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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all! I'm starting this blog because I believe I've reached a new low with my overall skin condition. Let's start with my skin history. I had perfect skin up until the seventh grade when I would get the odd pimple here and there. But it was just one pimple or two. Nothing that I would get too crazy about. Then around 11th grade I noticed a lot of new closed comedones. I was still a "newbie" in the acne game and I was just confused as to what these little devils were. They weren't blatently
  2. 1 month ago, I had some acne on my face. It bothered me, but not to the point where I feel depressed and suicidal. I went and took a prescription for accutane, and I started taking the accutane pills, and what I realised is that accutane for some reason makes me want to just commit suicide, it makes me so depressed I don't even understand why, I want to stop taking accutane but in the same time I want my acne to go as well. Any help?
  3. My acne brought me to the point of near suicide. I was at my wits end. I felt hideous. Gross. Disgusting. Unwanted. Hopeless. Miserable. It caused me to have panic attacks and anxiety now, finally I have gotten all of this under control and am living my life like a normal human being for the most part. Is my skin perfect? No. Is my emotional state 100% stable all the time? Definitely not. But I am coping and I want to help others know that they're not alone so I've started to d
  4. soooo im new to this, i decided to sign up because it's just really refreshing to see other people understanding how i feel because in real life nobody i know does. feel really embarrassed and bitter even about typing anything on here just because i hate the fact that my life has become this and i also hate anyone knowing that i suffer with this condition because it's humiliating, even though nobody on here knows me. but whatever.. over the past few months i've been feeling so low and as patheti
  5. (For the explanation of the topic itself, skip to the button.) Honestly if no one reads this, it's ok. Too long, didn't read for you? It's ok. I don't blame you. I know, it's really long. I just need to get these emotions out. I wanted to do this many times before, but I didn't, and now here I type. History of me and my acne (if uninterested, feel free to skip) I need to pour all of these emotions out somewhere. I'm tired of locking myself up in my room and screaming silently and cry
  6. Hi, thanks for taking a look at this topic, It seems that acne does more emotional damage than physical to me. And that doesn't mean I'm imagining my flaws, I have moderate to severe acne and many pitted scars and hyperpigmentation. Tried everything from prescribed to over-the-counter, from restrcited diets to the regimen. Oh, and laser treatments too. Spend about two thousand dollars in the past two years. But I just can't get rid of it. I began to avoid my friends, public places, Tv s
  7. Here is my face... Unfortunately! I have had acne since I was 12, I am now 19 and still battling it. With no luck at all may I add! I have very oily acne prone skin. I have tried everything and no longer have the strength in me to continue, I just can't cope! It is destroying me mentally and physically. I have no confidence, extremely shy and I hate going out. The only reason why I am still here today is because of my boyfriend, It would crush him if something happened me. Although being
  8. Void Jairus

    Nose Acne

    From the album: (HELP) 5-YEAR OLD NOSE ACNE

    Can you help me with this please? I've had this since 2011. I can't get any career because of this. I get bullied always, families, friends, etc. I really want this to be gone. :'( I've tried lots and lots of products. i get large cystic pimples every week and whenever a pimple is in the process of curing, another one or two starts to break out. a single pimple takes 1 month or 2 to cure. This is pure curse. If this will be in my life until I die, I think it's better for me to die.
  9. I get suicidal because of my acne. My acne gets in the way of my everyday life, it gets in the way of me seeing friends, going to school, or even seeing my family. I won't even leave my room and I often just turn the lights off so I don't have to see myself. It all started in grade 6, i use to get acne here and there but it was never a big deal. Starting grade 8, It got severe and I went on accutane. Although the pills worked at the time, after a while it all came back. after a year seeing my d
  10. Im pretty sure I am not the only one who gets really depressed and mad at myself for my acne. I am a 14 year old about to turn 15 in April, I'm Youtuber on a journey to a spot on the stage of fame and having acne its hard to hide it in videos. Well I am always sad/depressed about it because people on omegle call me ugly and Skype and other around the normal world video chat websites. I do tend to get suicidal once in while but, then I remember I have a twin in heaven who would be angry if I di
  11. Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old chinese male living in Singapore (nope singapore is definitely not in china). Like most teenagers, I too have a common skin condition - acne. Unfortunately, I belong to the smaller and unluckier group of people who has to take drastic measures to control their skin condition. Let me talk about where I stay. Singapore is a tropical country with no seasons. Basically, it is summer all year long and sometimes monsoon. Not to mention the humidity level is extremely h
  12. Hello everyone, I won't harp on... I'm severely depressed over my skin. I live in a constant state of anxiety, depression and panic. It causes me to be endlessly tired and worn out. I deal with acne on my face, neck and back, cystic acne and seb derm on my face. In the past I have come a hairs width away from commiting suicide. Without boring everyone... I want to know, desperately... how do YOU cope? What are your coping mechanisms? I read here of people with acne who still go out, have suc
  13. hello. ive had acne since the age of 12 i am now 16 and it is taking over my life. I really cant do it anymore. Anyone thats had acne knows exaclty what im talking about. Its not easy having it and it brings down your confidence by 100% , well for me anyways. Anyways, i have acne on my face and i get really depressed / suicidal with it. I went to the derm and ahe prescribed me benzaclin. Has anyone used this ? do you apply it to your whole face or only on acne? What should i wash my face with ?
  14. (Bare in mind the photo above ^ is with makeup and good lighting. To see my skin without makeup go on my previous blog post) So how do I say this without sounding conceded, I am an average person I would say physically. I am not a "unattractive person" per say. However, facing moderate to mild acne for a couple years now has really affected my personal views on myself. From someone who was very comfortable in herself to some extent I went from trying being happy with myself to avoiding eye
  15. When I was 12 years old, I started to develop mild acne. Mostly small bumps on the forehead and etc. One day, at the age of 17, my skin developed a huge blood-filled cyst. After that, my skin began to get worse and worse, so I went to the dermatologist. The only thing she prescribed me was Accutane (I had never tried any other treatments prior to this) and I felt pressured to try it. It made my already bad cystic acne into extremely severe cystic acne, but a few months later it did eventual
  16. Hi guys. I don't know about you, but I know that I find great support in watching inspirirational videos/people or videos of others going through hard time regarding their skin/accutane journies/medicatio stories... There was a time where I would watch hours of youtube videos of other people's journies with acne, their ideas, their methods of coping. Videos have always helped me...when I suffered from depression about three years ago, I was on the verge of suicide. I had it planned, and I wa
  17. I suffered from acne for about 11 years. 8 of those years it actually affected my life for the worst. So much that I wouldnt be where i am today or be the person I am today because of it. That thought of that alone blows my mind away. It still upsets me from time to time because of what I could have done and learned in that time. But as I look at it I would never be able to help anyone like I hope I can. I havent had acne problems in 10 years. Hell , I rarely use any cleansers anymore. I