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Found 500 results

  1. I’ve been dealing with severe cystic acne for 5 years. I’ve seen a number of dermatologists and holistic doctors. The only thing that helped was birth control but it caused me to gain a substantial amount of weight and had other psychological side effects that were bad enough for me to stop taking it. Doxycycline helped keep it more manageable and I stayed on it for a year. I weened myself off of it a few months ago in hopes of keeping my liver healthy and the acne came back with a vengeance. It
  2. My acne brought me to the point of near suicide. I was at my wits end. I felt hideous. Gross. Disgusting. Unwanted. Hopeless. Miserable. It caused me to have panic attacks and anxiety now, finally I have gotten all of this under control and am living my life like a normal human being for the most part. Is my skin perfect? No. Is my emotional state 100% stable all the time? Definitely not. But I am coping and I want to help others know that they're not alone so I've started to d
  3. I am a 15 year old girl right now as of 2011, and i am starting on Accutane(: first month of waiting just to get the medication was pretty brutal. I remember saying to myself in the dermatologists office that i "never want to go back to the way i feel now." I held back tears as the dermatologist examined my face.. My acne has brought me social suicide pretty much and I find myself losing interest in everything because of my acne. It's all I really think about. I'm usually called the "pretty gir
  4. Hi all I am new to acne.org. I just wanted to start out by thanking all of you for sharing you struggles and accomplishments with acne. I am 29 years old, a mother of 20 month old twin daughters, and a stay/work from home Mom. I have had acne pertty much all my life. It has really effected my quality of life, much like several of you that post on these boards. I have attempted suicide in the past and had to be placed in a mental facility for several days because I was so severely depressed that
  5. People with severe acne can be up to twice as likely to try to kill themselves as their peers, say medics. By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent 6:30AM GMT 12 Nov 2010 The risk peaks in the months after coming off a drug called isotretinoin, found the Swedish study of almost 6,000 people with the condition. It has long been known that people with acne are more prone to depression. While it is most often associated with teenagers going through puberty, many adults get it too. Stress is
  6. it's my acne. my acne, my damn acne. years and years, medication after medications, trial and error, failing, failing, failing, scars, horrible scars, blackheads, pimples, i have it all. i can't stand another day at school with these pimples, i cannot face anyone. im only 14, but i want to end it all. i dont care about the future, i dont care about happiness, i dont care about what other people fucking think. i want to end it all, i want to be unconcious forever, i dont want to feel love, i dont
  7. I'm just going to tell my story. PLEASE READ IT ALL. I'm a 18 year old male who is completely miserable with my life because of acne. I started getting acne when I was 16 years old (right after my Sophomore year of high school in the summer). It started on my back and chest and slowly but surely had moved to my face during the course of the summer. My mom (or me) had no idea what was on my back and chest (as we didn't even know what acne was as I had no prior history of acne before I turned 16;
  8. Acne...Acne...Acne, damn you to hell. Over the year's of struggling with acne it is finally starting to cool down some, but now it has left me with horrible scarring all over my body. I hate it, i fell like a monster with these scars. You know what i ask myself everyday? "what did i do too deserve this", and im sure alot of you have ask youself that same thing. Well let me so you some pic's of me, so you'll see what i mean when i say "MONSTER", Well, see what i mean now? This is has cau
  9. the whole suicide thing scares me and i want to know more about it. any info you guys have would help. a few years ago i was on anti-depressants. my derm knows this. but we have been through it that i am off of them now and am no longer in depression. except, i think i am depressed. all the time i think about how i hate my life and how nothing is going right for me and i feel down a lot. but i feel like this is not important because i am not thinking about suicide at all. and i think how co
  10. I need to vent... I am an intelligent and good looking 20 year old male. I took Accutane for 5 months and stopped because I began developing erectile dysfunction. I hoped that it would go away with time and maybe the drug just needed some time to get out of my system, but now it has been over a year. During this time, I have been forced to avoid sexual relationships almost completely. When the one girl I did try to get intimate with (x-gf from high school) found out, she broke up with me an
  11. I've dealt with bullshit skin and Rosacea for about 1.5 years now.....thought of suicide it got SO bad.....I had an angel save my life by introducing me to two products that are full of ZINC (ZINC IS GOOD FOR ROSACEA AS IT'S AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY).....all I can say is try Elta MD moisturizers and a make up line known as Jane Iredale.....it's given me my confidence back! Honestly, try it!
