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Found 500 results

  1. first, sorry for my poor english. This is me. I have been too hesitant to post a pic of mine here for half a year. But I cannot stand it anymore after a BAD breakout this summer which cause me more scars. I'm hopeless and to be honest I have thought of suicide recently which is really bad. I hope someone kind here can suggest me some treatments to improve them so i can have a life back, even its a life that is far from what i have always imagined... This is all becoz I was a compulsive picker
  2. I've been on accutane for 5 1/2 mnths. I'm almost done and my skin is clear but I have been sooooooooooooo depressed. I noticed it after I started taking tane but at the same time I had started taking birth control so I don't know for sure which one is causing it. I would think the birth control side effects would of worn off by now so I think it's the tane. I have always had depression at times but never as bad as this. I have seriously had thoughts of suicide on a daily basis. I'm so sad an
  3. i am wondering who on these boards is suicidal? Did anyone on here attempt it? What saved you? Last year i became so hopeless that I swallowed 48 over the counter sleeping pills and fell asleep. I've been dealing with skin problems for almost 15 years. When I finally cleared my severe cystic acne, I was left with a faceful of scars. Scars are permanent. My life truly ended when I was 15. Anyway, as I stated, I got hopeless. I swallowed the pills, and woke up in the middle of the night
  4. What's up This is my third week on accutane (amnesteem). I would've made one right when I started, but I just started college so I've been a little busy. My background info: 18 Moderate Acne Tried just about everything under the sun, even those weird home remedies haha Very oily skin These first weeks have been rough with bad breakouts, but almost no side effects (mental or physical) I think it was an act of god that I actually got prescribed accutane. I went to my physician for a weird
  5. I feel like a total loser. I've had acne since the age of 14 and now I'm 22 and haven't accomplished anything with my life. I still live in my parents basement and I feel like I'm going to be stuck here forever. Acne has ruined my confidence throughout the years and I feel so ugly and slow that it's just turned me into a lazy bastard.. I went to college for a year, dropped out. got 5 tickets and now my license is suspended. I can't focus on any daily tasks to save my life. I have no real friends
  6. About to start accutane for the first time and I tend to do lots of research on everything. So, after suffering for yearssss with acne and the big nodules I looked into accutane. I thought at first it was only used for SEVEREEEEE acne but learned that it was also to treat the ones I get. Painful, big, last for weeks. So finally, I am waiting to start on August 6th and am kinda scared of the after effects. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are the top ones. Dry skin--wish i can have that s
  7. Hey guys! So i'm a member on this site but I never real post much as when i need information it's a bit of a hassle to log in when i never really comment anyway. BUT as the topic title states, I just today took my first accutane pill in a hopeful 4 month treatment plan. I got the pills in 10 mg tablets and tonight i just took 10 mg to start. I'm hoping to start off really low to try and avoid the initial breakout. So basically the whole story is, i used to be quite oily, i started getting acne
  8. Lately I've been feeling hopeless with my acne scars. I learned to accept my acne and scars for a while up until the end of last year. My girlfriend left me (who I miss very much) and everything seemed to go wrong right after that. I was so happy in 2008 up until October. I have not seen a truely happy day since. I wake up in the morning with nothing to look foward to. I had about 7 cysts during that time which all left a permanent scar. I actually have a cyst at the moment and hope it doesnt l
  9. I can't take it anymore so I'm just going to let it all out right now. My life just simply doesn't seem worth living anymore. I have absolutely no friends at all. I tend to act weird and some things I do are out of my control. I actually have a disability and I'm not comfortable going into any detail about it. I try very hard to act like a normal person but it's often out of my control. I just unintentionally do things that are frowned upon by others. Like today for instance. There's this girl
  10. A) OD on sleeping pills B) Jump in front of a speeding bus C) Crash my car into a wall or off a cliff D) Jump off a skyscraper E) Starve myself F) Suicide by cop
  11. I've read this quite a few times from scientific studies. Acne causes depression and suicide-related tendencies in both sexes, but they are greater in males than females (this mainly refers to the teenage years and early twenties). Why is this, do you think? Some of my ideas: Males can't wear makeup. Female brains develop more quickly than male brains, therefore male brains are more likely to be irrational. (I think I read this somewhere, not sure).
