorging" would imply licking the cake pan clean, or a massive steak dinner (the steak of course cooked in gluten-containing sauce with dairy-rich mashed potatoes on the side), or a whole fucking bucket of ice cream.
  14. It's always good as a reminder for people to acknowledge the percentages of people that experience Accutane's given side effects. I'm tired of reading about people scared about experiencing depression while on the drug when its less than a 1% chance you'll experience it.
  15. well i just started my second month of Roaccutane/Accutane. the first month i took 30mg now i'm on 50mg. the last couple of days i have been extremely depressed- i cry at everything and i just feel like i want to die. today in school i was like close to tears in every class because everything seems to make me extremely sad. i'm almost 16.5 by the way. i never had bad acne at all- and i had really great coverup if i did so no one even noticed i had acne- except for me that is. i decided to take r
  16. So, I've been diagnosed with ADHD (the impulsive kind, not the hyperactive) and some form of Anxiety disorder, but I cant help but to think that ACNE had something to do with it. It all started last summer when my mommy tells me she is sick of my ADHD. So we get me some meds that dont work. My ACNE had been pretty much cured that summer with DUAC gel and Minocilin (spelling?) so I stopped taking it, but as soon as school started, my entire face was bubbling. UHK! My friends have flawless skin
  17. History: I started getting minor zits during High School and breakouts here and there. I had my first major breakout reaction during my sophomore year. It was horrible. I believe it was cystic and a combination of whiteheads. I believe the reason why this occurred was the fact that obviously I was going through puberty, but also starting the days when I started to shave. I decided to shave off my facial hair during this time which I believe triggered everything. I was very conscious about
  18. Hi I write regularly in this forum, every time I'm depressed I write in here because I can't talk to anyone about this. I'm becoming 24 now in 2 weeks and looking back on my life I seriously have almost no memories of when I felt good about myself. It's not only the acne, I just don't have any self-esteem anymore. I only have mild acne but sometimes oily and sometimes dry skin (I'm on accutane..). I almost start to cry when I touch my nose and look afterwards at my oily fingers...how ugly and g
  19. I really cannot deal with this much longer, thats the continued thought in my head. Its the same thing every week, im just hopjng my face doesnt look to bad at the weekend when i see my gf and friends. After going out over the weekend my face gets bad and then i have to go through the whole week again hoping i look alright. I dont remember the last day when i didnt get a spot on my face, it must have been years and years ago as i get several a day. The reason for them appearing? I have no idea
  20. Body dysmorphic disorder may be common with acne August 6, 2007 By Sherry Boschert LOS ANGELES (EGMN) – Significant numbers of patients with acne have debilitating symptoms normally associated with body dysmorphic disorder, Dr. Whitney P. Bowe said at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigational Dermatology. In her screening study, 14%-21% of the 128 patients met objective and subjective criteria for a diagnosis of body dysmorphic disorder. The range varied depending on the defini
  21. i am a 41 yr old male and over the last few years have gotten a number sebaceous hyperplasia on the face. I have tried the following with results: -topical retin-a micro (tretinoin gel) 40% decrease in size of papule -topical tazorac 50% decrease " -topical epionce lite lytic lotion 50% decrease " -topical cp serum 10% decrease " -topical cellex-c 5% decreases " -benzoyl peroxide 20% decrease " -light electrocaughtery-not recommeded since approximately 1 out of 4 result in a noticable hole in
  22. Hey anyone feel suicidal ? For the last few weeks i have begun to feel this way and ill think to myself oh im just having a bad day but the disturbing thing is each day that passes these feelings get stronger. Now i kinda think its due to the fact that with each week that passes my acne gets worse and my therapist makes me expose myself more frequently .(i also have social anxiety just so you know) And the mixture of the increasing acne related stress and the increasing exposure related stress
  23. My Literature teacher told us a story that I think will keep me from ever thinking about suicide. He became good friends with Zach and Trey when they were all 13 during a foreign exchange program in Germany. They always kept in touch, even after they returned home (they lived in separate states). One day when my teacher was about 15, a year after they returned home, my teacher received a call from Zach's parents. They said Zach was diagnosed with a brain tumor and that it was very unlikely he
  24. So somebody I won't name has informed me that I've offended a lot of people here. Supposedly I've done that by trying to lighten up the mood here every now and then. And I've only been here like a week! Well, then I owe everyone an apology. I wasn't aware one of the board rules was that you can only talk about suicide and cutting yourself and depression. Sorry folks. My bad. So please identify yourselves, all of those I seem to have offended (supposedly there's a lot of you), so I can say sorr
  25. She was a little bit older than me and was quite nice helping me through some complication with ipledge. But she then started with : " you know this is a very strong medication...you're just starting right? You know sometimes it's just diet...." When she said that....i felt like i needed to defend myself...but because she seemed so nice, i just smiled and said: " Yes, but i've struggled with this for 10 years, it's scarring and i understand the complications." Tech: "But people want to commit