  12. The way I am feeling right now (like shit, extremely depressed) will be expressed in my thoughts below: Now I know 12 days ago I posted a similar topic to the one I am about to post, but I need to get this off my chest still (I need to VENT). I have, as of today, been on Accutane (40 mg) for 75 days (2 and a half months). I am still, STILL, 75 days into Accutane, getting new pimples pretty much every damn day. This is different from 12 days ago where I THOUGHT the "break-outs" were coming to
  13. Hello, please read and listen to my story... I was prescribed Stievamycin (Tretinoin and Erythromycin) almost 4 months ago, initially 0.01 percent and then up to 0.025 percent after a month. I had mild-moderate acne concerns, with no redness. I had a terrible initial breakout, as usual; however, now my face is completely red, and my usual skin tone is very very fair...so my face looks like a giant tomato...I have never in my life had post-hyperpigmentation, and now my face is COVERED in r
  15. I have put this Off for a while, because I didn't want to see what my face looks like in a picture. Literally, my skin has taken over my entire life. I don't do anything. Literally....nothing. My life is at the all time low, almost as low as it can get. I never thought I would end up like this. I'll be 23 in 9 days. I had worse skin from 19-21. Skin cleared up beautifully by my 21st bday, and it lasted 16 months. That day ended 7 months to today. My skin started out breaking out my cheeks one
  16. My entire body is dehydrating from the inside out. 12 month course of 60:40. Ive been overdosed. My hair is worse than a troll dolls and much thinner, My skin is destroyed, Im 31 and have my whole life ahead...but I cant live this way. I want my Sebum back. I am desperate for a way out. Please help me.
  17. Hey guys, Well I have had severe acne for about 10 years. And those 10 years my life has been terrible. I did not have any friends because of it, or girlfriends. I started doing terrible in school due to constantly being depressed about it and thinking about it. And i was not fortunate enough to have helpful parents. They never cared that much about my acne. They didn't realize what acne does to a person. So that is why i had it so long. And i eventually ended up hating myself to the point wh
  18. and I still have acne... probably not a surprise to a lot of you my dad told me he stopped having it when he was 19...and ever since I turned 19 I've been waiting for the day I'll be freed from this I have gone thru extreme depression (almost suicide) cycles, and not give a shit cycles, I have avoided the girl I like as much as possible, felt despair and cried, even tho im guy... There's a guy one year older than me at the univ. When he came back to start his third year, his skin was complet
  19. Hi there, I'm Zeru, nice to meet you. c: I've had acne since I was about ten years old. From a very young age up (until about seventh grade), I wore my hair in the same way: very long, with bangs. I still remember my first pimple, weirdly enough--my skin was totally clear except for one pimple on my forehead. Being a ten year old girl, I was morbidly embarrassed. And the solution, of course, was to hide up this pimple with those lifelong bangs I always had. Within a year or so, I had
  20. Hey everyone my names Rob 21 yrs old, i just want people to know how bad accutane is for "some" I took this drug at 19 and 20 yrs old 40-60 Mgs for 4 months each time (8 months 2 years). Before accutane i was 5 foot 10 130 pounds "SKINNY LOL" ACNE on face mild-moderate, was told this was LAST RESORT and it "CURES ACNE" only side effects are- dry skin acne worse before better dont have babies or give blood.....WOW THATS IT AND IM 100% CLEAR NO OILY SKIN!!!!!!! so i signed papers began treatment
  21. Hey all, I'm see a reconstructive plastic surgeon on Tuesday for a tca peel gone wrong on my acne scars and left with severe third degree burn scars. I'm a little excited and hope he will z plasty some of the big ones, although i have a sneaking suspicion he might recommend laser. He as over 32 years experience and im hoping that means he might be a little innovative. I'm a bit suprised all this is happening to be honest. I've been actively planning to commit suicide and it wasnt until i told
  22. Hi guys, I've been a member here since this year, March of 2010. I joined in a frantic distress over my skin spontaneously scarring. At the time I was using Benzyl Peroxide Creamy Wash x2 as a cleanser, University Medical w/ Hyaluronic Acid as a moisturizer, Retin-A Micro .04% as a topical treatment, and Ampicillin 500mg per day as an oral antibotic. This was my regemin for 1-2 years. I had moderate-severe acne since I was 13ish, and have been on a lot of facial routines, but this is what fi
  23. Well, I'll start out by saying I'm 24 now, and my acne has mostly gone away aside from some blackheads on my nose, but those don't hurt my feelins too much. I'm a guy, I get dirty, but I found that when I was using shit like ProActive and other acne medications my face would get much worse the next morning, and I figured out why. We're not supposed to be rubbing shit like "ACID" on our face, and that's what those contain, not battery acid, but still in the sense. and it made my face all oily
  24. Hi! For two years I refused to go on accutane because I was afraid of developing depression. I am a nursing student and I cannot afford to have something as pointless as depression get in the way of my future. I was afraid of suicide, because lets face it, living in NYC isn't the easiest thing in the world. I didn't want to go on birth control because I feared the mood swings and the weight gain. But most importantly, I couldn't afford to pay for this ridiculous drug that was only going to ruin
  25. first, sorry for my poor english. This is me. I have been too hesitant to post a pic of mine here for half a year. But I cannot stand it anymore after a BAD breakout this summer which cause me more scars. I'm hopeless and to be honest I have thought of suicide recently which is really bad. I hope someone kind here can suggest me some treatments to improve them so i can have a life back, even its a life that is far from what i have always imagined... This is all becoz I was a compulsive picker