  12. PICTURES Face Current Old Pic (Back same, arms worse) Hey, I'm 18 years old and I've had acne since back when I was in middle school. When in middle school, it was mild-moderate for the face, and mild for the back. At the end of the middle school, the face got moderate, the back stayed the same. At around 16 years of age, the acne on the face completely disappeared because I started growing facial hair, the back acne stayed the same. Now when I'm 18, the face is still clear, and the back acne
  13. PICTURES Face Current Old Pic (Back same, arms worse) Background Hey, I'm 18 years old and I've had acne since back when I was in middle school. When in middle school, it was mild-moderate for the face, and mild for the back. At the end of the middle school, the face got more on the side of moderate, and the back stayed the same. At around 16 years of age, the acne on the face completely disappeared because I started growing facial hair; the back acne stayed the same. Now when I'm 18, the fac
  14. Thats it, fuck it. Ive seriously had fucking enough with this total piece of shit. fucking WANKERS around me have such perfect little fucking lives while mine is just non existant. Im 15, have had severe acne for about 5 years (i got it at a young age) and im spent. I have strugglesd against this and many things including bullying and excema. I have FUCKING hadc enough of seeing some of the nastiest fuckers around me with great fucking lives, i have never gone out of my way to bully someone (i
  15. Hey! Im a 20 Year Old Student, Studying Pharmacy and I have plagued by acne since ive been 16 and having been through every antibiotic thats indicated for use in acne treatment, i finally managed to get my head round to getting started on roaccutane. Due to the widespread scare and hoo-ha on the use of roaccutane i thought i would try and share a little information on it including my thoughts and symptoms as i go through it in the hope that its a help to someone! (p.s i hope i dont confuse you
  16. Almost any way a person writes on this topic is going to sound overly righteous and "I suffer more than anyone". However, we can (or should) only talk based off of our own experiences. So this is a conflict of interests. I will attempt to tell my story with as little woe is me-ness as possible. My acne started when I was around 8 but it wasn't major. However by the time I was 11 it was a different story. I'm 22 now and still dealing with it. Hopefully I will grow out of it however, (sighs) I
  17. Hi This isn't really acne related or at least not that much. It's a long story so It's rather difficult to make it short, but I'll try. I'm a person who really dislikes being alone. I'm not 100% self confident anyway, especially since I had acne. When I was together with my ex-girlfriend, I felt great though. 3 years ago, we split up. At the beginning I was sad of course, but I figured life goes on and I'll meet soon someone else. Well since then I've been single. I tried various things but my
  18. Billy Talent - Line & Sinker Listen - http://youtube.com/watch?v=jTh-PdY4tR8 What you see is what you get (Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker) Look at me and don't forget (Hard to get a grip with all these broken fingers) What you see is what you know (Fishing for the answer with a line and sinker) Look at me and don't forget (Hard to get a grip with all these broken fingers) Today I don't feel pretty And I'm tired of trying to fit right in Don't think that your so great 'Caus
  19. well this is my story: I have a girlfriend and we've been together for 1 year, we go to the same college, same class, we see each other almost every day of the week (sometimes she stays home bcause is snowing) I am very glad I met her, and I love her with all my heart.. is just that I am confused.. and the reason why is that nowadays we don't spend time together, like only the 2 of us. usually after class she comes with me to my place, we eat, we talk, we share and we etc.. or even bfore class
  20. I feel good when i leave the house .......well to a certain extent and then within a few hours i can feel my skin getting oily , that's kinda when my self esteem starts to plummet n i cant wait to get home to freakin wash my face or sumfin . Aww man talk about social suicide. Anyone else feel this way ?
  21. Hi everybody. So pleased to find this board. I have lurked here for some time and have decided to join in with you -if you will have me, LOL. Before I talk about me and my struggle...... I wish to thank all of you for sharing your deepest feelings, pains, and successes. Your stories and experiences give hope and comfort to others. This kind of support can be a life saver. I feel so similar to so many of you here. It is an amazing thing to have people to turn to in what can be a very difficult
  22. To put it simply, Life is a big fucking joke. try and make the best of it. thats what im doing. and trust me im not the type who can just sit around and take things lightly.. i know where ure comming from and i tend to feel the same. life may seem pointless.. but if death can simply be avoided then there are OTHER things to be experienced in "life" than just people and dare i say looks. To be frank.. what if u didnt commit suicide.... got in the best fucking shape of your life.. got ripped got j
  23. So I'm thinking about trying accutane for a second time... I first took accutane when I was 17, almost exactly 2 years ago... I had done most treatments at the time (full spectrum of antibiotics, RAM, most BP products, ect. ect...). I saw this as my last ditch effort. Unfortunately, it definately didn't "cure" me, as in, I know my acne did not go completely away. I actually cannot remember all the way back to that time to know if it even did ANYTHING, it may have been ineffective, but I thi
  24. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml.../nhealth417.xml hey claim that the drug, SMT D002, can reduce the flow of sebum - an oily substance produced by the skin and believed to be a significant cause - by 90 per cent. advertisement At present, the drug is in pill form and is used to treat a condition other than acne but a pharmaceutical company plans to turn it into a cream for easier use. Researchers believe it could become as effective a treatment as retinoic acid - a form of vitamin A
  25. Hey heres my 1st post. I'm ugly as shit and I have scars to blame. I no longer have acne, but the scars from having acne for 6+ years and not getting it taken care of until this last year. So, heres my pics: so there ya go. I looked through maye one or two of the threads on what exactly they are called. I guess I have ice pick scars, and some other scar I forget what its called. I dont see anything mentioning skin graphs which is what I want to have done. **** all the other "needling". I jus